Magia Record Story Mitama's Special Training - Iroha and Yachiyo Episode

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The story begins after Main Story Chapter 6. Yachiyo Nanami has been convinced by Iroha Tamaki to stop believing her wish kills people, at least for now.

Part One

In her home, Yachiyo pulls out a box containing what her friends Kanae Yukino and Mel Anna left behind. Yachiyo thinks that she's never opened the box since she filled it. She spends the day staring at the box, unable to open it. Iroha arrives and asks about the box. Yachiyo explains what it is and says she's trying to work through her feelings. When Yachiyo says she can't open it Iroha asks if she can help. Yachiyo says it's a problem of her feelings and then remembers they were supposed to visit Mitama Yakumo. Yachiyo says she can open the box later.

The girls present Mitama with Grief Seeds, gems, and "all sorts of other things". Mitama is surprised by the payment she's getting. Yachiyo says they need more power to save everyone. Mitama says it's wonderful they're risking themselves to save their friends, and promises to try her best. She then says that she's worried about Yachiyo and suggests that she should clear up her issues with the box (having heard of it from Yachiyo earlier). Yachiyo tells Mitama not to poke her nose in her business, but Mitama says that her heart should be stable before her adjustment. Mitama also suggests that Yachiyo should straighten out the past before proceeding into the future.

Yachiyo tells Mitama to mind her own business. Mitama says Yachiyo's afraid, but she insists she isn't. Mitama says she believes her and offers to adjust both Iroha and Yachiyo at once. Mitama says she doesn't usually do this, but this is special. As Mitama works her magic on Yachiyo, Yachiyo thinks about Kanae and Mel, the box, and what Mitama said. Yachiyo thinks she can get over the past, but can't get over Mitama's comment about being afraid. Suddenly she finds herself in a gray room, confronted by a shadowy doppelganger.

Part Two

The shadow claims to be Yachiyo and says she is a afraid. Yachiyo says she thought she accepted all her fears and regrets. The shadow agrees and says it punched the tickets of her friends and guided them to the train headed from death. The shadow says what scares her is the future. She asked what Yachiyo has been doing ever since she lost Kanae and Mel. Yachiyo says she's been stopping potential magical girls from contracting, saving magical girls who were in danger, and stopping any girls from trying to interfere with the abnormalities in Kamihama. The shadow says that Yachiyo was clumsy and selfish, fearing her own wish, involving the people around her, and clinging to her past with Mifuyu.

Yachiyo insists that things are different now, but the shadow claims that Yachiyo is at a standstill. Yachiyo admits she's afraid of losing this chance. The shadow points out Yachiyo is afraid of opening the box and seeing her friends' last words. The shadow says it's fine to be afraid. Suddenly it turns into Yachiyo's doppel, who says that she should accept her wish will kill everyone and clip their tickets towards death. Yachiyo says she can't believe in her own future.

Part Three

The doppel says she might as well despair and punch tickets towards death for all eternity. Yachiyo thanks the doppel for allowing her to learn her own fear. The doppel tells her to forget about it all, but Yachiyo refuses. The doppel returns to being a shadow and asks if Yachiyo is denying her fear of the future. Yachiyo says she is accepting her fear, but won't give into it. She says she can't waste the hope Iroha gave her. However, she still accepts that she let people die and that she's afraid of the future. The shadow says it's good enough for itself, but asks what it will do. Yachiyo says that it should know already. As one, both of them say that they will cut Kanae and Mel's tickets once more, so they can move on

Suddenly the shadow disappears and is replaced by Iroha. Yachiyo asks what she's doing there. Iroha guesses it's because they're both being adjusted together. Yachiyo asks Iroha to stay with her. Iroha asks Yachiyo to let her see her friends off. Suddenly Kanae and Mel appear. Kanae tells Yachiyo not to lose her way anymore, and Mel asks her to be cool like the senior she looked up to. The girls bid her goodbye, and tell her to head out to the future. Yachiyo thanks them and says she's off to the future.

Yachiyo awakens at Mitama's place and asks if Mitama knew she was afraid from the beginning. Mitama says she didn't, since she hasn't adjusted Yachiyo in awhile. However, she was worried that something would happen so she adjusted Yachiyo together with Iroha. Mitama claims that if something happened to Yachiyo, Iroha could save her. Mitama claims that she was worried for nothing and chuckles. Yachiyo thanks Mitama for looking out for her and tells Iroha it's time to go home. Mitama tells her to wait, and says the girls can stop by for an adjustment on the house. Yachiyo points out that Mitama is throwing away her impartiality, but Mitama says what she lends powers to is everyone's bonds. Yachiyo tells her not to cross bridges she doesn't have to, and Mitama says she'll keep that in mind.

Back at her house, Yachiyo thinks she's stopped living in fear and decides to take care of what's left over from her past. She goes to open the box. Iroha says she doesn't have to open it, but Yachiyo says she won't hesitate anymore. Iroha leaves the room, but comes back when Yachiyo says she can look as well. Iroha says she didn't actually know Kanae or Mel, but Yachiyo says they're like friends from the past. It turns out that Kane left a book of lyrics, while Mel left her impressions from fortune telling.

Kanae had written a song about how she was like a single point in the world until she met two other points and became a circle. Mel meanwhile had written a prophecy. It states that an usual event will occur in Kamihama that can bring change, but many points will gather and draw a circle. Mel wrote that this is probably a circle of people, spun by magical girls, and while there will be danger the people together will be full of gentleness. Mel believed that a star creates the trigger, and that this star is a person that will fall near Yachiyo. While Mel didn't know if that person will be the cause, she looked forward to meeting her and believed that if the person falls near Yachiyo, then Mel will meet her as well.

Mel claimed that the three points Kanae wrote about were probably Mifuyu, Kanae and herself, and the future she writes of will be sure to visit. Upon reading this, Yachiyo starts crying. Iroha says they should head into the gentle future and draw that circle with everyone. Yachiyo says in order to do that they first need to get back their three points - Tsuruno, Felicia, and Sana.

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