Magia Record Main Story Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: The Eve of Awakening to Paradise

Section 1: The Three Disappeared, and Then...

Iroha Tamaki resolves to find her lost friends. She mentally tells Ui Tamaki to wait a bit longer. Iroha and Yachiyo Nanami finish cleaning their house. Iroha resolves to give the coasters she and the others bought for Yachiyo when everyone is reunited. Iroha says she sent a message to Madoka Kaname in Mitakihara City, but hasn't gotten a response. Yachiyo thinks they might be dealing with something. Iroha wonders where Tsuruno Yui and the others are.

In another place, a dead-eyed Tsuruno is in a room with Felicia Mitsuki, Sana Futaba, Touka Satomi, Alina Gray, and Mifuyu Azusa. Tsuruno said they can't sit still in here. Felicia and Sana agree and asks for something to do. Mifuyu tells Touka that the brainwashing from the Memory Museum Rumor is still holding. Touka asks if Mifuyu really thinks so, but as far as she can tell it is. Alina says it's impressive how quickly their minds were changed simply by the prospect of release, and says thinking about how humans are like this gives her shivers. Touka thinks they might have been brainwashed more than usual because of Mifuyu's memories, and speculates about how to better brainwash someone.

Mifuyu points out that since the Rumor has disappeared, the brainwashing can become undone. Touka says they can reinforce the affect through stimulating their having them accomplish something. Mifuyu says letting them out of the room could be dangerous. Touka says they should pick one to experiment with and chooses Tsuruno. Mifuyu asks what Touka will have her do. Touka says the "hatching of the eve" is close, but Iroha is erasing the Rumors. Because of this, she says they have to move faster and end it quickly. Touka moves to leave with Tsuruno, but Mifuyu asks her to wait and asks what they plan on having Tsuruno do. Alina says they simply plan to have her kill for them. When Mifuyu asks what they will have her kill, Touka says a lot of Rumors got killed and laughs.

Iroha and Yachiyo mark the locations of Rumors they confronted on a map of Kamihama. Unfortunately, they can't find any pattern. Iroha wonders if her friend's brainwashing was broken with the defeat of the Memory Museum. Yachiyo says that might be the worst-case scenario, since her friends would be at the mercy of the Wings of Magius. Yachiyo says they can check Tsuruno's house tomorrow. Iroha then asks if she can look at Yachiyo's Kamihama Rumor File. Yachiyo says she can.

Iroha looks through the book and finds Yachiyo has summarized all the rumors she has encountered. As she looks through the book she sees in a particular area and feels that she somehow knows the rumors in it. Suddenly the screen flashes white, then turns black. A voice calls Iroha's name. It turns out to be Yachiyo, who said that Iroha fell asleep while reading. Yachiyo tells her to get some rest. Iroha feels like she saw something

Section 2: Rumors Drifting Through My Mind

Iroha narrates that when she saw one of the rumors in Yachiyo's file hadn't been thoroughly investigated, it reminded her of somewhere familiar. There is a brief image of a hospital room. It's then revealed Iroha is spacing out in class, and is brought to attention by Rena Minami. Rena asks if she's hiding something, and tells Iroha it's time for their rooftop lunchtime. Iroha and Rena meet Momoko Togame on the roof. Iroha tells Momoko about how she felt she recognized one of the rumors, but Rena tells her to ignore it and focus on her missing friends.

Momoko scolds Rena for snapping at Iroha, but Rena says she's trying to keep Iroha from going bald from stressed. Iroha laughs and thanks Rena for worrying. She then asks if Kaede Akino still hasn't come to school. Rena admits that Kaede is staying in her room. Momoko suspects that when Kaede was all alone she suddenly understood the truth about witches, leading to this reaction. Momoko says she'll try and convince Kaede to come out. She also says it'll be a pain if they can't get Tsuruno back soon. It turns out that the high school is in an uproar since Tsuruno went missing, as she always had perfect attendance. Momoko says that Tsuruno's twelve years of perfect attendance awards will be gone.

Later, Momoko wonders if she should first help Kaede or Iroha. Suddenly she's interrupted by another student, who asks her about a new amusement park that's opening. Momoko says she hasn't heard anything about it, and isn't sure if it's real. The students says that if it is, they should invite everyone. Momoko agrees, and the girl says it's a promise.

Section 3: Tsuruno's Safety

Iroha and Yachiyo search for their friends. Iroha asks if Tsuruno's dad is doing alright. Yachiyo says that all he had was Tsuruno, and he might be closing his business temporarily. She suspects he's putting up flyers and searching for Tsuruno as well. The girls head to Tsuruno's family restaurant, and find it's closed with a message asking for information on Tsuruno's whereabouts. Iroha and Yachiyo notice that even the neighbors are talking about Tsuruno's disappearance. The girls enter the restaurant, and find Tsuruno's father there. He tells them that they're closed.

Yachiyo explains they're there to help look for Tsuruno. Tsuruno's father says he's a worthless father because he made Tsuruno make "that kind" of face. When asked to explain, he reveals that Tsuruno came back for a moment and said she found a place where she felt more relieved than ever before. She then left, saying she wouldn't come back. Tsuruno's father says that at the time, Tsuruno had an expressionless face, as if she were asleep. He says Tsuruno made that same face a year ago. Yachiyo asks if Felicia was there, and Tsuruno's father says she was. He notes that Felicia seemed normal. (It's hinted Sana was there as well, albeit invisible).

Yachiyo thinks back to Tsuruno's father describing her face, and thinks she's seen something like that. Iroha asks what Tsuruno meant in her message to her father. Yachiyo thinks that either Tsuruno has found a better place among the Wings of Magius, or she's still brainwashed. Iroha is glad they at least returned home. Suddenly, they sense a magical girl. They're suddenly attacked by a White Feather and her allies. The Wings say they will use Yachiyo and Iroha as tools the way they do to Tsuruno. Outraged, Iroha and Yachiyo defeat their attackers, who retreat before they're forced to reveal information. Before vanishing, the White Feather says they can't save their friends. Iroha says that has to be a lie, and resolves to believe in her friends.

Section 4: The Plan Iroha Thought Up

In her room, Iroha thinks back to when she celebrated Christmas with her friends. Iroha tears up, but says she has to keep it together. Iroha says they have to find the Wings of Magius, and to do that they have to find a Rumor. Iroha thinks back to what Ai said about knowing Ui, and about Touka asking if it's Iroha that's wrong. Iroha says she feels like she knows them, but decides to forget about it. The next day, she resumes planning with Yachiyo. Iroha says they should go around erasing Rumors throughout Kamihama. Iroha says that they should be as flashy as possible to get the attention of Wings of Magius.

Later, Iroha and Yachiyo tell their plan to Momoko. They explain that if the Wings appear quickly it's likely they have a base nearby. Momoko offers to help, but Yachiyo tells her to stay with Kaede. Momoko offers to get Grief Seeds for the girls while they hunt Rumors. Momoko then goes to Kaede's house and talks to her. Kaede says she understands the truth, but it scares her. She claims just fighting is scary. Momoko agrees and says she would be scared too if she was alone. She claims they formed a team so they can sympathize with each others worries. Momoko hugs Kaede and tells her she and Rena will be there to support her.

Section 5: Rumor-Busting Tour

Iroha and Yachiyo go around Kamihama destroying Rumors. Eventually, they're attacked by a group of Black Feathers. The duo defeat the feathers and demand to know where their friends are and where the Magius base is. However, the Black Feathers simply don't know. Elsewhere, Momoko leaves Kaede's house and heads to Mizuna Ward. She notes that Kaede's Soul Gem hasn't darkened too much, and they might have gotten lucky. Momoko then comes across people talking about the new amusement park. She asks a girl about it, but only learns it's being built somewhere in Kamihama. Momoko then asks where she heard the news from. The girl says her friend told her, but that friend says the girl told her. Momoko realizes something is up and decides to investigate further.

Section 6: What Can Be Seen from the Map

Iroha and Yachiyo discuss the lack of information they have. Yachiyo suggests that the Black Feathers they met were assigned to protect Rumors, and don't know anything relevant to them. The girls hunt more Rumors, and fight more Wings of Magius members, but ultimately they get nowhere. Iroha and Yachiyo decide they should try something else. Iroha suggests they mark all the Rumor's they encountered on Kamihama's map. The girls head to a restaurant to do so. As the make the marks, Iroha notes that they haven't looked east of Central Ward. Yachiyo says they have a pact in place with the girls from Central. In the past, when there were fewer witches, they agreed to stay out of each other's territory. Iroha and Yachiyo then notice something about the map.

Elsewhere, Momoko asks Mitama Yakumo about the amusement park. After joking a bit, Mitama says she hasn't heard anything about the amusement park from magical girls, nor has she seen it in their memories. However, Mitama did hear about it while in Sakae Ward, and guesses it's a Rumor. Momoko notes the Rumor has been spreading through Kamihama, and the farther east they go the more visible the Rumor becomes.

Back at the restaurant, Iroha and Yachiyo have found there are no Rumors on the border between Sankyou Ward and the Artisan Ward. Iroha says it's like the eye of a typhoon. Yachiyo says they don't know what Rumors are there on the east side, but if that blank spot is there also it might mean something. Yachiyo then points out another spot in Shinsei Ward, where several Rumors are concentrated in one spot. Iroha recognizes it as the Satomi Medical Center...the place where Ui was hospitalized. The girls decide to take a look.

Elsewhere, Momoko investigates in Sakae and meets up with Rena. Rena said she asked around about the amusement park rumor, and says that those around their age know a lot. Rena says they should go to the amusement park when Kaede gets better, but Momoko says it's like the "Rules of Friendship" Rumor they fought. Rena says Momoko should have told her that from the start. She then reveals she hasn't heard about the Rumor at all around their school. Momoko says that was bothering her too.

Section 7: Invasion

As Yachiyo and Iroha head to the hospital in Shinsei, Iroha wonders if the Rumors there are protecting Magius's secret base. Yachiyo says that's unlikely. Suddenly, they sense more Wings of Magius Feathers. The girls are then attacked by a White Feather and two familiar looking Black Feathers. Iroha finds their magic familiar and calls out for Felicia and Sana. The girls promptly throw off their cloaks. Felicia announces she's always been on Iroha's side, while Sana says she's going to go home now. The group defeats the Wings of Magius feathers. Afterward, Iroha asks Felicia and Sana if the brainwashing is gone, and they say they're fine. The girls happily reunite.

Elsewhere, Momoko and Rena ask about the amusement park. They know the Rumor spread from the east, and learn that the amusement park is supposed to open the day after tomorrow. However, they still don't know where it is. Rena admits she's kinda scared.

Section 8: Sana and Felicia's Escape

Iroha and Yachiyo give Felicia and Sana hot cocoa, then ask what happened. Felicia says that Tsuruno was taken somewhere. Yachiyo says she can't forgive Mifuyu, but Sana and Felicia says Mifuyu was the one who helped them escape. In a flashback, Mifuyu tells the trio that they might face even worse tragedy. Disturbed by their brainwashing, she tells them to remember her true feelings and uses her illusion powers to break the brainwashing. Mifuyu does this by creating an illusion of Yachiyo's house and telling the girls they belong there.

Mifuyu tells Felicia that Wings of Magius are protecting and raising witches, either by shutting them into a barrier and having them eat each other or just feeding them Grief Seeds. Mifuyu says it's necessary for the release of magical girls, but admits the act of raising witches is equivalent to killing people. When she tells Felicia there will be more people like her parents, Felicia is horrified. At the same time, Mifuyu tells Sana that Wings of Magius can't reverse her wish. She points out that Sana already came to terms with her wish in Ai's barrier. Sana remembers she promised Iroha to be with everyone.

Mifuyu drops the illusion and is relieved to see Felicia and Sana are back to normal. When they ask Mifuyu why she undid the brainwashing, she says Magius is going too far. Sana asks her to undo Tsuruno's brainwashing, but Mifuyu says she tried and failed. She says the reason behind Tsuruno's brainwashing wasn't what she thought. Suddenly, Mifuyu hears Touka and Alina arrive, and tells the girls to pretend they're brainwashed. Back in the present, the girls wonder what they're having Tsuruno do.

In another flashback, Touka says that Tsuruno will get them lots of energy. Alina says it's approaching Touka's best artwork, and imagining the "hatching of the eve" is too much. Mifuyu says the two are cheerful, and Touka says she's exciting thinking about how "we're going to transform it". Mifuyu says it's "both of you" today, and Touka says she gets tired because every time she's shaving away at her life. Mifuyu asks what else they need to do today, and Alina says they're thinking about how to deal with Felicia and Sana. She thinks they might be useful in their last moments. Mifuyu suggests to have them fight Iroha and Ychiyo. Alina says it's a great idea while Touka says it sounds like Mifuyu has broken through. The Magius duo says they'll leave it to Mifuyu.

Mifuyu then secretly talks to Sana and Felicia and gives them Black Feather robes. She says she heard Yachiyo and Iroha are conspicuously moving around, and asks Sana and Felicia to go with the White Feathers when they are called. Mifuyu believes they should be able to meet the others. Sana asks why Mifuyu won't come with them, and Mifuyu answers that she still believes in Wings of Magius. She says they'll be enemies next time they meet. In the present, Sana and Felicia apologize for being brainwashed, and Iroha and Yachiyo comfort them. The girls resolve to save Tsuruno and Mifuyu as well. Suddenly Momoko arrives.

After explaining things to Momoko, she asks if Sana and Felicia know where the base is. The girls say they were blindfolded when they were moved around. Yachiyo and Iroha then bring up the map of Rumors they made. Momoko notices the spot where no Rumors are, and Iroha says they might find Tsuruno there. Momoko wonders if that's where Sana and Felicia were being kept, but the girls don't think so. Momoko then asks about the collection of Rumors in Shinsei, but Yachiyo says they found nothing.

Momoko then brings up the Rumor of the Amusement Park she heard of. She tells the girls she believes the Rumor came from the east, which is where the blank spot on the map is. Momoko and Yachiyo say they should check it out. However, Yachiyo says she first has to contact "the boss of the east", the magical girl who looks after Koushou and Daitou wards. Yachiyo explains that before Kamihama changed, they used to be enemies.

Section 9: The Boss of the East

Elsewhere, the boss of the East is shown, a magical girl named Kanagi Izumi. Kanagi is confronted by a group of Black Feathers, who tells her to stop erasing Rumors. Kanagi says it's just revenge. The girls ask her to join the Wings of Magius like Tsukasa Amane, but Kanagi refuses and says they were the ones that left her. She then says she'll beat some manners into them. Suddenly Kanagi gets a phone call from Yachiyo. Telling Yachiyo that it might be hard for her to hear, she fights and defeats the Black Feathers while listening to Yachiyo explain the situation.

As she stands on the body of a Black Feather, Kanagi says the increased number of witches mean they have no reason not to cooperate. Kanagi says that uniting with her former rival is like a drama, and tells Yachiyo she looks forward to tomorrow. After she hangs up, Kanagi is confronted by Tsukasa and Tsukuyo Amane. Tsukasa tells Kanagi she comes with a warning. Elsewhere, Yachiyo tells the others Kanagi agreed to help, and sounded like she was fighting. Momoko says Kanagi is rough as usual, and explains she's about as strong as Yachiyo.

Yachiyo says they should all get some sleep and be ready to fight the next day. She then notices that Felicia and Sana have fallen asleep. Suddenly Iroha notices that their Soul Gems are tainted, and Momoko purifies them with Grief Seeds. Momoko says if they let out a doppel that could have dangerous. Yachiyo thinks the corruption was due to their feelings from when they were brainwashed.

Section 10: Cooperating with Kanagi Izumi

Iroha, Yachiyo, and Momoko arrive at a train station. Iroha and Yachiyo say they had a fight that morning with Felicia and Sana. In a flashback, Sana and Felicia try to go with Yachiyo and Iroha. However, Yachiyo says they collapsed earlier and says they should rest. Iroha says they'll call if they need help. Felicia and Sana protest, but are unable to get past Iroha and Yachiyo.

Back in the present, the girls enter Koushou ward. Iroha asks what Kanagi is like. Yachiyo says she's strong, while Momoko says she's kind of strange. The girls explain that Kanagi and Yachiyo competed for territory and the control of Central Ward. Yachiyo admits it was really brutal, but they ultimately stood down and exchanged contact information. Yachiyo explains they haven't really talked since witches started becoming more common. Suddenly Kanagi arrives and asks who Iroha is.

The girls head to a restaurant where they explain the situation to Kanagi. Kanagi offers to help, explaining that the Wings of Magius took some of her friends away as well. Kanagi says that most of the eastern magical girls are either White Feathers or Black Feathers. Yachiyo asks if Kanagi is looking into rumors. Kanagi says she has in order to interfere with the Wings of Magius. Iroha shows Kanagi her map of Rumors and asks her to add the ones she's found. After Kanagi does so, Iroha points to the blank spot with no Rumors and guesses that the Wings of Magius might have their base there. Kanagi says there's an old railyard at the center of the circle.

Iroha says they should go there, but Yachiyo and Kanagi tell her to wait. Kanagi says that magical girls are most active at twilight, and they would have a better chance of finding the higher-ups. The girls decide to have tea and plan further. As the girls talk about the railyard, Momoko asks if Kanagi is still busy with her part-time jobs. Kanagi says she's no longer at the corner deli, and instead works at a maid cafe. Kanagi demonstrates her maid persona to the girls, much to Momoko's shock. Iroha looks at the map and thinks there's something in Kitayou ward in the middle of the mountains. Iroha asks Kanagi if there were any Rumors there, but Kanagi says there wasn't. Iroha wonders if she's imagining things.

The girls finally head to the railyard. Kanagi explains that only delinquents used to be there at sundown, but ever since the Wings of Magius appeared the delinquents have vanished. Meanwhile Iroha is lost in thought, and Kanagi tells her she doesn't need to be so cautious. Yachiyo explains that Kanagi's personal magic let's her read minds. Kanagi says she has to transform and be close to do so, and says they should be friends.

Iroha apologizes and admits she was thinking of something else. Kanagi tells her to smile and says they both have people they need to get back. Kanagi says she won't forgive Tsukasa for taking away some of her friends. The girls reach the trainyard but sense nothing. Kanagi says the Wings of Magius might have moved to another railyard, and offers to check it out. Yachiyo accepts, and Kanagi leaves the group. The girls then split up to search the trainyard.

Section 11: Kanagi Izumi, Observing

The girls search but find nothing. Suddenly they sense three witches heading for them, as the Amane sisters appear. Yachiyo realizes that they sent the witches. Tsukasa says this place was a trap for those who know too much about Rumors. Tsukuyo says their fate was sealed when they went to the hospital since they knew the girls would come here next. Momoko says the Wings of Magius like their traps. Iroha says that the Amane sisters might know something and she fights through the witches with Yachiyo and Momoko. (Shin is fought in this battle).

The girls defeat the witches and confront the Amane sisters. However, the twins use their powers to paralyze Yachiyo and Momoko. They then send Black Feathers to fight Iroha. Iroha admits she can't take them all, but says she can't run away. Suddenly Kanagi appears and praises her resolve. Iroha asks for help, but Kanagi apologizes and says she'll just watch. As Iroha fights the Black Feathers, she thinks about how she has to save Tsuruno. Kanagi says she now knows Iroha's true feelings and drives off the black feathers. Kanagi tells Tsukasa she picked the wrong opponent.

It's revealed that Tsukasa tried to trick Kanagi by telling her that Yachiyo was trying to take Kanagi's territory. Kanagi says that she thought it would be strange to steal territory in times like these, and attacks the Amanes. This frees Yachiyo and Momoko. Kanagi says that seeing such underhanded means makes her ashamed to be Tsukasa's senior. Yachiyo thanks Kanagi, but Kanagi apologizes, explaining she only learned their true intentions by reading Iroha's mind. The girls then fight the Black Feathers while Kanagi deals with the Amanes.

Kanagi gives the twins three choices: to be effortlessly defeated, to tell her everything and get off easy, or to let Kanagi spank them. The twins say they will choose a fourth option, defeating Kanagi. Meanwhile, Momoko, Yachiyo and Iroha take out the remaining Black Feathers. Kanagi handily defeats the Amanes, saying they're still naive. She says she'll grant Tsukasa a fifth choice, and offers to take her back. Tsukasa refuses, prompting Kanagi to ask where Tsuruno is. Kanagi says she'll read their minds if they don't answer and does so. However, she finds the twins have mixed up their thoughts.

Tsukasa says they'll never tell, and Tsukuyo says that even if they fail or die, it's fine if other magical girls can be saved. Kanagi says their resolve is strong and says she won't push any further. Kanagi then tells Momoko, Iroha, and Yachiyo that she read the twins' minds, and found they don't know anything. However, she says she did learn the twins tried on each other's uniforms and found their chest sizes were different. Tsukuyo calls her cruel, but Kanagi says Tsukuyo's a dirty liar. Kanagi says she won't hold back next time, and sends the Amanes retreating with a crack of her whip.

The girls return to the restaurant, where they admit they were totally fooled by the Magius. However, Kanagi says she read something else from the twins' minds, which she didn't want to say in front of them. It turns out they knew what happened to Tsuruno: In order to protect the Rumor, Tsuruno became a part of it. Kanagi says the Rumor is at the Ferris wheel field in Daitou Ward, the remnants of a failed public works project. Yachiyo says that if Tsuruno is a Rumor then everyone who goes to the amusement part will be killed by her.

Back at Yachiyo's house, Sana and Felicia think about the time they spent with Tsuruno. Felicia suddenly announces that she can't wait anymore. Suddenly, Sana gets a call from Yachiyo. Elsewhere, Rena is at Kaede's house, and slaps Kaede. Rena yells at Kaede for not cheering up, criticizes her personality traits and says they're through. Kaede slaps Rena, tells her half of Rena's criticisms don't matter, and admonishes her for saying they're breaking up again. They girls then pinch other, which prompts Rena to laugh. Rena says that if Kaede has this much fight left in her then she's fine. Kaede apologizes.

Section 12: Aiming to Destroy Paradise

Kanagi tells the others where the Ferris wheel is. She admits the group is surprised they're still acting friendly towards her after her actions earlier. Momoko says it might be because it was Kanagi doing that. Iroha contacts Sana to get their location and coordinate their actions. Sana says that she's seeing people move towards the amusement park. Iroha relays this to the others, causing them to realize the victims are trying to wait overnight to be the first ones to get in. The girls hurry onward, meeting up with Felicia and Sana. The girls admit they face powerful opponents, but it will take time for all the Black Feathers to gather. Iroha and Yachiyo decide to head into the Rumor, while Yachiyo asks Felicia and Sana to hold off Alina. As the girls reach their destination, they sense a magical girl.

Section 13: The Wings Who Protect Paradise

The girls head into the amusement mark, deciding that the Ferris wheel is likely where the Rumor is located. Suddenly they're attacked by Black and White Feathers. Iroha asks if they realize what's going to happen. Kanagi says the Feathers have abandoned all thought in their wish for salvation, and claims they know nothing. Kanagi offers to fight off the Black Feathers, saying her former comrades are likely among them. The other girls move forward.

Section 14: The Magius Who Protect Paradise

As the girls reach the base of the ferris wheel, the girls are confronted by Alina, Touka, and Mifuyu. Mifuyu says it was her fault Sana and Felicia got away, but stops Felicia from spilling details. Touka says Mifuyu should reflect on her failures, unaware of what happened. Alina says that this was the first time Mifuyu failed so they won't judge her too harshly. Iroha demands Touka stop what she's doing, but Touka flatly refuses. Touka says that they'll get energy from the emotions of the victims in the amusement park. Iroha says people like Touka will never be able to make anyone happy. Touka asks what Iroha would do to make everyone happy. Iroha admits she doesn't have an answer, but says Touka's actions are wrong.

Alina asks if they're going to fight now and Touka scolds her, saying she was stalling for time. Alina says she'll take Felicia and Sana, threatening to take all of their hair. Alina explains that hair is like the soul of a person, representing the fact they were alive. Alina says she'll cut off their hair and burn it. Felicia and Sana admit they're scared, but are able to hold off Alina. Elsewhere, Touka tells Iroha not to get in her way. Iroha asks how Touka can do horrible things if she's trying to save all magical girls. Touka says they have to do it right now, with all three Magius. Touka says that happy future is far more important than their own lives, and tells her to accept that logic. Iroha says she can't.

Touka launches an attack, but is blocked by Momoko. Momoko says Touka is reckless in her magic use and wonders if it ever runs out. Meanwhile, Yachiyo confronts Mifuyu. She thanks her for saving Felicia and Sana, but won't hold back. Mifuyu says she'll do the same. As they fight, Yachiyo says that Mifuyu is holding back. Mifuyu then says that if the Rumor is defeated Tsuruno will also die. She asks Yachiyo to remove the Rumor possessing Tsuruno, saying if they get to her heart they should be able to erase it.

Mifuyu tells Yachiyo to get to the gondola, and collapses. Yachiyo calls Iroha to come with her. Touka tries to stop her, but is blocked by Kanagi and Momoko. Kanagi says she's dealt with what she needed to, but isn't going to relax. Calling Touka a brat, Kanagi says she will be her opponent. Touka says she's not a brat, but chuckles, saying that the girls will end up killing their friend.

Section 15: What Was Done in Paradise

Iroha and Yachiyo enter the Rumor's barrier, which resembles an amusement park. Yachiyo tells Iroha what Mifyu told her earlier. Yachiyo says they'll need to use an equivalent amount of magic to pull out the Rumor. As the girls walk through the Rumor, they find that it saps their willpower, suddenly causing them to zone out. Suddenly, Tsuruno appears, with a bizarre coloration. She welcomes the girls to "Chelation Land", and says they weren't supposed to come in before it opens. Tsuruno claims that the park is a place to relax and not think about anything. Iroha realizes that any victims trapped in the Rumor will simply lose the will to live.

Iroha and Yachiyo plead with Tsuruno to leave, but Tsuruno reuses saying it's a place for her to relax well. Yachiyo says she'll drag Tsuruno out of there if she has to, prompting Tsuruno to say they're trying to get in the way of the amusement park. Tsuruno summons Rumor familiars and attacks. Iroha and Yachiyo quickly find they space out every time they get hit. The battle essentially drains them. Tsuruno says they can just talk until the park opens. She shows the food and drink she's planning to serve. A group of Rumor familiars bring a hot pot with five familiar mugs. Yachiyo and Iroha admit it's like their home.

The duo says they can't take it easy, and they won't let Tsuruno become something that spreads curses. Yachiyo says that Tsuruno will not be able to accomplish anything like this, while Iroha says that if Tsuruno is worried about becoming a witch they'll worry with her. Tsuruno says she won't leave the place where she feels at ease. Iroha and Yachiyo say they'll remove the Rumor and attack. They defeat Tsuruno, who collapses. Yachiyo is shocked to see that Tsuruno is still unchanged and is unresponsive. Iroha calls Tsuruno's name.

Section 16: The Meaning of Paradise

Alina uses her barrier magic to hold off Felicia and Sana. Meanwhile, Kanagi and Momoko notice that Touka's Soul Gem hasn't darkened at all. Touka explains that she takes energy from outside and converts it into something she uses. In the Rumor's barrier, Iroha and Yachiyo realize Tsuruno is just unconscious. The girls figure they haven't gotten through to Tsuruno. Tsuruno reawakens and tells the girls to leave her alone. She says she realizes the place where she needs to be is here.

When Yachiyo see Tsuruno's expression, she realizes what's happening. A year ago, shortly after Mel Anna died, Yachiyo saw Tsuruno make that face after they went to an amusement park. At the time, Yachiyo just thought Tsuruno was exhausted, but she now realizes that Tsuruno was relaxed after being stressed out. Yachiyo says that Tsuruno was forcing herself to smile despite her hardships. Yachiyo and Iroha admit they never understood Tsuruno.

The girls apologize to Tsuruno and ask her to come back and let them help her. Tsuruno says she's grateful, but since she's part of a Rumor she can't be saved. Suddenly more Rumor familiars appear. Tsuruno says she'll send Iroha and Yachiyo off. Suddenly, Sana and Felicia arrive. It's shown that Rena and Kaede arrived and took their place fighting Alina. Alina says that it's not like she needed their hair anyway. Rena asks if she's a youkai. Alina is annoyed by this.

Inside the Rumor, Felicia says she'll save Tsuruno this time, and offers to help her with her homework. When Tsuruno refuses, Felicia says she's tired of people dying. Sana suggests that they combine their power to save Tsuruno. The girls transfer power to Felicia, who hits Tsuruno. Suddenly the Rumor familiars collapse, and something leaks out of Tsuruno, who returns to normal. The girls then see visions of Tsuruno's memories, and how she tried to help everyone. The girls reassure Tsuruno, and Iroha tells them to join hands.

Tsuruno still has a dull-eyed expression, so Felicia hits her. Tsuruno snaps to attention and apologizes for her actions. She admits she's embarrassed about having her inner thoughts shown, but also says they have to hurry before the park opens. Suddenly the main Rumor appears, a giant Ferris wheel. Tsuruno attacks it, but finds she's weak from her previous battles. The Rumor then captures her, prompting the other girls to attack. The Rumor is subsequently defeated and Tsuruno rescued.

Tsruno apologies again, but Yachiyo and Iroha say they've got to learn Tsuruno better. Iroha says they'll find a way to save magical girls without following Magius's path. The girls put their hands together, and call themselves "Team Mikazuki House". Elsewhere, the Rumor's victims suddenly wonder what they were doing.

Section 17: The Goal of Magius

The Rumor vanishes, annoying Alina and Touka. Iroha and the others arrive unharmed. Touka says she's pissed off, but sees no point in retaliating. Touka says that if they succeeded, all three Magius could have been celebrating. Iroha asks if this means the third Magius is here. Suddenly the voice of the Rumor-spreader starts talking about the Rumor of Chelation Land. However, another voice tells the Rumor-spreader that Chelation Land has perished. Touka asks if it's okay for the voice's owner to be up and about.

The third Magius turns out to be Nemu Hiiragi, standing next to the Rumor-spreader. Nemu says she was surprised by this outcome, and introduces herself to Iroha. She explains that when she creates a Rumor she becomes unable to move. Iroha asks about her memories, but Nemu admits she doesn't know what's going on with Iroha's memories either. However, she says she's angry and regretful that Iroha's group erased countless "worlds" that she created.

Yachiyo quickly realizes Nemu is the creator of all Rumors. Alina suggests the Magius just attack, but Nemu collapses. Touka says Nemu's Soul Gem hasn't stabilized yet. Nemu says she just wanted to greet Iroha. Iroha suddenly starts flashing back to Ui's hospital. She realizes that the reason she recognized the Rumor she read in Yachiyo's book was because she was there when it was created. In the present Nemu tells Touka she just got dizzy. Iroha says that she knows Nemu thought of the Rumor in the hospital together with Ui and Touka. Touka tells Iroha there's something wrong with her. Nemu suggests Iroha's memories are fabricated, saying the Rumor was something she came up with.

Iroha explains to the other what she just remembered. The others believe her, prompting Touka to ask why. The girls say it's because they're friends. Touka says they should talk about something more productive and offers to explain how they intend to achieve their goal. It's revealed that Magius intends to spread the conditions in Kamihama across the world. In order to do that, they require emotional energy. This energy can come from people who were attacked or captured by Rumors, from the energy collected by witches, or from magical girls who become witches. Alina says that they use this energy for the incubation of "Embryo Eve".

Nemu says that the Magius together with Eve can cause a miracle to occur, which Nemu compares to winning a war of independance. Touka says that once freed from the Incubators humanity will be able to explore the stars. Nemu says she'll turn the world into her manuscript, while Alina will have her art "reign forever as a symbol of life", after which she will create art patterned on the universe. Touka says that all the other magical girls will be happy to be saved. Momoko says that's quite a leap, while Rena says this talk is making her head hurt. Kaede says that Felicia has frozen in confusion.

Yachiyo asks why the Magius have to use humans. Touka says it's just better to use people who are worth less than magical girls. Iroha says that even if Touka and Nemu are the girls from her memories, their methods are wrong. Iroha asks if Touka and Nemu would kill their own families. Touka huffs and says they got nothing out of explaining. She tells the others to leave. Nemu says she'll erase the rest of the Rumor, claiming they're no longer needed. As they leave, Touka tells Mifuyu to take care of the Wings.

Mifuyu tells the Feathers to go on ahead as she talks to Yachiyo and the others. Yachiyo and Iroha thank Mifuyu for her help. Mifuyu says it was only done on a whim, and makes to leave. Yachiyo asks why Mifuyu can't come back. Mifuyu admits she can't accept Magius's methods but she still wants a world where magical girls don't become witches. She also says she has a responsibility to the Wings that she pulled into her group. Mifuyu apologizes and leaves, saying she has to make all of the Wings' dreams come true.

Tsuruno says that at least Mifuyu hasn't changed. Yachiyo agrees and suggests going home. Iroha thanks Rena and Kaede for coming. Rena says Iroha helped Kaede come back, so there's no need to thank her. Iroha offers to treat Rena to something anyway. Kaede says she'd like to try making granola, and Iroha says it sounds fun. As Rena argues and Momoko gets caught up in it, Kanagi talks to Yachiyo. Comparing the Magius to cornered beasts, she offers to set up a meeting between herself and Yachiyo. Yachiyo accepts, but says Magius are more like misguided geniuses. Kanagi says all humans are beasts anyway, and invites Yachiyo to visit her restaurant. The girls then decide to head back, while Yachiyo says they have to talk about what they learned.

Section 18: Team Mikazuki House

The next morning, Felicia and Tsuruno explain they never saw "Embryo Eve", and only knew they were being held in a Western-style house. Sana thought about looking around while invisible, but they took her Soul Gem away from her. Felicia wonders if they're feeding witches to "Eve". Yachiyo admits it isn't impossible. Yachiyo suggests Kamihama is an incubator that will release magical girls. Tsuruno points out they're using witches to create a world without them. Felicia says there will be curses everywhere. Yachiyo says they can't let Magius carry out their plan.

As the girls make breakfast, Tsuruno tells Iroha to contact Madoka's group. Tsuruno thinks that Mami Tomoe is also being possessed like she was. Yachiyo says she felt the same change in Mami's magic as well, and suspects Mami was fully consumed by a Rumor. Iroha agrees and sends a message to Madoka. Before the girls eat, they notice Tsuruno is spacing out again. Sana thinks it's because she lost her perfect attendance. Iroha says Tsuruno has perfect attendance in her heart, which snaps Tsuruno out of it. Iroha, Sana, Felicia and Tsuruno then present Yachiyo with the coasters they brought. They say the cherry blossom shapes of the coasters is a symbol of their team.

As the girls eat, Iroha suddenly flashes back to the hospital. In her room, Iroha wonders why she saw the hospital again. She then suddenly sees visions of past events. Iroha flashes back to buying the cherry-blossom shaped coasters, and then sees herself in the hospital, saying that in time they will gather at the Ten Thousand Year Cherry Blossom. In the present, Iroha pulls out the Rumor map and realizes the Rumors gathered at the hospital because they were created there. She then pinpoints the location of one more Rumor at the empty spot in the mountains: The Rumor of the Ten Thousand Year Cherry Blossom.

Elsewhere, Nemu tells Touka they found their next target. Touka says she was surprised to see the waves crossing dimensions, but she thinks it's definitely the result of seeing a little bit of the future. Touka says that Eve has almost exceeded "criticality" and it's molecular structure is distortion. Nemu says all that's left is the legendary invasion that they know will come soon. It's name is...

Walpurgis Night.

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