Yachiyo Nanami (Tanabata ver.)

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Yachiyo Nanami (Tanabata ver.)
Card 12024 l.png
Japanese Name 七海 やちよ七夕ver.
Nanami Yachiyo (Tanabata ver.)
Voiced by Japanese: Sora Amamiya

English: Erika Harlacher
Russian: Tatyana Borzova

ID No: 1202
Release Date (JP): June 28, 2021
For her full bio, see Yachiyo Nanami.

Yachiyo Nanami (Tanabata Ver.) is a version of Yachiyo Nanami that debuted in the mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. She is just Yachiyo with an alternate outfit that uses a giant star-themed fan as her weapon.

General Info

Physical Features
Age 19 (contracted at 12)
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blue
Height 165cm
Soul Gem Blue crescent moon (hanging from obi sash)
Weapon Large star-themed fan
Witch Form Campanella
Powers and Abilities To receive hope (take over the power of the deceased)
Wish “Please...keep me alive... This unit, I want to survive as it's leader.”
Occupation Fashion model
Japanese pronoun watashi ()
Known relatives Unnamed grandmother (deceased), Unnamed grandfather (deceased), unnamed parents
Origins Shinsei Ward
School Kamihama City University, First-year
Affiliation Kamihama Magia Union

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute

4★→ 5★



Attribute aqua.png


Initial 4985 2366 1701

Max at ★4 17686 8702 5990
Max at ★5 23025 10155 7073

Max SE 30276 12835 9084
Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Icon skill 1085.png Connect: Together in the Starlight

★4 Attack UP [VII] & Guaranteed Ignore Damage Cut & Guaranteed Anti-Evade
★5 Attack UP [IX] & Guaranteed Ignore Damage Cut & Guaranteed Anti-Evade
{{{2}}} Magia: Night on the Milky Way

★4 Damage to 5 Random Enemies [V] & Attack UP (Self / 3T) & Aqua Attribute Attack UP (Self / 3T) & HP Restore (Self)
★5 Damage to 5 Random Enemies [VII] & Attack UP (Self / 3T) & Aqua Attribute Attack UP (Self / 3T) & HP Restore (Self)
{{{2}}} Doppel: Campanella

★5 Attribute Strengthened Damage to 5 Random Enemies [IX] & Attack UP (Self / 5T) & Aqua Attribute Attack UP (Self / 5T) & HP Restore (Self)
Spirit Enhancement Data
Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge

4★ +5% +8% +4% +4% +4% +8%
5★ +6% +9% +5% +5% +5% +9%

SE +6% +9% +5% +8% +8% +17%
Spirit Enhancement

Icon skill 1134.png Aiming Adept Chance to Anti-Evade [III]

Icon skill 1138.png Anti-Bind Guaranteed Anti-Bind

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1091.png Charge Expert Charged Damage UP [IV] & Charge Disc Damage UP [IV]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1136.png Anti-Charm Guaranteed Anti-Charm

Icon skill 1121.png Critical Adept Chance to Critical [II]

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1217.png Charge Combo Plus Charge Combo Charge Count UP (+4)

Icon skill 1124.png Parry Adept Chance to Evade [II]

Icon skill 1214.png Technical Adept Charge Disc Damage UP [IV]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1120.png Shield Adept Damage Cut [III] (Self / 3T on Battle Start)

Icon skill 1167.png Charge Draw Draw Charge Discs CD: 5 turns


A magical girl who wears the radiance of the stars because she sympathizes with the girl from the lore. The stardust that spills from her fan not only gives her power, but also gives a sense of happiness to those who see the glow. Mistaken for a celestial maiden by witnesses, she became a hot topic among Magical Girls.

Doppel Description

Campanella, Yachiyo's doppel

The Doppel of ticket-taking. Its form is a ticket puncher. The master of this emotion stands on the bank of the Heavenly River, unable to cross it until her life runs out, and gazes across to see the shadows of friends whose departures she once saw off. Her Doppel, believing itself to have received the role of a Tanabata magpie, attempts to help its master as she searches for her old friends’ visages. It uses the lantern on its tail to illuminate the starry river, projecting it in vivid detail. But because this Doppel lacks the power to actually aid in their reunion, it can only fly to and fro through the heavens while holding on to a wish that’s impossible to grant.

Side Story

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

The story begins on the morning of Mizuna's Tanabata festival, and also the debut of the drama that Yachiyo and Tsuruno performed in (see the Tanabata event story). As part of the event, they've been asked to wear their costumes and give a speech for the screening to promote the event. Since the screening doesn't start until the evening, they decide to make a day of it with everyone in Mikazuki Villa, since there will be plenty to do before the show.

Throughout the story, the game interface frequently switches into one that looks like a video is being recorded (like the Rec indicator in the upper-right corner); this is because Tsuruno explains she wants to film their day together, and do interviews with everyone for the sake of making memories. Yachiyo is happy to do so, but reminds Tsuruno to ensure she herself gets some footage, too - she's the other star of the show, after all. Ui, meanwhile, hopes they can see the Milky Way later that night, but Iroha remarks they can't see it in the city - Yachiyo wishes they could, though.

The festival is bustling when they arrive. Sana recognizes her friends from Mizuna helping out, like Manaka and Tsumugi working at a food stall, and remarks how they all gave her lots of recommendations for what to do. Before the Mikazuki girls scurry off, Yachiyo wants to stop everyone for something - Felicia immediately assures her if she gets lost, she has her phone, so they don't need to go to the lost kids center, and they don't have to worry about getting hit by cars, either, etc, etc, etc (Tsuruno laughs at how much of a guardian Yachiyo has grown to be) - but Yachiyo actually just wants to give them all some allowance for the festival. She knows that Iroha will likely try spending hers to treat Ui to something, but asks Iroha to make sure she buys herself a little something, too.

Each girl in turn gets her allowance, and last but not least, Tsuruno is given hers, too. Tsuruno protests, saying she's in high school; Yachiyo counters by saying she's in college. She reminds Tsuruno to put herself in the video again, so Tsuruno sets it to selfie mode to get them all in the shot. After some final safety reminders from Yachiyo, the girls split into teams of Iroha and Ui, and Felicia and Sana, and scamper off to explore sights and foods of the festival.

After some time, Felicia and Sana head back to Yachiyo and Tsuruno, recommending they try the bamboo dumplings from Manaka and Tsumugi's stall. While Tsuruno and Yachiyo had sampled them during their rehearsals, Sana explains Manaka had been improving them steadily ever since. Tsuruno and Yachiyo head over to buy some, and confirm it's somehow even better than before. When Iroha and Ui return, they learn that since they visited the stall, everyone at the festival took it as a recommendation, and now the line to buy bamboo dumplings is massive! As much Yachiyo likes the dumplings, she gives the leftovers to Iroha and Ui, since they weren't able to buy any for themselves.

In return, Iroha and Ui guide the others around the best sights and attractions at the festival. It makes Iroha remember one she attended with her parents when she was little - at one point, she turned around, and saw her parents smiling at her - which made her very happy in turn, and gave her a fuzzy, indescribable feeling she couldn't place. And at this festival with her friends, and seeing Yachiyo smile - that feeling has returned once more.

Yachiyo spots the show's director, and goes to thank him. In their conversation, it comes up that Yachiyo is being offered and accepting more acting jobs ever before after performing in the Mizuna show . The director says he'd be happy to work with her again - and Tsuruno, too. Yachiyo tries to get Tsuruno to greet the director, too, but Tsuruno is busy recording; the director isn't bothered one bit, and sends Yachiyo back to her friends. He's a director, after all - he know full well about the need to capture something that can only be recorded now.

By watching Yachiyo, the indescribable feeling in Iroha finally clicks, and Tsuruno pulls her aside for a mini-interview. There, Iroha explains that when she looked back and saw Yachiyo smiled, Iroha realized that feeling was one of security, knowing Yachiyo was there and watching over everyone. Iroha feels blessed, cherishing the fact they can all spend time together like this. Iroha's soon flustered that she was so forthright, but Tsuruno tells her not to worry - what matters is that it was heartfelt. The first part closes with Yachiyo's voiced line saying she wants everyone to enjoy themselves to the fullest on special days like this one.

In part 2, everyone decides to get some water slide noodles for lunch. Various antics occur as the characters struggle to different extents to catch their food, such as Ui struggling to pluck out the baby tomatoes from the rushing water, but Yachiyo saves the day by catching food for everyone. Tsuruno needs her lunch, too, but it's hard for her to both operate the camera and eat...so Yachiyo resolves that problem by feeding Tsuruno instead, before getting Tsuruno to get herself recorded, too.

In all this, Felicia realizes Yachiyo hasn't been eating, either, what with working hard to get everyone their lunch (Felicia, of course, has piled tons of meat onto her noodles; Yachiyo makes her add some vegetables, too). Felicia tries to share some of food with Yachiyo, but Yachiyo is more concerned about making sure Felicia got everything she wanted. Felicia gets a bit frustrated, insisting Yachiyo eat something, and Yachiyo finally accepts Felicia's plate. Tsuruno takes the chance to interview Felicia for a bit, asking her how she feels. Felicia doesn't know exactly what she feels - but knows she does feel all warm on the inside.

Next up, they go to make free bamboo boats; the Mizuna canal is full of ones festivalgoers have made. Iroha goes around assisting everyone, and Tsuruno keeps the camera running. Sana sneaks off to a corner so she doesn't cause any trouble for all the muggle participants due to her invisibility, but struggles with making the boat on her own - she keeps cutting herself on the bamboo. Yachiyo and Tsuruno spot her and realize she's hurt, though, and rush over to help.

When Sana berates herself for being clumsy, Yachiyo reveals she's accidentally cut herself, too, since it's been so long since she last handled bamboo leaves. Sana is in awe that Yachiyo can make klutzy mistakes like that, too, which prompts Yachiyo to elaborate even more - as a kid, there were times she scraped her knees playing tag just before a model shoot, which always frustrated her manager. Other times, she gets snippy at her manager, and another time, when she couldn't get something off a high shelf, she jumped up and ended up knocking it straight onto her head. This cheers up Sana greatly.

Yachiyo wants to get Sana patched up, though Sana assures her she'll be fine - they're magical girls, after all - but Yachiyo says she doesn't want to keep Sana in pain any longer than necessary. And besides, it's not like Sana can go to a muggle for treatment. But that's the thing, though - Sana doesn't feel hurt anymore, but does accept Yachiyo's treatment. Once that's done, Felicia gets frustrated with her boat and gripes loudly, and Yachiyo scurries over to help her, too; this allows for Tsuruno to interview Sana this time. In it, Sana reveals that she really, truly doesn't feel hurt anymore - Yachiyo noticed she was in pain, and came to help her. That alone made her feel incredibly happy and healed.

With the boats done, the girls gather together to drop them into the canal. Sana points out that dropping hers in will spook everyone gathered, since it would look like a ship randomly spawned out of nowhere, so Yachiyo and Sana hold the boat together so they can drop it in at once - that way, it'll just look like Yachiyo added two boats herself. Ui thinks about how Yachiyo is a "bigger sister than my big sister," but also not quite a mother figure, either - she hopes she'll be like Yachiyo when she grows up. While thinking, Ui spots a lost item, and wants to drop it off with the organizers - Iroha moves to join her, but Ui abruptly runs off on her own, insisting she'll be fine, without showing anyone else what she found. Tsuruno and Yachiyo go off to follow.

It turns out Ui had found someone's wishing paper, with their wish scrawled upon it. Once she returns it, the organizers offer to let her make her wish, too. She graciously refuses and returns to her group. Along the way, she mulls over the odd relationship magical girls have with wishes - even though making wishes is a huge part of the festival, none of the magical girls have been talking about it. Making wishes is a significant part of a magical girl's life, but there are many who regret their wishes and don't want to think about it more than necessary; Ui doesn't want to tread on anyone feelings, and so she hasn't told anyone that she really wants to write down a wish of her own.

She bumps into Tsuruno and Yachiyo on her way back, and Yachiyo connects the dots - Ui claims she just wanted to look at everyone's wishes, but Yachiyo assures her that if she wants to write one, just say so. Ui says it could make the others uncomfortable, but Yachiyo brushes it off - the point of the festival is to let everyone do what they want to, and if Ui denies herself, that's what will really make everyone sad. Tsuruno pipes in, saying she wants Ui to have happy memories, too, and to make this one where they walk away from with no regrets. Ui decides to grab the wish papers for everyone - but Tsuruno catches her for another interview once they're alone, where Ui explains how happy she was that Yachiyo pushed her to do what she wanted, and Ui hopes she can encourage people like that in the future.

Later, Iroha thanks Yachiyo for helping Ui - Iroha had her suspicions, but didn't know how to approach the issue. Yachiyo says it's just part of her responsibilities in being the oldest. Felicia complains, saying that when she calls Yachiyo old, Yachiyo gets mad, but when Yachiyo calls herself old, its okay for some reason. Yachiyo says it's because Felicia makes it sound like a bad thing - getting older and gaining responsibilities is good.

While the others all banter about that, Tsuruno contemplates what her wish will be. She doesn't want to become a Witch, but she doesn't regret having ever made her wish, either. Sana and Felicia must feel otherwise. She knows that Yachiyo must have mixed feelings over her own wish, too - far more than Tsuruno does. But this train of thought makes her realize that the reason Yachiyo can push the others around (in a good way) is because she's older than them - even Tsuruno.

Tsuruno reflects on everyone's interviews so far...and smiles to herself at how Yachiyo really is a guardian and older sister figure to everyone. Yachiyo notices her smiling about something, but Tsuruno brushes her off. She thinks about how Yachiyo is dense in a very specific way: She's sensitive to everyone else's pain, but when it comes to herself, she's totally clueless over how much respect and admiration she gets from others. So in her interview to the camera, she explains that while Yachiyo can be dense, she's incredibly kind - and that's why Tsuruno loves her the way she does.

In the last part, after an eventful day, all that's left on the docket the screening! That means Yachiyo and Tsuruno have to deliver their pre-show speech. While Yachiyo goes off to get a drink of water beforehand, Tsuruno huddles up with the others, explaining she's going to compile the videos and interviews into a thank you gift for Yachiyo. Ui wants to prepare another present in addition to that, though, and they all wrack their heads for a Tanabata-related gift - eventually, Iroha thinks a planetarium trip might do the trick, since they can't see the Milky Way in the city...which gives Ui an idea.

Yachiyo returns to the group, and they all act like nothing's going on. Before she and Tsuruno leave, though, Tsuruno asks Ui to take care of the gift. We get to see part of the pre-show event where Sayuki, Yachiyo, and Tsuruno introduce themselves and their roles. Even though Tsuruno isn't a local celebrity, the audience fawns over her cheer and great smile.

As the performance begins, Yachiyo and Tsuruno note to each other how the other one seems nervous - and know it's because their friends are watching. Sayuki reassures them both, saying it is embarrassing to be watched by your own friends, but once they realize everyone is enjoying it, that embarrassment will evaporate in a flash.

At the end of the show and the Q&A session, all that's left is for Tsuruno, Yachiyo, and Sayuki to give their last words. Tsuruno hopes everyone has a favorite scene that will remain with them long after the show's over, while Sayuki encourages everyone to visit the local zoo to see the magpies. Yachiyo thanks everyone for coming out to see them.

After rousing applause, they reunite with Mikazuki, where Yachiyo remarks she was stunned that someone at the Q&A recognized them from the Magical Halloween Theater performance, which really threw off her and Tsuruno. All that's done, though - but before they can go home, Tsuruno and Yachiyo have to do their rounds of thanking everyone involved in the show. Everyone else at Mikazuki goes on ahead, since that buys tie for them to get Yachiyo's gift ready. Before they go their separate ways, Tsuruno assures the others she's finished preparing the video, too.

On their way home, Tsuruno and Yachiyo walk home together. Yachiyo thinks they should have changed out of their costumes, but Tsuruno wants to stay like they are a little while longer - it makes her feel like they're both Orihime and Hikoboshi, even though they can't see the stars from here. Yachiyo fusses over whether they need to get dinner, but Tsuruno assures her they've eaten plenty at the festival. But as they turn to Mikazuki, Yachiyo's heart stops when she sees the lights are still shut off - she panics, and rushes into the house...

...Only to see a starry light show filling the living room, and everyone thanking her. Tsuruno apologizes for giving Yachiyo a fright, but it was all to show their appreciation - with Mikazuki's very own Milky Way. Yachiyo is already emotional over the gift, but that's not all - next up is the video, where we see excerpts from everyone's interviews throughout the day, which makes Yachiyo even more overwhelmed. She can't put her feelings in words, but says she's just happy - so happy - that they’re all together - that this really is the best gift she's ever received. They put the light show back on, and Yachiyo ends the story with a voice line noting she has another treasure to treasure, and realizing she's crying, now, but this time, her tears are those of joy.

Event Appearances


  • Tanabata, also known as the Star Festival, is a Japanese festival of Chinese origin. It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi, lovers who were separated by the Milky Way and are only allowed to meet once a year on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month.
    • Based on the designs of their outfits, Yachiyo is most likely representing Orihime while Tsuruno represents Hikoboshi.
  • Yachiyo's transformed outfit was thought to be based on Tsuyu Mizuna's Magical Girl form, thanks to Yachiyo inheriting her power with her unique magic, but this was disproven when Tsuyu was released.


Memoria Cards

To edit a memoria's details, click on the specific memoria

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text
Being Myself, With Pride
Icon skill 1085.pngFull Gauge Berserk Drive
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Attack UP While At Max Health [V] & Blast Damage UP [III] & Defense DOWN [III] (Self)
"I want to be unashamed of who I am to those who believe in me.

I think this thought is similar to what Tsuyu had in mind." I unraveled the words that were left behind and understood her remaining words and sympathized with the reason why my heart was moved.

This figure is proof that she knew the legendary girl and had inherited her feelings.

この思いは露が抱いていた思いと通じるところがあると思うの」 残された言葉を解し、心が動かされた理由に共感した

Floating in the Starry Sky
Icon skill 1094.pngConvert Drain
Attack DOWN [III] (Single / 1T) & Defense UP [II] (Self / 1T) 6 turns
Max Limit Break
Attack DOWN [V] (Single / 1T) & Defense UP [II] (Self / 1T) 5 turns
"Hey, don't you think it would be fun to swim in the Milky Way?

The two of us holding hands and floating!" "The Milky Way? ...*Giggle* Very romantic."

"Oh, and if I fall, you'd have to hold me up."

ふたりで手を繋いでふよふよ~って!」 「天の川を?…ふふっ、とてもロマンチックね」

Repeatedly Flipped-Through Script
Icon skill 1085.pngBloom Adept
Normal Passive
Attack UP [III] & Defense UP [III]
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [IV] & Defense UP [IV]
**Unique to Yachiyo Nanami (Tanabata ver.)**
A script that has been read over and over again and is decorated with a lot of sticky notes

Is a sign of professional determination and pride. There are times when we are lost, troubled, and conflicted.

But once you're in front of the camera, all you have to do is play someone you're not.

プロとしての覚悟とプライドの表れ 迷い悩み、ぶつかることもあるけれど

Stars to Express Gratitude
Icon skill 1120.pngArmorment Aura Adept
Normal Passive
Damage Cut [III] & Attack UP [III] & Damage Increase [II]
Max Limit Break
Damage Cut [IV] & Attack UP [III] & Damage Increase [III]
If you can't see the real Milky Way, make one!

Make your own Milky Way for the once-a-year Tanabata... To the person you love as a token of your appreciation

"This is the most wonderful present... thank you, I'm really happy...

年に一度だけの七夕にみかづき荘だけの天の川を… 日頃の感謝を込めて大好きなあの人へ

Tracing the Thoughts that Remain at Tanabata
Icon skill 1214.pngTechnical Attack Up
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Charge Disc Damage UP [V] & Attack UP [III] (Self / 1T) 7 turns
We held hands as the soft breeze blew

Just like the ending of this drama, I'm sure the girls of the folklore must have passed each other, bumped into each other, and held hands over and over again.

We may not be in the same position or have the same way of thinking, but our goal is the same.

このドラマの結末と同じように、きっと伝承の少女たちは すれ違ってもぶつかり合っても、何度だって手を取り合ったのだろう

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text

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