Madoka Magica Drama CD 1: Memories of You

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A Drama CD that came with the first DVD volume of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The official title for this Drama CD is "Memories of you".

According to the Tiro Finale Book, the screenplay was written by Kazumi Magica author's Masaki Hiramatsu.

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Homura is released from the hospital, because of her health problems she is concerned that she will become a burden to other people for the rest of her life.

Homura transfers to Mitakihara and on her way to school she meets a black cat and she takes a liking to it. After her introduction to class Madoka takes Homura around the school for a tour, on their way they meet the same black cat from earlier and both of them bond over it. Madoka informs Homura that she is familiar with the cat.

Homura's first day of school consist mostly of her failing every subject, as a result students start to badmouth her behind her back without taking into consideration her health problems. Homura starts to get depressed and Madoka tries to console her, this is when Sayaka approaches both of them to save the day with math notes to help them study. We then learn that Sayaka actually stole Hitomi’s math notes to help them out (and herself, since Sayaka is having a hard time with math as well). Madoka objects to Sayaka's action, telling her that taking Hitomi's notes without her consent is just wrong but Sayaka says it is all fine she shouldn't worry about it. Hitomi then appears and at first she doesn't look content with the idea of her notes to have gone missing. Hitomi at first feigns anger and she scolds Sayaka that her math notes were taken without her permission, but she tells Madoka and Homura that they can borrow her notes as long it can help them, she suggest they should hold a study session and invites Homura to join them (Madoka wants to join too now that Hitomi is alright with lending her math notes).

During PE class the students are doing warm ups and Homura's frail body tires her so she looks exhausted and pale. When Homura fails her warm-up more students continue to bully her from behind her back but she can hear their whispers and Homura decides to push her frail body pass to its limit. The teacher concerned with Homura's health asks Homura to just sit in and observe the class, Homura objects but the teacher tells her to just take it easy.

Madoka volunteers to stay with Homura and she takes her aside to have a conversation. Homura is so depressed with her failures that she launches into a tirade of how useless she is. Madoka tries to cheer her up by encouraging Homura to just do her best. Madoka then decides to secretly help Homura by giving her a helping hand by using her magic.

Madoka places an enhancement spell on Homura that helps her pass the first running jumping test. This makes Homura feel better about herself so she tries the second jumping test. But when Homura tries to do a second jump, her legs won't stop running and she is carried away by her feet. Madoka telepathically calls Mami for help to dispel the enhancement spell, which she does. Homura stops running but she falls unconscious after overexerting her body. While unconscious the witch Izabel tries to invade Homura's psyche by playing on her negative emotions. When Homura wakes up she hears Mami lecturing Madoka about the misuse of magic. Both of them noticed that Homura is awake so they stop their conversation, Madoka tries to explain things to her but she isn't sure how to. This makes Homura depressed again and she blames herself for what happened during PE so she leaves the infirmary.

On her way home witch Izabel senses Homura's depression and starts to whisper suicidal thoughts on her head. Homura is depressed enough to wander into Izabel's barrier. Just like in Episode 10, Homura is saved by Madoka and Mami from Izabel and they explain to her that they are magical girls. Madoka is so glad that Homura is not hurt.

Back on Mami's apartment they have a conversation about magical girls (this is expanded a little from episode 10). Mami praises Madoka and tells her she is doing better as a magical girl, but she must gain enough experience to be ready for Walpurgisnacht. Homura asks Mami what's that and Mami describes it as some sort of festival from the magic world. Madoka then adds and warns Homura that she should stay inside during a powerful storm without elaborating.

Madoka then admits to Homura that the PE accident was her fault and properly apologizes to her for that. Homura thanks Madoka and she tells her that she was scared when her legs wouldn't stop but she was actually happy that she was able to jump so easily. Homura wonders if she should become a magical girl just like them. Madoka seems excited, but Mami tells Homura that she should never become a magical girl on a whim. Being a magical girl is a calling with responsibilities and not an escape from one's problems.

Madoka walks Homura home as it is getting late. On their way Madoka confesses to Homura that she used to think the same way as Homura, she felt powerless and useless but that changed when she became a magical girl. As a magical girl Madoka found a new purpose in life and she admits that her self-confidence only increased with each battle against the witches. Madoka tells Homura that she believes that Homura's confidence would also increase as well if she became a magical girl. But Madoka also adds that Mami is right and tells Homura that if she should ever decide to become a magical girl, she should think about it carefully. Homura promises that she would.

The black cat that Homura and Madoka met earlier then interrupts their conversation. Madoka admits to Homura that while Mami's reasoning is correct she confesses that she became a magical girl to save the black cat from being run over by a car. Madoka reveals to Homura that she's a textbook example of someone who became a magical girl on a whim, so she asks Homura to keep it a secret from Mami so she won't scold her. Homura in response tells to Madoka that her kindness is cool and she believes Mami would understand if she knew.

Madoka tells Homura that she wanted to adopt the black cat but apparently it likes being independent. So she asks Homura that if something were to happen to her, she would like Homura to take care of it. Homura panics but Madoka tries to calm her by telling her she is not planning on dying soon. Instead, Madoka is just concerned that battles with witches are dangerous and unpredictable and she is not sure what could happen inside of a witch barrier. Madoka then apologizes to Homura for making her worry over nothing. Then the cat jumps into Homura's arms and licks her face, Madoka is joyful as it seems that it has taken a liking to Homura and congratulates the black cat for making a new friend with Homura. Madoka excuses herself as she has to prepare for Walpurgisnacht.

Time passes and Homura is sitting at home, she notices that there is a powerful storm forming outside and she wonders if the black cat will be OK. Homura is in her thoughts and wonders why Madoka was absent from class that day. Homura then remembers Madoka's warning about powerful storms and wonders if there is a connection with Walpurgisnacht and if that is the reason for Madoka's absence.

Homura decides to do a search on the internet and she learns that it refers to a witch festival from Europe, the internet search also gives her a lot of other information. Homura deduces that it can't be a good thing in the context of magical girls, if Walpurgisnacht is a gathering of witches it also means that there could be a battle. This is when the rainstorm starts to get stronger and violent and it worries Homura.

Homura becomes concerned with Madoka's safety and she decides to look for her during the violent storm. Against Madoka's advice Homura leaves the safety of her home and she starts looking for Madoka around the city. On her way to find Madoka, Homura runs into the black cat and it helps her by guiding her toward Madoka's location.

The drama CD ends with a somber monologue from Homura still hoping to change Madoka's fate.


  • Episode 10 shows a Homura that is meek, burdened with self-doubt, constantly fretting, diagnosed with a weaken heart and having a bad day at school. However, the Drama CD further explores her character and depicts her as a girl with a weak constitution, plagued with insecurities, and a fragile spirit that is easily bullied into depression. Her weak physical condition erodes her sense of self-worth and it reinforces her belief that she is worthless not just to the school but to everyone. The depiction of Homura's early struggles in the anime was far too gentle in contrast to the Drama CD.
  • Madoka's first wish was born from the kindness to save a cat, she admits that she did it out of a whim. Homura tells Madoka that her kindness is "cool".
  • The Drama CD helps us to understand Homura's and Madoka's relationship and their strong bond to each other, something that was lacking in Episode 10. Madoka didnt just save Homura from Isabella, she also saved her from bullying when no one else did. Madoka also saved Homura from herself by always encouraging her to do her best when she was down; Madoka was by Homura's side on her time of need without fail.
  • Madoka confesses to Homura that she used to feel useless and powerless, that she felt she was only causing trouble to other people. Madoka reveals that she only gained self-confidence and became more assertive when she became a Puella Magi as she battled with many witches. This strengthens the case as to why we see a weaker and emotional Madoka prior to Episode 10, it has been explained before that Homura undid this version of Madoka by stopping her from making a contract with Kyubey.


  • The Drama CD takes place during the events of Episode 10. The story is believed to take place in the first timeline, during the same time period (calendar-wise) as the original anime.
  • The cat's name is Amy. The fate of Amy in the other timelines is unknown. It is speculated that she either died in the car accident or she was saved by Homura. Another suggestion is that Madoka as the embodiment of hope takes Amy with her in the afterlife.
  • In an interview with Gen Urobuchi, he admits that he was not aware of any cat and that he was surprised when he saw it at the storyboard of the OP. The cat was never part of the original storyline as it was fabricated by SHAFT for the OP of the Anime to mislead viewers and fans with a red herring. However, SHAFT approached Urobuchi for the Drama CD and asked him to include the cat in it.
  • The cat used on the Drama CD is actually Aoi Yuki's cat, who is also called Amy.[1][2]
  • According to the Blu-Ray Episode 2 voice commentary, Chiwa Saitou (Homura's VA) noticed that the Drama CD contained spoilers for Episode 10 yet it was being released with their first anime volume. She recommends to anyone unfamiliar with the series not to listen to the Drama CD until the release of Volume Five.
  • There was originally a scene detailing Madoka naming her finishing move, "Finitora Freccia" (Finishing Arrow) in this drama CD, but it was cut after recording. It was described in an interview with Masaki Hiramatsu in the Tiro Finale Book.
    • That interview also revealed that originally the drama CD would be set after the end of Episode 12, and would be a more standard magical girl story starring Homura.

Past Speculations

  • Before the Drama CD was released, there were past speculations regarding the cat in the OP and its relationship with the storyline and Madoka. There were many wild theories regarding that cat only to find out in an interview with Urobuchi that it was all a fabrication by SHAFT.
  • Similarly, there were many speculations regarding Madoka's first wish (one that included cake). The Drama CD explains that Madoka’s wish in the original timeline was to save Amy who was ran over by a car, which does not concur with any theory known to have been proposed, so far. In retrospect, it should be no surprise to one that knows Madoka's personality.


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