Uwasa of the Peeping Castle Town

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Uwasa of Peeping Castle Town is an Uwasa that was first mentioned as one of several defeated by Yachiyo and Iroha in Chapter 7 of the Magia Record main story. It later appeared as an enemy in the event Memory Drops.

Underlying Rumor

If you walk around while gazing at the old castle town, then bend over and look through your own legs, you’ll see a vision of the town as it existed ages ago. But if you look too long you’ll get stuck in the ghost town foreverrrr.

Major Uwasa

PeppingCastleTown Card.png

アラもう聞いた?誰から聞いた?覗き見城下町のそのウワサ 水名の城下ぐるっと左に一回り、階段上がってかしわ手打って、足の間に城下を覗きゃ、古き町並みこんにちは。 あんまり見惚れてぼうっとしちゃあ、そのまま向こうへ引きこまれちゃうって、水名の歴史マニアの間じゃもっぱらのうわさ!おいでませー!

Uwasa of the Peeping Castle Town (覗き見城下町のウワサ lit. Rumor of the Peeping Castle Town)

EpisodesPuella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record, Magia Record Episode 15

Have you heard? Who did you hear it from? The Uwasa from of the Peeping Castle Town. Go around the castle town of Mizuna and turn left. If you go up the stairs, clap your hands, and look down at the castle town between your legs, you'll be greeted by the old townscape. You will be so fascinated by it that you'll fell into a daze and will be pulled into the other side. This Rumor is common among history buffs in Mizuna! Come on!



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