Magia Record Episode 25: No One Knows Our Record

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Magia Record Anime S3EP4 Ending subtitle.jpg
Script Katsuhiko Takayama
Storyboard Yukihiro Miyamoto
Gekidan Inu Curry (Doroinu)
Episode director Yukihiro Miyamoto
Animation Director Kana Miyai
Hitoshi Miyajima
Nobuhiro Mutō
Yoshikatsu Matsuzaki
Yui Ushinohama
Miki Takahashi
Junichirō Takahashi

No One Knows Our Record is the fourth (last) episode of Magia Record Anime Season 3.


Iroha is shocked by observing and hearing the fact from Kyubey, that Kuroe becomes witches (thus died) due to herself. Kyubey explained that the hopeness and despair are equal. Mirror Iroha blames Iroha that many magicals girls become witches due to Iroha. Magical girls in Mikazuki Villia saves Iroha from the sky, and tells Iroha to share the hopeness and despair together. Then, five magical girls fight with Nemu, Touka, and Eve and successfully control Eve with help of other supporting magical girls. In the midst of Touka and Nemu fighting for the sake of liberation of magical girls, Iroha stops them, and tells them that such action is unsolvable for saving Ui. Touka and Nemu claim that such method would only harm the unknowns, and they do all the things for the sake of Iroha. Iroha wants Touka and Nemu to cherish every second of being together, instead of liberation of magical girls. (Eve cries as well) Nemu and Touka apologizes to Iroha, and Iroha promises that she would protect Nemu and Touka. All of a sudden, Alina, in doppel form, tells all of the magical girls that the plan will be continued with fusion between Eve and her doppel, for the sake of obtaining magical power from humans so no grief seed is needed to be used. Nemu and Touka blame Alina that why the liberation of magical girls require distribution of magical girls, thus being meaningless for the plan [1], and Alina responded that the plan is rather an exciting show and story. To compensate the sins, Touka and Nemu transform to Doppel and defeat Eve, with accompnaiment of Chisai Kyubey, , who is Ui..

Yachiyo is travelled with train towards sky, and meet the Kanae and Mel due to the magical power inside Yachiyo. While Yachiyo is blaming herself that Kanae and Mel are sacrificed due to her magical power of preventing being deceased, Kane, Mel and Mifuyu reply that the actual power of Yachiyo is to give hope to others. Yachiyo invites Mifuyu to go to Mikazuka Villa, Mifuyu is happy and suggests sleeping in the living room, with accompaniment of Kanae and Momoko. After that, Kanae, Mel, Mifuyi and Momoko reach the time of leaving to the train

Iroha re-meets Ui. Ui tells Iroha that since the body of Ui is composed by magic, her existence would be scattered like particles. When Iroha feels being blessed, Iroha can feel the existence of Ui.

Iroha returns to the reality, in doppel form, distributing the ribbon to every magical girl, which symbolizes the hopeness. With help of Ui's magical power, the despair are collected. Yachiyo's trident also appear black, green, yellow, and grey ribbon, which symbolize Kanae, Mel, Momoko and Mifuyu respectively. Iroha also puts the grief seed into the collecting system. Iroha attacks Eve with such collecting power.

"No one knows about our wishes. No one knows about what we being against. This is the story that what we crying. No one knows about we being angry. No one knows about we find out. No one knows about Alina's art. No one knows about our being cheated, being taken, battling. No one knows about we seeing our hope and failing. No one knows the any of our pledge, who is saved by us."

This commotion is being regarded as consequences of typhoon, and the magical girls are not being recorded in any literature. Iroha gives the book of magia record to Ultimate Madoka

No one knows, our record



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Objective facts

  • The conservation between Iroha and Ui confirm that why throughout the series of magia record, Chisai Kyubey can appear from nowhere, disappear with water, instruct Kuroe (Episode 15). Also, the existence between Ui and Ultimate Madoka are different. Ui exists, but with form of magic (or like scattered particles). Ultimate Madoka does not exist (or in form of believeness rather than particles and energy)
  • No matter it is the original anime or Magia record, the hopeness only directs to magical girls, not trivial human being.

Subjective opinion

  • There are two interpretions of "record". One of the record is that no one knows the existence of magical girl (which is the nomral interpretion). Also, after being witches, the soul and the body (most likely) disappear - no one knows the record of the magical girls at some time.


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  1. [Please further confirm whether it is true, and delete this footnote after confirmation or correction.]