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A page to practice my editing/put my speculations and stuff in.

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Magireco Facts


  • Yozuru's personal memoria lets her deal lots of damages to enemies, but when this thing was implemented, that topic's been left in the dust.
    • However if you bring a maxed Yozuru(doesn't have to be 4 slots, but max her magia and release her doppel and max her SE) with even only one slot for her personal memoria(also maxed), it really helps in mirrors. Sweep the enemies away!
  • Up to date, Melissa **was** the only meguca with a 4 star memoria.
  • Ren Isuzu was the only meguca with 2 personal memorias, but now it's been taken over by the massive amount of memorias for team Mikazuki...
    • The first memoria that can only be equipped by two people is The rumor of the magical girl, with the next being the memoria from BD vol.6.
  • Tsukasa Amane is the only meguca who haven't shown her face in a memoria prior to a memoria which had her face in it being implemented.
  • If the player activates Ren Isuzu's passive personal memoria, she will protect Rika Ayano if Rika's in the player's team.
  • Even if Yachiyo x Iroha is the official ship, it is illegal.
    • Yachiyo is 19 years old(so practically she's an adult) while Iroha is only 15, which makes her a minor. This should be called "Lolicon" in Japanese, or ephebophilia in English.

wow. The magireco officials are crazy....


  • In episode 13's non-bd release shows Tsuruno with magenta eyes. This may be related to her fusing with a rumor.
    • However in the BD version it was confirmed. Tsuruno's hair color was changed to aqua-colored, which is just her hair color in her rumor form.