Magia Record Episode 6: I'll Do Anything

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Iroha Tamaki: "You can't eat? Where are your parents?"
Felicia Mitsuki: "They're dead. A Witch killed them."

I'll Do Anything
Episode 6 Title Card.png
First airing 8 February 2020
Script Kaede Ogawa
Gekidan Inu Curry (Doroinu)
Storyboard Souji Ninomiya
Episode director Kenjirou Okada
Animation Director Yuuta Masaki


The familiars of the Symbol Witch dance about in their labyrinth as Nanaka Tokiwa, Meiyui Chun, Akira Shinobu, and Kako Natsume look on, planning their next move. Felicia Mitsuki, a mercenary magical girl hired by the team mutters to herself the words "crush them" over and over before she snaps and rushes out ahead of the group, determined to put an end to all the familiars and the witch herself. Akira hurries after her as the rest of the team comes out and attacks the familiars. Nanaka calls out to Felicia, who is oblivious to everything around her as her hammer comes crashing down on everything.

Back at Yachiyo Nanami's house, Iroha Tamaki is awakened by the alarm on her cellphone. She makes her way downstairs where Yachiyo is waiting to greet her with breakfast. After commenting on the number of rooms in the house, Iroha thanks Yachiyo for using a grief seed on her while she was knocked out. It seems she doesn't remember what happened last night. She asks what Iroha will do since it's Saturday. Iroha wants to explore the city while she can before she heads home. Yachiyo warns her not to let on that she's a magical girl, especially in the eastern districts past Chuo ward.

Iroha begins her exploration in Sankyo ward, looking at the shrines and other sites before eventually stumbling into an abandoned shopping center. Discarded mannequins covered in graffiti and other store signs litter the area. As she follows the sound of noise, she comes upon a booth where mysterious waitresses are handing bottles of water to people. A man dressed up in clown faces offers a bottle of "Lucky Owl Water" to everyone, promising good health and good fortune to any who drink it. The waitresses uncork a bottle and hand it to Iroha, urging her to drink up. Iroha is hesitant at first until she notices Felicia standing next to her, who is more than happy to take anything that's free. Felicia knocks back the bottle of water, declaring it to be tasty. Encouraged, Iroha takes a drink from her bottle and finds it to be delicious. Felicia asks for another bottle, but the man says he can only give her one bottle a day. The waitresses encourage them to come back the next day for another bottle. Iroha thanks them and heads on her way.

As Iroha makes her way out of the shopping center, she checks her phone and finds she's somehow made it all the way to Kosho ward. Felicia appears from behind her, having followed her out, and demands money as payment for passing through. Felicia knows that Iroha is a magical girl, having seen her ring and fingernail mark earlier. Iroha apologizes for entering her territory but before she can say anything further, the Symbol Witch's barrier opens up beside them. Felicia transforms and enters the barrier, determined to finish the Symbol Witch off for good. Iroha follows into the barrier where she sees Felicia destroy the Witch once and for all with several swings of her giant hammer. Once outside the barrier, Felicia demands 1,000 yen as her fee for saving Iroha from the Witch. Iroha checks her coin purse, but she's short on cash and offers to buy Felicia an ice cream instead as thanks. Felicia happily accepts the ice cream as payment this time and the girls head to a candy shop where Iroha buys Felicia two bars of melon ice cream. As Felicia sits on the bench outside happily eating her ice cream, she offers the other one to Iroha. As the girls enjoy their treat, they introduce themselves to one another. Felicia tells Iroha to call her up if anyone should bully her, offering her a friend discount for her services. Just then, Felicia notices that their popsicle sticks are winners and she happily trades in the sticks for another free ice cream each.

Meanwhile, Yachiyo arrives at Mitama Yakumo's place where she sees Nanaka and the rest of her team leaving. The girls are muttering about Felicia when Yachiyo enters, and finds Mitama sitting and enjoying a cup of tea (with ketchup and mustard mixed in). On one of her decorations, there is a wanted poster of Felicia. Yachiyo asks if she's been causing trouble again, and Mitama replies that she is indeed a handful despite her talents. Yachiyo asks Mitama for the information on the new rumor she had come to discuss. Before she can go into details, Yachiyo senses a presence and heads to the rooftop. There she finds Kyoko Sakura sitting at the top of the building, eating a corn dog and toying with a grief seed. Yachiyo asks what she wants. Kyoko explains sweetly that the lack of witches in the nearby area is a problem and wondered if maybe the wealthy people of Kamihama wouldn't mind sharing their witches with a poor girl like her. Yachiyo tells her that's fine so long as she follow the rules: no hurting other magical girls, and no poaching (Witches are first-come first-serve). She warns her that the witches in Kamihama are stronger than in other places, but figures it wouldn't be a problem for Kyoko. Kyoko is surprised that Yachiyo is so accommodating, but then she asks if maybe the reason the witches are all gathering here is because the magical girls here are in league with the witches. Yachiyo dismisses the idea and Kyoko jumps from the building, dropping out of sight.

Elsewhere, a man thanks Iroha and Felicia profusely for returning his lost wallet. As a sign of gratitude, he hands the girls a packet of money and some raffle tickets. The girls try out the raffle and win the grand prize. At a casino, the girls win jackpots on three of the machines before trying out their luck on the mobile game's gacha. Iroha pulls a light type SSR in the game with a single pull, reducing her number of gems to 16. With so much good luck coming their way, Iroha is staring to get a little scared so the girls stop for lunch at a restaurant. Felicia thinks Iroha was brave to go into the eastern territory like that, but Iroha was only concerned with looking for her little sister. Felicia has never heard of her, but she's willing to work for Iroha exclusively, especially since she still has plenty of money left over from their jackpot winnings earlier. Iroha asks why she works as a mercenary, and Felicia explains she does it to make a living since her parents were killed by a witch. Yachiyo calls Iroha just then asking about the Lucky Owl Water.

Iroha and Felicia meet Yachiyo and Tsuruno Yui at the train station. While Tsuruno and Felicia pick on each other, Yachiyo scolds Iroha for letting on she's a magical girl and then warns her about Felicia's reckless fighting style. Iroha tells Yachiyo that both she and Felicia have already drank the Lucky Owl Water. Yachiyo describes the rumor to her, wherein 24 good things will happen to you and then nothing but bad luck follows. It seems several magical girls have gone missing after drinking the water. Felicia dismisses the rumor as nonsense and turns to walk away. Iroha calls out after her, offering to hire Felicia as a mercenary in order to get her to help them uncover the truth behind the rumor. Felicia agrees, at first asking for 1,000 yen for every witch she defeats before realizing that they'll be fighting rumors and not witches and instead drops the price to 500 yen. As Iroha opens her coin purse, Yachiyo urges her to pay with something besides money. Instead, Iroha offers to treat Felicia to a homemade meal instead as payment for her services. After eating out so much, Felicia is tempted by the thought of home cooking and happily agrees to the terms.

Iroha takes the girls to the abandoned center where she encountered the waitresses offering the bottled water. The creatures are still there, offering the water to any who would drink it. The girls notice that the creatures are neither Witches nor familiars, but before they can come to a decision Felicia runs up ahead and grabs one of the waitresses, shaking her and demanding to know why they gave her that weird drink. Felicia transforms and attempts to smash the rumor with her hammer, but the rumor only laughs and mocks her as it disappears. Yachiyo is upset that Felicia ruined their plan by rushing ahead like that, and scolds her for not thinking of others before acting. She figures the creatures they saw are similar to familiars, and that they must defeat the main body of the rumor in order to cause the phenomenon to disappear. They must hurry and get rid of the main body before their good luck count reaches zero. On the roof of the building, Kyoko eavesdrops on all they're saying, her interest piqued by the conversation about the Lucky Owl Water and rumors.

Outside Kosho Academy, the hooded Rumor creature continues to spread the rumor of the Lucky Owl Water to the students, all of whom are oblivious to its existence. Yachiyo, Tsuruno, Iroha, and Felicia are all watching from around the corner, with Yachiyo holding Felicia back from rushing off again. It seems no one notices the rumor creature unless they are aware of it to begin with. It's possible they themselves hadn't noticed it before they became aware of the nature of rumors. As they make their way under a bridge in pursuit of the rumor spreading creature, the girls find themselves surrounded by girls wearing dark hooded cloaks. Speaking in turns, the Black Feathers warn Yachiyo and her friends to stop interfering with the rumors in exchange for a daily allowance of the lucky water. They need the rumors for their salvation. They promise that Magius is attempting to save all magical girls and eradicate all witches. At the sound of this, Felicia asks them if they really mean to eradicate all witches. The Black Feathers know of Felicia and her burning hatred for witches. They mean to recruit Felicia to their side and promise her she will have her revenge on witches if she does so. Felicia grins, a fire burning in her eyes as she promises to do anything in exchange for her revenge.


Screencap Notes
Episode 6 Symbol Witch 4.png WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BREED
Episode 6 Symbol Witch 14.png FELICIA


  • Nanaka Tokiwa, Meiyui Chun, Akira Shinobu, and Kako Natsume make cameo appearances in this episode.
  • The grief seed that both Kyoko and Felicia are holding are identical. Either they came from the same Witch (a familiar that grew into a Witch), an animation error, or a generic grief seed model was created for use across the series.



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