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Made in 168 (MADE IN 168) is a witch that first appeared in the Magia Record Anime. She later appeared in-game when she was introduced in Iroha Tamaki (Anime ver.)'s side story.

Witch Card

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創造主が持ち合わせている魔女のイメージや印象に残っている手下を根底に生み出されているので、どこかで見た顔になっている。 巨体を生かした踏みつけによって、目に入る異物をすべて潰そうとするが、この魔女自体に意思があるわけではない。


Made in 168

RunesMADE IN 168
EpisodesPuella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record (Iroha Tamaki (Anime ver.)'s side story), Magia Record Episode 16

An existence that plays the role of a witch that exists in the space created by Iroha's Doppel.

The image of the witch that the creator has and the minions that left an impression on her are the basis of her creation, so she has a familiar face. She tries to crush all the foreign objects in her eyes by stomping on her, making use of her huge body, but she doesn't have a will of her own.

The Grief Seed that scatters when defeated is a symbol created by crystallizing impurity.

In Magia Record


  • 168 can be read as "Iroha", thus making its name "Made in Iroha".
    • 1 (一) = Ichi
    • 6 (六) = Roku
    • 8 (八) = Hachi
  • The Witch's head resembles that of the Oscars, the minions of Ui's Witch form, and its lower torso features disembodied eyes associated with Doppel manifestations from Magia Record's second season onwards.
  • It is similar in concept to the Nightmares created by Homura Akemi in Rebellion. They are both notably less scary and easier to fight than Witches and, when defeated, provide an ample and easy reward so that the Magical Girls fighting them neither have to worry about or fight each other to cleanse their Soul Gems.


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