Madoka Magica Rebellion Exhibition

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Exhibition: "I want to see you once more..." is an event featuring various exhibits related to Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion.


The exhibition was held in Tokyo (3-6 May 2014) at the Sunshine City Complex in Ikebukuro, Osaka (17-18 May 2014) at the Asia and Pacific Trade Center and Nagoya (27-28 September 2014) at the Nagoya International Exhibition Hall. Regular tickets cost ¥2,300 and tickets bundled with a limited edition booklet containing staff interviews and illustrations cost ¥4,300. In addition to the exhibition, visitors could buy themed food and beverages from the cafe or purchase exclusive Madoka Magica goods at the shop.


Rebellion Exhibition 02.jpg
Scene 1 - Welcome to...
Like the movie, the exhibition begins in the Nightmare world.
Scene 2 - Beginnings, Eternal
A look back at the story of the first two movies.
Scene 3 - Puella Magi Holy Quintet
Scene 4 - Is it alright like this...
The bus heading to Kazamino City is reproduced using trick art.
Scene 5 - The two disagree
Contains a life-sized figure of Mami hugging Bebe.
Scene 6 - Homura's thoughts
Scene 7 - The closed world, the return to reality
Contains life-sized figures of Nagisa Momoe and of Sayaka and Kyoko standing back to back.
Scene 8 - The Law of Cycles
Contains a life-sized figure of Ultimate Madoka.
Scene 9 - The changed world
Scene 10 - Fin

Madoka Magica Café

Rebellion Exhibition 03.jpg
  • Themed drinks (Ultimate Madoka, Akuma Homura, Sayaka and Kyoko, Mami and Bebe, Nagisa Momoe), ¥600 each
  • Homura curry, ¥900
  • Momoe Nagisa cheesecake, ¥650
  • Kyubey ice cream with brown sugar syrup, ¥650

Presents: special coaster, special table mat


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