Magia Record Story Alina Is Coming to Town ~White Christmas Rhapsody~

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At the same time that a certain Holy Girl descended upon Kamihama to soothe its hearts, another girl emerged to cause trouble. Her name was Christmas Death Caribou, Maiden of Mortality[1]… aka Death Santa.

Chapter One - The Maiden of Mortality and Fortune

[Day 1 - 6:00 PM] Suitoku Shopping Center
Alina Gray recalls the conversation she had with Mifuyu Azusa earlier. Mifuyu had warned her against using the “Rumor of the Fur God” due to how dangerous it was. In the short time since its inception it had already hurt a number of regular people. Since the rumor also uses an exorbitant amount of energy, she worries Alina will likely end up doing desperate things in order to gather the energy need to continue powering it. Alina understands but she doesn’t care. For the sake of her art she needs the Rumor’s power. If she needs to maintain it once in awhile, then so be it. She’ll just take the energy she needs whenever she needs it and soon Alina will be able to transform the world into her personal canvas.

Alina begins by transforming into the Rumor, becoming Holy Alina. As she does so, she begins to hear the light-hearted ringing of bells in her head. Alina decides to dismiss the sound and soon chooses her first target. She picks out a mother and her child walking through the mall.

50450 holyalina.jpg

[Day 1 - 6:02 PM] Suitoku Shopping Center
The mother urges her son, Masa, to choose a Christmas cake as his gift but the boy doesn’t reply. The mom suddenly finds herself holding a Christmas card that seemed to appear out of nowhere. On the card it reads “In exchange for some years off your life, I shall warm your cold soul.”

50450 happystamp.jpg

Alina then approaches the mother since she accepted the Christmas card. Alina tells the woman she will warm her cold heart in exchange for some of what’s left of her life, and if she sees fit she’ll take her death mask as well. The woman thinks Alina is talking utter nonsense, which throws Alina off. Since the woman accepted the card, she should have understood what Alina meant since the Rumor of the Fur God only responds to a select few, those whose hearts are frozen well beyond the brink. Alina believes they are no ordinary mother and son out shopping. The mother is surprised to find that Alina knows about her while the child only looks on sadly.

They soon hear sirens and the police arrive, surrounding them and ordering the woman to drop her gun and surrender, warning Alina to back away from her immediately. Alina is confused and asks the woman if she does have a gun when the boy begins to beg Alina to save her from the woman. Since she’s been cornered, the woman admits she had kidnapped the boy. She then points her gun at Alina and prepares to take her and the boy as her hostages. She warns the police to step back or else the boy’s blood will be on their hands. Alina just sighs at the inconvenience of it all.

[Day 1 - 6:15 PM] Suitoku Shopping Center
The woman warns Alina not to move but Alina simply knocks her out. The police swarm in and apprehend the woman, returning the boy to his real mother. The boy and his mother thank Alina profusely and wish her a Merry Christmas. Alina looks disgruntled as she tries to figure out how this could have happened.

[Day 2 - 5:30 PM] Hotel Fendthope, The Wings of Magius’ Base of Operations
Alina sits and listens to the radio for a bit. The DJ that’s airing is telling the story of the Little Match Girl. Mifuyu walks in and asks Alina what she’s doing. Alina tells her she’d been listening to the radio and Mifuyu points out that the story of the Little Match Girl and the Rumor of the Fur God have a lot of similarities. The Fur God Rumor takes a chunk of life in exchange for thawing a heart, whereas the Little Match Girl used the last of her matches to try to warm her frozen body only for her to die and go to heaven. Mifuyu believes the Rumor and the matches from the story serve a similar purpose and could have been a magical item. Alina asks Mifuyu if she’s opposed to her using the Rumor. Miuyu tells Alina she’s completely against it since fusing with a Rumor takes a lot of energy, and in order to get that energy Alina will have to meddle in ordinary people’s lives. Thankfully everything turned out ok in the end the other day.

Mifuyu smiles and tells Alina that the whole town is already gossiping about it, calling her names like “Maiden of Mortality, Ally of Justice”, “Christmas Death Caribou” and “Lucky Death Santa”. Alina curses, since attracting all that attention will only make it harder for her to operate. Alina leaves, leaving Mifuyu to her thoughts. Mifuyu wonders what Alina’s game is. Normally she would just figure that Alina simply enjoyed dressing up in a Christmas outfit, but that didn’t fit in with her personality. She knows Alina has some of the black Christmas cards in her possession and had already used one. Mifuyu just hopes she’ll be able to rein in Alina before she does something really heinous in order to gather energy for her Rumor.

[Day 2 - 6:10 PM] Sakae Ward, Namiki Street
Alina is walking down the streets when she spots her next victim: a girl standing on the roof of a nearby building. Alina transforms into the Rumor, determined to get energy for herself this time.

[Day 3 - 8:10 AM] Sakae Comprehensive Academy – School Route
Three girls talk about Christmas and the most recent event involving Death Santa. The gossip about how Death Santa saved a girl who was going to jump off a roof and how the girls’ boyfriend ended up proposing to her immediately after. The girls giggle and hope they too will meet the Maiden of Mortality, Christmas Death Caribou so they can live happily ever after.

Alina walks along, not too far behind the gossiping girls. Alina is upset that she’s being thought of as some kind of agent of good luck, but she can’t deny what they’re saying is true. Alina recalls the events of last night. After saving the girl, the girls’ boyfriend offered to give up his life in exchange for hers to what he thought was some kind of grim reaper. Alina asks the guy if she wasn’t trying to jump because he had dumped her. The guy says it was a total misunderstanding, which is why he had been trying to find her to clear things up.

Not only were her plans to steal energy ruined, she had to watch the whole spectacle as the guy proposed to the girl. Just thinking about it and the nicknames she’s been given made Alina furious. Alina wonders where the names were coming from since she’d never called herself Maiden of Mortality or any of that.

[Day 3 - 3:30 PM] Sakae Comprehensive Academy
The school bell rings, marking the end of classes as Alina heads to the art club room where she knows Karin Misono will be waiting for her. She doesn’t like to have to deal with her, but it’s the price she pays for using the art club room. Sure enough, Karin is there and she’s excited to show Alina the newest manga pages she’s drawn. The manga is titled “The Tale of the Lucky Death Santa”.

Shinigami girl christmas death caribou.png

It’s a story all about the Maiden of Mortality, Christmas Death Caribou. When Alina asks about the name, Karin proudly tells her she’s the one that came up with it. Alina reads the manga, which goes as follows:

Throughout Kamihama, Christmas bells are ringing as Christmas draws closer. At a local playground, some children are arguing. One of the little girls is telling the others that Santa isn’t real because it’s your parents that buy you presents for Christmas. The other kids call her a liar and take off, leaving her alone. But then the girl suddenly finds she’s holding a black Christmas card, the mark of the Lucky Death Santa! Alina shows up cackling and the girl asks her if she’s Santa Claus but Alina only laughs again and tells her that Santa isn’t real. Alina declares herself to be the Christmas Maiden of Mortality, Death Caribou and hands the girl a Christmas Cake. The gift is from the girl’s mother, who currently resides far away in the sky, so Alina is delivering it for her. The girl is surprised to hear this and asks Alina if she’s met her mom in heaven. Alina says that’s correct. The girl had been insisting that Santa wasn’t real because she was lonely after her mother passed away. The girl thanks Alina, but Alina says the only thanks she needs is for the girl to tell others Merry Christmas of Death.

Karin looks proudly at Alina as she finishes reading it. Karin had gotten all sorts of ideas when she heard the rumors about the Death Santa so she drew them out into a manga. Alina thinks it’s worthless junk like always, but she admits the art is better than Karin’s usual work. Karin is pleased with the praise. Alina then points out how similar the dialogue is between Karin’s work and the Phantom Magical Thief Kirin manga that she had lent to Alina. Karin is surprised to hear how much Alina paid attention to the manga, especially since she wasn’t sure Alina was even going to bother reading the manga she had lent her. Either way, Karin was excited to begin work on the next chapter of the Maiden of Mortality’s story. She wanted to explore the reasons why she was bringing good luck to others and asked Alina her opinion. Alina knows the real reason is just because she needs to power the Rumor she’s fused with, although she has yet to be successful in that regard. Alina gets annoyed once more and takes Karin’s strawberry milk from her, drinking it all down. Karin asks her why she did that and Alina admits it was force of habit and promises to buy her another as she leaves the classroom. Alina is determined not to give up on her artwork.

Chapter Two - A Long Day for the Wings

[Day 4 - 1:00 PM] Hotel Fendthope

Mifuyu compliments Tsukuyo Amane and Tsukasa Amane on their matching Christmas outfits. Tsukuyo asks Mifuyu if she wouldn’t mind referring to them as “Miss Santa”[2] instead. Mifuyu is happy to comply and asks why they’re dressed up like that. Tsukasa explains they’ve been invited to a Christmas party being held at Minaminagi Sea later that evening. It’s a costumed dinner party. Mifuyu is amazed to hear that they managed to secure tickets for the event, as it is very hard to win them from the lottery each year. They both chose to dress up as Miss Santa since Tsukuyo has really looked up to Miss Santa ever since she was young. Tsukuyo believes that Miss Santa has the ability to bring smiles to everyone, like magic. Tsukasa wonders if she’s referring to the Death Santa that everyone’s been talking about, this is the first that Tsukuyo’s heard of her. Tsukasa tells her everyone’s heard of her, and how she brings good luck and eternal happiness to those who meet her.

[Day 4 - 1:15 PM] Hotel Fendthope
They tell Tsukuyo about how a black Christmas card appears wherever the Maiden of Mortality goes. Tsukuyo wonders if she’s a variation of Miss Santa and Tsukasa points out that a caribou is similar to a reindeer. Both of them hope they’ll run into her at the party. Mifuyu wonders how both of them were able to get time off to spend together at the party, but Tsukuyo’s practice for the night was canceled due to a personal request from her instructor so she has a rare night free of lessons. Tsukasa on the other hand, has to finish up helping her father with an event at Namiki Street before she’s free for the party, but so long as everything goes well then she should be free exactly in time. Each year the organizers for the light show on Namiki Street ask Tsukasa’s father for a demonstration since he’s a well-known bamboo artisan. Tsukasa was planning on wearing her Santa outfit for the event, so her dad bought her all the materials and fabric to make her dress. Mifuyu bids them goodbye and hopes they enjoy the party as the two girls head out.

[Day 4 - 2:00 PM] Hotel Fendthope
Alina enters the room shortly after the twins have left. Mifuyu greets her and lets her know the rumors about her have spread to everyone. Alina asks if they’ve figured out it’s her, but since they haven’t she’s not too worried. The twins are both White Feathers, so if they find out it won’t’ be too much of a problem. Alina wants to keep the people who know about her to a minimum or it’ll make it even harder for her to continue. Mifuyu is surprised Alina is taking it as well as she is, but Alina admits she’s angrier than she looks. Despite having fused with the Rumor several times, she has yet to take life from anyone she’s found. Everytime she tries something always interferes. First she senses a target whose heart is frozen beyond the brink. Then she transforms and begins to hear bells chiming cheerfully and a card appears in her hand. She throws the card at her target and then makes her appearance.

Mifuyu knows now that the Rumor is the one creating the cards, since she thought it was odd that Alina was handing out Christmas cards since it’s not part of her usual M.O. and Alina has to agree with her there. Up until now she hadn’t questioned throwing the card and she usually doesn’t remember what she says afterwards. Mifuyu points out the bells could be the trigger sign and that the Rumor is taking over from that point onward. Alina agrees that that’s how Rumors work as far as they know, but what’s irritating her is that the Fur God Rumor is supposed to be taking a few years off the life of the target in exchange for warming their frozen heart, but it never happens. Instead, everyone is becoming happy after the encounter. Alina wonders what she’s doing wrong and decides to head out to Namiki street where hundreds of people will gather to view the Christmas lights. Mifuyu secretly hopes things stay the same and Alina ends up continuing to bring joy and luck to everyone she encounters like she has been. She then recognizes the name of the street that Alina is heading to as the place where Tsukasa is helping her father with their event.

[Day 4 - 5:20 PM] Sakae Ward, Namiki Street
Tsukasa and her father are wrapping up their workshop, teaching little kids how to make miniature Christmas trees out of bamboo. One of the kids has a question about making holes in the bamboo and Tsukasa’s father happily goes over to show him. Tsukasa is worried since the workshop is taking way longer than she’d hoped it would and she’s already late in meeting up with Tsukuyo. She’d already tried to sneak out before they began taking questions, but one of the apprentices caught her sneaking off.

[Day 4 - 5:30 PM] Hotel Fendthope
Mifuyu is still hard at work on Magius business. Despite it being late in the day, the area around the hotel is still as bright as midday thanks to the barrier that surrounds the place. Mifuyu hears a ringing sound but it’s not her cellphone. She then follows the ringing sound to another cellphone in the room. It seems Tsukasa had accidentally left it behind earlier. The phone rings once more and the caller ID shows it as a call from "⚫". She wonders who that could be and finally figures out it must be Tsukuyo since the twins have to meet in secret without their guardians knowing. The phone rings again but her phone is locked so MIfuyu can’t answer it for her. Mifuyu recalls that the twins were going to meet up before heading to the party, so if Tsukuyo is calling her repeatedly it must mean that the event ran late and Tsukasa hasn’t met with her yet. Mifuyu decides to take the phone to Namiki Street so she can hand it to Tsukasa. She then remembers that Alina was headed that way as well and Mifuyu hopes that nothing happens or else she’ll have to take responsibility for not stopping Alina sooner.

[Day 4 - 5:35 PM] Minaminagi Sea Theme Park
Tsukuyo sighs as the call goes to voicemail once more. She’s worried since Tsukasa hasn’t shown up yet nor has she answered her phone and it’s already been a half hour since they were supposed to meet. She wonders if maybe the event ran long and Tsukasa hadn’t been able to get away on time. A young woman nearby dressed in a maid outfit asks Tsukuyo if she’s waiting for someone important to her. Tsukuyo asks who she is but the woman responds that’s she’s waiting for someone as well. She could tell that Tsukuyo was waiting because she’d called someone on the phone numerous times.

The woman asks how long Tsukuyo is going to wait but Tsukuyo is determined to wait for Tsukasa as long as it takes since she believes that Tsukasa will come through for her no matter what. The woman is impressed with how much Tsukuyo believes in her and asks if they can chat for awhile since she’s bored and they both have nothing better to do while they wait. Tsukuyo asks if she’s planning on attending the Minaminagi Sea costumed dinner party since she’s dressed up but the girl says she isn’t. While the main party is open to everyone, the dinner party requires a ticket to get inside. She’s only wearing the maid outfit because it’s from her job. She asks if Tsukuyo won the tickets from the lottery, then calls her Miss Santa outfit really cute and comments on how much it suits her. Tsukuyo thanks her for the compliment and for calling her Miss Santa. For Tsukuyo it’s a little more than just a costume since Miss Santa means a lot to her since she was very young.

[Day 4 - 6:15 PM] Sakae Ward, Namiki Street
Alina is upset because her frozen heart sensor hasn’t picked up any traces. She wonders if maybe it’s because everyone is in such high spirits thanks to Christmas when she picks up on the frozen heart of a man not far from her. The man is muttering to himself about how much he hates Christmas and is going to blow it all up to smithereens. The man accidentally drops his bag and proceeds to hurriedly stuff something back inside. Alina is sure the thing was a bomb, but so long as she can track him down and take his energy she could care less about the bomb. But Alina doesn’t transform right away since the jingle bells will start ringing in her head and the Rumor will take over, preventing her from stealing someone’s life force. She decides to play it by ear and see what happens instead. She watches as the man enters a nearby building.

[Day 4 - 6:20 PM] Sakae Ward, Namiki Street
The man grins as he leaves the building, assuring himself that everyone will see when everything explodes in a few seconds. Alina notices that the man is no longer carrying his bag and wonders if he really did setup a bomb. She notices someone approaching from the opposite direction. It’s Mifuyu and she soon finds the Staff Room for the Bamboo Workshop and heads inside, looking for Tsukasa. Alina curses as she realizes that Mifuyu has gone into the same building the man just exited from. If she doesn’t do something, then something is going to happen to Mifuyu’s perfect body

[Day 4 - 6:22 PM] Sakae Ward, Namiki Street
Alina runs into an alley and hurries to save Mifuyu. Mifuyu wanders around the inside of the building but she can’t find anyone. The lights are all off and Mifuyu wonders if the demonstration isn’t over yet when she notices a suspicious looking bag. She looks inside and sees there’s a bomb. Alina breaks into the room and tells Mifuyu to hurry and get out before the bomb can go off. The bomb only has ten seconds left and Mifuyu points out the red and blue wires rigged to the bomb. Alina thinks this is just like some cliché B-movie plot where one of the wires will inevitably trigger the explosion. Mifuyu yells out as the timer reaches zero.

[Day 4 - 6:25 PM] Sakae Ward, Namiki Street
Tsukasa is still working with her father on their bamboo workshop. She’s trying to get it to wrap up but then one of the children has a question about the colors. She’s glad they’re enjoying it but the workshop is taking way too much time. Suddenly a loud explosion can be heard and soon people are screaming and yelling about a bomb. The building is now on fire and a rumble can be felt from the afterwaves. Tsukasa looks up to see the Maiden of Mortality carrying Mifuyu in her arms and she notices that the maiden is in fact Alina.

Memoria 1290.jpg

Soon others notice the Maiden of Mortality in the sky and being to point at her. Tsukasa has no idea why Mifuyu and Alina are there. Her father notes it was the Staff Room that blew up, but thankfully they were all still working on the workshop so no one was hurt.

Alina sets Mifuyu down on the street below. Mifuyu thanks Alina for saving her, as it was Alina’s quick thinking in conjuring up a labyrinth that saved them. If it wasn’t for that there’s no way Mifuyu could have survived the explosion. When the timer had hit zero, Alina had quickly transformed into Holy Alina and had summoned a labyrinth into which they both quickly jumped inside. Honestly, MIfuyu had thought Alina was going to cut one of the wires but Alina thinks that would have been too predictable as she prefers to think outside the box. When Mifuyu asks how Alina knew to come rescue her, Alina spots the bomber and soon the bells beginning ringing in her head.

Mifuyu notices that Alina’s expression has changed and she’s now holding a black Christmas card. Alina throws the card at the man and tells him she’s not going to let him escape.

Chapter Three - Christmas Magic

[Day 4 - 6:30 PM] Minaminagi Sea Theme Park
Tsukuyo and the woman dressed as a maid continue to wait for their respective partners, though it’s getting very late, even after Tsukuyo and her sister had gone to all the trouble to get Miss Santa outfits. Since they have nothing else to talk about, the woman asks Tsukuyo if there was a special reason why she looked up to Miss Santa so much ever since she was little. So Tsukuyo relates to her her story.

When Tsukuyo was a little girl, she had gone shopping for gifts with her mother just before Christmas. As they were shopping in town, Tsukuyo suddenly realized she had gotten lost. To make matters worse, Tsukuyo had tripped and fallen, scratching up her precious flute. She had been crying when Miss Santa appeared. Miss Santa took her to the lost child area and then asked to borrow her flute for a moment. When she gave it back, it was fixed and gleaming brightly. When Tsukuyo asked her how she was able to fix it, Miss Santa had simply smiled back and told her it was because she was Miss Santa after all so she can use magic to make everyone happy. After that she was reunited with her mother at the pickup spot.

Memoria 1289.jpg

Ever since then Tsukuyo has been enamored with Miss Santa. Wearing the costume fills Tsukuyo with memories of that time so she had her costume custom-ordered to look as much like the original Miss Santa’s dress as possible. Tsukuyo apologizes to the woman, as talk of fixing flutes with magic must seem silly to her. But the woman smiles and says that Christmas magic is indeed a real thing so she tells Tsukuyo to call her friend one more time.

[Day 4 - 6:50 PM] Sakae Ward, Namiki Street
The police finish apprehending the bombing suspect and thank Death Santa for her help. Once more Alina has failed to secure any lifeforce for her Rumor. Mifuyu says that’s ok since no one was hurt including herself thanks to Alina. Secretly Mifuyu is just glad Alina managed to make it through all of this without committing any crimes. Alina is glad that Mifuyu’s perfect body is unscathed but she begins to sway as she’s talking. The entire time she was fused with the Rumor it was draining her magic to sustain itself. Alina says the whole ordeal was worse than she thought it would be since it drains her magic everytime she uses it. Tsukasa’s phone rings again only this time Mifuyu happens to spot Tsukasa amidst the crowd and hurries to give her the phone.

Tsukasa is surprised to see the two there and asks if they have anything to do with the bomb that went off. Alina denies any involvement while Mifuyu hands Tsukasa her cellphone. Tsukasa thanks her as telepathically Mifuyu asks if the call isn’t from Tsukuyo, since her father is standing next to her and Mifuyu doesn’t want him to overhear them. Normally Mifuyu would have called Tsukuyo herself but Tsukuyo had gotten a new phone recently and Mifuyu hadn’t gotten her new number yet. Mifuyu urges her to hurry since she’s sure Tsukuyo is still waiting for her but their workshop isn’t over yet. Tsukasa goes to ask her dad if she can leave early and her dad remembers Tsukasa mentioning plans with a friend. He apologizes for keeping her so late and lets her leave. With everything that’s happened they’ve gone ahead and closed the workshop so he’ll have the apprentices handle the cleaning. Tsukasa brightens up and thanks her dad, wondering if maybe he’s just in a really good mood today. Tsukasa thanks Mifuyu once more and hurries to meet up with her sister.

Mifuyu remains with Alina and mentions all the stress Tsukasa seemed to be under. Thanks to the commotion she was able to leave sooner. If events had unfolded differently she would have been in that room rather than Mifuyu and Alina. Mifuyu is glad to see that the Maiden of Mortality has brought happiness once again, although at the cost of a building turning into rubble. Alina shrugs and looks at the ground, her brow furrowed in thought. Once more something interfered and kept her from harvesting lifeforce. She thought that people with frozen hearts would be pitiable but even she never imagined all the danger that resulted in tracking these kinds of people down. Despite it being Christmas, there were kidnapping, attempted suicides, and even bombings going around. Mifuyu giggles and Alina asks her what’s so funny. With the rant Alina just gave, she sounded like a real ally of justice just now. Alina just frowns at Mifuyu.

[Day 4 – 7:10 PM] Minaminagi Sea Theme Park
Tsukuyo is really beginning to worry now since Tsukasa is over two hours late since the time they had promised to meet. The woman figures the two must be very close if Tsukuyo is willing to wait this long for her. Tsukuyo smiles and the woman mentions that she should have waited too. The woman smiles and says she was just remembering something from when she was little. There was someone she was really close to back when the two of them lived close by to where they are now. They had made a promise to go to Minaminagi Sea and then go to the Christmas party together to watch the snow fall. Her friend had told her there was nothing more beautiful than a white Christmas at Minaminagi Sea.

But after waiting for 30 minutes for her friend, she got angry and went home. Tsukuyo asks if they ever made amends, but sadly the woman and her friend didn’t since her friend was in and out of the hospital a lot. If she’d have known then what she knew now, she would have waited for her forever. Instead she wonders just how beautiful the white Christmas that her friend wanted to show her would be. But she never knew until it was too late that it would be their last Christmas together. She apologizes for bringing the mood down, but Tsukuyo shakes her head and smiles. She hopes that the woman is able to see a white Christmas this year and then her friend can look down on her from Heaven and watch it with her.

The woman thanks her and urges her to wait for Tsukasa for as long as it takes. Tsukuyo tells the woman that her and Tsukasa are actually twins, even if they live in different households. She informs her that their father is a famous artisan and that Tsukasa is always busy with all the chores, cooking, and cleaning as well as looking after his students every day. Even now she’s been helping him with the bamboo workshop demonstration they set up every year at Namiki Street.

Just then Tsukasa calls out Tsukuyo’s name as she hurries to get there. Tsukasa is panting hard as she tries to catch her breath after running the whole way. She apologizes for the event taking way longer than it should have and explains she had forgotten her phone earlier. Tsukuyo tells her not to worry because she whole-heartedly believed that Tsukasa would show up eventually. The woman smiles, happy to see that Tsukuyo’s friend had made it after all.

[Day 4 - 7:20 PM] Minaminagi Sea Theme Park
Tsukasa explains everything that happened to Tsukuyo. When Tsukasa explains that Mifuyu had brought her her phone, Tsukuyo asks her why she didn’t try calling her then. Tsukasa realizes she’s right and apologizes for not thinking of calling her sooner. She was so intent on getting here that the thought didn’t even cross her mind. Since she was only able to get away because of the commotion from the explosion, Tsukasa says she has Death Santa to thank. Tsukuyo hadn’t heard of any explosion or Death Santa, but Tsukasa says she’s not entirely sure what happened either since she used the commotion to her advantage and left. The woman believes she’s heard that name before and Tsukuyo says it must be her own version of Miss Santa, known as “Lucky Death Santa”. Supposedly she brings good cheer to whomever she meets so she’s pretty popular right now. The woman decides that this must be some new spin on Miss Santa and decides to believe it was the magic of Lucky Death Santa that brought the three of them together on this night. When Tsukuyo asks her what she means by that, the woman smiles and tells them a story that happened several years ago, back when she was in school and had been tasked with playing Miss Santa for a Christmas event.

While she was helping out with that, she came across a little girl who had gotten lost. She had hurt herself and as well as her precious flute and was sobbing so hard. The Christmas event had hired a famous bamboo artisan as their guest for the event so she had given him the flute and he had cleaned it up good as new in just seconds. She gave the flute back to the little girl whose eyes sparkled so bright when she saw it. Tsukuyo’s eyes widen as she realizes what this means and the woman concludes her story by saying she’s Miss Santa, so “I can use magic that makes everyone feel happy.”

Tsukuyo now realizes that she is indeed the same Miss Santa that’s she’s admired for so long and she’d been standing right in front of her the entire time. Tsukasa can’t believe what she’s hearing and Tsukuyo calls it a Christmas miracle. The woman says there’s one more detail to the story. She had been assisting with the Christmas event they hold every year on Namiki Street, so the person she had given Tsukuyo’s flute to was the lead artisan of the Amane Bamboo studio, namely their father!

[Day 4 - 7:30 PM] Minaminagi Sea Theme Park
Tsukuyo is overwhelmed with happiness at meeting the Miss Santa from her childhood once again. The woman is glad to hear this and tells Tsukuyo that the reason she wanted to help out at the event was to grant the wishes of all the little kids there, even if the wishes were small ones. Even if it was just for those kids for that one Christmas, she wanted to do it in honor of her friend who had died. She’s glad to have made such a favorable impression on Tsukuyo, but now she’s dashed all that wonder she built up in her by revealing she never really fixed the flute with magic. She had considered not saying anything to her but the coincidence was just too much. Tsukasa thinks she recognizes her and asks if she doesn’t work at the same maid café as Kanagi. The woman is surprised to find that she’s been recognized and the trio agree it must have been thanks tot the magic of the Lucky Death Santa.

Soon there’s announcement for the dinner party to begin with a special menu prepared by a chef from Walnut’s. Hearing the chef is from Walnut’s, the woman isn’t surprised the tickets were so expensive to get. The woman tells the twins to hurry and get to the banquet, hoping they have a good time. The twins assure her they will, but Tsukuyo has one last question for her. She asks the woman who it is she’s been waiting for, but the woman claims that’s a secret. She tells them not to worry because she’s sure they’ll show up, so Tsukuyo says she’ll cast a little magic of her own before they go. She wishes for a White Christmas this year at Minaminagi Sea, even if it’s just for the one evening. The woman thanks her and tells her that little crying girl grew up to become a lovely and admirable Miss Santa. She makes Tsukuyo promise to use some of that special Miss Santa magic to bring good cheer to all the children around her and Tsukuyo promises she will

[Day 4 - 7:40 PM] Minaminagi Sea Theme Park
The twins hurry to the courtyard where the banquet is being served. They’re glad they were able to make it in time to try out all the special Christmas foods that have been prepared when it suddenly begins to snow. Tsukuyo is surprised to see her wish came true, although it’s still a little early for it to be a true white Christmas since it’s not Christmas Eve yet. She wonders if the woman is watching the snow right now. Tsukuyo sneezes and Tsukasa apologizes for making her wait in the cold for so long. She offeres Tsukuyo her scarf, but Tsukuyo points out that will leave Tsukasa in the cold so the twins resolves to share the scare between them. The two decide to cast a little spell of happiness themselves and yell out Merry Christmas.

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[Day 4 - 8:00 PM] Hotel Fendthope
Mifuyu finishes talking to Tsukasa on the happen, who relays she was able to find Tsukuyo without any problems. She’s not sure of the details, but it seems there was some kind of miraculous coincidence when she arrived. Alina says she’s not the least bit interested in flute sisters’ happy ending. Alina doubts it was a coincidence though, since she’s sure the only plausible explanation for the constant series of happy events is because of the Rumor. She asks Mifuyu if she still has one of the black cards, so the two open it up and look inside. Inside the card is the same message as before “In exchange for some years off your life, I shall warm your cold soul.” Alina stares at the card when she realizes she’s figured it out.

Chapter Four - Coda

[Day 5 - 3:40 PM] Sakae Comprehensive Acadmy
People continue to talk about the Christmas Death Caribou, much to Alina’s chagrin. Karin says that Christmas Death Caribou belongs to everyone now, even if she was the one to draw the manga and coin the name first. Alina is surprised at Karin’s long-term perspective on her work. Karin is surprised to see Alina at school since it’s the last day before winter vacation. Alina notices that Karin had put the final touches on her latest project just a few moments ago. Karin says that’s right and proudly shows her her latest “Christmas Death Caribou” story. Alina reads the story and calls it neither good nor bad. Karin smiles and tells her thank you. Alina says it wasn’t a compliment, but Karin knows she’s a harsh critic and technically Alina had said it wasn’t bad. Alina knows she also called it a piece of trash almost right after that. Karin says she drew the manga because she really hoped that the Maiden of Mortality would appear again tonight to make even more people happy. Alina says she won’t appear again because it’s a waste of energy and bids Karin goodbye. Before she goes, she leaves a carton of strawberry milk on the desk since she had promised to replace the one she took from her the other day and leaves. Karin thanks her and considers it a Christmas present to her from Alina.

[Day 4 - 8:05 PM] Hotel Fendthope
Alina and Mifuyu are looking at the black Christmas card when Alina declares that’s she’s found the origin of all the incidents. She points to a spot on the corner of the card where a happy face has been stamped. According to Alina, the stamp is not part of the Fur God Rumor, so a separate Rumor must be behind the interference. She points out to Mifuyu that the stamp on the card is emanating a strong pulse of magic even now. The stamp’s magic is strong enough to override the Fur God Rumor’s power. Mifuyu suddenly remembers the Rumor of the Happy Stamp. Mifuyu recounts the rumor to Alina, but Alina has never heard of it before. Mifuyu doesn’t have all the details, but apparently it’s a rumor that only manifests during Christmastime. Alina glares at Mifuyu and tells her she should have remembered and told Alina sooner.

Mifuyu finished her call and hangs up the phone. She had confirmed with Touka and Nemu that the stream of happy accidents is indeed thanks to the presence of the Rumor of the Happy Stamp. So firstly the Fur God Rumor seeks out violent people with frozen hearts. But then those people are also the perfect target for the Happy Stamp Rumor as well, so the Happy Stamp Rumor ends up taking precedence over the other Rumor and causes everyone to become joyful instead. She wonders why there would even be a Rumor that only appears at Christmastime. Mifuyu figures it’s because there’s backlash where some people fall into despair or jealousy due to how cheerful Christmastime tends to be. Then it can gather all of that despair, and since its active for a very brief time it has enough power to influence a lot of people.

Alina wonders how much of her presence was coincidence or not, but with how complicated everything is it’s hard to tell what was coincidence and what was caused by the Rumor. Even though Christmas will be over soon, Alina decides she’s not going to use the Rumor of the Fur God anymore since it gets such rotten mileage. Alina transforms into her normal Magical Girl outfit to demonstrate she is no longer fused to the Rumor since the longer they spent fused, the more energy the Rumor demanded. She reminds Mifuyu that Rumors normally can’t be seen by ordinary people, but this Rumor had used such a ridiculous amount of energy that even normal people could see it. She doubts she’ll be able to use the Rumor again. Mifuyu is kind of sad to hear this since there are still people out there with unsettling thoughts despite it being Christmas. If only Alina could continue to appear and bring joy to even more people. She thought Alina was extraordinary when she saved her from that building. Alina glowers and tells her she doesn’t want to waste energy on such frivolous matters and makes Mifuyu promise to keep away from dangerous places. Mifuyu just giggles in reply.

[Day 5 - 6:00 PM] Sakae Ward, Namiki Street
Alina is walking down the streets thinking about her conversation with Mifuyu and how she had told Karin that the Lucky Death Santa would never be seen again. She hears the sounds of bells jingling and looks up to see Karin in her Magical Girl outfit, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas of Death.

The End


Wait, There’s More!

[Day 4 - 7:40 PM] Minaminagi Sea Theme Park
Take, one of the apprentices from the Amane Bamboo Studio, meets up with the woman dressed as a maid. The woman scolds him for being late, but Take tries to explain that the workshop he was assisting in ran way longer than it should have, so he was sent back to the studio to retrieve something he needed to deliver to her. Then he got lost in the crowds on the way over. The woman smiles and tells Take to thank his master for her for doing this every year and takes the box from Take. Inside the box are cute little bamboo toys to give as Christmas presents to the children in the hospital. All of this was a result from her chance meeting with him all those years ago, and he’s made Christmas toys to give away every year since then. Take is surprised that his boss would get so worked up about Christmas since he’s normally such a stubborn old man, but for whatever reason he really puts his whole heart into this event each year. Even today he was in such a good mood that it seemed like the workshop would never end.

According to what Take’s boss had said, a long time ago he was invited to do the event and an amazing coincidence happened. So these yearly favors are his way of saying thank you for that. Whatever the coincidence was, it must have been something really incredible. The woman realizes that Tsukuyo’s father must have recognized the flute as Tsukuyo’s when she had asked him to fix it for her. She wonders if that chance meeting was part of the Christmas magic as well when suddenly it begins to snow. She smiles and looks around at the view that her friend had once wanted to show her. She looks up at the clouds and knows in her heart that her friend is watching it with her right now. She thanks the twin Miss Santas for this beautiful present as out loud she says she’s glad she waited to see this beautiful view together.

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Twin Santa Illusion Christmas Login Special

Tsukuyo and Tsukasa, both of whom were still donning their Christmas apparel, have both met up at the Children's hospital to give out gifts to all the kids that are sick this holiday. It's late at night and the two girls are sneaking around and leaving gifts at the foot of the sick children's beds. They kept their Christmas outfits on in case some of the children aren't asleep from the excitement the holiday brings. As Tsukasa nears the first bed, she reaches over to leave a present in the huge stocking the child prepared for their gifts. Howeve, she notices a thread near her foot that's attached to a bell. The crafty child has set up a trap to alert them when Santa draws near. Thankfully, Tsukasa noticed in time and managed to tip-toe around it in order to silently leave the gift behind.

Tsukasa wonders how Tsukuyo is handling these traps when she suddenly hears a clatter and the chiming of bells coming form the next room. Tsukuyo has been caught and now some of the children have been awakened by the noise. The children thank Tsukuyo for the gifts before questioning if she really is Miss Santa. Tsukuyo decides to prove it by using magic to teleport out of the room. She makes the children close their eyes and when she claps her hands the children open their eyes to see that she's already disappeared. Tsukuyo uses her telepathy to inform Tsukasa that she only pretended to teleport away but really she ducked and hid under one of the beds when their eyes were closed. Tsukasa gets the hint and pretends to re-enter the room, astounding the kids with her "magic", although one of the girls notices that Tsukasa is wearing a slightly different outfit this time. Tsukasa dismisses her concerns before making the kids get back into bed and delivering the rest of the gifts.

Tsukasa waits outside in the hall for Tsukuyo so they can go to the next floor of the hospital and deliver more gifts, but poor Tsukuyo is stuck under the bed.


  1. Her actual name is Shinigami Maiden of Justice (正義の死神少女). A shinigami is a god of death, similar to the western idea of the Grim Reaper
  2. In the JP she asks to be called “Santa Oneesan” (サンタお姉さん) aka “Big Sister Santa”.

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