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Neo Dorothy Motherfucker, also referred to as Neo Dorothy or Alina Eve, is a witch appearing in Magia Record Anime. She is a fusion of Shitori Egumo, Old Dorothy, and the Uwasa of the Fur God.

Witch Card

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アリナ・グレイが自身を熱病のドッペルに食わせると同時に、エンブリオイブへ感染しその体を乗っ取った姿。この状態でも、数万人程度なら一瞬で熱病のドッペルを感染させ人工魔法少女化することが可能。人工魔法少女は年齢性別を問わず魔力を行使することが出来るようになるが、従来の魔法少女同様グリーフシードで浄化しないと熱病のドッペルに体を乗っ取られ魔女化してしまう。 一見、願いという対価なしに魔法少女の運命を背負わせているようにみえるが、アリナによると「人類の繁栄がその対価」「肉体や権力に左右されない魔法という力を得られることも対価」「そもそもこれはアートなので、必ずしも対価は必要とされない」「魔力の無償配布

is GOD」ということらしい。本来、灯花とねむはエンブリオエブにワルパルギスの夜と共に自分達を回収させ、ドッペルシステムという概念を完成させるつもうだった。

Neo Dorothy Motherfucker

EpisodesEpisode 25

Alina Eve (Alias) The form Alina Gray took after allowing her Doppel of Fever to devour her, while simultaneously taking over Embryo Eve's body via its infection. Even in this state, she's able to instantly spread the Doppel of Fever to about several dozen thousand people, thereby transforming them into artificial Magical Girls. Artificial Magical Girls become able to use magic regardless of age or gender, but much like the original Magical Girls, they must purify themselves with Grief Seeds to avoid being taken over by the Doppel of Fever and turning into Witches. At a glance, it may seem like they're being forced to bear the fate of Magical Girls without even a wish as collateral, but according to Alina, "humanity's prosperity itself is the collateral," "being granted magic-- a power that's completely independent of physical ability or social standing-- is also collateral," "in the first place this is Art so there doesn't even really need to be collateral," and "free-of-charge magic distribution is GOD". Originally, Touka and Nemu were intending to complete their concept of the Doppel System by making Embryo Eve absorb the two of them, in addition to Walpurgisnacht.


  • On the Shaft Twitter image, the fusion of Alina with Embryo Eve is nicknamed "Alina Eve". However, in the anime the fused Witch appeared with the Runic name "Neo Dorothy Motherfucker".
    • This is likely a play on Alina's Witch's name "Old Dorothy" and her habit of cursing in English.
  • The 'roots' on her lower body might be based on the coremata of the Creatonotos gangis moth.
  • The reindeer legs are reminiscent of the Rumor of the Fur God, even though it does not appear in the anime.
  • In the Magia Record game, Motherfucker is given the Void attribute, normally reserved for Coordinators and other magical girls whose wish takes the form of a curse. It was also one of the elements given to Walpurgisnacht during its boss levels.
    • This follows clearly from the rationale behind her existence, since Alina became Motherfucker as an expression of her rage against the system, to curse humanity and bring them down to the magical girls' level.
  • The Magia Record game lists her name as simply "Neo Dorothy." Whether this is because of software limitations, a retcon, or simply choosing or being forced not to use expletives is unclear.
  • Also in the Magia Record game, her description was slightly different than the one revealed on Twitter, which is the following:
    • “The form that Alina Gray, in pursuit of her plan to turn all of humanity into magical girls, allowed her Doppel of Fever to devour her while also infected herself with Embryo Eve, which took over her body. Those infected with the Doppel that Eve spreads become artificial Magical Girls and are able to use their magical powers, and for Alina, "free distribution of magical power is GOD". However, as with conventional Magical Girls, if they are not purified with Grief Seed, they will eventually become Witches. It seems as if no one receives a price for their wishes, but Alina believes that "the prosperity of mankind and the power of magic are the price", and that "art is art, so there is no need for a price to begin with.”
    • (アリナ・グレイが全人類魔法少女化計画を遂行するにあたり、自身を熱病のドッペルに食わせた上でエンブリオ・イブに感染し、 その体を乗っ取った姿。 このイブが拡散する ドッペルに感染した人間は、人工魔法少女となって魔力を行使できるようになり、アリナとしては「魔力の無償配布isGOD」な状況。 ただし、従来の魔法少女と同様にグリーフ シードで浄化しないと、いずれ魔女になってしまう。誰も願いの対価を受けてないように感じるが 「人類の繁栄と魔法という力が対価」 「そもそもアートだから対価は必要ない」というのがアリナの考えらしい。)
  • Her size was also apparently smaller than all other Embro Eve forms in the Magia Record Game.


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