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Someone has begun a translation project for this drama cd. Prima 18:49, 27 April 2011 (UTC)

That project was dropped. --BrickBreak 22:59, 10 May 2011 (UTC)

Translation from 4chan (accuracy may vary)

It's not 4chan, it's from here:

I originally got it from 4chan --Mutopis 21:54, 30 April 2011 (UTC)
Yeah, I know, but that's just someone posting it from the original source. I like to see credit go to the blogger who did it.

Cat: Meow!

Homura: Ah!

Cat: Meeeooowww…

Homura: Little Black Cat (kuroneko-chan), where’s your collar? Were you abandoned/thrown away?

Cat: Meow…

Homura: *giggles* How cute. Ah, you see, I’m going to transfer schools today. I wonder if I’ll be alright?

Cat: Meeeooowww…

Homura: Oh? What’s wrong? Could it be... that you’re hungry? I have cookies. Would you like some?

Cat: Meow…

Homura: You’re so small, are you all alone?

Cat: Meeoow…

Homura: I see. Just like me.

Madoka: Magical Girl Madoka Magica

Homura: Drama Cd

M+H: Memories of You

Kazuko: Eh hm! I have something important to discuss with all of you today! Make sure you pay attention! When eating cream puffs, do you eat them off plates or eat them by hand? Okay, answer Nakazawa-kun!

Nakazawa: Um, er… I think, either way is fine but washing the plate after is a bother, so you might not need it?

Kazuko: That is absolutely correct! It’s fine if you don’t bring out plates for them! You should never judge a woman’s charm/appeal based on how she serves up cream puffs! Okay, you can sit now.

Nakazawa: Yes ma’am…

Kazuko: Remember these well girls; never date a picky/fastidious guy who can’t eat cream puffs without a plate! As for the boys, remember not to grow up into an adult who finds something wrong about eating something without a plate!

Sayaka: Looks it didn’t work out, huh…

Madoka: Looks that way…

Kazuko: Okay.… Now I’d like to introduce a new transfer student today.

Sayaka: Wait, that’s what you were putting off/leaving to the last?

Kazuko: Now then, Akemi-san, welcome!

Sayaka: Whoa, a meganneko with pigtails… She looks so serious.

Kazuko: Okay, introduce yourself please.

Homura: Um… I’m… Akemi Homura… Um… It’s nice to meet you all…

Kazuko: Akemi-san was hospitalized for a long time because of her heart disease. Since she hasn’t been to school for a long while, she might need your help every now and then. Please help her out!

Girl: Akemi-san, which school did you go before?

Girl 2: Were you in any clubs? A sports one? Or an art one?

Girl 3: Your hais is so long! Isn’t tough to comb it every morning?

Homura: Um… I… Umm

Madoka: Akemi-san! You have to go to the nurse’s office, right? Do you know where it is?

Homura: Huh… N-no…

Madoka: Then let me show you! I’m the health representative for this class!

Madoka: Sorry about that. They’re all nice people, it’s just that transfer students are so rare they get carried away.

Homura: No, I… Thank you.

Madoka: You don’t have to be so nervous! We’re classmates. I’m Kaname Madoka. Just call me Madoka.

Homura: Um… that’s…

Madoka: It’s okay. Is it okay if I call you Homura-chan?

Homura: Um… People don’t usually… call me by my first name. And it’s such a weird name too.

Madoka: What? No way! It sounds, I dunno, like a flame flaring up to me, it’s so cool!

Homura: I don’t really live up to my name…

Madoka: It’s such a waste though! You have such a great name, all you have to do is act cool to match it! Hey don’t you think this hallway is neat/cool? If feels like you’re walking through the sky.

Homura: That little black cat (kuroneko-chan)… I wonder if it’s there waiting for me?

Madoka: Homura-chan? Oh Amy!

Homura: Oh, so you know that little cat?

Madoka: Yes, a little. Do you too, Homura-chan?

Homura: Yes. This morning, on my way to school…

Madoka: Is that so? Homura-chan, do you like cats?

Homura: I like that very much.

Madoka: Me too! My favourite thing about cats is when they sharpen their claws.

Homura: Their claws?

Madoka: Yes, the way they swing their tails up high as they make that crunching/scratching sound… It’s super cute! (bad translation)

Homura: *giggle* I know what you mean. They’re cute, aren’t they?

Madoka: All right, I finally found something in common with Homura-chan.

Teacher: Okay, who wants give this problem a try? Okay you, Akemi-san

Homura: Y-yes… What do I do…? I don’t understand this at all…!

Teacher: What’s wrong?... Ah, you’ve been absent for a long time, right? Please borrow the notes from your friends.

Homura: Yes sir. I’m sorry…

Girl: She looked so smart and all because of her glasses though.

Girl 2: You’d think someone who was stuck at the hospital would had some time to study a little.

Girl 3: I bet she was just skipping school.

Teacher: Okay, that’s it for today.

Teacher: Okay, that’s it for today.

Student: Stand!... Bow!…

Madoka: Homura-chan? Homura-chan?

Homura: Huh?

Madoka: Cheer up Homura-chan. You’re not the only one who can’t understand math.

Homura: Huh?

Madoka: I come to school every day, and attending my classes but even then, I’m still not too good at math.

Homura: Is that so?

Madoka: So don’t worry about it.

Sayaka: Hey Madoka, you can’t just say that. (bad translation) Akemi-san looks so confused/lost/worried.

Madoka: Yeah…

Sayaka: What?

Homura: Oh, it’s nothing. Um…

Sayaka: And so, here’s the notes!

Homura: Um… er, thank you very much. Wow, this is written in a very easy to understand way.

Sayaka: Heh, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

Madoka: That’s so great Homura-chan.

Homura: Hm…

Sayaka: Heh heh.

Homura: Miki-san’s handwriting very nice and clean. It feels very classy/proper.

Sayaka: Yeah, that’s because those notes aren’t mine.

Homura: Huh?

Madoka: Ack, these are Hitomi-chan’s notes! Did she lend them to you?

Sayaka: Oh sure, if you ask her, I’m sure she’d be happy to lend them to you.

Madoka: So you just took it? Are you sure it’s all right to?

Sayaka: You know, if there’s a classmate that really needs help, it’s the duty of the smart/scholarly to help them out. A single notebook can help the two of us so much, I’m sure Hitomi won’t get mad about it.

Homura: The two of us…?

Sayaka: Me, of course. Lately I can’t understand anything in the math classes…

Madoka: Oh Sayaka-chan, you’re way too easy going… (Bad translation)

Sayaka: Oh, tell me then Madoka… You sure you don’t want to have a look?

Madoka: I won’t look… My mama told me it’s bad to do stuff like that.

Sayaka: Oh ho, hm… so you’re okay with not looking at it then?

Madoka: I, I’m fine…

Sayaka: Really, you’re going to regret it.

Hitomi: Sayaka-san.

Sayaka: Ack… Hitomi…

Hitomi: You don’t have to just look at my notes. If you asked, I would have been happy to help you.

Sayaka: Yeah, you would. Ah hahaha.

Hitomi: Let’s have a study session together next time. And of course, Akemi-san is more than welcome to come with us.

Homura: Oh, thank you very much.

Madoka: Oh, then, I’ll come too! Please…

Hitomi: Okay, let’s do our best together.

Girls: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight… Ah…

Teacher: Today we’re going to do the running high jump: forward jump, scissor jump, belly roll, Fosbury-back flop. (note: this section was a pain, seriously there are techniques for high jump?) Try them all out, okay?

Girls: Yes…

Teacher: Akemi-san, are you all right? You look terrible, could it be anaemia/exhaustion?

Homura: Um, er…

Girl 1: Seriously, tiring out from the warm-up? It must be tough…

Girl 2: Well, she did have to stay in bed for half a year… it’s kinda expected.

Homura: Um, sensei, I’m… I’m fine.

Teacher: But, you look very sick.

Homura: But… but…

Madoka: Homura-chan!

Teacher: I know you want to participate but you shouldn’t push yourself so hard. You can just observe today. Okay?

Homura: I’m sorry…

Madoka: Sensei, I’ll stay with her.

Sayaka: Miki Sayaka, taking a jump!

Madoka: Are you all right Homura-chan?

Sayaka: *uwah… oops, hahahaha*

Homura: I am… the worst…

Madoka: Huh?

Homura: On the very first day of school, I can’t understand what’s being taught or even participate in gym.

Madoka: It can’t be helped, it’s your first day.

--Mutopis 10:48, 30 April 2011 (UTC)