Folklore of Zero

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The Folklore of Zero (午前0時のフォークロア) (or Folklore of 0) is an clandestine organization in Kamihama City consisting of magical girls from Yukuni City (湯国市 Yukuni-shi). They act as a secret society in Arc 2 of Magia Record, and They claim to believe in the "beginning of the end(終わりの始まり)" and "resignation(諦念)".


The history and exact goals of Folklore of Zero are currently unknown, though they very likely concern a magic pocket watch possessed by member Rabi Himuro. What this watch indicates or counts down to is unknown. They also appear to be related to Nayuta Satomi's father Professor Tasuke Satomi, his research into magical girls, and his disappearance as they seem to not want him to meet other magical girls. It is revealed that Professor Tasuke Satomi felt unwilling to engage in fights over magical girl salvation, and discard his all theories about the magical girl salvation.

Members of Folklore of Zero share a common belief in resignation(a resignation to the inevitable in magical girl's life), and they have shown an unwillingness to engage in fights over magical girl salvation. Members such as Asahi Miura think it's futile, as even if they were to save one from despair, it wouldn't really change anything. The organization is very against the idea of saving magical girls from their fate, so much so that they don't hesitate to hinder those that oppose them by any means necessary - such as leaking misinformation to others or attempting murder towards anyone trying to reveal the existence of magical girls to the general public. not only that, Alexandra Kurusu said to Himena Aika(after her identity known to Himena) that they have "their own different idea for magical girl salvation", when she visit Himena's hometown with her and return to Kamihama city by train.



  • for unknown reason, their Hometown, Yukuni City is a city that Very hostile to Magical girls. according to Rabi and Alexandra, it was a whole lot worse when Rabi and Alexandra lived in Yukuni.