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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.
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The Holy Quintet is a group of five (and an additional few in certain situations) magical girls. The group was seen in Episode 10, Rebellion, and various spinoffs.


Main Appearance

In Episode 10, the group is seen in Timeline 3 and, excluding Madoka, in Timeline 6. In Timeline 3, things mostly proceed similarly to the initial Timeline. Mami lives past Charlotte and Madoka has already contracted with Kyubey. Additionally, Sayaka contracts in this timeline and Kyoko arrives from Kazamino City and joins up with the group.
When Sayaka becomes a Witch (most likely because of Hitomi and Kyousuke), the (now) Quartet defeats her. After the battle, Mami snaps, tying up Homura and killing Kyoko. Mami decided that the only way out for them was death. Mami levels her gun to Homura and nearly killing her before Madoka kills Mami.

In Wraith Arc, the group is mostly the same as in the original show but does not include Madoka. The group becomes a trio when Sayaka begins to reject Despair Cubes (similar to how she does in the anime). Her soul gem reaches its limit and she meets Ultimate Madoka before leaving the group. The remaining characters are then left to fight Mutant Wraiths and the Spindle Witch, a combination of a Witch and a Wraith. Mami and Kyoko are killed by the Wraith, and Homura unlocks her original power to turn back time to when they were alive. The group's story ends with the beginning of Rebellion.

In Rebellion, the group is seen after Mami and Kyoko are dragged into the barrier of Homulilly. Eventually Ultimate Madoka, Nagisa and Sayaka all arrive and complete the Quintet.

In the Magia Record Anime (and in the Magia Record game), the group is together again. They are seen saving Mami from Charlotte as well as separating her from a rumor. Additionally, the group is seen hanging out in different events in the game. The group also, alongside the other girls in Magia Record, defeated Walpurgisnacht.

In Scene 0, the group, along with Mabayu Aki, are seen in multiple Scenes (chapters) of the story. A prequel to the original series, Homura travels through time to save Madoka, and Mabayu remains aware of all previous timelines. Using this power, the duo tries again and again to save Madoka, recreating the Quintet (now a Sextet or Septet depending on the Scene) multiple times.


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