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Eri Kitamura (喜多村 英梨 Kitamura Eri), born August 16th 1987, is a Japanese voice actress and singer who voices Sayaka Miki. She's an amateur manga artist in her spare time.

Data File (Animedia 2011)

Name: Kitamura Eri

Nickname: KitaEri

Birthday: 16th August

Starsign: Leo

Bloodtype: A

Birthplace: Japan


Why you decided to become a seiyuu: Because I wanted to work in the industry I love

The turning point for you as a seiyuu, be it a role or an anime: Tatiana (LAST EXILE)

Work-wise, what has been the most fun thing over the past year: Narration

Work motto: At least, I want to do it my way

Favourite musical genres, musicians: DJ Kaya

Favourite movies (anime, drama etc): Eve no Jikan

Favourite 'types' (historical figures & anime characters are OK): Girly face, sadistic bishonen

When did you last laugh: When I read all the mails sent to me

So, what fetish do you have: Necktie

Where would you like to go now: Kyoto

My boom: Darts

What's your charm point: I dunno

Someone you admire: Parents

A book that left a deep impression on you: Tenjou Tenge

What are your future plans, any messages you have: In my daily life, I will continue to put in great effort, research and diligence


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