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Aoi Yūki (悠木 碧 Yūki Aoi) (real name Aoi Yabusaki (八武崎 碧 Yabusaki Aoi)), born March 27th 1992, is a Japanese voice actress who voices Madoka Kaname and Anja.

In interviews, she shows a strong fondness for Kyoko.

In October 2011, Aoi won Best Voice Actor in the Newtype x Machi Asobi Anime Awards. She was awarded the Best Lead Actress Award in the 6th Seiyu (voice actor) awards.

Data File (Animedia 2011)

Name: Yuki Aoi

Nickname: Ao-chan

Birthday: 27th March

Starsign: Aries

Bloodtype: A

Birthplace: Raised in a forest

Agency: Pro☆Fit

Why you decided to become a seiyuu: (Because of) Sawashiro-san [note: refers to Sawashiro Miyuki]

The turning point for you as a seiyuu, be it a role or an anime: They're all so wonderful I can't choose (*´ω`*)

Work-wise, what has been the most fun thing over the past year: Lately I've been able to get through my work without being overly hesitant & nervous and I can enjoy myself♡

Work motto: To carefully get 'friendly' with (all) my roles!!

Favourite musical genres, musicians: DECO*27's songs, Hachi's songs [note: both are Nico singers], RADWIMPS, BUMP OF CHICKEN [note: Yuki misspelled BUMP as BUNP], Kanno [Yoko]'s songs!!

Favorite movies (anime, drama etc): Alice in Wonderland etc, Transformers etc (but of course I do love [Gundam] 00!!)

Favorite 'types' (historical figures & anime characters are OK): Somebody who'd look good in a pilot suit [note: mobile suit], i.e. Lyle or Lyle or Lyle... [note: Lyle Dylandy from Gundam 00]

When did you last laugh: When Amy [note: her cat] fell into the toilet (I did wash her out afterwards)

So, what fetish do you have: The tip of the nose, the lips

Where would you like to go now: To the 2D world!!

My boom: Decorating my notebook with stickers or illustrations!

What's your charm point: I just had them done, so my nails are now all shiny

Someone you admire: Sawashiro-san

A book that left a deep impression on you: Takasebune [by Mori Ogai]

Your memories of Animedia, or a message for our 30th anniversary: In both my work and my hobby, thank you for everything you've done for me! Continue to give me lots of wonderful moe information from now on pleeeeease!!!

What are your future plans, any messages you have: Gonna do my best at it all! Please do support me...


  • The cat Amy is based on Aoi's real life pet of the same name
  • Aoi Yuuki (Madoka's VA) really likes Kyoko and she claimed that Kyoko is her wife. You can hear her confession in the Magical Girls Tea Party bonus CD.
    • In the commentary for Episode 5 Aoi Yuki declares her love for Kyoko and desires to marry her. Ai Nonaka questions her choice and informs her all she ever does is eat. Aoi Yuki is ok with this and declares she would just adjust.
    • Aoi Yuuki goes even more gaga for Kyoko in the audio commentaries for Episode 7: "The one I love, it's Kyoko-tan." "Kyoko-tan is the absolute best!" "it's like she isn't trying to be cool, but she's still REALLY cool."
    • In the "C81 Aniplex Madoka Special Talk CD", not even two minutes have passed and Aoi Yuki's already fangirling over Kyoko.
  • Urobuchi in his audio commentary on BD/DVD 3 explains that he felt like Aoi Yuki was born for the role of Madoka. What he means is that she doesn't force herself into the role of becoming her character and she leaves the impression of being a natural airhead, but in a good way.


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