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Translation courtesy of symbv from evageeks forum.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica After-recording Report (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ アフレコレポート)
By Hanokage (作: ハノカゲ), author of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica manga

Episode 11

Part 1

Episode 11: Part 1
Original in Japanese
Original text Translation
某日、都内某所にて まどかマギカアフレコ現場へ 突撃☆取材いたしまた!今回取材させて頂いた回は 第11話「最後に残った道しるべ」です! In a certain day, at a certain place in Tokyo. I went to the recording session for Madoka Magica's after-recording for a sudden reporting trip! The episode which I came to report on this time is episode 11 "The Last Signpost Left!!"
キュウべえ代理。 Kyubey as avatar [symbv:ハノ was written on the paper covering this Kyubey -- it is the first two characters of Hanokage: HANO but it also looks like a face. Quite ingenious idea.]
クライマックス Climax
まどかの イラストが 描いてありました かわいい!!描きおろしでしょうか? There is Madoka illustration on it. Cute!! Is it new illustration?
台本 Scripts
アフレコが始まるまで、早速いただいた台本を読んで作業です Before the after-recording begins,my work was to read the scripts given to me
スタジオはこんなかんじです The studio looks like this
それで見てみま・・・----!?? And then when I start to read.....!??
ほむら・・・・ちゃん!? コマ・・・ホマンドー!? Homura...chan!? Comma....Hommando!?
==== (bottom parts are the sound effects)
隠していたミサイル輸送車が浮く。時間差で戦闘機も浮上 The previously hidden Missile Launcher Vehicles float up. With some time delay, Fighters also float up
203 水滴なめ見上げるほむら 203 Homura, looking up at the water drops at an angle
204 正面で笑ってるワルプルギス 204 In full face Walpurgis laughing
205 ほむらUP 205 Homura - close-up
206 ミサイル輸送車からミサイル発射 206 Missile Launcher Vehicle launches missiles
207 コンビナート群にミサイル打ち込まれたワルプルギスIN


207 In the industrial complex, Walpurgis shot by missiles - zoom in

missles explode, electric wires cut
electric outage in the surrounding areas

fighters sortie one by one
==== ====
脚本段階ではなかった描写が色々追加されていました Many depictions that were not found at the stage of screenplay were added
ミサイル輸送車・・・?戦闘機・・・? Missle Launcher Vehicles....? Fighters....?
・・・と、はしゃいでいる間 新房監督と脚本の虚淵さんが なにやら話しこんでおられる様子・・・ ...while I was in high mood about it. I saw Director Shinbo and Urobuchi-san who wrote the screenplay being deep in conversations on something...
虚淵さん Urobuchi-san
監督 Director
アニメ放送時には 戦闘機がカットされていたので 演出面での話し合いを していたのかなと予想です I guess it was some discussions on matters related to animation as the fighters were to be cut in the anime broadcast


Director Shinbo...!

The Walpurgis Battle...

this is awesome!!
すみませんキュウべえ姿で代理です Sorry, all have Kyubey as avatars

Part 2: Pre-recording

Part 2: Pre-recording
Original in Japanese]
Original text Translation
そしてわくわくしながら 待つことしばらく・・・ 声優さん 集合です!! And after waiting a bit in excitement...seiyuu-san gathered!
知久(まどか父)役 岩永哲哉さん

詢子(まどか母)役 後藤邑子さん
早乙女先生役 岩男潤子さん
市役所広報役 仲村水希さん
ニュースキャスター役 梅津秀行さん
ほむら役 斉藤千和さん
まどか役 悠木碧さん
キュウべえ役 加藤英美里さん

タツヤ(マミ)役 水橋かおりさん
Tomohisa Kaname (Madoka's dad) - Tetsuya Iwanaga-san.

Junko (Madoka's mom) - Yuuko Gotoh-san
Saotome sensei - Junko Iwao-san
Announcement person from the city ward office - Mizuki Nakamura-san
Newscaster - Hideyuki Umetsu-san
Homura - Chiwa Saitoh-san
Madoka - Aoi Yuuki-san
Kyubey - Emiri Katoh-san

Tatsuya (Mami) - Kaori Mizuhashi-san
よ・・よろしく おねがいします! Hello... Nice to meet you!
おねがいします Nice to meet you
メガネほむら並に ガチガチになりつつも ご挨拶させていただきました I was trembling just like eyeglasses Homura while I made my greetings.
カゲ Kage (=Hanokage)


by the way, the seats were arranged like this:


ほかメインである さやかと杏子は9話で 退場してしまったので 喜多村英梨(さやか役) 野中藍さん(杏子役)は 欠席でした。ざんねん! The other main characters Sayaka and Kyoko dropped out in episode 9 so Eri Kitamura (Sayaka) and Ai Nonaka (Kyoko) did not join. Too bad!
いっしょにいてやるよ I will stay with you.
さやかちゃんも 杏子ちゃんも 死んじゃった・・・ Both Sayaka-chan and Kyoko-chan died....
本番前。まずは通しで 最初から読んでいきます。 Before the actual recording, first read from beginning to end the whole script.
ここで読み仮名や 細かいイントネーションなどの 確認をしていました。 Here things like pronunciation or fine difference of intonation were double-checked.
どうけつですか?ほらあなですか? Should it be Douketsu? Or Hora'ana?
洞穴 ほらあなで お願いします! Cave. Please use Hora'ana [for cave]!
千和さん楽しんでました Chiwa-san was having fun.
11話ラストのセリフ(笑) | V まどか☆マサカ!! This is the dialogue used at the end of ep. 11 (lol) Madoka Masaka !! (meaning, Madoka you aren't going to...?)
ごめんねっ Sorry!
僕と契約して 魔法少女になってよ! Make a contract with me and become a mahou shoujo!
みたき・・・はら ですか?ニュースキャスターさん初出なので 「見滝原」の読み方でつまづいて おられました 私も「はら」か「ばら」で よくまちがえます・・・(笑) Is it Mataki...hara ? As the seiyuu for newscaster was new to recording this show, he stumbled on the pronuniciation of 「見滝原」 [symbv: the town where the story of PMMM took place]. I also often mix up if it should be "hara" or "bara" (lol) [symbv: it should be Matakihara]
皆さんリラックスな 雰囲気です。 Everyone is in such a relaxed mood.
そしでいざ本番です! and now it is recording time!

Part 3: Recording

Part 3: Recording
Original in Japanese
Original text Translation
本番! Recording time!
先程の雰囲気とはうって変わって シリアスモードです。 場の空気が一気に変わりました。 The mood just a while ago abruptly changed and became serious. The atmosphere around the studio changed completely at that moment.
すごい オーラでした What an aura....
全体の進行は 音響監督の鶴岡さん 指示のもと、進められていきます。 The overall operation proceeded according to the instructions of Tsuruoka-san, the sound director.
A パート Part A
冒頭。キュウべえとほむらの やりとり。

君が時間を巻き戻してきた理由は ただひとつ、鹿目まどかの安否 同じ理由と目的で何度も 君はいくつの並行世界を 怒涛のセリフ群

11話キュウべえは 重要な説明役なので 加藤さんも苦戦していました セリフ長い・・・!!
At the beginning, the exchanges between Kyubey and Homura

"There is only one reason why you wound back time, the safety of Madoka Kaname. With the same reason you [traveled back] many times through all these parallel worlds"
Raging waves of clusters of dialogues
"And as a result, there is no...the cause [and effect] of the parallel worlds...all into the current time axis...together with the magic power coefficient..."
I want to do it one more time
Kyubey, one more time from 13th cut onwards

In ep. 11, Kyubey has an important expository role. Katoh-san was in a hard fight. Dialogues were long...!!
余談ですが この時初めて ほむら家を見たので びっくりしました。 近未来すぎる! To digress, here I saw Homura's room for the first time and I was shocked. It looks so futuristic!
まどかママと早乙女先生 会話シーン

後藤さん カッコイイです
岩男さん いやされます
なにもできねぇのって キツイな・・・

相変わらず よね、詢子は
The conversation scene between Madoka's mom and Saotome sensei

Gotoh-san, so smart looking
Iwao-san, so healing
"She said there is nothing I could do...It's hard to me..."

"Junko, you haven't changed."
子供達を心配する大人の しんみりしたとても良いシーンです

初期の頃の明るい彼女達を 思い出してせつなくなりました・・・

Adults being pensive as they worried about the kids - a really good scene

When I remember the cheerful girls at the beginning of the show, I got really sad...
Everything I heard their voices, I felt my chest wrung

Madoka & Homura
The confession scene of Homura-chan
熱演!! Impassioned performance!!
まだかとは違う時間を 生きてるんだもの!!
"I have been living at a time different from Madoka !!"

これは生で聴くと はんぱないですやばいです
ガラスの向こうで もだえてました

ブルブル カゲ
The scene where Homura-chan lay bare her feelings

It gave me goosebumps.
Hearing live, it was awesome it was thrilling
I was in agony on the other side of the glass

(throbbing) Kage (=Hanokage)
まどかパパ&タツヤの 会話シーン

やったーー キャンプーーー! にくやくのーーー?

水橋さんのアドリブ 入ってました
Conversation scene between Madoka's dad and Tatsuya

"Today everyone we'll go to camp!"
It was a different tone from the time when she voiced Mami. It was cute!
"Yay---- Camp---!! BBQ---?"

Mizuhashi-san's ad-lib made it into the recording
B パート Part B
まどか、家族との別れ & ほむらの戦い Madoka saying goodbye to her family & Homura's battle
台本にはしっかり 「まどか吐きそう」 との指示が

うう・・・・っ でも・・・でも・・・っ!

このセリフは 脚本ではなかったものです 台本で追加されていました
In the script there is clearly the instruction "Madoka sounds like going to vomit"


This dialogue was not in the screenplay but was added in the script.
まどか かっこいい・・・ Madoka looks so cool....
悠木さんの演技力が ものすごいです・・・

まどかの悲しみや苦悩、そして覚悟がビリビリと 伝わってきました。

Yuuki-san's performance skills were really amazing...

She conveyed Madoka's sadness and anguish and then her final resolution in a way that electrified me
And the scene where she said goodbye to her mom

I shed tears in spite of myself


The scene where Homura fell into despair...

I cried again.
In the second half my eyes were always filled with tears
The power of voice is just too powerful
"All the things that I have done... At the end it was only...!"

My favorite scene.
「最後に残った 道しるべ」

そして最後に (10話で使用する)次回予告のタイトル収録。

"The last signpost left"

And finally the title for the trailer of the next episode (to be used at the end of ep. 10) was recorded.

I am still savoring the lingering taste of the episode....

Part 4: Walpurgis Nacht

Part 4: Walpurgis Nacht
Original in Japanese

Top frame:
After a full session of recording, the sounds of familiars and Walpurgis Nacht used in the fight scenes were also recorded.
The laughing sounds from the female seiyuu were taken.

Middle frame:
Tatsuya~~!!! Mami-sa~~n!!?

  • picture in imagination

And then Walpurgis kidding... Kaori Mizuhashi-san!! [EN: Mami's seiyuu]
In the anime, the voice was modified so I did not notice. I was shocked to know this! Ahahahahahahah....

Bottom Right:
During the break at the middle Yuuki-san and Kato-san came to talk to me! It was a valuable experience. [EN: seiyuu for Madoka and Kyubey]

  • I am not going to talk about this picture (lol)

Kyubey in the anime is still scarier...
They read the manga Madoka which I finished and presented only today. Thank you so much!

Bottom Middle:
QB (with director Shinbo written on it) - Kyubey from anime, cool?
- We'll defeat Walpurgisnacht !!
- They were so cute
- It is the best !
During the break, I felt that the seiyuu and the staff created a gentle mood around the recording studio....

Bottom Left:
- A bit of postscript: I am honored to be able to make use of this reporting of the after-recording session as reference material for the writing of the manga. Thank you so much!!
-(Madoka Magica #3)
- Shrewd advertising

Very bottom:
Finally, my thanks to the seiyuu, production staff, editors!!

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