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This section contains dangerous level of Yuri detected! Please refrain from reading if you do not support a KyoSaya ship and remember to adjust your yuri goggles when entering.

Madoka Magica: Shipping is Magic

"Don't forget.
Always, somewhere,
Homura is stalking you."

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What started my journey into yuri.
Since then I have never looked back.
Mai Waifu.

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first sign that you are in too deep into yuri...

I dont like to talk about myself but I will type the sufficient information so you can get an idea about me.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and had lived there for 13 years. My family moved to the US and I have staid here ever since. I know Spanish but it has been along time since I used it. My parents are actually Korean (I cant steak the language myself, so dont ask), they left the country after the Korean War for South America. I dont know the details about it, never asked about it.

Besides my love for yuri and Anime my other passion is The Lord of The Rings. I love J.R.R. Tolkien's books and sometimes wish I could really visit Middle-earth. I love Science Fiction and I am a fan of Star Trek TOS (the others are kinda ok). I also love reading fantasy and mythology, I just love it.

I hate cold climates, I hate the snow, I dont like sea food, and sometimes I miss eating Argentinian food. Oh, yeah. I hate Kimchi, I never developed a taste for it.

I was introduced to Anime long ago (I do not remember what it was. I do remember seeing some Ranma), but I didnt get hook up until much later. It all started with Slayers by a friend in college, he was Argentinian as well and I think he was way into Anime as I can remember. I liked the series with its mix of comedy and fantasy and I thought, well this is fun! But I would rarely pay any attention to other Anime genre. But then it escalated when I was introduced to Minami-ke sometime later, and the comedy was just great and got me hook up to see if there was anything else out there. I was still not a rabid fan, I considered myself just average at the time. It was during this period that I got a hold of ROD and decided that I wanted to watch more anime similar to it. So I embarked on a journey to find more.

Ume-tentei and her harem.

The final nail in the coffin was when I found Lucky☆Star by accident; I loved the comedy and the bits of slice of life in it, but it was not over for me. I soon started to develop an interest in yuri once I was introduced to the idea of KonataKagamin (Konami) as a pair. At first I wasnt sure about it, but the more I watched the series, the more I could see it. I was like a blind man, but now I could see! In the past I never had any interest in stories of romance between girls because I didnt think there was any appeal to it, but anime and this strange appeal to yuri piqued my curiosity and changed my mind. At the time I thought there couldnt be no harm in seeking more of it so I went to find more. My interest in Anime was not just Anime anymore, something changed in me. So once I got a taste of Aoi Hana, Sasameki Koto, and Shoujo Sect, it was too late for me.

I also watched K-ON!, Strike Witches, Kanamemo, Hidamari Sketch, and Shinryaku! Ika Musume[1], but by then the damage was already done.

During my journey I have also read some good Manga and there are few titles that I like. Currently I am hoping that there would be an anime version of Girl Friends or Hayate X Blade but that seems unlikely... the mangas are great, if you are into yuri-comedy.

You can find my MyAnimeList, I dont update it as often as I should, but I do it sometimes.

UPDATE: I live in South Korea now. Learning Korean is hard.

My Anime Recomendations

File:The truth about madoka.jpg
I had the same reaction to Madoka, I love it.

In my opinion the best slice of life and comedy is Clannad, trust me, it will make you cry and you wont be ready. I havent played the Visual Novel yet (I do have it, in english! But I havent had the time to play it).

If you are a fan of Isaac Asimov, then I recommend you to watch Eve no Jikan. A really good series for those who are fans of robotics or sci-fi. Another good one is an anime film called Pale Cocoon, I love this film.

Now for those who like Yuri and a mixture of comedy and slice of life I would like to recommend one of my favorites: Candy☆Boy. I warn you, it is technically incest, but it is very cute and not sleazy. It is a very cute series[2].

If you are just interested in comedy then I would like to recommend you Muteki Kanban Musume, it is a silly series with some crazy characters in it. Pure comedy but sadly not many are watching it. Another good series that involves good comedy and pieces of slice of life (with sports) is Bamboo Blade, a good series with cute girls (may require Yuri Goggles, but it is worth watching just for the comedy and the friendship theme).


Kalafina, the music group that did Magia, also did one of my favorite tracks, Hikari no Senritsu of Sora no Woto series. The series was ok, and I loved the theme but I think they could have done better. In terms of music I think K-ON has a lot of good songs. But Hikari no Senritsu is still my favorite (Magia is close to second)[3].


  1. this one may actually require Yuri Goggles at maximum level
  2. Dont judge me, twincest is still technically yuri.
  3. My third favorite is U&I for obvious reasons.

Comic Strips


Sharing Food

Wedding Day

Living Together


Dying Together

Yuri Witches

Canon Yuri

Ume Tentei Colored Doujin

Hanokage Art

Fake Movie Posters


Little girls watch Sailor Moon, Real Men watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Having Fun with Figures


Witch/Stay Night


Photoshop Poster

Team Fortress Parody




Valentine's Day

Happy Birthday

Madoka was born in October 3, making her a Libra: The scales; symbolizes the principle of symmetry and balance.

  • Strengths: Diplomatic and urbane; Romantic and charming; Easygoing and sociable; Idealistic and peaceable.
  • Weaknesses: Indecisive and changeable; Gullible and easily infuenced; Flirtatious and self-indulgent.

Five Girls/Clones

Official Works

Doing Luminous

Official Posters

You can see some of the places where they posted the dog walking posters.

Prayers to MadoKami

"Praise be our Goddess Madoka, for She died for our sins and gave us hope"

Madoka 12 03.jpg


Remember kids, Jesus Madoka died for our sins.

Our prophet is Homura, she is our leader and our Saviour.

Join the Church of Madoka now. And confess your wishes to, Homura, our prophet.

"Agnus Dei" MadoKami's Salvation

Homura: Goddess of War

And Lady Homu raised the grenade on high, and said thus “Oh Lord, blesseth this Thine Hand Grenade, that with it I may blowest Thine enemies to bits, in Thy Mercy.”

And Madoka did grin, And the Megucas did feast upon the lambs and sloths; and soul gems, and grief seeds, and Mami’s mammies and fruit bats.

And Madoka did speak saying “First stop the clock, and pulleth thine pin from thy Holy Hand Grenade, then shalt thou count to Three.

Three is the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shalt be three.

No more, no less.

Four, shalt thou NOT count, neither two, unless proceeding directly to three.


Thou shalt do thus to satiate my needs, for being Meguca is suffering.

Once the number three, being the third number reached, then lobbest thy Hand Grenade at thy foe, who, being of Coobie in my sight, shall I smite.”

Holy Pictures

"For Madokami so loved the world that She gave us Her Only Self, that whoever believes in Her shall not despair but have everlasting Hope." --Homu 3:16

Puella Yakuza Madoka Mafia

"In this country, first you get the wish, then you get the grief seed, THEN you get Madoka." ~ Homura.

"I only have two things in this world: My word, and my food. And I don't waste them for anybody. Unless you are Sayaka." ~ Kyoko.

"What you lookin' at? You all a bunch of fuckin' pussies. You know why? You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be? You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin' fingers and say, "That's the evil mahou shoujo." So... what that make you? Magical Girls of Justice? You're not justice. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don't have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad mahou shoujo! Come on. The last time you gonna see a bad mahou shoujo like this again, let me tell you. Come on. Make way for the bad mahou shoujo. There's a bad mahou shoujo comin' through! Better get outta her way!" ~ Kyoko.

"Mitakihara's just a great big chicken waiting to get plucked!" ~ Kyoko.


Mahou shoujo give navigational directions.

Madoka couple fan arts pixiv, November 2012

ほむまど (Homumado) = 7937

杏さや (Kyosaya) = 7889

まどほむ (Madohomu) = 4867

さや杏 (Sayakyo) = 959

Fan Gallery

Youtube Fan Works

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