Witch of Symbols

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The Witch of Symbols (?????) is a currently unknown witch from the mobile game Magia Record. Currently, it's existence is only known through it's familiars, the Echos.


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TypeSymbol witch's minion I-IV
EpisodesMagia Record

Minions of the witch of symbols. Their role is to proliferate. The witch of symbols has many minions, said to grow and change shape in accordance with the life force they steal from humans. This type is known as the Chair Possessor. They grow and evolve through many different stages, using only a fraction of the life force that other witches’ minions would use. Their goal is simply to proliferate. Those that grow to a certain stage can give birth to their own minions in turn, even without becoming a full-fledged witch. They assume the shape of a chair, and seem to ruminate upon its convenience and well-polished form as they grow.

In Magia Record




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