Magia Record Episode 3: Sorry for Making You My Friend

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"If you remain weak and don't change, you'll continue to sacrifice someone for your own goals." ~ Yachiyo Nanami to Iroha Tamaki

Sorry for Making You My Friend
Episode 3 Title Card.png
First airing 18 January 2020
Script Kaede Ogawa
Gekidan Inu Curry (Doroinu)
Storyboard Kenjirou Okada
Episode director Kenjirou Okada
Animation Director Yoshiaki ito
Kana Miyai
Akihito Asai
Yoshikatsu Matsuzaki


Inside their hospital room, Touka Satomi is working on the finishing touches to her mention as she explain it to Ui Tamaki. She goes on to say if they were able to create a perpetual motion machine, they would be the masters of the universe. Meanwhile, Nemu Hiiragi sits at the desk working on her next novel. The machine is soon finished and begins to chug off in a single direction, black plumes of smoke emitting from its stack as it traverses the stacks of books strewn on the floor. It soon crashes into a mountain of books and is buried underneath, causing the books to catch fire and the fire alarm systems to go off. As the hospital crew clean up the mess, Nemu is upset with Touka for the loss of her books and the knowledge contained therein. Rather than apologize, Touka tells Nemu that priceless knowledge shouldn't be stored on such flammable material. Ui tries to pacify her two friends, but Nemu declares their friendship over. Touka says she'd rather end the friendship first. A nurse lectures the girls on their behavior. Iroha Tamaki wakes up in bed, having dreamt the scenario. She remembers now that Ui had friends in the hospital, Touka and Nemu. She wonders where they could be now just as she receives a message from Momoko Togame asking her to meet her at the Shinsei Chuo Station.

Momoko, her hair loose and messy, greets Iroha as she arrives at the station. Rena Minami soon joins them. The three arrive at the Coordinator's place where they find Mitama Yakumo busy with a client. Mitama soon wraps up her work and introduces herself to Iroha. Yachiyo Nanami arrives moments later and immediately asks Momoko about Kaede Akino's abduction. Momoko explains they've had trouble luring the Witch back out and asks if Yachiyo knows about the rumor. It seems Yachiyo has been keeping detailed notes about the various rumors of Kamihama in her notebook. Mitama brushes Momoko's hair into her usual braided hairstyle as Momoko asks Yachiyo for her help in rescuing Kaede, to which Yachiyo agrees to help. However, Yachiyo would rather not work with Iroha, who she sees as weak and liable to get in the way. Rena wonders if Yachiyo doesn't see all magical girls weaker than her to be a nuisance, but Yachiyo responds that she simply doesn't want to see the number of victims rise. Mitama, having finished brushing Momoko's hair, tells the girls not to bicker and offers to adjust Iroha's soul gem in order to strengthen her. Yachiyo relents, and agrees to allow Iroha to join them, warning Iroha that she will continue to sacrifice others for her goals if she continues to be weak.

Momoko and Rena sneak Iroha and Yachiyo into their school as they make their way to the staircase. As they hurry, the screen flashes with various text messages from the students as they gossip about Rena and Kaede. There, Momoko writes her name on the sixth step next to Rena's and then writes Yachiyo's name on the seventh step next to Kaede's name. Yachiyo senses no magic in the area yet, but Momoko is confident they'll be able to defeat the Witch once they lure it out. The girls transform into their Magical Girl states before heading up to the roof. There, Momoko makes a formal apology to Yachiyo as Iroha and Rena stand to one side. But nothing happens. Birds fly around them as Momoko asks Yachiyo to try apologizing, which she does also quite formally and stiffly. Still nothing happens. Momoko wonders if the fight has to be real in order to trigger the witch. Rena figures it has to be her who apologizes and asks Momoko to protect her should anything happen. Rena apologizes to Kaede but still nothing occurs. Iroha asks if maybe her apology wasn't sincere as well but quickly quiets down. Rena admits she isn't really sincere with her apology and Momoko asks if she doesn't want Kaede to come back afterall. Rena becomes upset, saying she does want Kaede to come back and asks why people are always thinking that way about her, making her out to be the villain. She hates Kaede for always apologizing to her first and making her more angry. She sees Kaede as this goody two-shoes whom everyone likes and she notices how she always makes Momoko protect her in battle. She hates the way Kaede makes her feel to the point where she starts crying and repeatedly saying how she hates Kaede. Even if Kaede were to come back, that doesn't mean she wants to remain friends with her. Rena is determined to end the friendship once and for all. Tearfully, she apologizes to Kaede once more as she says sorry to Kaede for forcing her to be her friend all this time. The birds' shadows coalesce and form shadowy figures that echo Rena's apology. The rumor manifests as hundreds of snakelike stairwells and chains fill the air.

The scene changes to an idol concert where SayuSayu is performing. Rena is at home watching the taped performance when Kaede comes knocking at her home. Kaede is apologizing for an argument they had had earlier as Rena asks herself why it is that Kaede always apologizes first, even in situations where Rena should be the one apologizing. Rena goes back to her room and resumes watching the concert. Iroha awakens to find herself in Rena's memories of her room. She turns to find Momoko sitting curled up on Rena's bed watching the concert. As the video skips back and forth, "Momoko" asks Iroha if she hates Rena. She goes on to describe Rena as someone with a lousy personality whom everyone hates. The screen flashes with text messages from Rena in which she apologizes for making fun of Kaede's pets. The screen then shows her diary where Rena has written about how much she hates herself. Rena then transforms into Mitama and asks why she hasn't changed despite wanting to change so much. Despite having wished for the power to change, Rena herself hasn't changed in any way. The television flashes with images of Yachiyo, Iroha, and Kaede all echoing Rena's self-hating thoughts as the screen cracks. Kaede asks what Rena is doing here as Rena's room breaks completely and both Rena and Iroha find themselves in the barrier of the witch. Kaede is standing next to them and notes that Rena always transforms into Momoko when she is feeling down. Flustered, Rena scolds Kaede as the reason for their being there but Kaede tells them she couldn't find her way down from the stairwells.

Momoko calls out to Yachiyo as she is now able to sense Iroha and Rena's presence alongside Kaede. Yachiyo echoes the sentiment and notes they are on a branch far from them. The small Kyubey appears from out of nowhere and lands on Iroha's shoulder. It then runs off and seemingly calls out to Iroha to follow it. It beginss leading them on a path toward a large bell at the top of the stairwells. The bell begins to ring as several familiars come streaming out of the bell. Kaede uses her magic to summon vines to tie up some of the padlock familiars as she tells Rena that she overheard her apology on the roof earlier. As the girls continue to fight the familiars, Rena tells her she should know that their friendship is over then, but Kaede tells her she also heard her apologize for that as well. Rena tells her that doesn't count, so Kaede counters that their breakup must not count either. Kaede calls Rena headstrong, selfish, short-fused and shy around others. But despite this, she believes that's ok and that Rena can stay the person she is and their friendship can stay as it is as well. Rena asks that she at least listen to her as well and give her the chance to apologize first. As Kaede waits for Rena to apologize, Rena becomes flustered once more and promises to apologize once they're out of the barrier.

Meanwhile, both Yachiyo and Momoko have made it to the top of the stairwells and they both land devastating attacks on the bell, destroying the bridge it was suspended from and sending the bell crashing down. Momoko calls out to Rena and Kaede to finish it off. Kaede and Rena use connect as Rena is infused with Kaede's magic. She summons mirrors from midair that cause the Bell to ricochet from one to the next. Rena then leaps into the air and does her "Infinite Poseidon" attack, launching hundreds of her tridents at the Bell from within her mirrors. The Bell becomes entombed in the branches of a giant tree before finally being destroyed. The debris begins to rain down as the small Kyubey lands on Iroha's shoulders once more, rubbing up against her before vanishing. The barrier dissipates and the girls find themselves on the school's rooftop once more.

As Rena faces Kaede, she admits she's at fault for a lot of things that have happened between them. Kaede nods in agreement, causing Rena to yell at her for agreeing. She then says that she had already apologized earlier. As she begins to ask Kaede to be her friend still, she stutters repeatedly before blurting out "Be my servant!" instead. Kaede grabs her hands and agrees that Rena has been and will always be her friend. Yachiyo walks over to where Iroha and Momoko are sitting and tells them the witch didn't drop a grief seed. She then tells them it may not have been a Witch that they were fighting and asks if they've ever heard of a Witch that wouldn't appear unless the conditions of a rumor were met. She also notes there was no trace of its magic before it appeared. Yachiyo mentions that the girls make a good team and cautions them to be careful with all the unusual happenings in Kamihama city before taking off.

Back at Satomi Medical Center, Rena transforms back into herself as she explains that there is no record of an Ui Tamaki having been admitted to the hospital. However, some of the staff did remember Touka and Nemu. They were already discharged, but no one could remember their family names or the dates of their stay. Iroha thanks Rena for her help, relieved to know that at least Touka and Nemu were real and not all of her regained memories are false. As Iroha rides the trains back home, she's more determined than ever to find Ui.

Mami Tomoe looks down on Kamihama City from the top of a construction building, a brightly lit ferris wheel in the background. Kyubey thanks her for meeting him there and explains how he loses consciousness when he approaches the city. He demonstrates for Mami by walking towards the city only for the light to leave his eyes as he falls to the ground motionless. Mami picks up him and Kyubey asks Mami to investigate the city. He claims he needed an exceptionally strong Magical Girl to investigate for him owing to the unusual strength of the Witches there as well as some troublesome veteran Magical Girls. Mami doesn't want any trouble with the locals, but she certainly can't ignore the rumor that someone is trying to monopolize all the Witches and their grief seeds in the city. She notes that the number of Witches in Mitakihara has been drastically reduced and agrees to help Kyubey investigate Kamihama.


Screencap Notes
Episode 3 Meeting with Mitama 43.png Going out

(Wings of Magius logo) Lending
Momoko Togame-san. Yachiyo-san ??
Tokiwa-San's Team
Time off

Episode 3 Meeting with Mitama 74.png Connect
Episode 3 Meeting with Mitama 75.png

Having your Soul Gem adjusted can bring power to the fore that you never knew you had before!

  • There is a charge for Soul Gem adjustment.
Episode 3 School Texts 1.png She didn't apologize for her safety, did she?
Episode 3 School Texts 2.png In the first place, was Akino-san a good friend with her?
Is it the middle two?
Episode 3 School Texts 3.png Okay, but if your name is no longer written there, you were originally a friend, right?
Episode 3 School Texts 4.png Friends can say anything to each other.

A true friend should be able to get it across without saying anything.

Episode 3 School Texts 5.png I don't want my friends to hear.
Episode 3 Momoko Transform 11.png MOMOKO
Episode 3 Rena's thoughts 1.png I'm not good with reptiles, so I'm sorry that I still think they're creepy!
Episode 3 Rena's Despair 52.png I'm sorry for calling your pet creepy, Kaede!
Episode 3 Rena's Despair 55.png I really hate Rena Minami.

Every single day, I look in the mirror and hatred wells up in me, hatred fills my gaze. I wish I had a softer name. If it was three characters long it would be cuter and easier to say.
I don't need something like Rena Minami. Her face, her body, her voice, her name, anything and everything about Rena Minami should just be thrown away.
Just as Momoko said, she feels like as much of a good girl as she looks at first glance. Complete opposite impression to Rena. Honestly I hate it. The thought of us turning from a pair into a team of three, I hate it.
I hate Rena Minami. Everyday, ever time I look in the mirror, I feel disgusted. If it could all just be thrown away!
But you know, I don't get it. I just can't get used to this. Momoko is (something) towards Rena. Short-tempered and annoying and arrogant, hurting people and saying it's all fine, that's the kind of girl Rena is.

Episode 3 Rena's Despair 59.png "I want the power to change into someone else"

That's how I became a Magical Girl
But even after gaining the power to change into another person,
nothing about Rena Minami has changed.
Nothing about Rena Minamican change.
I really hate Rena Minami


  • The OP song is not played in this episode.
  • In the outro of this episode:
    • The background of the city is different.
    • The reading of the number of the elevator starts from about 370.
    • The last number displayed when Yachiyo is still in the elevator becomes 2597
    • The last displayed at Yachiyo's absence becomes 2612.
    • The last scene is altered.



  • On Mitama's floor are several broken records. The most prominent one reads "Мелодия" which is Russian for "Melody". "Melody" is a Soviet and Russian record company that was founded in 1964.
  • Mitama's planner shows the different days of the week represented by a different element. Within the game there is a daily labyrinth where item drops of a specific element are showcased depending on the day of the week. In Japanese, each day of the week is written with the kanji for a different element and the elements of the dungeon match those of the kanji.
    • Here, however, the weekend is represented by the Void element. Mitama's type in the game is Void element.
  • The poses at the end of each transformation scene mirrors their card art from the game.
  • Rena begins her transformation scene by dancing a few steps on her magic seal. This is similar to Mami's transformation scene in the anime.
  • The text in the notebook is taken from side stories about Rena.


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