Yachiyo Nanami (Fairy Tale ver.)

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Yachiyo Nanami
Card 14024 l.png
Japanese Name 七海やちよおとぎ話ver.
Nanami Yachiyo (Fairy Tale ver.)
Voiced by Japanese: Sora Amamiya
ID No: 1402
Release Date (JP): December 20, 2022
For her full bio, see Yachiyo Nanami.

Yachiyo Nanami (Fairy Tale ver.) is a version of Yachiyo Nanami that debuted in the mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record.

General Info

Physical Features
Age 19 (contracted at 12)
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blue
Height 165cm
Soul Gem Blue crescent moon (beneath chest)
Weapon Ice magic and Kyubey-shaped snowmen
Witch Form Campanella
Powers and Abilities To receive hope (take over the power of the deceased)
Wish “Please...keep me alive... This unit, I want to survive as it's leader.”
Occupation Fashion model
Japanese pronoun watashi ()
Known relatives Unnamed grandmother (deceased), Unnamed grandfather (deceased), unnamed parents
Origins Shinsei Ward
School Kamihama City University, First-year
Affiliation Kamihama Magia Union

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute

4★→ 5★



Attribute aqua.png


Initial 6015 2302 1732

Max at ★4 21966 8347 6190
Max at ★5 27116 10304 7638

Max SE 34261 12903 10248
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Icon skill 1087.png Connect: Let's Be Cool

★4 Damage UP [VIII] & MP Restore [V]
★5 Damage UP [X] & MP Restore [VII]
{{{2}}} Magia: Absolute Zero

★4 Attribute Strengthened Damage to 4 Random Enemies [VI] & Aqua Attribute Attack UP (Self / 3T) & Attack UP (Self / 3T) & MP Restore (Self)
★5 Attribute Strengthened Damage to 4 Random Enemies [VIII] & Aqua Attribute Attack UP (Self / 3T) & Attack UP (Self / 3T) & MP Restore (Self)
{{{2}}} Doppel: Campanella

★5 Attribute Strengthened Damage to 5 Random Enemies [VI] & Aqua Attribute Attack UP (All / 5T) & Attack UP (Self / 5T) & MP Restore (All)
Spirit Enhancement Data
Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge

4★ +6% +7% +5% +6% +4% +6%
5★ +7% +8% +6% +7% +5% +7%

SE +7% +8% +6% +13% +8% +17%
Spirit Enhancement

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1124.png Parry Adept Chance to Evade [II]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1090.png Accele Adept Accele MP Gain UP [II]

Icon skill 1088.png Magia Adept Magia Damage UP [II]

Icon skill 1206.png Flame Shield Adept Flame Attribute Damage Cut [III]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Aura Doppel Damage UP [V] & Magia Damage UP [IV] (Self / 5T on Battle Start)

Icon skill 1088.png Magia Up Aura Magia Damage UP [II] (All / 5T on Battle Start)

Icon skill 1136.png Anti-Charm Guaranteed Anti-Charm

Icon skill 1180.png Mana Spring Aura Regenerate MP [XV] (Self / 1T on Battle Start)

Icon skill 1166.png Accele Draw Draw Accele Discs CD: 5 turns


A Magical Girl whose mind reverted back to elementary school after finding a time capsule. They were mature even back then, so you can't tell the difference from their normal state unless you observe her closely. After her transformation, she was influenced by the "Ice Queen" she played in the past. But even then, she wasn't a good actress.

Doppel Description

Campanella, Yachiyo's doppel

The Doppel of ticket-taking. Its form is a ticket puncher. By accepting the fictional character she once performed as a part of herself, the master of this emotion has come to avert her eyes from the wishes that well up in her heart, continually freezing them in order to remain a strong and stalwart figure. As the only one to have realized this, her Doppel attempts to reduce its master’s burden by spraying chilly air at everyone around her. It hopes to force them to stand up and face hardship by doing so, but it can’t possibly match the speed at which its master freezes her heart.

Side Story

Event Appearances


  • The characters in her last name mean "seven" (七) and "ocean" (海), respectively.
  • Yachiyo in hiragana has no specific meaning, however if written with the kanji 八千代, it means “thousands of years”.


  • The Snow Queen is a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Anderson in 1844. In the original tale, a boy named Kai has his heart frozen when shards from a broken troll-mirror enter his heart and eyes. Later, the Snow Queen kisses him twice before kidnapping him: once to numb him from the cold and a second time to make him forget about his family and a girl named Gerda.


Memoria Cards

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Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text
Never Ending Fairy Tale
Icon skill 1107.pngBurn Magia
Guaranteed Burn (Single / 1T) & Magia Damage UP [VI] (Self / 1T) 6 turns
Max Limit Break
Guaranteed Burn (Single / 1T) & Magia Damage UP [VII] (Self / 1T) 5 turns
Fun stories and great costumes made by everyone.

When you're having a happy moment that your strict parents didn't teach you about, I feel the reality that I'll eventually go home looming over me.

So I prayed... that this time would last forever...

厳しい親が教えてくれなかった幸せなひとときを過ごしていると いずれ家に帰るという現実が目の前に迫るのを感じる

Two Childhood Friends
Icon skill 1085.pngHigh End Dreamer
Normal Passive
Attack UP [II] & Guaranteed Anti-Fog
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [III] & Guaranteed Anti-Fog
I wonder if the two of us will be nostalgic for those days when we were children.

I wonder if someday, when we are older, we will miss them too. If the day comes when we can be grandmothers together

I hope we can talk about the old days together again.

いつか、もっと大人になったワタシたちも懐かしむのかな もしも一緒に、おばあちゃんになれる日が訪れたなら

Merry Christmas to You Who Works So Hard
Icon skill 1088.pngDoppel Up
Magia Damage UP [V] (Self / 1T) & Doppel Damage UP [IV] (Self / 1T) 10 turns
Max Limit Break
Magia Damage UP [VII] (Self / 1T) & Doppel Damage UP [VI] (Self / 1T) 8 turns
**Unique to Yachiyo Nanami (Fairy Tale ver.)**
I was a bit greedy when decorating a cake that I'm not used to making,

and it turned out a bit gaudy. But the decorations on the top are so big that they're about to spill out.

I'm sure it's our life-size gratitude for you

あれもこれもと欲張って、ちょっぴり派手になっちゃった だけど、こぼれそうなほどに乗せられたデコレーションは

Fairy Tale Entrusted with a Prayer
Icon skill 1085.pngGlitter Adept
Normal Passive
Attack UP [IV] & MP Gain UP [III]
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [V] & MP Gain UP [IV]
I wanted to make it a story that would please you, a memory you will never forget.

Tiny hands have worked hard to weave a fairy tale full of dreams. But the fragile and sad prayer I put in the ending

does not give you a happy ending so easily.

ちいさな手で一生懸命に紡いだのは、夢がいっぱいのおとぎ話 だけど、エンディングに込めた儚くも切ない祈りは

Hoping for Occasional Dependence
Icon skill 1085.pngInvisible Attack
Attack UP [II] & Guaranteed Anti-Evade (Self / 1T) 7 turns
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [III] & Guaranteed Anti-Evade (Self / 1T) 6 turns
I'm sure it's not quite enough to thank you for all your usual help, but I'm sure it's worth it.

I want you to enjoy yourself and be pampered as much today as you did at Christmas when you were a child.

That's why the strawberries on the cake, Santa Claus, and all the other goodies are for you!

今日くらいは、幼い日に過ごしたクリスマスのように めいいっぱい楽しんで、めいいっぱい甘えてほしい

The Fire Demon King and the Ice Queen
Icon skill 1220.pngDoppel Up
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Doppel Damage UP [IX] (Self / 1T) 7 turns
You were a crybaby and a coward, and you thought I had to support you.

Before I knew it, you had become a strong person who could bring me out of the darkness. The figure that emerged from the light looked like a shape-shifting heroine or hero that I saw sometime ago.

I couldn't help but think, "You're so cool!"

いつの間にか暗闇から私を連れ出してくれるような強い人になっていた 光の中から現れた姿は、いつか見た変身ヒロインかヒーローみたいで

A Perfect Happy Ending
Icon skill 1085.pngBloom Burn Edge
Normal Passive
Attack UP [IV] & Defense UP [III] & Chance to Burn [IV] (2T)
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [V] & Defense UP [IV] & Chance to Burn [V] (2T)
What I prayed for when I was a little girl was a realistic but negative ending.

Now that I am 19 years old, I've grown up a little bit and now knowing both the sweet and the sour, I wish for a more childlike, idealistic and happy ending,

A perfect happy ending where no one suffers, while smiling at the last falling snow.

少しだけ大人になって、酸いも甘いも知った19歳の私が願うのは 昔より子どもらしい、理想的で幸せなラスト

See You, Our Fairy Tale
Icon skill 1087.pngEnhance A Attack Rise
Damage Increase [V] & Aqua Attribute Attack UP [VII] (Self / 3T) 9 turns
Max Limit Break
Damage Increase [V] & Aqua Attribute Attack UP [VII] (Self / 3T) 8 turns
The Demon King of Fire and the Queen of Ice are surely living in harmony with the people even today.

Sometimes they clash, but they join forces and live on the other side of their ending. ...With such fantasies, I gently closed the time capsule

in order to weave my yet unfinished story.

時に衝突しながらも力を合わせ、エンディングの向こう側を生きている …そんな空想をして、タイムカプセルをそっと閉じた

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text

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