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File:Dreaming sakura kamihama map.jpg
File:Dreaming sakura kamihama map.jpg
Touka and Iroha have a little trouble zooming in on the map with their phones since they’re not as technologically inclined as Touka is, but otherwise they’re all set for the venture. Iroha asks where they should start since seeing all of these locations will take at least a day or two. Nemu suggests they check out the croquettes first but Ui had wanted to save that for last since it’s special to her. Touka tells her they have to treasure every moment they get, whether they’re sick in the hospital or Magical Girls so they should check out what they want while they still can. Ui relents and agrees to check out the croquettes first. Iroha asks Sakurako if there’s anything she wants to see but Sakurako replies she is merely an impartial observer.
Nemu and Iroha have a little trouble zooming in on the map with their phones since they’re not as technologically inclined as Touka is, but otherwise they’re all set for the venture. Iroha asks where they should start since seeing all of these locations will take at least a day or two. Nemu suggests they check out the croquettes first but Ui had wanted to save that for last since it’s special to her. Touka tells her they have to treasure every moment they get, whether they’re sick in the hospital or Magical Girls so they should check out what they want while they still can. Ui relents and agrees to check out the croquettes first. Iroha asks Sakurako if there’s anything she wants to see but Sakurako replies she is merely an impartial observer.
===Episode Two===
===Episode Two===

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Part One

Episode One

After the events of Last Magia, the Eternal Sakura had completed her duties as an Uwasa when the flowers of her tree came to a full bloom. Her Rumor was then rewritten and she was connected to Touka’s server, reborn as an Uwasa with ample knowledge.

Nemu Hiiragi and Sakurako are walking waiting at a train station together along with others. They overhear several girls whispering about them, recognizing Nemu as one of the Magius and questioning her lack of punishment since she can just go about so freely. Nemu can’t blame them since she would be curious about what happened to her too if she were just a common Feather. Sakurako says the outcome hasn’t been determined yet, but as far as Nemu is concerned it has, which is why she’s going to do her best to have a great time today and have a day to remember. Nearby, Ui Tamaki is arguing with her sister Iroha Tamaki. Ui wants to go see the “Stardust Time Viewer” but Iroha feels it would be too dangerous. Touka Satomi is getting frustrated with all the people crowding her and she rudely pushes past them. Ui greets Nemu as they get off the train. Nemu returns the greeting and both her and Sakurako note how irritated, tired, and disheveled Touka looks. Touka gets defensive with Nemu and tells her that she doesn’t take trains very often since she would normally rely on the help to get here. She then asks for praise since she managed to get there all on her own.

The three of them are united once more and each of them feels like it is a dream. Sakurako is happy to see them together since the three of them will finally be able to tour the Kamihama they dreamed so much about. She considers it a miracle and asks the three of them to take this chance today to reignite their drive to move forward. Touka giggles and decides now is the best time to use this and sends Ui an image to her phone. Ui opens it up to find it’s the map they had made back when they were in the hospital.

Nemu and Iroha have a little trouble zooming in on the map with their phones since they’re not as technologically inclined as Touka is, but otherwise they’re all set for the venture. Iroha asks where they should start since seeing all of these locations will take at least a day or two. Nemu suggests they check out the croquettes first but Ui had wanted to save that for last since it’s special to her. Touka tells her they have to treasure every moment they get, whether they’re sick in the hospital or Magical Girls so they should check out what they want while they still can. Ui relents and agrees to check out the croquettes first. Iroha asks Sakurako if there’s anything she wants to see but Sakurako replies she is merely an impartial observer.

Episode Two

The group arrives at the mall and they’re astounded at seeing so many shops in one place. Nemu says she was so busy with liberation she never got a chance to go, but she’s interrupted by Touka who spies a shop with clothes she likes. Touka takes off on her own to go clothes shopping while Ui and Nemu hurry to catch up. As Iroha and Sakurako keep up with them, Sakurako asks Iroha what “croquettes” are. Iroha describes them, but Sakurako knows what they are since they’re in her database. She wants to know what is it about them that the girls are deadest on going to get some. Iroha recalls when one of the hospital workers had given Nemu a photo of the shopping mall they had talked about. According to the woman, the croquettes they sell at the mall were heavenly. It was one of the places they wanted to go to before they started writing their stories. Ui had really wanted to go one day so that’s why it was a special place to her. Sakurako understands now and makes a note of it.

The three girls order some croquettes and chomp down on them. They’re blown away by the texture and flavor. Iroha suggests they try dipping them in sauce and Ui can’t believe how delicious it all is. The three girls trade plates so they can all taste the different croquettes they all ordered. Both Iroha and Sakurako are thankful they can watch the three girls enjoying themselves.

Now that they’re done eating, Ui asks where they should go next. Nemu had wanted to go to the historiography room at the Central Library, but it’s in a restricted area in Chuo Ward. Instead, she suggests they take a rickshaw to Mizuna Ward. Ui looks a little dismayed since she had wanted to save the best things for last.

Episode Three

The girls get dropped off at Mizuna shrine and thank the rickshaw runner. They were surprised at his stamina since he was talking the whole time he ran. Nemu liked hearing the old stories from this neighborhood, like the one from Mizuna Shrine about the lovers from different castes. Iroha says that takes her back and explains she heard the story when she was first looking for Ui. Sakurako says she heard about that from the Commoner’s Horse. Nemu looks at her in astonishment since she didn’t know that Rumors can communicate with each other. Sakurako explains they are all citizens of the same book and can talk to each other inside of the book even if they lose their Uwasa forms. Iroha asks if they can stop by the shrine real quick so they can say their prayers since they’re already here.

The group goes to the shrine and there they bump into Tsukuyo Amane and Tsukasa Amane. The twins are startled when Iroha says hi to them and they explain they often meet up at Mizuna shrine. Touka and Nemu look at them sadly, not saying anything so the twins awkwardly say their goodbyes and hurry off. Ui wonders if they’re bothered by what happened before, but since nothing has been decided yet they all don’t know what will happen in the future. The group decides to go in and buy a plague each so they can offer their prayers, but the majority of them hesitate when they notice each plaque costs 800 yen. Touka thinks 800 yen is nothing so Nemu tells her not to chime in like that since she should be aware of how wealthy she is. Even Sakurako tells Touka she shouldn’t talk about how wealthy she is when they’re out and about. Iroha thinks they should just give up on the plagues for now until a shrine attend offers a solution. She suggests they write their prayers on the back of their shrine fortune and hold onto it for a year. Then they should burn it in a bonfire after the new year so that their wish will reach the heavens.

She offers the girls a pen so they all decide to write down their wishes. Touka doesn’t know what to wish for so she asks Iroha what she wrote down. Iroha had written her wish for all Magical Girls to get along with each other. Iroha asks what Sakurako would like to wish for, but Sakurako replies she is a Rumor and is just happy being able to watch over them.

Episode Four

The group finishes writing up their prayers and they ask one another where they should go next. Touka wants to go to Hokuyo Ward to check out the lookout point one of the hospital staff told her about. According to the staff member, the light from the city doesn’t reach up there so you can see the stars clearly at night. Ui begins to pout and tells Touka she doesn’t want to go because she doesn’t want to rush through all the best stuff first. Touka and Nemu can understand where Ui is coming from but both of them feel they should go while they still can. Ui apologizes for being stubborn and explains how she’s been feeling really nervous. Touka suggests again that they go to the lookout point but Ui stubbornly says no and suggests they go to the historiography room Nemu had suggested earlier. Nemu reminds Ui that the library is still closed. Ui says they should go there if they’re going to go to the lookout point and Touka asks her why. Ui doesn’t give a reason other than just saying, “because”.

Sakurako looks at Ui for a moment before agreeing with Ui. According to her, the four of them wished to visit all the places they ever heard of since it was a dream that was never likely to come true. She believes this tour will give them the hope they need for the future. If they’re looking to the future, then they must also face reality. Touka looks down sadly and replies that Sakurako learned many odd things from that server.

Episode Five

The group heads to Central Ward but the area is still heavily damaged from their fight with Walpurgisnacht and Eve. Nemu doubts the library will be open. Iroha looks around and comments on how all of the destructions reminds her of that day. Nemu and Touka agree, knowing they were the ones who caused all of the destruction around them and both of them remembering how they acted when they had lost their memories. Sakurako knows they erased their own memories along with everyone else’s, but as long as their alive she believes they still have the opportunity for atonement. Touka isn’t so sure their atonement will be accepted. Sakurako believes it was good for them to see the consequences of their actions and Iroha asks Ui if that was her purpose when she suggested they go here. Ui says that wasn’t her intentions at all since she really wanted to use the Stardust Time Viewer if they could.

Ui says that Iroha was against their coming here since the story is in the restricted area so she used the library as an excuse to get them to come here so it wouldn’t be an issue anymore. Nemu asks Ui why she cares so much about the Stardust Time Viewer. Ui says she wanted to use it to motivate them, to see the future and draw strength from it. Since they wrote out their wishes at the shrine, Ui wanted to take the written futures they have so they can be shown to them. Iroha is impressed with how much Ui has grown. Ui says it’s because she spent so much time in that Half-Witch that she had to toughen up but Iroha isn’t so sure that makes sense. Nemu tells UI to give up on viewing the future since all of the Uwasa except for the Eternal Sakura were erased and can’t be recovered. Iroha says they shouldn’t try to push Nemu to do anything difficult but Sakurako informs them Nemu can manifest the Uwasa again. They all look at Sakurako in astonishment, but Sakurako explains the difference. If Nemu were to make them alive again the way Sakurako is then they would consume all of her magic, but if she manifested them only for a short time the way she did in her battle against Alina she could limit how much magic she consumes. Iroha asks if Nemu can really do that. Sakurako pauses for a moment before confirming that all of the Uwasa say it’s possible. Touka and Ui ask Nemu to do it but Iroha wonders if there isn’t some hidden danger they aren’t aware of. Nemu thinks for a moment before confirming she believes she can do it.

Episode Six

Nemu summons the Rumor of the Stardust Time Viewer once more. The Rumor spreading creature appears and recites the rumor of the Stardust Time Viewer. Nemu urges Ui to hurry since the Rumor won’t last very long. Ui thanks Nemu before taking a deep breath and asking the Rumor to show them their future. Light flashes and the five of them are transported to a space that is filled with stars like outer space. Ui hopes the Rumor will show them a bright future since they’re all together and touring Kamihama like they always dreamed. Sakurako wonders why she’s here as well and Nemu explains she brought her along to minimize the amount of magic she has to use. Since Sakurako is a Rumor as well, she can act as an interpreter for the Stardust Time Viewer since it can’t speak. Sakurako informs the others that the Stardust Time Viewer can show them Iroha’s future. Iroha says she’s ready and Sakurako asks her what future it was she wished for. Iroha had wished for a future where all Magical Girls get along.

As Iroha finishes speaking, the group is shown a vision of Yachiyo Nanami congratulating Iroha. It took a long time but they were able to expand the Doppel system across the world so no one will suffer anymore. Tsuruno Yui tells them to hurry since the celebration is about to start. Felicia Mitsuki is excited to eat all the fancy food that will be available since it’s fancier than Yachiyo’s cooking. Yachiyo pretends to be insulted while Sana Futaba is overjoyed at what they’ve all managed to accomplish. Kyubey appears and asks Iroha if it’s ok that he was invited to this celebration as well. Iroha tells him it’s more than ok since they can finally work together to protect the universe. Kyubey believes that building and maintaining a good rapport with all of the girls is important and states he’s glad to be working with Iroha. The vision ends and Iroha is determined to try her best to achieve this idealistic ending where no one has to be sacrificed to achieve it.

Episode Seven

Iroha feels a little embarrassed at her wish, but Sakurako doesn’t see why she should be. She had wished for a future full of joy where no one is left out from finding happiness. Ui says she’s the one who should feel embarrassed since all she wished for was a future where the four of them get along. Touka says she’s no better either since she only wished for a future where she learns everything about the universe and saves humanity. Nemu looks down as she admits that her selfish wish was for a future where she’s renowned across the world. Iroha doesn’t believe there’s anything wrong with what the other girls wished for since she believes it would be wonderful if all of them came true. Sakurako agrees with Iroha, since she believes being alive is a gift in and of itself. Sakurako asks if they’d like to view Touka’s wish next, but Touka doesn’t want to since she considers it too embarrassing compared to Iroha’s wish. Nemu doesn’t want to see hers either since she knows they have a problem of being too self-absorbed.

Sakurako turns to Ui and asks if she would like to see the future she wished for and Ui gives a strong yes. Sakurako closes her eyes and asks the Stardust Time Viewer about Ui’s wish, but the S.T.V. says it has nothing to show. Ui had the feeling that it would be like that and asks Sakurako if it’s true they can’t see Touka and Nemu’s futures. Sakurako consults with the S.T.V. and relays the message there’s nothing there. Iroha asks if there’s no future because they can’t get along but Ui points out that Touka and Nemu weren’t in the future that Iroha had wished for. Touka and Nemu look away as Ui states what their plan was all along: Touka and Nemu are planning on dying. Ui knew it was odd that they had wanted to visit all the best places first because it was like they were in a huge rush to die. Iroha asks the two girls if this is true.

Episode Eight

The star-filled void fades and the group is back in the rubble of Central Ward. Iroha asks them once more if what Ui said was correct but neither Touka nor Nemu respond. Sakurako looks at them angrily and says she knew it all along. Iroha ask them why and Touka replies by pointing at the destruction around them. Both Touka and Nemu blame themselves for the tragedy around them, calling them scars left by them when they were consumed by their own selfish desires. Touka points out how they had tried to kill Iroha using the Feathers who looked up to them and even tried to kill Mifuyu Azusa, who only survived due to a miracle. Nemu points out how they involved the general public and injured a multitude of people and cost hundreds of others their jobs and livelihood. No matter how you look at it, they’ve committed a list of crimes a mile long. Iroha claims they’re being too extreme and Ui states how nothing has been decided yet. Sakurako says she’s studied the flow of a “trial” through her programming and would tell Nemu that a conclusion hasn’t been reached yet, but everytime she does Nemu just tells her that their minds are made up regardless of the ruling they’ll receive.

Touka says if they keep on living then who knows what they’ll attempt next. She considers herself to be special and, although she regrets the outcome of what happened, her original goals haven’t changed. She asks Iroha if she doesn’t think that could be dangerous. Iroha tells her that’s not for her to decide since the Eternal Sakura has taken on the role of judge. They’ve presented the list of crimes they are to be tried for, but there are still people’s opinions and other things that could change the outcome. Ui agrees and tells them not to give up just yet. Touka replies that it’s not a matter of giving up, but the more she looks at things objectively the more she believes she should die. Nemu agrees, since they believe that the longer they’re protected, the longer everyone’s anguish will continue. She believes they need to atone for what they did and both of them believe they should die for it. Ui reminds them the Eternal Sakura will be the one to decide the ruling, but Nemu points out that a Rumor can’t rebel against its own rules. Since the Eternal Sakura is impartial, Nemu believes she will kill them tonight after the next trial. Nemu doesn’t believe they can be forgiven otherwise.

Episode Nine

When the Eternal Sakura had completed her duties as a Rumor when her flowers fully bloomed, her Rumor was rewritten and she was connected to Touka’s server to be reborn as a Rumor with ample knowledge. She was given only one duty, to judge those who created her. The trial was set to begin once the Magical Girls had gathered to hear the Magius explain all that had happened.

In a flashback, Yachiyo looks at her phone and sighs. Felicia asks if she’s playing a game but Yachiyo tells her she just has a lot on her mind. Iroha asks if Yachiyo got the same message as well since she and Sana were just talking about it. Both Tsuruno and Felicia don’t know what they’re talking about and beg to be told. Yachiyo tells them it’s serious and that they’ve been asked what should be done about the Wings of Magius since they still have the ringleaders. There are six people being implicated: Touka, Nemu, Mifuyu, Mitama Yakumo, Tsukuyo, and Tsukasa. As of now Aliona Gray is still missing. Felicia asks why they just can’t decide on something and get it over with, but Tsuruno tells her that judgments should be made so flippantly. Even if they wanted to, Tsuruno doesn’t believe they could make an impartial decision since Iroha and Ui are their friends so they would want to save all six of them and not everyone would agree with that kind of decision. Felicia says they should just talk it over with everyone instead but Iroha points out that not everyone will take this judgment seriously. She’s worried that only the people who would want to punish them would show up to a meeting. Iroha wishes they had more time to hear everyone’s opinion on the matter.

Sakurako pops up and tells Iroha she could be of help. Iroha is surprised to find Ui, Touka, and Nemu are there. Touka apologizes for barging in the way they did while Ui explains they were late coming over since they were chatting on the way and lost track of time. Nemu explains they were discussing the same thing as them and proposes they hold a trial. Since Nemu has rewritten the Eternal Sakura’s Rumor and she’s now connected to Touka’s server, she has a general knowledge about everything. Nemu can rewrite her Rumor a little further to have her act as an impartial judge. Since Rumors can’t go against their content, she’ll be able to judge with any kind of bias.

Iroha has a feeling that something’s not right but she can’t put her finger on it. Felicia asks if they can’t just rewrite her Rumor so they win and get off scot-free since they’re the ones rewriting her Rumor to begin with. Tsuruno calls that good thinking, surprising Felicia. Iroha says the whole proceeding should be acceptable to the others and suggests they have more than one trial. Yachiyo thinks that’s a good idea and proposes they change the steps a bit while staying true to the original idea.

During the first trial, the Eternal Sakura will learn all the laws, then analyze the crimes of the defendants and calculate what actions they can take to mitigate them. She’ll produce a verdict based on that, then for the second trial she’ll send out surveys to all the Magical Girls. In the survey, she’ll explain her findings from the first trial and ask their opinion to help inform her second verdict. If they don’t’ get enough responses, they’ll conclude that interest is lacking and follow through with the first verdict. Finally, in the third trial she’ll send out a second verdict. If more than half the replies are not in favor, three representatives will make a final verdict. There are different disciplinary actions they’ll have as options. The maximum penalty is destruction of the Soul Gem. They can also opt to revoke their powers by adjusting their rings to break if they are used or, depending on the severity of the crimes, adjust the rings to cause pain if they’re used. The last option is monitoring them, which is equal to a suspended sentence. Not only will Sakurako be the judge, she will also be the one to deliver the punishment. This is the way the trials were planned out and all the Magical Girls were notified.

Ui thinks the punishments are dangerous but Touka says it’s ok since they accepted the terms. Yachiyo believes they wanted to show how seriously they were taking things and told them not to worry since they’re young but things weren’t that simple.

Episode Ten

Tsukuyo, Tsukasa, Mitama, Mifuyu, Touka, and Nemu all stand waiting in the barrier of the Eternal Sakura. Sakurako calls Touka to come forward and gives her verdict: the maximum penalty. Yachiyo and Iroha are surprised to hear this and Tsuruno reminds them they could have written this part however they wanted and wonders why they didn’t just force her to make the verdict not guilty. Even Felicia is surprised at the verdict. Kanagi isn’t sure what steps they’ve taken so far, but she believes this means they’ve been truthful about their actions. Sakurako calls Nemu forward next and gives her her verdict: the maximum penalty. Sana and Ui can’t understand how it could have come to this since they believed they were doing this just for show. Even the Eternal Sakura had thought the trial would be just to placate everyone, but “maximum penalty” were the words she uttered. The purpose of her existence was to protect Iroha, Ui, Touka, and Nemu but now she’s been appointed another duty, and in order to fulfill that duty she is now in the process of killing two of them.

Part Two

Episode Eleven

After Touka and Nemu were sentenced, the others were given their judgments based on the crimes they committed, and any actions that may lessen their punishment. Mifuyu’s verdict was to have her powers revoked, which means she would die if she ever tried to transform again. Felicia doesn’t think that should be her verdict since she saved her, but Yachiyo admits Mifuyu’s verdict is more appropriate compared to Touka and Nemu’s punishments. Yachiyo had believed Touka and Nemu would try to game the system by lessening their punishments, but instead they did the complete opposite. Sakurako explains that Mifuyu is guilty of using the position she cultivated to manipulate vulnerable Magical Girls into carrying out deplorable acts of evil. She used her influence to expand and maintain the Wings of Magius, so normally she would have been assigned the maximum penalty. But because there is testimony that she resisted orders and helped destroy Fendt Hope, her sentence was reduced.

Mitama is the next to be called forward and her verdict is to have her powers revoked on condition. Kanagi is relieved to hear Mitama didn’t get the maximum penalty, although she wouldn’t have been surprised if Mitama had gotten the same verdict as Touka and Nemu since she was supplying them with Grief Seeds despite fully knowing the Magius’ objectives. Sana believes the sentences are very heavy even if they’ve been lightened in some instances. Tsuruno doesn’t know what the criteria is but even she can tell the sentences seem really serious and wonders if they’re leaving it up to the Magical Girls in the second trial. Sakurako informs Mitama that she is guilty of misrepresenting her position as neutral when she was helping the Magius all along, fully aware of their goals and aiding in Eve’s growth. Her serious crime of trafficking Grief Seeds collected from Magical Girls was the primary cause of Kamihama’s destruction. Normally she would have been assigned the maximum penalty, but she helped save some of the Magical Girls and was integral to Ui’s rescue. So her crime has been lightened. Mitama will only be allowed to transform to perform her job as Coordinator. Sakurako cannot guarantee her safety if she transforms for other purposes.

Sakurako calls forward the Amane sisters and sentences them to have their powers restricted. Tsuruno wonders if they got off easier since the White Feathers didn’t know a lot. Yachiyo points out they were members since the group was formed, so it’s still a heavy sentence. She supposed it has to be this way since the other Feathers can’t be blamed. Sana is more upset that Alina isn’t there since she was the one who tried to destroy everything. But there’s nothing they can do if she can’t be found. Sakurako finds them guilty of being in charge of the Black Feathers and being founded members of the group. They also raised Witches, trafficked Grief Seeds, and defended Rumors. But neither of them were aware of many important details and can’t be judged for all the crimes. Since they helped lead the Feathers when Kamihama was in a state of panic, they were given lighter sentences. They weren’t given the lighter sentence of monitoring as a caution so that they really think carefully about what they’ve done.

With the first trial ended, both Touka and Nemu thank everyone for their participation. Touka whines about how long and stuffy trials are, but Nemu reminds them the second trial will involve looking at the surveys so it’ll definitely take a long time. Ui can’t believe how calm they are, especially after Sakurako sentenced them to death. Sakurako apologizes but Ui says it’s not her fault since she can’t help doing her job. Mifuyu tells her to calm down and reminds them they were only receiving rulings based on the evidence. Iroha telsl her not to worry too much since she believes Touka and Nemu are just as worried as she is. If anything, she believes that what they’ve done is commendable since they adjusted the Eternal Sakura themselves to find a ruling that would be acceptable to everyone. Mitama believes she received a fair and thorough ruling and the Amane sisters agree with her. Just because they weren’t aware of everything doesn’t mean they didn’t still use Witches to try to reach their goals.

Kanagi thinks there is one thing they can dispute and Yachiyo agrees with her: the judgments aren’t taking into account how old they are. Neither of them believes those kinds of ruling should be given to young girls their age. Kanagi stares at Touka and asks if she doesn’t agree with them but Touka doesn’t respond.

Episode Twelve

Yachiyo had believed the two of them would be safe even though the maximum penalty was mentioned since their young age gives them an advantage. She asks them if they had planned from the start to have the other Magical Girls decide their fate. Touka smiles and says they didn’t think their ages mattered very much so they didn’t add them in. Nemu smiles also and says they didn’t expect the judgments would turn out this way. Iroha tells them not to shrug something like this off. While it’s admirable they’re staying accountable for their crimes, they should realize they’re being told to die and should take this seriously since the Eternal Sakura will be forced to go through with the punishment. Touka smiles again and assures Iroha she’ll enter their ages for the next trial. Yachiyo had suggested the multiple trials so no one could use it to their advantage, so she never thought they would be using the extra trials for their own advantage instead.

Even after the first trial the Eternal Sakura felt strange about the fact that she was trying to kill them because she’s supposed to be protecting them. Part of her was still clinging to the second trial for hope even if she couldn’t say anything that struck at the heart of the matter. In the end, despite ensuring the trials were fair, both Touka and Nemu had already drawn their conclusions. This is why she was never given the “new data” they discussed before the second trial.

The flashback ends as Sakurako finishes her explanation. Ui gets so angry with them that she calls them stupid and slaps Touka and Nemu across the face. She tells them they’re really going to die and the only way to save them now is by eliminating the Eternal Sakura. Neither of the girls respond and Ui yells at them to say something. She asks them to think about how she feels since they’re her very best friends. Nemu tells her they know, but they still believe they shouldn’t be allowed to live in this world which is why they wanted to do what they could while they still had the time. They tell Ui that they explained everything to Sakurako and how they did it all for her. Ui can’t understand what they mean by that and Iroha tells Ui to calm down. She reminds them they still have the surveys.

Episode Thirteen

The six girls on trial meet up once more in the barrier of the Eternal Sakura to commence the second trial where their judgments will be modified based on surveys distributed to all the Magical Girls. The trial will be broken into three parts, with Touka and Nemu going up first. Sakurako asks that anyone who has evidence or a statement to help the defendants should submit them. Ui asks if the surveys have arrived yet but it seems like none of them have made it. Felicia wonders if someone was attacked by a Witch on their way there, but Tsuruno tells her they were being collected in groups from the east, west, south, and center of the city so it can’t be that the surveys were delayed. Kanagi thinks that’s too unusual and wonders if someone isn’t interfering.

Since no material has been submitted, Sakurako states they shall reflect on the previous trial results. Sakurako turns to Touka and lists the crimes of which she is accused: she planned the events that brought them here, summoned Witches to Kamihama City, used technology to disturb the peace, tricked the Feathers and made them mad, and knowingly planned for casualties. She asks if Touka disagrees with any of the charges but Touka says that’s exactly right. Sakurako then turns to Nemu and lists her crimes: creating Uwasa involving civilians, supported the summoning of Witches, attempted to cause wide-scale harm, manipulated her followers with Uwasa, and knowingly planned for casualties. Nemu also doesn’t disagree with the crimes listed. Mifuyu tries to interject but Sakurako won’t allow a defendant to speak unless they’ve been called upon.

Yachiyo says they can’t wait any longer so Iroha goes to try to stop Sakurako. She asks Sakurako if they can wait until tomorrow to collect the surveys since none of them have arrived yet, but Sakurako tells her they can’t adjourn since the trial has already begun. However, the Sakurako is willing to wait up to an hour.

Episode Fourteen

Felicia thinks it’s crazy that too girls younger than her are going to die and suggest they go get the surveys themselves. Sana proposes they split up so they can make it back within the hour. Tsuruno suggest they contact the girls who were supposed to bring them in the first place, namely Himika and Riko in the east, Momoko’s gang in the west, and Hinano for the south and downtown. Mitama offers to go with them until both Kanagi and Sakurako remind her she is still on trial so she needs to remain there. Yachiyo offers to go with them while Kanagi offers to contact Himika as well. Yachiyo turns to Iroha and tells her to stay here with Ui in case it comes to the worst so she can stall for as long as she can. Iroha agrees since she can’t accept any of this without hearing everyone else’s opinions first. Sakurako agrees to wait for as long as she’s able to restrain herself.

Touka has an annoyed look on her face at all of this. Mifuyu goes up to her and asks Touka and Nemu if they didn’t arrange it so the surveys wouldn’t arrive in time which causes everyone to jump in shock, and causing Touka’s eyes to widen. Tsukuyo wonders why they would shoot themselves in the foot like that and Iroha agrees it’s not far-fetched considering how the first trial went. Mifuyu prompts them for an answer and Nemu instead asks her if she can prove it. Mifuyu points out how they act out over certain things but are very reserved when it comes to others. With how long Mifuyu was in the Wings of Magius, she can tell when they’re hiding something. Ui asks if she isn’t right and asks them if they didn’t mention their ages on purpose as well. Nemu sighs and Touka admits they can’t hide anything from Mifuyu and Ui. Nemu finally admits they intentionally altered the date of the second trial on the surveys while Touka admits the trial was rigged from the start. Mifuyu asks them why they bothered with a trial and cared so much about being convicted if they could have just killed themselves without going through all this trouble.

Touka believes they are probably more to blame than they realize and that they would be cowards if they just disappeared which is why they made it so they would be held accountable for their crimes. They wanted salvation from their judgment, in other words, they wanted someone to say they were guilty of their crimes that badly. Nemu and Touka both agree it had to be this way or they wouldn’t feel right about it. Iroha tells Sakurako that the trial isn’t fair at all since it’s been tampered with, but Sakurako replies that opinion is based on hindsight. Ui tells her that they’re really smart and it would be bad for them if they didn’t have them around, but Sakurako can’t accept statements from people who are close to them, which is the point of having the surveys.

Episode Fifteen

Touka begs Ui to let her explain but Ui is angry and tells them she’s had enough. Ui cared so much about them and thought they cared about her too, which is why she thought they had protected and raised her. But now she sees that she was wrong and that all they care about is abandoning her to make themselves feel better. Touka says that’s not true so Ui asks her why she’s being left behind and why they never even talked to her about this. Touka yells about how they’ll just cause problems for Ui if she’s with them. When Walpurgisnacht was defeated, Touka was relieved but everytime she looks back at it she knows that there are a lot of people who hate them because of what happened. Nemu tells Ui that the reality is they commited crimes and many people hate them, much less trusts them. The thing they both fear most is that people’s hatred of them would get turned on Ui, and then Ui would get hurt in the process. That’s why they rigged it so the surveys would never arrive in time. The only way they can see of quelling everyone’s anger is to be judged and sentenced to death.

Iroha tells them they shouldn’t have to choose death right away without waiting to hear everyone’s opinions but Touka says the surveys don’t matter since everyone is avoiding her anyways. She points to the Amane sisters, remind Iroha of how they ran away when they saw them at the shrine as an example of how everyone is uncomfortable around her and how everyone wishes she wasn’t around anymore. Tsukuyo and Tsukasa are taken aback by this and said they just didn’t know what to say to them since the sentences they had received were incredibly harsh. Mifuyu tells them they’ve got it all wrong and asks Touka how old she thinks she is anyways. Touka stutters and Mifuyu reminds her she’s much older than them and set in her ways. But she knows they’re much younger than she is and are still able to chance for the better. Although she wasn’t able to convince them in the past, she believes it is the responsibility of older Magical Girls to guide them to change so there’s no need for them to die. Mitama agrees with Mifuyu and asks if they can’t adjust the Rumor once more. Nemu isn’t sure how that would work since Sakurako is still acting as a judge, but both of them are glad they have friends like them even if they still have made up their minds.

Iroha asks them not to give up hope just yet since they have people going out there to collect the surveys and bring them in. She simply asks that they don’t decide the verdict before seeing the survey results. She turns to Sakurako and says “please…”, but Sakurako has already transformed, telling her it’s too late. Ui tells Touka and Nemu that dying isn’t the answer. Iroha and so many others were saved thanks to them and even now Magical Girls are having their Soul Gems’ impurities cleansed thanks to them. They’re all alive now because of them. Ui tells Iroha she’s willing to fight alongside her if the Eternal Sakura tries to kill them. She’s willing to protect her friends until the very end. Iroha and Ui transform, determined to protect them until the surveys arrive.

Episode Sixteen

The hour has ended and Sakurako can no longer hold herself back. She tells Touka and Nemu it is now time for their punishment. She moves in quickly but Iroha and Ui move in to stop her. Sakurako tries to knock them away, telling them to move but neither Iroha nor Ui budge. Iroha notices Touka and Nemu are just waiting there so she yells at them to run. Sakurako swipes at them once more while Iroha begs her to wait just a little longer. Her behavior reminds her of the time she fought the Anonymous A.I.. Sakurako continues to struggle against the two girls so Mifuyu transforms and prepares to help Iroha out. Mitama also transforms and is prepared to defend them despite being a defendant herself. Iroha warns them to stay back lest they make their ruling even harsher.

Iroha calls out to Ui, telling her to get Touka and Nemu out of there while she tries to hold Sakurako back. Ui urges them to go but Touka and Nemu have made up their minds. They tell Ui not to worry about them anymore and go live a life of peace. But Ui doesn’t want to be alone and she wants to stay with the two of them since they’ve gone through everything together. Besides, she can tell they’re lying because they both became Magius for their own goals. She knows Touka wants to learn about the universe and that Nemu wants the world to be her manuscript. People with big dreams like that would never want to die. She demands they live so they can make their dreams come true. Both Touka and Nemu’s eyes widen with astonishment as they realize the truth behind Ui’s words. Touka breaks down and begins to cry, saying she wants to live as well if she knows that Ui will be safe. The despair is too much for her and Touka’s Doppel comes out.

Episode Seventeen

Iroha tries to reason with Sakurako, reminding her she exists to protect the four of them, but Sakurako only responds that she now exists to kill them. Iroha points out how that’s a contradiction, which is why Sakurako believes that she herself will also die if she kills one of them since she will have gone against her Rumor. Iroha asks if she’s ok with that, but Sakurako says that is her role as a Rumor. Sakurako knocks Iroha down, telling Ui to get out of her way as Iroha lies gasping in pain. She warns Ui once more to move or else she’ll have to adhere to her data and judge her too. Ui says she doesn’t care if she does and both Mifuyu and Mitama jump in to defend Ui. Sakurako strikes at them but both of them insist they aren’t trying to fight her, just stop her from hurting Ui. Ui begs her once more to stop but Sakurako insists she will destroy them if they stand in her way. Nemu says she’ll have to stand up for herself and resist as well, apologizing to everyone for never doing anything productive.

Iroha stands up, sad to think they were just exploring their map of Kamihama the other day the way they’d always dreamed. She remembered how Touka had taken a picture of the map and gets an idea. She tells Mifuyu and Mitama to ask the others to send them pictures of the surveys. Mitama says they can’t since they’re busy trying to hold Sakurako back. The Amane sisters attack Sakurako with their flutes and offer to hold her back for them, even if it means their sentences will get heavier. Seeing how much the others are willing to go for her, Nemu questions if they deserve to be protected to this extent. Iroha says she’ll see once they get the surveys as she goes to help the Amanes hold back Sakurako.

Episode Eighteen

Iroha and the Amane twins continue to fight against Sakurako in an attempt to hold her back. Mifuyu and MItama’s phones soon begin to chime as they begin to receive text messages from Yachiyo and the others. Iroha yells out to Sakurako, begging her for the chance to give evidence that the surveys are coming in. Sakurako nullifies her transformation, warning Iroha that she too will be punished if she finds out the evidence was fabricated. Iroha asks if she can delay the trial. Sakurako is willing to accept the surveys only after checking the images and confirming that the deadline is proven to be tampered with. But the surveys must arrive before the end of the day. Iroha hands her the phone and Sakurako checks the images to make sure they weren’t doctored. After a moment, Sakurako calms down and states the evidence is acceptable. Iroha breathes a sigh of relief as Sakurako thanks her since she was able to hold herself back thanks to her quick thinking. Iroha remembers what it was like when A.I. went into a frenzy and could understand what Sakurako was going through.

Iroha thanks Mifuyu and Mitama for their help as they wait for Yachiyo and the rest to return. The Amanes are still worried since they don’t know what the surveys will say but Mifuyu shows them some of the pictures, telling them she thinks it’ll work out in their favor. Iroha goes to where Touka and Nemu are waiting and shows them some of the photos of the surveys:

  • The first survey the read states they believe that Touka and Nemu should be punished, but that a death sentence wouldn’t be right.
  • This survey talks about the Magical Girls of Kamihama are banding together so killing them would send the wrong message and asks they reconsider.
  • This surveyed person was really angry about what they did to the city, but they also didn’t believe they should die. Instead she suggests they atone some other way.
  • The next survey says they should take into consideration the fact many of them are still alive thanks to them, so they shouldn’t turn their backs on them.
  • This survey has an angry tone, talking about how their house is ruined because of them so she’d probably tell them to go die if she ever saw them. But they’d be just as happy to never see them again.
  • This surveyed person heard them speak at the meeting so they think it would be bad if they died since they know all about Magical Girls, Witches, and Kyubey.
  • This surveyed person believes they need a good scolding and should be given an experienced mentor to give them a chance to rehabilitate them. Otherwise they’d lose faith in the system. They state their almost the same age so they’d really like to meet them.

After reading the surveys, both Touka and Nemu’s eyes are filled with tears. Ui’s eyes are also filled with tears, but tears of joy.

Episode Nineteen

Based on the surveys that arrived, Touka and Nemu’s sentences were reduced. The surveys also had a big impact on the rulings for the other defendants. Mifuyu and Mitama’s sentences were reduced to monitoring while the Amane sisters were found Not Guilty. Since not enough people requested these results be deliberated further, they moved on to the final verdict. A few Feathers revealed their identities and requested they be tried as well, but given that the Amane sisters were not guilty, their cases were also dismissed. Nobody was to be blamed for the natural disasters and accidents that occurred.

Back at Mikazuka Villa, Mifuyu asks Yachiyo where her tea is. Yachiyo glares at her and tells her she can get her own tea. Sakurako helps to set the table and Yachiyo points to her, telling Mifuyu she could learn something from her. Mifuyu pretends to point and asks if she has less manners than an Uwasa. She tells Mifuyu to take a look around the house, illustrating the other members of the Mikazuki Villa household, Tsuruno, Touka, and Nemu, telling Mifuyu this house isn’t some kind of meeting hall. Mifuyu apologizes.

Sakurako helps pass around mugs of hot cocoa for Ui and Touka, coffee for Nemu, and tea for Iroha. Iroha thanks her while Touka says she never thought she’d be able to hang out with them again. Both Touka and Nemu can’t apologize enough for what they’d done but Iroha thinks they’re punishments are enough. They are now wearing bracelets that prevent them from transforming. Touka mentioned just thinking about transforming put her in bed for an entire day. Nemu says she’d never test her bracelet like that, calling Touka insane for experimenting with her own body like that. Iroha smiles nervously. If anyone could crack the bracelet, it would be Touka. Sakurako warns her if she does, then she’ll have to fight her again but Touka doesn’t want to do that.

Now that the trial is over, Sakurako has something she wants to say. She asks Touka and Nemu to look at her and then slaps each of them in the face. She believed she had to get angry with them to protect them and tells them to never dare use her again for their own convenience. Doing so won’t allow them to learn and mature. The Uwasa have known their personalities for quite some time now. Ever since they were created, they’ve watched over the three of them at the hospital.

All of the Uwasa felt the same way. They worried about the three of them and prayed that their dreams would come true. But they were also aware of their faults. They describe Touka as very demanding, doing whatever she wants in her lessons and very aware that she’s smarter than everyone else. Since her father, the hospital director, is very ethnocentric they figure she gets that from him. They describe Nemu as being stubborn even though she used to be a crybaby. She needs people to hear her opinions and seeks their approval. They’ve heard people say these things often.

Episode Twenty

Touka is surprised to hear that people were saying those kinds of things about her, while Nemu is just embarrassed to hear this all at once. Ui asks if they ever said anything about her. They described Ui as a sweet girl who helped prevent Touka and Nemu from becoming horribly warped because she, a normal child, was around them. Mifuyu steps up and insists they take responsibility for them. She tells Touka she’ll be stopping by her house regularly, but this is the first that Yachiyo has heard of this. Mifuyu sheepishly admits she really needs to get into pharmacy school. Touka explains that she lent Mifuyu an apartment and even gave her a scholarship when she first joined the Wings of Magius so she has to see this through. Mifuyu sees it as a good opportunity to spend time with Touka and teach her moral philosophy in exchange for tutoring in her classes. Yachiyo questions Mifuyu of all people teaching her moral philosophy when she just assumed someone else would get her tea.

Iroha asks Nemu what she will do from now on. Since Nemu can’t walk anymore, she’ll be needing help from the Eternal Sakura on occasion. Nemu asks if it’s ok if she visits when she has a bad day. Upon hearing this, both Mifuyu and Touka call it unfair, but Yachiyo says they’re all welcome to visit any time though she would rather not have such large gatherings like this all the time. Tsuruno is tired of all the serious talk and tells them they should get the inauguration of Touka and Nemu underway, welcoming them as the Brains of Kamihama. They may not be able to transform, but they can still use their intelligence to help others. Sana reminds Felicia that it’s almost time to pick up the pizzas but Felicia insists she’s almost done with Ogre Yachiyo Island and then she wants to read her manga after that. Yachiyo offers to go with Sana instead, but only if Felicia shows her that island later. Inside, Iroha is glad they’re starting to move on from that battle and face their destinies together. Iroha offers to go on kitchen duty as Nemu, Touka, and Ui volunteer to help.

Iroha heads into the kitchen and decides to make a salad. She asks if Sakurako wants to help too, but Sakurako says she’ll do it if that’s what Iroha wants. Iroha asks why she followed her into the kitchen if not to help, so Sakurako tells her the trial is over and they’ve all made up. She then pulls Touka and Nemu toward her in a big hug. She turns and then gives Iroha and Ui their own big hug. Sakurako smiles and tells them all she loves them. The days she’s always dreamed of are finally here and the real spring can finally begin.