Tart Magica Chapter 14

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The chapter opens with children's illustrations of Mother Goose's "Ring-a-Ring o' Roses". It then shifts to Corbeau asking Minou to take Lapin and leave the battlefield, telling her she'll take care of the rest. As she trembles with pleasure at the thought of the upcoming battle, Riz demands to know what that witch was because as far she knows it's impossible for a witch to turn back into a magical girl once they've transformed. Corbeau ignores her request, not wanting to tell a lowly magical girl about themselves. John Talbot comes up from the rear and calls out to Corbeau that they intend to attack the French forces since they are weaponless and confused at the moment. Corbeau waves him away and tells him to do as he likes with the humans since she intends to play with the opposing magical girls. Talbot rides off with his forces and wishes Corbeau luck with her battle, but Corbeau laughs and says to herself that neither the English nor the French will find any luck that exists. She summons several magical circles on the ground as black smoke-like magic begins to waft up from the circles. Tart looks around and asks Riz if this is the same magic she used in Orleans, but Riz warns her to get back as there's no telling what Corbeau may do. Corbeau summons her new ability "La Danse Macabre" as reaper-like skeletons fly out of the magic circles she summoned, black feathers flying out from their eyeless sockets. Everyone begins to double over in pain, wondering what's happening to their bodies. Riz looks at the tumor-like boils on her hands and recognizes it as something she's seen before. Corbeau laughs and reminds Riz she told her this fight would be a massacre and tells them all to show her the dance of death.

On the other side of the field, La Hire yells out to Jean Batard to distribute weapons and arm the men as quickly as they can. As Jean calls out for them to file into rank, Talbot and his forces begin racing down towards them while on horseback, weapons drawn and raised as they prepare to attack the defenseless French forces. He begins slashing down at the nearest soldier as Gilles and Jean realize they may have to retreat in order to save their lives. Suddenly, the black feathers begin raining down on the soldiers as both the English and French alike collapse in pain onto the ground. Both Oswald and Riz recognize it for what it is: The Black Plague. Corbeau applauds Riz for recognizing it so soon and strikes her down to the ground. She then leaps over to where Tart and Elisa are standing and kicks Elisa squarely in the torso, knocking her away roughly. Tart tries to run over in order to defend Melissa, who lays doubled over on the ground as Corbeau walks over and kicks her head down into the ground. Corbeau smiles and informs Tart that it is a specialty of this magic that it causes unending pain before ensuring death for all who contract it. Tart attempts to slash at Corbeau with her sword, but in her weakened state, Corbeau is able to easily dodge it. As Tart collapses to the ground, Corbeau picks her up by the neck and asks if she won't try to do something miraculous. Tart struggles to release herself as she tells Corbeau that she can't lose until she brings light to France. Corbeau gleefully asks her what she's babbling about since she can't save anyone, not her friends or the soldiers on the brink of death. Tart tells Corbeau that she's killing the English forces as well who are supposed to be her allies, but Corbeau scoffs and responds that she doesn't care about them and her magic will kill everyone who comes near her as she demands to know why it matters anyway since death awaits the weak just like Tart's little sister. At these words, Tart's soul gem shines brightly and Corbeau's fingers are bent backwards as the force of Tart's magic caused her to be released from her grip. Tart cannot forgive Corbeau, as she originally didn't hold it against her that they were fighting on opposite sides of the war. But now that she's made it clear that she wishes to destroy everything, she can never forgive her and Corbeau will now witness how she saves everything. At these words Tart glows with the power of her magic and an immense magic circle of Tart's doing appears in the sky overhead, casting light down on the soldiers below. As the light bathes the battlefield, all of the soldiers and magical girls both English and French alike begin to stand and realize they've been healed of plague as well as their wounds.

At the sight of this Corbeau is filled with rage and demands to know who Tart really is as no mere weakling should have been able to cancel out her magic like that. Kyubey says she's an irregular as he sits on a chair Pernelle has conjured in the air where they watch the battle from a safe distance. Tart leaps up and slashes down her sword with full force at Corbeau, ultimately defeating her as the force of it knocks her into some nearby woods. She lands against the trunk of a tree and falls to her knees, greatly weakened. As she struggles to stand, she questions how this could have happened and how Tart could possibly have such tremendous power. Tart aims her blade at Corbeau, telling her this is the end as Corbeau tries to stand. But all Corbeau can think of is her two sisters, Lapin and Minou. Before she can deliver the finishing blow, a portal appears behind Corbeau and Minou steps through. Corbeau is overjoyed to see her sister and apologizes for always causing her trouble as this is the first time she's genuinely happy for her rescue and promises to thank her properly. Minou, however, kneels down before Corbeau and tells her this is the end as she takes Corbeau's soul gem. Corbeau is confused and asks what she's doing as Minou informs her she's no longer needed. Corbeau asks her why and if she doesn't see how much she loves her and Lapin. Minou confirms that this is what she suspected since she brought all those servant girls not for the sake of their benefactor but only for her own benefit. Corbeau responds that she needed them to protect both Lapin and Minou. Minou agrees and says she stopped serving their benefactor a long time ago. As Corbeau yells out once more to Minou asking her why she can't understand how much she loves them, Minou shatters Corbeau's soul gem and tells her she doesn't love her any longer. Corbeau falls forward, calling out her sisters' names as she dies. Minou tells her that at the very least she will tell Lapin that Corbeau died honorably in battle. Tart glowers as she demands to know why she would do such a thing as Riz calls her heartless for killing her older sister. Minou responds that she was a foolish older sister. Tart calls her a witch with a rotten heart for saying such things without even a trace of emotion. Minou asks her what she will do as Tart responds that she will do what all magical girls are supposed to do: namely kill witches. As Minou summons a portal, she giggles and says it'll be something to look forward to as she gathers Corbeau's body and takes it back with her, leaving the heroines alone in the woods. The two turn to go, knowing the battle isn't over yet.