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This page covers fictional works that exist within the world of Magia Record. Many such works are named and referenced by various characters throughout the game.

Decagon Ball

Decagon Ball (デカゴンボール Dekagon Booru) is a TV show, based off real-life Dragon Ball.

It is the favorite show of Felicia Mitsuki.

Detective Maid Mei

Detective Maid Mei (探偵少女 メイドのメ―ちゃん Tantei Shoujo Meido no Mee-chan) is a short manga series by the same author as Phantom Thief Magical Kirin. It was only ever mentioned in the Newbie Maid Carefree Kanagi event story.

Karin Misono lent this manga to Kanagi Izumi to help her become a better maid.


Doraemonball (ドーラエモンボール Dōraemonbōru) is a TV show, based off real-life Doraemon.

It is the second favorite show of Felicia Mitsuki.

Dragon Knight Squad

Dragon Knight Squad (ドラゴン・ナイト・スクワッド Doragon Naito Sukuwaddo) is a TV show, based off real-life Super Sentai.

It is the favorite show of Hotori Yuzuki.


Is a popular crime literary series written by Daihachiro Furuyahsiki. Both Jun Kazari and Temari Kira seem to have read about this series.

Mr. Purrs-a-lot

Mr. Purrs-a-lot (こねこのゴロゴロ Koneko no Gorogoro) is a puppet show about the titular cat, Mr. Purrs-a-lot, who lives in a place called "animal city" (Japanese).

It is the favorite show of Sana Futaba. As revealed in Sana's MSS: Due to being neglected by her family, Sana spent a lot of time outdoors and befriended a stray cat, whom she named Miss Purrs (Japanese) after Mr. Purrs-a-lot. She owned a Mr. Purrs-a-lot keychain, which helped her bond with another lonely student who liked it, but was soon after bullied by other students who stole the keychain. When she was first approached by Kyubey to make her contract, she initially wanted to wish herself into the show's "animal city" setting, but was told doing so was impossible. Iroha Tamaki also owns a Mr. Purrs-a-lot keychain, and the two of them can talk to each other about it now that Sana has joined Mikazuki Villa.

Apart from the titular Mr Purrs-a-lot, characters mentioned include Wonderfur, Curlymagne, Piggles the Pig, and Moortimer the Cow. The show is written by Hajime Niboshi, directed by Nekoyanagi, and brought to life by the puppet troupe Futamiza.

Each episode was 15 minutes. Several episodes have been alluded to, including one where Mr. Purrs-a-lot rides a balloon into space, one where Mr. Purrs-a-lot gets into a beach volleyball tournament and almost wins, and one where Mr. Purrs-a-lot rides a huge bird to another village.

In the event Bittersweet AI Memory, Uwasa taking the form of characters from the show appear.




Nomadic Detective Koichi Todoroki

Nomadic Detective Koichi Todoroki (宿無し探偵・等々力耕一 Yadonashi Tantei Todoroki Kouichi) (also translated as Wandering Detective Koichi Todoroki) is a detective TV series.

The actor portraying Koichi Todoroki is Takehiko Sakaki.

It is the favorite show of Chiharu Hiroe, and she always wears a pin featuring the series' protagonist.

Phantom Thief Magical Kirin

Phantom Thief Magical Kirin (怪盗少女マジカルきりん Kaitou Shoujo Majikaru Kirin) is a long-running shoujo manga series that supposedly features a rather formulaic approach. According to Karin Misono, "it's a story about how Magical Kirin steals a bunch of magical artifacts that were scattered around the world, all while battling demons and ghouls".

Fans of this series refer to themselves as Kirinites (マジきらー Maji Kiraa). Known Kirinites include Karin Misono (whose Magical Girl costume is based off Kirin's), Karin's grandmother, Alina Gray (after being lent this manga by Karin), Riko Chiaki and Ashley Taylor.

As was revealed in Ashley Taylor's MSS, some locations in the manga are based off Kamihama City itself. Additionally, the same story revealed that the chapters 20 through 27 of the manga are known as the Western Cellar arc (異境地下室編 Ikyou Shikashitsu Hen).