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Elisa Celjska
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Japanese Name エリザ・ツェリスカ
Voiced by Japanese: Miyuki Sawashiro

Elisa Celjska (エリザ・ツェリスカ Eriza Tserisuka) is one of the main characters in Puella Magi Tart Magica: The Legend of "Jeanne d'Arc".

General Info

Physical Features
Date of Birth 1413
Age 18 (by 1431)
Eye colour Red
Hair colour Blonde
Height 157cm
Soul Gem Two-barred cross (right earring)
Weapon Firearm, with sword and axe (Separate as a magical girl)
Witch Form Ein Roter Drache
Powers and Abilities Acceptance
Wish “I want everyone to acknowledge my existence.”
Japanese pronoun watakushi (わたくし)
Known relatives Barbara Celjská (mother), Oswald von Wolkenstein (uncle)
Origins Buda, Hungary
School Not attending



The illegitimate daughter of the Holy Roman Empress and a member of the Order of the Dragon. Despite being hidden since birth, the Emperor found out about Elisa and exiled both her and her mother from court. Only her Uncle Oswald would have anything to do with her until the day Pernelle and Kyubey came into her life. It was then she made her wish and both her and her mother were forgiven and called back to court. Despite this, Elisa could never shake the feeling that one day she would be thought of as a burden. That is when she began to use her powers for the good of her country, the Emperor and her mother, working herself as hard as she could all in the hopes of being accepted.

During Tart Magica

Elisa is first seen in a flash-forward in Chapter 1, where she urges Tart and the others to hurry and get ready as they head out to save France. Upon arriving in a nearby village, they are met by Minou, who is protected by her servant Lame. Lame is transformed into a witch by Minou, who escapes from one of her portals. The girls then make short work of the witch, ending the flash-forward.

In Chapter 3, Elisa is witness to the large glow of light that envelopes all of France when Tart makes her contract.

Elisa would not reappear in the story until Chapter 10, when she defeats the witch form of Flèche from afar with the use of her rifle. Soon after, Elisa and her Uncle Oswald meet with Arthur de Richemont and talk about their possible involvement in the Hundred Year War. As Tart, Riz, and Melissa arrive at the town of Loches, they speak with the Dauphin Charles who has already heard of their exploits at Orleans courtesy of Elisa. She introduces herself to the girls, telepathically informing them of her involvement in destroying the witch form of Flèche. Out loud she informs everyone they were sent to verify if Tart’s powers were real and if so, they were to lend all possible aid to the Dauphin Charles. Having seen her abilities at Orleans, they pledge themselves in assisting him to claim his rightful place at the throne, despite the suspicions of the Chamberlain. Oswald assures the Chamberlain that theirs is not merely a token symbol of help since Lord Richemont is on his way with several thousand soldiers as well. Afterwards, Elisa challenges Tart to a friendly sparring match in order to test out Tart’s fighting ability for herself. Despite Tart’s overwhelming power, Elisa’s experience in fighting allows her to take the advantage and she is able to disarm Tart. She had assumed the rumors about Tart’s power were exaggerated and expressed disappointment in their match. Angered, Melissa challenges Elisa to a sparring match and proceeds to grab her by the cuff of her cape and throw her high and far into the sky until she is nothing more than a speck. Later that day Elisa sits pouting in her room as her Uncle Oswald and Melissa arrive. Melissa apologizes for letting her temper get the better of her. They ask her what Tart is doing, and Melissa informs them she is in a strategy meeting with the Dauphin. Elisa insists she be escorted to court at once, before she is reminded she is still in her dressing gown. Charles is prompted by the sudden appearance of his son to go to Reims under the guidance of Tart in order to be crowned King of France. The Chamberlain notes that Oswald and Elisa are well acquainted with the wife of Charles.

Several months later at the city of Patay, Minou, Corbeau and Lapin stand at the head of the English forces as Lapin relishes the idea of ‘playing’ with the French forces opposing them. Before Minou can say anything, Lapin had already began her attack on Tart, Riz, Melissa, and Elisa. Unfortunately, the four magical girls are able to deflect most of Lapin’s initial attacks, hitting her with their weapons several times and causing Lapin’s soul gem to darken. Her soul gem transforms into a grief seed and hatches Lapin’s witch form. After transforming, Lapin activates her ability to possess any and all weapons in her vicinity, including that of her English allies (with the exception of Tart and Elisa as their weapons have magical abilities imparted on them by Pernelle. She telepathically causes them to fly at her enemies and damaging them. She even forms a towering sword-like shape composed of the weapons she’s amassed and drops it at the opposing magical girls. Tart is able to deflect this massive attack on her friends even as Lapin activates her secondary ability: the ability to cause magical girls to lose their magical girl state temporarily. As Lapin in her witch form continues to battle the magical girls, Corbeau takes this opportunity to continue her fight with Riz earlier. Elisa and Tart attempt to coordinate a surprise attack on Lapin, but the eyes on her cape have the same ability as her rabbit eyes and they both revert to normal girls temporarily. Despite this, the two girls are eventually able to distract Lapin and successfully defeat her with Elisa’s rifle-turned-canon. However, her defeat only causes her to revert back into a magical girl, owing to the nature of her wish and the abilities it granted her. Minou retreats with an unconscious Lapin into one of her portals as Corbeau unleashes her Danse Macabre. Reaper-like skeletons fly out of the magic circles Corbeau summoned, black feathers flying out from their eyeless sockets. Everyone begins to double over in pain, wondering what's happening to their bodies. Riz looks at the tumor-like boils on her hands and recognizes it as something she's seen before: bubonic plague. Corbeau laughs and reminds Riz she told her this fight would be a massacre and tells them all to show her the dance of death. As both the French and English forces alike lay doubled in agony, Corbeau beats down the weakened magical girls. Tart, despite initially struggling to her feet, is able to summon a magic circle in the sky that cures both the English and French alike of their plague and wounds with her magic. Corbeau is enraged by this and as she demands to know who Tart really is, Tart leaps up and slashed down her sword with full force at Corbeau, ultimately defeating her as the force of it knocks her into some nearby woods.

As Tart, Riz, Melissa, and Elisa convene in the woods following the defeat of Corbeau, they are met by Pernelle who congratulates them on a French victory. Pernelle introduces herself to the group and asks how Elisa has been doing since she ran off to meet with Tart. Elisa for her part doesn’t trust Kyubey (or alchemists for that matter). At this point it is revealed that Pernelle created both the sword that Tart wields as well as the magic rifle of Elisa. She also tells them of a prophesy that has been spreading throughout France and attributes their victory to this prophecy. Elisa stomps her foot down and calls prophecies garbage, refusing to attribute their hard-won battles to something like that. She accuses Pernelle of spreading the rumor herself as Pernelle counters that no one wins an entire battle on their own. Tart agrees with Elisa, claiming she's not the only one fighting to save France: Riz, Melissa and Elisa, as well as every French soldier out there are also fighting for their homeland. Pernelle teleports away, warning them of the possible dangers on their journey.

During the celebration of the coronation of the Dauphin Charles, Isabeau and Minou appeared. Despite Elisa and Melissa hitting her directly with their weapons, Isabeau remained unharmed and was able to knock them away with a beam of magical energy. After even Tart and Riz are unable to harm the queen, Isabeau faints and has Minou declare to all present that Tart will die in one year’s time.

After several months of searching, the four magical girls are able to locate a witch’s barrier and enter it, finding Minou inside waiting for them. She summons an army of magical girls from her many portals and immediately brands them with her magical branding iron. The girls fall into deep despair and are instantly transformed into witches, which Minou unleashes on the unsuspecting heroines. Tart is prepared to summon all of her strength and defeat the army of witches alone but Elisa warns her to save her energy as she continues to take out witches one after the other with the use of her rifle. Minou watches the battle rage on and decides that the army of witches won’t be enough to stop them and calls her sister Lapin into battle. Riz takes on Lapin singlehanded as she realizes that Lapin has little experience in actual combat. Riz is unable to shatter Lapin’s soul gem before she transforms into her witch form. Elisa continues to fight off the horde of witches as Melissa attempts to destroy Lapin with her anti-matter magic. However, this only serves to change her back into her magical girl form. Minou then summons a portal beneath Melissa and Elisa and transports them to a different part of the barrier. Minou appears and summons a second army of magical girls that she proceeds to brand and cause them to transform into witches. The two girls begin to fight off the witches, Elisa firing her gun as Melissa swings her polearm. As Melissa is about to be hit by an octopus-like witch from behind, Elisa calls out to her and knocks her to one side, taking the brunt of the hit herself. Melissa cradles Elisa in her arm and with the other, she swings her polearm and makes short work of the witch. As she holds Elisa up, she notices blood on her hands and realizes Elisa is bleeding badly. She asks why Elisa would do such a thing, and Elisa responds that if anything were to happen to Melissa it would make Tart cry her eyes out. Elisa sways a moment as Melissa insists that all of them would be grief-stricken if anything were to happen to Elisa since the four of them are partners and can't lose even a single one of them. Elisa smiles to herself and admits it's true. The two turn to face the oncoming horde of witches and agree to break through the throng so they can meet back up with Tart and Riz. After the defeat of Lapin and subsequent death of Riz, the barrier dissipates and Tart is left alone, surrounded by a small army of soldiers who capture her for the English.

Sometime later, Elisa, Melissa, and Pernelle are able to break into the prison tower were Tart is being held captive by Minou and Isabeau. As an army of French soldiers attack the tower as a means of distraction, Elisa and Melissa make their way to Tart’s prison cell. There, Elisa tells Tart of her past and convinces her to continue fighting onward, for the sake of all the people who love her and are risking their lives to free her from this prison. As Tart vows to bring light to France, Melissa vows to go forth so that she can support Tart. Elisa vows to go for glory, not only for herself but for Tart as well.

At this point, Isabeau steps out from the prison tower and proceeds to use her magic to cause soldiers to collapse, sapped of their strength. Tart appears and stands proudly at the head of the troops, vowing to stand and fight alongside those who were kind enough to come to her rescue despite being called a heretic. Minou orders the magical girl slaves she brought with her to stop Tart before she can get near Isabeau. But Melissa and Elisa have joined the fray and take on the other magical girls, allowing Tart to race in towards Isabeau. Isabeau transforms into her witch state and attacks the girls. Elisa steadies her rifle and aims a shot at one of the caterpillar appendages, but it too does no damage despite hitting the creature squarely in the face. Elisa and Melissa can only watch as Tart battles with the witch and ultimately defeats her. Melissa and Elisa race over to Tart, overjoyed that the battle is finally over and their greatest enemy defeated. But Tart faints, weak from the overexertion her soul gem has taken due to the battle. The grief seed Pernelle hands her does nothing as Tart’s soul gem has corrupted beyond repair. Melissa and Elisa prepare themselves to defend Tart as Minou threatens to kill them herself no matter what may happen when suddenly Minou’s soul gem shatters and she becomes an ordinary girl. Tart offers herself as a prisoner on the condition that the soldiers are allowed to go free and Minou agrees, despite the pleas of Melissa.

It is May 30, 1431 and both Melissa and Elisa are hurrying to the public square, racing against the clock despite their wounds not fully recovered. Amidst the throng of people, Tart stands tied to a wooden stake, her hair cropped short as she wears a simple white tunic. She looks up at the sky and holds her hands clasped in front of her despite her rope bonds. Melissa and Elisa push their way to the front of the crowds as a soldier lights the pile of kindle at Tart's feet with his torch. Elisa asks if there aren't any more wishes she would like to see fulfilled while she still lives, or if there are any regrets she'd like to correct. Tart tells them of a dream she had and thanks the girls for being there with her. Pernelle, Melissa and Elisa pray for their holy lady, La Pucelle as the flames begin to consume Tart.

Melissa sits on the back of Elisa's horse as the two girls quietly walk down a broad country field. Elisa asks if Tart left her life holding no grudges or regrets. Melissa knows they understood her last words and that there was no despair in her final prayer. Elisa agrees and comments that Tart was betrayed and lost hope at times, but kept fighting even when suffering near-mortal wounds. But those wounds were also proof of the battle she survived and the life she made it through. Even if both girls may become witches someday, they both agree to visit the village in which Tart grew up in.

Elisa in Magia Record

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Powers and Abilities

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Elisa is rather proud, seeing as she is the daughter of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. She's also a member of the Order of the Dragon, a high-ranking group that follows the command of the emperor. She often prefers to do things with a flourish, such as insisting on introducing herself to Tart in lieu of allowing the Dauphin Charles to do so (and twirling around in order to flourish her cape with the Order of the Dragon Crest embroidered on it). After meeting Tart, she insisted on sparring with her in order to gauge her abilities. After defeating Tart somewhat easily, Melissa became enraged and challenged Elisa to spar as well at which point Melissa grabs Elisa by the cuff of her shirt and throws her far and into the air. Afterwards, Elisa can be seen sulking in her room after her defeat.


According to her introduction, Elisa calls herself the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund and Barbara Celjská. This implies that she is based off of the real-world Elizabeth of Luxembourg.


  • The official English translation has her name spelled "Elisa", however the katakana shows it spelled za rather than sa.
  • Her witch/doppel name is german for 'A Red Dragon'. A red dragon is also prominently featured in the Bible book of Revelation as being representative of the Devil.


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