Magia Record Story Alina Is Coming to Town ~White Christmas Rhapsody~

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Part 1

Alina dons a rumor which grants great power at the cost of sapping her body heat. She needs to take the heat of others to survive, and she aims to do this and garner energy for Eve at the same time. Mifuyu warns her of the danger and the possibility of taking the lives of innocents, but Alina doesn't mind since they will become her art eventually.

The rumor helps her to locate people feeling cold emotionally, her first target being a pair she presumed is mother and child. She gave the offer to the mother: give up some of her life span and she will warm her up emotionally. Before she can answer, the cops arrive and it is revealed that this woman is an armed kidnapper. Alina took her out and saved the kid. While she collects energy, she is not happy that things did not turn out as she hoped and snapps at Mifuyu when she returns back to base since she was forced to do good with Mifuyu observing that the rumor is acting like the match in the tale of the Match Selling Girl, sacrificing themselves for others.

Her second target is a woman about to commit suicide, but it is revealed that she just had a misunderstanding with her boyfriend who offered to sacrifice himself in her place, displaying his love to her and proposed, pissing Alina off for this affectionate display.

The next day, she is surprised to know that she is being spread as Christmas Death Santa Gabrielle thanks to Karin's comic which adapted some of the tales spreading around, pissing Alina off while at the same time grudgingly admitting that Karin did a pretty good job this time round, sipping her Strawberry milk to vent her frustrations.

Anyway, her anger is building up as she is doing good thanks to the rumor despite the fact that she has malicious intents.

Tsukuyo and a lady dressed as a maid continue to wait for their respective partners. Tsukuyo shared that she once lost her way as a child during Christmas and broke her flute. A lady dress in a Santa Costume comforted her and guided her to the center where she waited for her mom. She even helped repaired her flute. This is why she wants to be known as Christmas onee-san as well.

On the other side, Tsukuyo's dad lets her off of work and apologizes for taking her time, making her late for her appointment. Tsukuyo joins her sister finally.

The Maid lady revealed that she was the Christmas onee-san that help Tsukasa back then as she was working part time. She even reveals that it was Tsukuyo's dad that repaired her flute since he was holding the bamboo-crafting class for children back then.

The sisters share a scarf as they hurry to the party while Christmas onee-san continues to wait for her partner.

Back at base, Alina claims she know the reason why misfortunes have been happening.

Part 2

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This part happens before Tsukuyo shares her story with the maid.

The Amane sisters happily tell Mifuyu they are able to meet up for a prestigious Christmas party that required a specific dress code: dress as Santa. Mifuyu praises their matching outfits, though Tsukuyo would like to be known as Christmas-oneesan in this getup. Tsukasa will join her sister after helping out her dad's Christmas bamboo class for children. They left after that.

Alina is pissed that she is doing good so far and Mifuyu thinks it is the doppel's doing: using Alina as fuel to warm up people's hearts. Alina left in anger to look for new targets.

That night, Tsukasa is caught up with work since the children are very enthusiastic, making her happy since they appreciate her dad's craft and worried since she is running late.

Alina arrives at the district as well and sees a guy carrying a bag of explosives entering a building but decides to ignore him since the mayhem caused is beneficial for her to collect energy but she changes her mind when she sees Mifuyu entering the building.

It seems Mifuyu brought Tsukasa's phone which she left at base since Tsukuyo is calling her, and she was misled into a building.

Alina had no choice but to transform and save Mifuyu since she thinks losing such a fine art specimen is a pity.

On the other side, Tsukuyo is waiting for her sister at the entrance of the party and got acquaintance with a lady dressed as a maid who is also waiting for her partner.

Karin's tales of Death Santa Gabrielle have spread and she is okay with it as long as it becomes popular, impressing Alina with her positive attitude. She returns a new pack of strawberry milk to Karin and informs her Death Santa will never appear again.

It seems there is another rumor at work: The Happy Stamp Rumor that only comes up during Christmas. It targets sinister people and gives them a card which will give everyone around this person a happy end from his/her malicious actions. This is confirmed by Touka and Nemu.

The rumor is so powerful that it overwrites the rumor Alina is wearing, and that's because people who harbor hate during festivities give plenty of energy and the rumor loves them, especially when turning their malicious acts into positive outcomes for others.

Alina notes that Death Santa Gabrielle will never appear again since her rumor is dying from hunger and the Stamp only works on Christmas.

On another side, Maid-neesan finally meets up with the person she is waiting for: Take from Amane Bamboo Workshop. It seems the Amane's dad has been making bamboo toys for sickly children in the hospital after the maid brought Tsukuyo's flute to him for repair. He claims that he is returning the favor, and is usually happy and motivated during Christmas despite being a traditional and stiff man.

It snows in Kamihama, and Maid is happy that white Christmas finally arrives, and wonders if her dead childhood friend is also seeing this from above.