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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Online is a multi-player browser-based freemium game based on Puella Magi Madoka Magica settings. It is open for play, with some regional access restrictions. The game is free to play but Platinum coupons for a slim chance to get premium items and Action Point immediate restoration items are purchasable from the cash shop.

Current Events

  • 11/16: Party cumulative ATK event during the coming 11/28 maintenance. Put on your best ATK gears and stat cards together with your most menacing megucas before the start of the 11/28 maintenance. [Distribution 11/30]
    • Ranking deadline: {DAY} days {HOUR} hours {MINUTE} minutes {SECOND} seconds
    • There is rewards for reaching a certain number of total ATK, and also rewards if you got into the ranking in your server.
    • Reward details: update page
  • 11/15: Party cumulative ATK ranking data will be collected every week on Tuesday 0400JST
    • Data collection: {DAY} days {HOUR} hours {MINUTE} minutes {SECOND} seconds
    • List only with no rewards, unless other event is announced for that week.
  • 11/14: New PvP rewards. See update page for complete list. [Reset 11/28]
    • 1 QB weapon fodder at 1000pts, S-Madoka at 3000pts, skill and weapon QB fodder at 5000pts, R-Madoka (movie edition) at 8000pts, 2 each of weapon and skill fodder card + 3 plats at 10000pts.
      • [Distribution 11/30]
  • 11/14: Coins from Co-op play is doubled [End 11/21]
  • 11/14: A-X special witch boss stage rewards [End 11/21]
    • Chances to get QB weapon fodder card for defeating any of the witches is increased
    • Chances to get QB skill fodder card from treasure boxes on the witch stage
  • 11/12: Login once everyday between 11/12 ~ 11/19 to receive AP potions
    • For each day login : 1 AP potion(max 8 pots for daily login)
    • For every 3 days login: 1 Weapon QB fodder card
    • Ex: 6 days login will net you 6 AP pots and 2 QB fodder card
  • 11/9: The Level 40 R Special Attack Skillcard event has been extended to until the Maintenance of 11/21
  • 11/5: Level up maximum 3 of any of the R meguca special attack cards to level 40.
    • Needs to be different megucas to count. Rewards:
      • Level up 1 card to level 40 -> Lvl 1 SS stat card (Mami with lots of coc.. birds)
      • Level up 2 cards to level 40 -> Lvl 30 SS stat card
      • Level up 3 cards to level 40 -> Lvl 30 SS stat card + Lvl 30 SS Musket
    • [Until 11/21 Maint]

News and Announcements

Scheduled Weekly Maintenance :
{DAY} days {HOUR} hours {MINUTE} minutes {SECOND} seconds

Info on the new Co-op mode added : Co-op Play

For details go here: Madoka Magica Online Events

  • 11/16: Removal of the "Pink rabbit madoka" series, including the SS rabbit madoka, rabbit ear accessories and dress, during the coming 11/21 maintenance.
  • 11/13: 11/14 Maintenance changes information. See the Maintenance changes box below for info.
  • 11/9: Halloween and some other content from Platinum and Purple boxes announced to be removed on the 11/14 Maintenance.
    • Halloween Homunya skillcards and related clothes & accessories.
  • 11/7: Maintenance. See the box below for information.
  • 11/3: (10/10~10/24) PvP point event rewards have been distributed. May godoka bless you all with your plat rollings.
  • 11/2: [pay2win]Roll plat 10 times to get coins and purples, 50 times to get SS homu with a dog stat card.
  • 11/2:Current PvP point ranking points, on 10/31
    • The rewards will be given based on the final accumulated points on 11/14
  • 11/2:Announcement of rewards for PvP ranking 10/24~11/14
    • Crown for 1st and 2nd, Mitakihara school uniform with varying stats for until the 300th. Site.
  • 11/2: [11/7 Maint]Several cards will be removed from the platinum box during the 11/7 maintenance.
    • Halloween coobie, homu and sayaka stat cards, SS-sayaka character, Halloween sayaka hat and outfit.
  • 10/31: Maintenance introduced major changes. See the box below for information.
  • 10/30: Info on event reward distribution;
    • including PvP point event (before reset), legendary bat, etc. -> Sometime in November.
  • 10/26: Addition of brown tickets to the rewards for defeating A-X stage.
  • 10/26:IDs that undergo rollback will receive 25 AP pots, others 2 pots on 10/31.
  • 10/26:Confirmation that the PvP point reset/point count for the current event is extended to 11/14. Good luck!
  • 10/25:Game data rollback had been done to those involved in the free platinum ticket incident
    • IDs that was involved may not be able to login, due the rollback process not yet over. The time when login will be possible will be informed by email at a later date.
    • IDs that were involved;
      • IDs that received the platinum tickets by mistake and claimed them from the gift tab
    • Rollback data to 10/25:
      • Rose:1205hrs
      • Dark:1220hrs
      • Shadow:1215hrs
      • Silver:1220hrs
    • Compensation
      • Everyone: 2 AP pots
      • Involved IDs: 10 AP pots + campaign rewards + any bought cash shop items
    • Change in campaign end dates.
      • PvP point reset (S-homu and kyoubro campaign): 11/7 -> 11/14
      • Co-op daily challenge campaign: 10/28 -> 10/30 (added 2 more days)
      • SS and U weapon rate increase : until 11/7 maintenance
      • A-X campaign: until 11/2
  • 10/24:Chance for getting U and SS weapon cards from Platinum box are doubled.
  • 10/18:Draw an original meguca for a chance for your drawn weapon, dress and accessory to be implemented in game. Go to events for details. link to the entry gallery
  • 10/17: A TV commercial for Madoka Online will air on Tokyo MX today narrated by Aoi Yuuki. An early ad for the game can be found here.
  • 9/27 update: For buyfags who got their Charlotte mini-nendroid, please make sure you empty your accessories slot before entering your serial-number.

Maintenance Changes: 11/14

  • Platinum and purple QB box changes. (No changes for brown)
    • Purple box:
      • Increased chance to get the SS bow and SS Homura skill card
      • New SS purple dress and S attack skill cards
    • Platinum box:
      • Increased chance to get Homura and Madoka related cards.
      • SS Homura cosplaying as alice character, stat, dress and hair ribbon card.
      • U gun "Odile"
  • PvP play changes
    • HP team restore after every battle. This applies to the other NPC too, so you will face a full health team even if they reached the center and battled the other 2 NPCs before you.
      • Damage dealt by bombs and trap tiles will not be restored.
      • For 11/14~11/21 only, it seems.
    • Battle point reset, as scheduled.
    • Battle points to get to C rank is lowered to 120.
    • "Equip" button in the PvP lobby is removed.
  • System changes
    • Friend number increased from 30 to 40
    • The history button will blink when you have unclaimed gifts
    • You can use the AP potion in the item window
    • It will now show which character is equipping any particular item in the item window, rather than only "equipped"
    • The increased parameter of a leveled up card will be shown in blue letters.
    • Improvement of the UI when picking the fodders for leveling up
    • Minor japanese language fix in the character creation window
    • The pop-up when you pick up items and tickets during PvP and quests will have a tick box, that you can use to disable the pop-up from showing up, temporarily(?).

Maintenance Changes: 11/7

  • Meguca level capacity increased from 60 to 70.
  • Increased rates for the required items in Level 40 R Skillcard campaign.
  • Platinum QB Box changes:
    • U cards rates increased to 1.5%
    • Alice in Wonderland-themed content. SS Bunny Madoka character, White Rabbit outfit, Bunny Heart accessory. U "Mami fix Homura's bow" skillcard.
    • Removed some Halloween cards: Kyubey, Homura and Sayaka stat cards, SS-Sayaka character, Halloween Sayaka hat and outfit.
  • A few bug fixes.


Getting Started

The Home/Lobby UI.

There are four worlds (servers): ローズ (Rose), シルバー (Silver), ダーク (Dark), and シャドウ (Shadow). Once you choose one, your account will be locked in to it. For a list of players on each world, see the Meguca Online Spreadsheet, which also contains the Suffering Calculator and Weapon Damage Calculator.



  • If you get an Apache 2/CentOS test page, you may need to use a proxy to bypass IP blocks. Certain blocks only apply to the signup and login areas, so some users have been able to log in with proxies and switch to direct connections after world server selection screen.
  • The game will load a large cinematic the first time you play. This can cause extended loading times in excess of 5 minutes, and you may need to relaunch the game if your connection to the server fails during loading, causing you to become stuck at the loading screen.
  • If the game is freezing when you try to enter pvp or co-op, or when you try to access any feature changed in a recent maintenance, try clearing your browser's cache and restarting the game.
  • If you frequently get the "server can't get status" error while using the QB Box or weapon synthesis, try using a different browser. There has been a case where the error persisted after handling the cache and cookies, but was fixed by switching from Chrome to Firefox. It is speculated that in such cases the error can prevent you from receiving some items, so don't ignore these errors.
  • If the game will not load after re-logging in after your first time, it might be because of your character name. Try creating a new account with a character name using only 'normal' characters (A-Z, Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana with no spaces, underscores or other funny characters). Might be related to the following point.
  • The chat and automessage systems don't allow some common characters such as spaces and periods. You'll get an error message if you try to use them. Some English swearing is also blocked. Note that the double width question mark works, but the normal one doesn't.
    • Allowed: ~`[email protected]#&<>=?
    • Illegal: .$%^*()-,/':"?-- space
    • Also allowed: ´・ω・`:。β★◆●【】※・ー一!)(「」┃○‐


  • In-game mail from other players will be automatically deleted after 10 days.
  • Some presents, such as items found in quests while your inventory was full, will expire after a short time. Make sure to retrieve your presents quickly.
  • Presents from special events are often sent some time after maintenance ends, not immediately after the servers come up. Presents can expire before the time listed in the presents window entry.
  • The game constantly transfers data through and any downloads or uploads to it that exceed 5 seconds will cause you to disconnect. If your bandwidth is being consumed by other applications/users, bandwidth caps have caused your ISP to throttle your connection, or something is interfering with your access to that IP, disconnects can become frequent. When initially entering the game, you must transfer 167.17KB within 5 seconds.
    • Cheat Engine can be used to reduce the game's speed, tricking it into giving you more than 5 seconds to transfer the data. This can reduce the number of disconnects experienced.


  • Some users have found that the game runs better in Chrome than Firefox.
  • Reducing the game's graphics quality can dramatically lower CPU load.
  • If you're getting disconnected frequently, avoid using flash-based sites in other browser tabs or running P2P applications such as bittorrent in the background.
  • High server load can cause issues such as being stuck at a loading screen or getting stuck with a grayed out screen while trying to load a menu.


  • If you get the error pictured below while trying to open a Kyubey BOX, your inventory is full. You can have at most 50 of each type of card (weapons, clothes, accessories, skills). Sell some to make room, and then open the history screen from the lobby (icon: papers with quill pen). Go to the packages tab and collect the card that was withheld due to the inventory being full. After clearing your inventory and packages, Kyubey BOXes should work again.

Teaser site

See also Madoka Secret Project

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