Kanagi Izumi

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Kanagi Izumi
Kanagi magireco profile.png
Japanese Name (和泉 十七夜) Izumi Kanagi
Voiced by Japanese:Sayaka Senbongi

Kanagi Izumi is a character in the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. She first appeared in Tsukasa Amane's side story.

General Info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Gray
  • Hair colour: White


  • Soul Gem: Gray Oval worn as a feathered monocle over her right eye
  • Weapon: Riding Crop
  • Wish:
  • Witch form: Catacombe
  • School: Daito Academy

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★4 → ★5 100 Attack Attribute light.png
Max at ★4 16990 7691 5859
Max at ★5
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png
Connect: It's not a loan so rest easy
★4: Attack UP [VII] & Ignore Dodge
Magia: Light of Conviction
★4: Damage to Random Enemies [V] (5 times distributed across 5 targets picked with replacement) & Chance to Ignore Dodge (All / 1T) & Chance of Damage Cut (Self / 1T)


Doppel Description

The Doppel of dismantlement. Its form is a soot lion. In contrast to the calm shown by the master of this emotion, her Doppel takes the form of a lion that burns with inexhaustible rage, and bites everything to ribbons. It refuses to forgive even the slightest injustice, and dismantles any unfairness in sight. Its personality is utterly relentless. In particular, simply being a Kamihama resident makes one a target for dismantlement, so its master must be cautious when summoning it to avoid harming her allies. If she continues to use this Doppel, she will gradually become unable to forgive even the most minuscule inequality. Its master finds its power hard to manage, but she half-agrees with the lion.

Side Story

Event Appearances

Other Appearances

Kanagi first appeared in Tsukasa Amane's side story, where she urged her to head to a shrine where she met her "doppelganger", Tsukuyo Amane.


In Chapter 7, Section 10 Yachiyo explains that Kanagi's personal magic let's her read minds. However Kanagi has to transform and be close to do so.


  • The characters of her last name mean "harmony" (和) and "fountain" (泉) respectively.
  • The characters of her first name mean "ten" (十), "seven" (七) and "night" (夜) respectively.


  • Her illustator is Sasagi Koushi
  • The appearance of Kanagi's doppel is based off the Lion Dance, a traditional form of dancing in a costume in Asian countries.
  • The description of Kanagi's doppel is a reference to "Neko no jimusho" ("The Cat Office"), a short story by Kenji Miyazawa. Note that the doppels of Iroha Tamaki, Yachiyo Nanami, Mifuyu Azusa and the witch form of Kuro all reference another of Miyazawa's works.
    • "The Cat Office" is about a cat who works at an office with other cats (as if they were humans). Since the cat gets cold easily he sleeps in the fireplace. This causes him to be covered in soot, and so he is known in the story as the "soot cat". His co-worker cats look down on him for this, and ultimately bully the soot cat in the workplace. In the end of the story a lion, implied to be the boss of the cats, secretly observes the workers and reveals himself. He then declares that the office is shut down. The last line of the story is the narrator saying "I half-agree with the lion."


Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Reconciliation Between the East and West
Chance of Anti-Evade [V] (Self / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Chance of Anti-Evade [VI] (Self / 1 T)
5 turns
Max Limit Break:
4 turns

ワタシたち魔法少女にとって大切なのはグリーフシードです いくら手を結びあったとしても、我慢には限界があります この後も魔女の涸渇が続いていれば争いは酷くなっていたと思います」

Tension between the East and West
Chance of Pursuit [II]
Max Limit Break:
Chance of Pursuit [III]
Passive 「あの頃の神浜は、当時で6年間、戦ってきたワタシにとっても

前代未聞の魔女の少なさでした。いたずらに被害を増やさないように 東西で不可侵の協定を結んではいましたが、この時ばかりは さすがに空気が冷え切っていて嫌な汗をかいたものです…」

An Uncrossable Gulf
Accele MP DOWN [X] & Magia Damage Down [VII] (All / 1T)
Max Limit Break:
Max Limit Break:
Leave it to Nagi-tan
Blast Damage UP [III] & Magia Damage UP [II]
Max Limit Break:
An Important Uniform

Max Limit Break:
Max Limit Break:
**Unique to Kanagi Izumi**
An Eccentric Maid

Max Limit Break:

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