Tart Magica Chapter 2

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Tart thinks back to when they first met. In flashback, the scene shows a young Tart and her younger sister praying in front of a crucifix at their church. Her sister Catherine races outside laughing as soon as their prayers are finished. Tart chides her gently as she asks forgiveness of God. A nearby priest commends her devotion as the chapter recounts the biography of Jeanne d'Arc and further details the geography and opposing forces of the Hundred Year War. As Tart and Catherine bow their head in prayer once more with the priest, a fairy bathed in light flies between the girls and heads towards the nearby woods. Catherine chases after it as Tart follows, calling after her. As Tart searches the woods for Catherine, the fairy flies past Tart once again beckoning her to follow. The fairy leads Tart to where Catherine sits in the woods, staring at a grief seed sitting on the ground. As the two girls wonder at what they've found, the grief seed hatches and the girls are pulled into the witch's barrier. Tart tries to awaken Catherine, who's fainted on the ground. She looks up to see a large number of soldiers ambling towards her. The soldiers are witch-kissed and they aim their weapons at the two girls. Tart attempts to run but drops her sister Catherine as she dodges a sword aimed at her head. Tart prays that God spare her sister regardless of what happens to her when suddenly Riz Hawkwood drops down in front of Tart. She pulls daggers from her holsters and throws them into nearby shadows, where the daggers sink into the shadows only to reappear from the soldiers' shadows and impaling them. Riz asks if they are ok when Kyubey appears. Kyubey is relieved the girls are alright but more soldiers appear. Riz turns to deal with them, knocking one soldier out with her first and using her shadow ability to retrieve more weapons and slashing another soldier down. As Kyubey and Tart watch Riz make short work of the soldiers, Tart notices the rings on Kyubey's ears and wonders if they aren't angel halos. They look up as the witch materializes, taking on a form of a bell with butterfly wings. Two fairies similar to the one from earlier ring the clapper inside the bell. Riz notes that the witch may have been there the whole time watching them. The witch suddenly drops down at the group heavily with a loud crashing sound, however Riz managed to pull Tart and Kyubey with her inside her shadow realm.

The witch attempts to fly off but is unable due to the chained spears that impale it from inside thanks to Riz's quick thinking. The witch's butterfly wings flap angrily as Riz approaches it. She pulls out a hidden blade from her sleeve and leaps at the witch, impaling it with her blade and causing the witch to explode. Tart is amazed at what she just witnessed and asks if this is a dream or if they're both angels. Riz explains it's not a dream and that she's merely human. Kyubey admits there are outward similarities between himself and angels but doesn't care what he's called. Riz explains she and Kyubey were actually searching for Tart. When asked for her name, she responds it's Jeanette and Kyubey asks that she write it down so they can see how it's spelled. Although she can't write very well, she was taught how to write her name and does so on a scrap of paper. Kyubey reads what's written as "Jeanne Tart" and likes how Tart sounds better and decides to call her that from now on. When Tart asks why they were looking for her, Kyubey tells her he wants to make a contract with her.

As the flashback ends, an unknown person muses if what she heard was actually the voice of an angel. The cat mask wearing magical girl enters an elaborate bedchamber and tells the shadowy figure on the bed that the witch she released was defeated. As the cat mask magical girl kneels before the shadowy figure, the unknown narrator describes the oppressive darkness that was present in France.