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Uwasa (ウワサ uwasa, lit. rumors) are a type of monster that appear in the mobile game Magia Record. Listed is information on minor Uwasa. See also Uwasa and Spoiler:Rumors.


Although similar to witches, uwasa are ultimately different. They are the manifestations of actual rumors that are spread through Kamihama City. They exist to spread and fulfill these rumors, attacking those who meet the rumors' conditions or who prevent the rumors' completion. They can only be defeated by doing the opposite of what the rumor represents. They notably do not drop grief seeds when killed.

Some uwasa are capable of communication. The Uwasa of the Commoner's Horse announces its intention to attack before it appears. The Uwasa of the Anonymous Artificial Intelligence is also capable of speech and has friendly interactions with other magical girls. However, it claims it is bound by its instincts as a uwasa.

Minor Uwasa

Rumor of the Substitute Street / Rumor of the Crossing Path

It is appeared in the Another Daze event story in 2017.

Fan translation:
”My, have you heard? Who’d you hear it from? The Rumor of the Substitute Street! A long one-way road, they say, where this girl and that girl met one day! Their eyes met: "Hello! How do you do?" And then they parted: "So long, farewell." And from that day onward… this girl became that, and that girl became this! Once you switch places, what’s real becomes fake! It’s a rumor that ALL the girls in Kamihama City are talking about. Whooo aaare yooou?”

NA translation:
”Have you heard? Has anyone told you? The Rumor of the Crossing Path. This girl met another girl on a long one-way road that went on forever! They said "Hello!" once their eyes met, and "Goodbye!" right after! From then on, It's like she is her and her is she! Fakes become real once their paths cross. Kamihama girls can't stop talking about it! So, which one are you?”

This Rumor takes the form of a shadowy doppelganger of Kazumi after she encounters it.

Rumor of Destiny Chocolate

It is appeared in the A la Carte Valentine event story in 2018.
A Rumor that appears as a chocolate shop. The shop gives out egg-shaped chocolates that represent the fate of their owner. Variant of the familiars of the Unknown Witch are summoned to steal the eggs, causing disastrous consequences. The Rumor seems to manifest as a talking chocolate egg.

Rumor of the Valentine's Monster

Same as above.

Have you heard? Who'd you hear it from? The Rumor of the Valentine's Monster! Did you hear what the teacher said? You mustn't bring any chocolate to school! But everyone just sneaks it in! If you give it to the boy you like at school then... oooh no! Bad news! It doesn't matter if he likes you back. That rule-breaking couple will be broken up by the monster! Ooouch! Heartbreak!

A false Rumor spread by Rena to cheer up Momoko and take her mind off things.

Rumor of the Valentine's Monster Buster

Same as above.

Have you heard? Who'd you hear it from? The Rumor of the Valentine's Monster Buster! You already know the rumor of the Valentine's Monster? You do, don't you? It comes if ya give chocolate out at school! But there's another rumor to go with it. An ally to all maidens! The Valentine's Monster Buster! It chases away the Valentine's Monster to cheer on your love! Hand over your chocolates without fear! *Whistle* Happy Valentine's Day!

Another false Rumor spread by Rena to counteract the first Rumor.

Rumor of FM Kamihama

It is appeared in the FM Kamihama Holy Radio Station event story in 2018.

“My, have you heard? Who’d you hear it from? The Rumor of FM Kamihama! A fun radio show with poppin’ tunes, pleasantly refreshing in your Kamihama life!It’s always by your side, whether it be morning, working hours, or even late at night.But if you try touching that dial, you’ll get a full-voltage zap!Its wiggly radio waves jump through dimensions, sometimes even reaching quite close to home!It’s a rumor that ALL the listeners in Kamihama City are talking about. Staaaay tuned!”

This Rumor appears to be similar to the Rumor of the Breakup Staircase, but has a cartoon radio dish attached to the top. The Rumor is possibly not canon, due to appearing in a Magia Report event.

Rumor of the Fireman's Mound

It is appeared in the Magia Record Main Story Chapter 7.
A Rumor that appears at a firefighters’ memorial grave site. Anyone who speaks badly of the departed will be attacked by a spooky hand that will try to drag them underground.

Rumor of the Peeping Castle Town

Same as above.
A Rumor that affects those who bend over and look through their own legs while looking at Kamihama's old castle town. Those that do so see the town the way it existed in the distant past. Looking too long will cause victims to be trapped in the other side.

Rumor of the Headless Bike Gang

Same as above.
A Rumor that appears as an unseen biker gang that causes violence when no-one's looking. Anyone who sees them will be forced to join their ranks.

Rumor of the Puzzle Tile Lock

Same as above.
A Rumor that appears when someone rotates the manholes in town. When they are lined up properly, it'll create a path to the city government's hidden safe. The path is apparently booby-trapped

Rumor of the Fashion Monster

Same as above.
A Rumor that appears before confident, dressed up girls. It drags its victims into an alley, and if the Rumor isn't told it looks stylish, it will strip off the victim's clothes.

Rumor of the Happy Stamp

It is appeared in the Alina Is Coming to Town event story in 2018.

Fan tranlation:
“My, have you heard? Who’d you hear it from? The Happy Stamps, and the rumor thereof! During that most special of seasons when everyone’s happy, these happily-stamped Christmas cards will suddenly appear in the hands of anyone with a dangerous heart! A series of very happy accidents are in store for anyone who receives them– as well as anyone who happens to be nearby! It’s a rumor that ALL the reindeer in Kamihama are talking about. Happy, happy holida~ys!”

NA translation:
"Have you heard? Has anyone told you? The Uwasa of the Happy Stamp! 'Tis the season to be jolly! Those in possession of a troubled heart may find a Christmas card come to them, stamped with a cheerful print! Anyone who receives it will end up dragging everyone around them into a series of happy accidents. A hot rumor among Kamihama's reindeers! Happy, Happy Holidays!"

Rumor of the Little Old Cocoa Shop

It is appeared in the A La Carte Valentine 2nd event story in 2019.

“My, have you heard? Who’d you hear it from? The Little Old Cocoa Shop, and the rumor thereof! It’s a wholesale shop selling pure cocoa mass, tucked away in a quiet corner of town. Their signature ingredient is possibility, and their main suppliers are unwitting girls! They swipe away your future potential, and before you know it, it’ll be lined up for sale! So if you’re hearing this, you’d better be careful! Valentine’s is soon, so you’d better be careful! They say if your stolen possibility gets sold, you’ll have nothing but crummy Valentines for the rest of your days. It’s a rumor that ALL the local girls are talking about. Urgh, that’s the worst!”

Alternate translation:

Have you heard? Who told you? The rumor of the Chocolate Shoppe No. Zero.
This little hidden shop is a baking chocolate distributor!
It’s full of possibilities, as supplied by young ladies!
Without them knowing, it was stolen away and lined up to be sold at the store! So look out, everybody! Until Valentine’s Day, watch your back! It’s a rumor among girls that anyone whose stolen possibilities are sold are doomed to aaaalways have a bad time on Valentine’s Day. How awful!

Rumor of the Stardust Time Viewer

Briefly re-summoned by Nemu during the Dreaming Cherry Blossom event story as part of Eternal Sakura, Touka, Ui and Iroha’s tour of Kamihama.

Fan translation:
“My, have you heard? Who’d you hear it from?
The Stardust Time Viewer, and the rumor thereof!
Your dreams, your hopes, or what your fate has in store…
The oh-so-interesting hidden future that just about everyone wants to know!
If you put your wish into a message and send it off into the sky,
you’ll see a vision of your future, no matter what it may involve!
But you shouldn’t take it as a fact. It’s just the future that can be seen right now!
And your or her or anyone’s will could change it, just like that.
It’s a rumor that ALL the girls in Chuuou Ward are talking about!
Oooh, I wanna seee~!”

NA translation:
"Have you heard? Has anyone told you?
The Uwasa of the Stardust Time Viewer!
Everyone wants to know the future, to see
their dreams, their hopes, their fate.
Send all of your messages to it,
and it will show you what you want to see!
But you mustn't believe what you see. It is only the future for right now!
It could change at any moment, through someone else's will, or your own.
A hot Rumor among the girls in Chuo Ward!
I wanna see!

Rumor of the Tangled Shrine

Appears in the Where is Ashley Taylor's Japanese Horror!? event in 2020.

Fan translation:
“Have you heard? Has anyone told you? The Rumor of the Tangled Ruins! It's got lots of entangled doors, and everyone trying to follow the matching ribbon is getting tangled into knots! The doors are just waiting to be opened!

Place scissors beneath your bed and drift off into deep sleep, and you'll be at the Tangled Ruins in no time.

If you snip open little doors and rip open the big door, you'll get something great as a prize! It's the hottest rumor among crafts lovers!



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