Magia Record Main Story Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: The Memories that Speak of the Truth

Section 1: Invitation to a Lecture

As two familiars of the Unknown Witch talk nonsense to each other, Alina Gray and Mifuyu Azusa discuss Iroha Tamaki's group. Mifuyu says they're just searching for herself and Iroha's sister. Alina says if that's the case they wouldn't have had to fight, and also the reason "she" said she would give a "lecture". Mifuyu says it's important to educate them. Alina says she wants to delete Felicia Mitsuki but the consensus of Magius is that she can't. However, she asks Mifuyu if she can do something about Yachiyo Nanami, since she knows the truth and opposes them. Mifuyu says she thought of a countermeasure, since Yachiyo won't pose a threat if she's alone.

Iroha things about everything she's learned in Kamihama City. She thinks that the Wings of Magius are wrong, but all her leads tie to them. She tells these thoughts to Yachiyo who agrees and says they're connected by a nasty fate. Iroha says they should gather Grief Seeds. Yachiyo agrees and says they should worry about Alina. Sana Futaba says that when things are personal for Alina she loses sight of everything around her, and that the others should be careful. Yachiyo wonders if they shouldn't join Wings of Magius and work from the inside, but then admits that's not realistic.

Iroha decides to cook dinner, and Sana offers to help to learn how to cook herself. Suddenly Tsuruno Yui and Felicia arrive. It turns out that they were bringing home vegetables, but Felicia left them in a witch barrier. Felicia says she didn't do it on purpose. Tsuruno says this isn't the first time this has happened. Felicia says if Tsuruno doesn't like it then she shouldn't hold the groceries. Tsuruno says if that's the case she won't help Felicia study. Felicia says she'll just have Iroha help. Unfortunately, Iroha can't seem to make Felicia understand how to subtract negative numbers. Tsuruno then decides to help Felicia. Iroha thinks that Tsuruno is amazingly good at teaching.

Iroha notices that Sana is looking happy. Sana explains that she was happy looking at the mugs they got from before. Iroha understands and says the mugs give her a sense they're on the same team. Sana thinks that since Yachiyo bought the cups, they should all buy coasters for them. Iroha thinks it's a good idea. Elsewhere, Tsuruno teaches Felicia by using simple vector math. Iroha notes they're back to normal already. Iroha and Sana tell them their idea, and the girls agree. Yachiyo says it's bedtime and asks if Tsuruno is sleeping over. When Tsuruno says she is, Yachiyo asks what they were discussing. Sana has to keep Felicia from saying it.

That night, Iroha texts Madoka Kaname. Madoka says that the coaster idea is a good one. Iroha says things have settled down where she is, and asks how things are going with Madoka. Madoka admits that Mami Tomoe hasn't come back yet. Iroha says Madoka can ask if there's anything she can do to help. The next day, the girls buy the coasters and prepare to give them to Yachiyo. The girls plan to make it a surprise, with Iroha waiting in the living room and the other girls coming from outside. When Iroha hears someone come into the house, she's surprised to find it's Mifuyu.

Mifuyu makes herself tea, pointing out she came to this house for seven years. Iroha tells Mifuyu that Yachiyo forbade her from taking the mugs on the shelf, but Mifuyu says one of them is hers. She takes one that Iroha thinks she hasn't seen before. Mifuyu says it's like Yachiyo to express her affection that way. Iroha notes that there was another mug near Mifuyu's and wonders who it belonged to. After sipping tea, Mifuyu asks Iroha if she thought about joining the Wings of Magius. Mifuyu admits she would have liked to ask her entire group at once, but it didn't look like they were coming back.

Mifuyu points out if Iroha joined the Wings of Magius they wouldn't need to fight each other while Iroha looks for her sister. Iroha says it's tempting, but she can't just let other people get hurt. Iroha says there's no way she can protect Witches or Rumors, and she can't forgive people who use others like they did to Sana. Mifuyu apologizes, and then decides that they should hold a lecture on what it means to release a magical girl so that Iroha can understand what is really going on. Mifuyu says she can't tell Iroha directly, but she can ask a Magius to do so. Mifuyu asks if Iroha will hear them out before resorting to fighting. Iroha agrees, saying she doesn't want to fight someone without knowing about them.

Iroha tells Mifuyu not to have any Black or White Wings there. Mifuyu says she doesn't have to worry about that. Iroha then accepts Mifuyu's offer. Mifuyu says the lecture will be the day after tomorrow, at a Rumor called the "Memory Museum". Mifuyu tells Iroha to research the Rumor, saying this test of Iroha's skill would make a better reason for the Magius to hold the lecture. Suddenly, Yachiyo returns home and is surprised to find Mifuyu. Mifuyu says she was hoping to invite Yachiyo into the Wings of Magius. Yachiyo says she doesn't have the slightest intention of joining and tells Mifuyu to leave.

The other girls return to Yachiyo's house. Tsuruno says Iroha should have contacted them, but then is surprised to see Mifuyu. Mifuyu apologizes for making such a commotion and says they can come to the Wings of Magius anytime they want. Mifuyu then leaves. Felicia says that simply walking into the enemy's base and offering them to switch sides is pretty crazy. Yachiyo says to forget about it and have dinner. Mifuyu then returns, saying she needs to talk to Yachiyo privately. She telepathically contacts Iroha, asking her to tell everyone about the lecture they discussed.

Mifuyu says she needs to give Yachiyo a warning. She asks her to think about the promise they made a year ago. Mifuyu says she was surprised when she saw Iroha and the others had their own mugs. She tries to say something about making friends before Yachiyo cuts her off. Yachiyo says Iroha and the others aren't friends and that they're just cooperating. Mifuyu dismisses this as sophistry and claims Yachiyo has returned to her old ways. She says Yachiyo is too kind, so she can't just look away and pretend she hasn't seen anything. Yachiyo tells her to leave, but Mifuyu has one more thing to say: The Wings of Magius are only connected by their interests. Yachiyo repeats her command to leave.

When Yachiyo returns to the house, Tsuruno notes her face is pale. Yachiyo says Mifuyu only invited her to the Wings of Magius and she now needs to rest for a bit. Iroha says they'll take care of dinner. After Yachiyo leaves, Felicia says they forgot to give her the coasters. Sana says they can do it another time, since now is not a good idea. The girls decide to make dinner. Afterward, Iroha thinks that there are things about Yachiyo she doesn't know, and wonders what Mifuyu really said to Yachiyo. Late that night, Yachiyo has some sort of reaction in the bathroom. She thinks she can't stay like this and has to return to who she was from a year ago.

Section 2:The Meeting Place is the Memory Museum

Iroha texts Madoka and says she didn't give Yachiyo the coasters. Iroha says she's waiting for Yachiyo to feel better. Madoka thinks that Yachiyo would be happy to receive the coasters, but then it would be more like consoling her. Iroha then tells Madoka about Mifuyu. The next day, she tells Yachiyo that she will go to the Memory Musuem. Tsuruno agrees, saying there's no reason not to go. Sana says it might be a trap, but Felicia says they can fight their way out of it. Iroha asks Yachiyo if she knows the Rumor's location, but she's never heard of it. Yachiyo says she'll be leaving for school.

Iroha says Yachiyo is leaving a bit early. Yachiyo says she's going to be leaving earlier now, and her photoshoot will run late this evening. After Yachiyo leaves, Tsuruno notes she's been acting oddly. Iroha agrees, saying that Yachiyo would normally be more interested when she mentions a Rumor. Felicia wonders if she has a stomachache, while Sana thinks Yachiyo might be in a bad mood. Tsuruno thinks Mifuyu might have said something to Yachiyo. Iroha wonders what she can do, but Tsuruno thinks it's probably something hard to talk about. Sana asks if Iroha is really going to go, despite everything that happened. Iroha says she at least wants to hear what they have to say. Sana promises to protect Iroha. Felicia says they should investigate now, but Tsuruno tells her not to skip school.

At school, Iroha and Tsuruno tell Momoko Togame's group about what happened. Kaede Akino wonders if it's really okay for them to come without an invitation, but Tsuruno says there's no need to worry. Momoko asked if they found the Memory Museum, but the girls haven't yet. Kaede and Rena Minami haven't heard of it either. Rena points out that Yachiyo is the rumor maniac, but Tsuruno says that Yachiyo claimed to know nothing. Rena tells them not to look so depressed. Iroha explains she was thinking about how Yachiyo acted after Mifuyu left. Momoko says that Mifuyu is something of a weak spot for Yachiyo. Iroha thinks if Yachiyo told them what she's hiding they could help.

The word hiding causes Kaede and Rena to put Momoko on the spot - as they still remember she was hiding something from earlier. Momoko changes the subject and says they should see Mitama Yakumo after school. Momoko says Mitama told her to hunt familiars today, and thinks she might know something. As Momoko leaves to go back to class, Rena and Kaede scold her for trying to change the subject. Momoko thinks she needs to be more careful with what she says. She promises to tell the girls sometime later. Momoko wonders if Yachiyo is worrying about the same thing she is.

At her place, Mitama greets Iroha and Momoko and says it's been so long she got lonely. Momoko tells Iroha not to take her seriously. Iroha asks about the Memory Musuem, but Mitama knows nothing. Mitama admits that if she did know something she wouldn't tell her so easily. Momoko asks if that's how she rips people off. Mitama says that depending on how she feels, she accepts more than money or Grief Seeds. She then explains that she always tries to be trustworthy and neutral in business, and won't sell someone's secrets. Momoko says she was sure Mitama would sell their information. Mitama says if Momoko is alright with it she can talk about Momoko's animal patterned underwear. Momoko tells Iroha not to believe her.

Mitama explains she can't remember everything she's seen anyway, since if she put all of everyone's life experiences in her head she would explode. Suddenly Iroha gets a phone call from Kaede. Kaede says she saw something like a familiar that talked about the Memory Museum. Kaede says that it's by Rena in an arcade in Ei Ward. She can't recall what the rumor was, but the creature might be around. Iroha rushes out. Mitama then asks Momoko what she will do. She brings up the underwear, but then as she lists the animals, she suddenly says "Witch". Momoko is shocked, and Mitama says she saw her worries clearly. Momoko says Mitama is scary enough without being able to see that.

Momoko wonders if she should tell Rena and Kaede or not. Mitama says she should tell them. Momoko says she's afraid about how they will react. Mitama admits that fear won't go away, but they would accept it easier if Momoko told them instead of having them hear it randomly. Mitama says Momoko should be with them and tell them properly, and says it's not like her to have so little confidence. Momoko agrees and decides to tell Rena and Kaede herself rather than have them unexpectedly witness it.

Iroha arrives at the arcade and meets with Rena and Kaede. Rena notes the creature didn't have any magic or leave a barrier. Iroha thinks it only spreads rumors, which makes Rena wonder if it's a Rumor that spread Rumors. The girls suddenly see the creature, the same one that spreads Rumors. The creature explains the Rumor of the Memory Museum. In a Museum, if you rings a bell, memories will be displayed. If you look at a memory kept there, it will influence you. The creature then disappears. Iroha is relieved to have found the rumor. Rena asks if she really is going to go to the lecture, and says she should be more careful.

Iroha agrees, but thinks it's like relationships at school - looking at the surface before deciding what someone is like, and spreading that impression to others. Kaede suggests that they should go with Iroha, but Rena points out that Momoko had something to tell them that day. Iroha thanks them for worrying and says she will be fine. She goes to Tsuruno's restaurant and speaks with Sana. Iroha suspects that the Rumor is recently made. The girls watch Tsuruno and Felicia work. When a customer asks for beer, Felicia gives his kids orange juice claiming that if he gets beer, they get juice. Tsuruno's father tells the girls to take a break, saying that Iroha has started talking to herself already. Iroha remembers that no-one else can see Sana. Sana apologizes, but Iroha tells her not to worry.

Iroha tells the others about what she found. Tsuruno thinks the Memory Museum is probably at an actual museum. Her father overhears her and mentions the Recording Museum. Before he inherited the shop, he would go there to listen to music and watch old movies. It was the place where he spent his youth. He then explains that the museum was shut down years ago and only the building was left. Iroha points out that recordings and memories are similar, and Sana says an abandoned building would be perfect for a Rumor. They thank Tsuruno's father, who is grateful despite not understanding. After he leaves to help a customer, the girls find the museum's location. Iroha says they should check with Yachiyo.

At her house, Yachiyo tells them not to go. She says that it still might be a trap, and the way they had Iroha research a Rumor was suspicious. Iroha says they still need answers. Sana says the Rumor could be nice. Yachiyo says they can go, but she's not coming with them. Felicia asks if she doesn't want Iroha's search for her sister to go well. Yachiyo says that's not true, but still won't help. She then storms off to her room. Iroha asks Yachiyo to tell her what's wrong since they're friends, but Yachiyo insists they aren't and has no need to answer her. Iroha thinks Yachiyo is acting they way she did when they first met.

The next day the girls prepare to leave. Yachiyo insists she's staying, as she won't walk into a trap. Tsuruno says this isn't like Yachiyo. She says Yachiyo once told her she shouldn't achieve something big without achieving something small, and that she shouldn't try to reach the result she wants if she can't protect her friends. Tsuruno claims that if Yachiyo really thought it was dangerous she wouldn't let them go. Yachiyo just tells them to leave. Iroha promises to send Yachiyo the location, and asks to tell them if she changes her mind. As the girls leave, Felicia says Yachiyo skipped breakfast and wonders if they just have to wait for her to return to normal. Iroha thinks Yachiyo is carrying more than anyone else. The girls promise to cheer up Yachiyo later.

As they arrive at the museum, Tsuruno says Iroha has gotten better at using her phone. Iroha says she's had more chances to practice. When the girls enter the musuem, they find it falling apart. Suddenly they detect magic, which feels like Ai. They figure they're sensing the Rumor, but they can't sense Mifuyu's magic. Suddenly they sense the magic of someone they never met before. Iroha deduces that it's the Magius holding the lecture. A voice congratulates them for figuring it out. Iroha is shocked to see the speaker is Touka Satomi sitting in a throne. Touka says that Iroha really does know her, and says it's nice to meet her. She introduces herself as one of the Magius. Meanwhile at Yachiyo's house, Yachiyo looks at the mugs and tells Mifuyu she was cowardly. Because of what Mifuyu told her, she can't do anything. She apologizes to Iroha.

Section 3: The Magius's Lecture

Iroha asks Touka if she remembers her. Touka says she was surprised Iroha was searching for her, and heard she was looking for Nemu Hiiragi. Touka claims that she doesn't remember Iroha, rather she never knew her. Although she was hospitalized with Nemu she has no knowledge of Iroha or Ui. Iroha asks what happened to Nemu, and Touka says that after leaving the hospital they went their separate ways. Touka says that she's not the Touka Iroha's knows, but rather one of the Magius. Iroha says she's never expected to learn this, but Touka says that's not her fault. Suddenly a banquet table appears.

Touka calls it a peace offering and offers tea and cake. She says she's been learning from someone good at making sweets. Tsuruno and Sana say that they won't let Touka get away with it if she messed with the food, but Touka brushes them off. Elsewhere, Yachiyo thinks of two magical girls and thinks they're her friends. She thinks of Sana and Felicia and insists to herself they're cooperating. She wants to believe that Iroha is an assistant and Tsuruno is a disciple. She then wonders if she can really leave things like this when the others are going to find out, and decides to research the Memory Museum.

Back at the museum, Touka asks if the girls have calmed down. Iroha says she can accept it and admits if Touka remembered Ui it would be a bit too convenient. Touka then begins her lecture, which is about the truth behind magical girls. She says that everyone in the Wings of Magius knows the truth, and it isn't a joke or a lie. Touka then tells them about three magical girls, A, B and C. Touka says they were friends who hunted witches together. However, one day they struggled against a witch and let it get away. They challenged the witch the next day, but it was too powerful for them. At that moment, girl C stood up and charged at the witch. The witch was dealt a lethal blow and was finished by girl A. However, despite being uninjured, girl C died.

Touka asks the others why they think that happened. Felicia wonders if she was poisoned. Iroha asks if she was suffocated. Touka says they're wrong. Tsuruno asks if it was the girl's Soul Gem. Touka says she's correct. Next to girl C's body was a shattered Soul Gem. Touka says that's when girls A and B realized that their Soul Gems were literally their lives. Sana asks if that's true. Touka admits it doesn't feel that way, and asks Sana to put her Soul Gem down. Sana does so and suddenly flinches. Touka says that even if Sana receives a small magical attack she'll unconsciously curl up from the damage. If her Gem were to break she would die.

Touka says that using magic is like shaving away at your own life, and asks if any of them have felt that before. Iroha remembers the Rumor at the shrine and says she does. Touka says it's like running out of battery power. She compares a Soul Gem to removing an internal battery and powering it via an external battery. Sana asks if a Grief Seed is like a battery charger. Touka says it's more like a cleaner, but the comparison is accurate. When a battery discharges electricity, the chemicals inside change and render it unusable. When you recharge it, it returns to it's original form. Similarly, magic taints Soul Gems but Grief Seeds return it to normal.

Sana asks if she's not a human anymore. Touka says if Sana was human she would die fighting a witch. She then asks if you're human if you think are and brings up various scientific disciplines that are used to modify the human body. Touka says that humans remodel themselves all the time via surgery, but everyone accepts that. Touka tells Sana she's just overthinking things. Iroha says that if Touka is right, then she was on the verge of death. She realizes that's why Yachiyo was panicking. Touka says she'll understand the reason when the story continues.

Elsewhere, Yachiyo talks to Rena and Kaede in a restaurant and learns about the Memory Museum from them. Yachiyo thanks them for the help, and Rena thanks her for treating them. Yachiyo tries to leave, but then encounters Momoko. Momoko admits she's going to tell Rena and Kaede the whole truth. Yachiyo sees she wants to talk about "that time" and tells her to be careful. Momoko tells Yachiyo to be careful as well, and admits she's worried about Iroha and Tsuruno. Yachiyo says Momoko is being nosy, but Momoko says that she's naturally nosy. The girls leave, and Yachiyo thinks Momoko will tells the others the truth about magical girls.

Back at the museum, Touka moves to the second part of her lecture - or rather, story. After girls A and B learned the truth about Soul Gems, they formed a new team with three other girls: D, E, and F. The girls fought witches while supporting each other. One day, a witch came from another territory. Girl D was unavailable, so only four of them fought. However, the witch proved to be very strong. Girl A found herself in danger, and girl D sacrificed herself to save her. The witch escaped, but girl F was badly damaged and the group had no Grief Seeds. When her Soul Gem went completely black, girl F stopped moving.

Tsuruno tries to ask something about girl D, but Touka tells her to ask about it later. Felicia asks if Touka will ask them about what happened to girl F. Touka says she's asking what girl F changed into. Felicia asks how they could know that, but Touka tells them to put their brains into gear. She says Soul Gem gather impurity while witches spread curses. She then asks what a blackened Soul Gem would do. Suddenly the girls realize what Touka is getting at. Touka explains that in girl F's hand was a blackened Soul Gem. Suddenly it turned into a Grief Seed and hatched a witch.

Felicia realizes that this means they're witches. Touka says it's the truth. Felicia thinks back to the witch who killed her parents and can't believe she was a magical girl. Felicia thinks back to the witches she defeated and think she's killed a lot of people. She asks if she will become a witch too, and Touka says she gets a gold star. Felicia refuses to believe, and Iroha admits she doesn't want to. Elsewhere, Yachiyo wonders what Mifuyu is planning. She thinks the girls might not take the truth about Soul Gems and witches well, but then wonders if the Rumor will force them to accept it. She then comes to a realization.

Touka asks what would make the girls believe her. She gets an idea and brings out a Grief Seed. She then asks Felicia if she can borrow her Soul Gem, telling her she doesn't have to be afraid. Felicia reluctantly passes it over and Touka uses the Grief Seed on it. Iroha asks if this is part of another explanation and Touka agrees. Iroha asks if the fact that Grief Seeds purify Soul Gems means that magical girls and witches are connected. Touka says this is correct, and the exchange in impurities only happens between them. Touka compares it to genes in living creatures. For example, crossbreeding only works between creatures with similar genealogy. Tsuruno says if this means that Soul Gems and Grief Seeds are one and the same, and Touka says Tsuruno is just as smart as she says.

Tsuruno say it's difficult to accept, since it means they killed other magical girls. Touka says they can think of witches like zombies, and when you kill a witch, they don't have to bear the weight of their sins. Sana mutters they have to accept that. Iroha points out she didn't become a witch when her Soul Gem turned black, and Touka says that's the next topic. Elsewhere, Yachiyo wonders if Mifuyu is really going to show the others "that" and thinks she has to go save them. She then says she has to calm down and save them not because they're her friends, but because they're innocent magical girls. She tries to think it's not about her personal feelings.

Touka continues her story. After seeing a witch transformation for the first time, girl B was still in shock. Girl B tried to change her way of thinking, but could only curse herself for becoming a magical girl. A year later, witches began to gather in Kamihama while Kyubey vanished. Girl B's Soul Gem corrupted due to her feelings. Girl B thought she would become a witch, just like girl F, but that did not happen. Iroha guesses that girl B summoned a Doppel instead, and Touka says she is correct. At the time, they had already begun working to release the magical girls of Kamihama. When girl B summoned her Doppel, another girl appeared before her, and asked if they can work together to release magical girls. "Release" refers to the truth of magical girls.

Iroha asks if the girl who met girl B was her, and Touka says that is correct. Touka asks if doppels are the work of the Wings of Magius, and Touka says that's also correct. She then invites the girls to join. However, Iroha says she doesn't want to understand. Sana points out they have a noble cause, but she remembers Ai telling her that the Wings of Magius were doing something dangerous. Touka asks if Sana would believe a Rumor over a magical girl. Felicia interrupts saying that if what Magius does works, then there won't be any more witches and there won't be people like her parents. Tsuruno says that Touka might be telling the truth, but she might also be including made-up stories to get them to join Wings of Magius. Iroha says that Touka would be smart enough to make a convincing story.

Touka says it's fine, because they have a contingency: The Memory Museum itself. Mifuyu suddenly appears and tells the girls they can see the stories they heard in the lecture. Iroha asks when Mifiyu got here, and Mifuyu says she came when Touka's lecture was scheduled to end. She says she's there to lead the girls into the hands-on learning portion. Sana recalls the Memory Museum can influence people, and asks if Sana means brainwashing. Iroha says she didn't expect that and plans to leave. However, Touka says they can't because they're already in the Rumor. Iroha suddenly hears a bell, and the environment abruptly changes.

Tsuruno says she knew it was a trap from the start, but Mifuyu says it's the way to her hands-on learning. A book appears, which Mifuyu says is her memories. Iroha tells Mifuyu to stop, but Mifuyu says they'll talk afterwards. Touka wishes them a nice trip. Everything fades to white. Later, Yachiyo reaches the museum and encounters Touka. Touka introduces herself. Yachiyo demands to know where Iroha and the others went. Touka says they're learning in the Memory Musuem. Yachiyo asks if she can go as well. Touka says she can't let her interfere, but suddenly changes her mind. She says if Yachiyo wants to interfere she can go ahead.

Yachiyo says she doesn't understand, but Touka says there's a hidden meaning in her words. Yachiyo doesn't care and will crush any hidden meaning. Touka directs Yachiyo to the bell. Yachiyo says Touka will regret this. Touka chuckles and says girls A, B, and D have all arrived, and wonders about girl E. The plot cuts to Momoko walking with Kaede and Rena. Kaede asks how far they're going, but Momoko doesn't answer. When Rena tells her to say something, Momoko admits she needs to work up the determination. She says they're going somewhere without many people in case something bad happens. Rena says not to tell them something scary, but Momoko admits that's what this secret is.

Section 4: Learning Vicariously

In the museum, Iroha, Tsuruno, Sana and Felicia seem to be in some sort of daze. Mifuyu tells them to gaze upon the truth, and looks forward to seeing how it turns out. Yachiyo arrives and says she knew Mifuyu would try this. Mifuyu says she hasn't learned and warned her earlier. Yachiyo claims she is only rescuing some good magical girls. Mifuyu calls it an excuse and asks her to take another look at what happened. Yachiyo sees the book, and then a flash of white light.

Elsewhere, Kaede tells Momoko she's scaring her. Rena suggests they wait until another time, while Kaede offers to buy drinks to help Momoko relax. Momoko says not to worry because she's prepared to do this. Momoko explains Kaede and Rena don't know the truth about magical girls. There are two things: One thing she heard from someone she trusts, while the other she witnessed with her own eyes. Rena and Kaede said they were expecting some kind of love story. Momoko said if it were, she wouldn't be treating it that seriously. Momoko begins to tells the girls.

Elsewhere, Iroha finds herself reliving Mifuyu's past with herself as a participant. At Yachiyo's house, Mifuyu wishes Iroha a good morning and says everyone is downstairs waiting. In the living room, Mifuyu asks what they should do about the witch that got away the day before. Yachiyo says she can sense it's magic and they should deal with it as soon as possible. Mifuyu agrees, but then asks if Yachiyo is alright. It turns out Yachiyo's grandmother is at the hospital. Yachiyo says her condition is good so she can go visit tomorrow.

A tall blond girl named Kanae appears and tells Yachiyo she might regret not visiting. Mifuyu says it's unusual for Kanae to be concerned. Kanae says she feels indebted to Yachiyo's grandmother. Iroha suggests they meet up after school to search for the witch. Yachiyo says it's a good idea, though it doesn't have to do with Kanae. Kanae explains she'll go alone. She owes Yachiyo for putting her up, but she finds working with others is stifling. Mifuyu says she's always like that.

That evening (so to speak), Iroha tracks the witch and finds Kanae is already there. The girls decide to search the area. Mifuyu notes that Kanae is more lively today, and Yachiyo asks if something good happened. Kanae says it's nothing, but Mifuyu says she changed after she bought her guitar. She then asks Kanae if she had her first concert. Kanae is surprised Mifuyu knows, and Yachiyo asks why Kanae didn't tell them. Iroha suggests they go see her some time. Kanae says they can go when she's not embarassed to show everyone, claiming that's where she needs to start. Iroha then detects the witch, whose barrier suddenly appears. Yachiyo says they should get this out of the way.

As Touka explained in her story, the witch proves to be too strong. Yachiyo notes the witch is stronger than it was the day before. Mifuyu says it might have preyed upon a large number of people. Iroha wonders if they should retreat. Mifuyu suggests they should go and gather Grief Seeds from other witches. Suddenly a familiar blocks the exit. Kanae tells the others that she'll go ahead while they take care of the rest. Mifuyu asks if Kanae knows what she's saying, while Yachiyo tells her not to be stupid. Kanae says that they saved her life, and even though she was empty she played music and had a future. She says that's enough and she's had a good life.

Yachiyo tells Kanae there's no point in saving them if she's not with them. Kanae thanks Yachiyo. As in Touka's story, she sacrifices herself to let Yachiyo kill the witch. Afterward, Kanae is lying on the ground dead. Yachiyo begs her to open her eyes. She says Kanae has found a dream for herself and begs her not to throw it all away. Mifuyu and Iroha see Kanae's Soul Gem, broken by the witch. Iroha tries to use a Grief Seed on it, but it fails. Yachiyo realizes that Kanae died when her Soul Gem broke.

At Yachiyo's house, Iroha cries. Mifuyu says that as magical girls they're fated to die. Iroha says she can't accept that, and Mifuyu says she can't stand it either. Yachiyo says they have to accept and understand what Kanae taught them. Yachiyo says she now has too many mugs, but promises she won't kill Kanae as long as she lives.

Iroha then enters the next memory, after Yachiyo and Mifuyu formed a new team. Momoko and Tsuruno arrive at Yachiyo's house. Momoko says she found a great place to eat, while Tsuruno says her family's restaurant placed fiftieth at the "Ramen Grand Prix". Momoko asks why Tsuruno can talk to Yachiyo so casually. Tsuruno says it's because she's her disciple. Yachiyo says she isn't, and that both her and Tsuruno are being noisy. Suddenly a green-haired girl named Meru arrives, claiming she's all alert today.

Yachiyo tells her she's trying to do the house's budget. Mifuyu says the Nanami house is so mature. Yachiyo points out Mifuyu lives there. It's revealed that Yachiyo's grandmother died, and since then Yachiyo has taken up her work. Iroha asks if she can help divide the receipts. Yachiyo says Iroha is helpful, unlike Mifuyu. Mifuyu offers to help, but Yachiyo claims Mifuyu is always disorganized. Meru tells the girls she did some fortune telling with tarot cards, and today is her lucky day. Yachiyo said she told her not to do so much fortune telling. Meru says she couldn't stop herself. Yachiyo says her fortunes tempt people towards results. Meru insists it's her lucky day, but Yachiyo calls it dangerous.

That evening (so to speak) the girls hunt a witch that came from Ootou Ward. Yachiyo says if they can't stop it in Shin-Nishi Ward, the witch will get out of the city. Momoko asks where Yachiyo gets her information. Yachiyo explains that the magical girls in other wards asked her to deal with out. Momoko says Yachiyo has a big network. Mifuyu says it's also a safety net, explaining that if Tsuruno or someone else were to charge into another ward the magical girls won't see it as an invasion of their territory. Tsuruno insists she wouldn't do something like that. Yachiyo points out she used to challenge every magical girl she saw.

Suddenly Tsuruno realizes she has to help in the shop today. The other girls say they'll be fine. Tsuruno apologizes and leaves. Iroha wonders if she'll be alright. Meru says not to worry, because today is her lucky day. Iroha says Meru's fortunes are usually spot on. Mifuyu asked what the exact result of Meru's fortune was. Meru admits that Yachiyo told her not to look at it, so all she knows is that's it's lucky. Mifuyu says Yachiyo always worries. Yachiyo says it's only because she hasn't experienced Meru's fortunes going wrong. Meru asks if Yachiyo still thinks her fortune telling caused the bath to break. Yachiyo says it was a part of it, since she thinks it caused Tsuruno to act up. Meru says she's being falsely accused. Yachiyo says she doesn't trust Meru's fortunes.

As in Touka's story, the girls fight the witch, but are overpowered. Mifuyu says the witch is certainly extraordinary, while Yachiyo says it's expected for a witch who traveled this far. Iroha suggests they split up to confuse the witch, but Mifuyu says the witch has energy and familiars left. Meru decides to use fortune telling, but Mifuyu says she used too much magic and shouldn't move. Yachiyo says Meru's fortunes sometimes fail, and offers herself as bait. While she draws the witch's attention, Iroha, Mifuyu and Momoko will circle around and attack the witch from behind. Mifuyu protests Yachiyo fighting alone, but Yachiyo rhetorically asks how long she thinks she's been a magical girl.

Using telepathy, Mifuyu and the others implement Yachiyo's plan. Mifuyu says she'll use illusion magic to create an opening while Yachiyo attacks it as a distraction. Suddenly the witch attacks Yachiyo, but is blocked by Meru. The witch escapes. Afterward, the girls look at the battered Meru. Yachiyo yells at her for moving. Meru apologizes. Yachiyo notes Meru's running out of magic, but no-one has any Grief Seeds on them. Yachiyo says it's her fault and leaves to hunt a witch. Meru grabs her and tells her to wait. Yachiyo tells Meru she can get her a Grief Seed soon, but Meru says it's too late. Yachiyo says that it's some lucky day. Meru smiles before her Soul Gem corrupts and turns into a Grief Seed. The girls are shocked to see her become a witch.

Afterward, Yahciyo says that Meru's mug has also lost it's owner. Momoko can't believe it and asks if they've only been killing magical girls. Mifuyu tells her not to say that, but Momoko asks if they're all murderers. Yachiyo says that Meru tried her hardest to live as a magical girl, and tells Momoko not to make Meru into a murderer. Momoko apologizes, while Iroha points out they'll become witches as well. Yachiyo says not to burden Meru with sins and claims the fault is hers. Yachiyo says she will erase the sins before they all build up. Mifuyu says Yachiyo shouldn't think about people dying the way she did with Kanae, and asks her why she becomes more miserable the more she lives through. Yachiyo asks Mifuyu and Momoko to erase her if the worst happens. Mifuyu asks for the same thing. The two girls say it's a promise. Momoko agrees. Yachiyo starts crying.

Iroha goes to the next memory. She tells Mifuyu she's worrying too much and while they will become witches they are still magical girls for now. She reminds Mifuyu of the promise they made: When the time comes they'll "do it" with their own hands. Mifuyu gets it, but she can't accept it in her heart. She says Iroha doesn't understand how much she's tried to fool herself. Mifuyu claims that ever since she became a magical girl, her wish has no meaning. She explains she wished to become a normal girl, but by becoming a magical girl she was no longer normal. At first she accepted it as her contracted responsibility, but the reveal of witches was just too much.

Iroha says Mifuyu is a normal girl aside from fighting witches, and she's also strong. Mifuyu asks if Iroha hasn't noticed and reveals her magic has been slowly declining. Mifuyu says she can't compensate with strength anymore. Iroha says Yachiyo hasn't changed at all. Mifuyu finds it strange, and it makes her dislike Yachiyo even more. She bemoans that she's on the verge of hating Yachiyo and asks Iroha to kill her. Iroha says she couldn't do that, and Mifuyu says she's sure she'll hold a grudge and become a witch. She claims to hate that part of herself as well.

In the final memory, Mifuyu sees her Doppel. Touka appears and introduces herself. She explains she made Doppels happen so that magical girls won't become witches. She then asks Mifuyu to work with her to save magical girls. Mifuyu asks if she will be freed from the shackles of being a magical girl. Touka says she likes the way Mifuyu puts it, and says she's correct. She then asks Iroha if she wants to be released together. Suddenly, Iroha finds herself in a cloudy, pink room.

Mifuyu explains they had Iroha experience her memories. She asks if Iroha has changed her mind. Iroha notes the mugs Yachiyo kept were a symbol of friendship and realizes the mug next to Mifuyu's belonged to Momoko. Touka asks Iroha if she will release magical girls with them. If she joins Wings of Magius, she can find out if Nemu or her sister have joined the group. Touka also says that Iroha could still die at any moment from being a magical girl. She explains that if Iroha is released she can grow up together with her sister and become adults.

In a similar room, Tsuruno has also finished witnessing Mifuyu's memories and realizes she was girl D from Touka's lecture. Mifuyu says that out of kindness, they never told her the truth. Tsuruno says she always regretted going back to the shop that day, believing that if she didn't Meru wouldn't have died. However, she never imagined Meru became a witch. Mifuyu said there was nothing she could have done. Tsuruno says that if Soul Gems and Grief Seeds are the same, then while Meru lived she spread curses. Touka says that's why they're creating a world where that won't happen. She says that as a Wing of Magius Tsuruno can do all the small things she couldn't do before, as well as the big things she can now do in the future. Touka says Tsuruno can achieve greatness while they're won't be people like Meru.

In another room, Felicia says she's killed magical girls and she'll become a witch and do the same thing. Mifuyu tells Felicia to calm down, but Feliica asks who can calm down right now. Felicia says she can't kill any witches like this. She claims that even if you tell her she won't gather any sins, if she kills people the same as her, there's no difference. She says also, there's the sins from the witches she killed, which won't go away. Touka suggests she down her sins by becoming a Wing of Magius. She says if their goal is accomplished Felicia won't have to kill witches, nor become one. She says that while her sins will remain, they can make a world where they don't need to sin anymore.

In yet another room, Mifuyu tells Sana she doesn't seem very disturbed. Sana disagrees and says she's very scared. Just thinking of the truth of witches causes Sana's chest to tighten. However, Sana says it feels like there's nothing to be done about it. She claims that even if she does become a witch, those who know the truth would erase her. Sana says she has no attachments to reality anyway, so she's not afraid. Touka then asks about Sana's true wish. She claims that if magical girls are released from their shackles it might also release them from their wishes. Sana asks if that means she can return from being invisible. Touka says it's a possibility.

Back in the first pink room, Iroha thinks about what she learned. However, she decides not to join the Wings of Magius. Touka asks her why she refuses. Iroha explains that while she laments the future of becoming a witch, she can't accept how Magius uses witches. Touka says her values might change if she joined, as she hasn't revealed everything yet. Iroha thinks back to her memories of Ui and Touka and says she will believe them. She also says Yachiyo knows the truth and also won't join. Iroha apologizes, but says she can't go with them. Suddenly, Iroha awakens in the museum.

Iroha says she's glad to have come back. Suddenly she sees Yachiyo asleep and wonders if she came to save them. Iroha then wonders where everyone else went. Elsewhere, Momoko finishes telling the story to Rena and Kaede. Rena asks if that's really what she saw, and Momoko says she saw Meru become a witch with her own eyes. Kaede cries. Momoko tells Rena she doesn't have to hold back from crying and says she'll accept it all for her. Rena says Momoko doesn't have to tell her that and starts crying herself.

Section 5: Yachiyo's Declaration

Momoko asks Rena if she's calmed down. Rena says that she just had to cry a bit. Momoko says that it's understandable and she couldn't accept it at first herself. Rena asks how Momoko came to accept becoming a witch someday. Momoko answers that if someone she cares about is around her, she's sure they'll kill her before she becomes a witch. Momoko claims by thinking that she could ease her feelings. Rena asks if she would do the same for her, and Momoko says yes. Kaede says not to say that and admits she doesn't want to think about it, or have either of them leave her. Momoko says she won't die and leave them behind.

Rena asks what happened after that. She recalls that was about the the time they officially formed a team instead of Momoko just helping them out. She also notes that Momoko stopped getting along with Yachiyo. Elswhere, Yachiyo is in a room of gray fog. Mifuyu asks her if she'll join the Wings of Magius and if she remembered after seeing her memories. Yachiyo says it's enough to make her feel sick but she won't join. Mifuyu points out the members aren't friends and are only bound by a common interest. She says they would understand Yachiyo's worries, but Yachiyo says that's not it.

Yachiyo says that she dislikes Touka, who tricked everyone into going inside the Memory Musuem. Yachiyo figures that being shown these memories was Touka's goal from the start. Touka says she doesn't have the memories of her outside self, but figures that's the case. However, she asks if that's really the reason Yachiyo won't join. Yachiyo says it's only a small reason. The real reason she won't join Wings of Magius is because Touka resembles the thing that hasn't been around for half a year: Kyubey. Just as Kyubey takes advantage of those who become magical girls, Touka is taking advantage of the people who join her organization. She says Touka's unwillingness to explain how her "release" works is just like how Kyubey similarly withholds information. Touka says she never expected that and says it's a question of trust. Yachiyo tells her to give up.

Back with Momoko, she explains that her group didn't separate immediately after Meru became a witch. However, there was something off about Mifuyu and Yachiyo never smiled after that. Momoko says she doesn't know why, but she noticed Yachiyo started to go out alone more. Momoko thinks Yachiyo already broke. Rena asks if Yachiyo was stealing witches from others. Momoko says back then she didn't understand, but Yachiyo was playing the villain role to try and save other magical girls. Rena asks if that's why Momoko avoided Yachiyo's house. Momoko says it isn't.

Back in the Memory Museum, Iroha sees Yachiyo wake up. Iroha says they should leave, but Yachiyo asks if Iroha is a Wing of Magius. Iroha says she turned down their invitation in her dream, and explains she saw what happened to Kanae and Meru. Iroha tells Yachiyo she understands why she thought Doppels were dangerous, and why she tried to protect her when she ran out of magic at the shrine. She thanks Yachiyo for coming to save them now. Yachiyo says she didn't come to save Iroha. She says she only wanted to see Mifuyu's memory and re-evaluate herself, and now she's returned to how she was a year ago.

Elsewhere Rena says she thought Momoko left the team on her own. Momoko says she didn't. She thought of Yachiyo as her role-model, and believed she would return to normal someday. However, one day Yachiyo told her and Tsuruno that their time was dissolved. Even now Momoko doesn't understand why. In the present, Yachiyo tells Iroha the same thing. Iroha believes that Yachiyo is putting on an act so they don't have to fight the Rumor. Believing she's following Yachiyo's lead, Iroha pretends to agree. Yachiyo is surprised by this and says Iroha understands. Iroha says she does after seeing that memory. Yachiyo says she's heading outside, and Iroha follows.

Iroha wonders if the others already went outside. Yachiyo says they've been influenced by Mifuyu's memories, so they already have. Iroha, still acting, says they're irrelevant now that they're no longer teammates. Iroha wonders if they were all brainwashed. She thinks it was her fault and that she should have listened to Yachiyo. Suddenly the barrier changes and the Rumor's minions attacks. Iroha wonders if their act was pointless. The girls fight off the Rumors.

Elsewhere, Rena wants to know if Momoko asked Yachiyo why she dissolved the team. Momoko says Yachiyo never told her, claiming she had no reason to answer. Then Kyubey disappeared, the number of witches went up, and there was no time to ask. Momoko says she had to protect Kaede and Rena, which causes Kaede to wince from a memory. Rena says it was tough until Mitama appeared. Momoko believes a lot of newbies were killed during that time. Rena says that if Momoko wasn't there, Kaede would have been in trouble.

Rena asks if that's when Yachiyo started interfering with magical girls who came to Kamihama. Momoko says it's correct, and that she flipped out on Yachiyo and they became opposed to each other. However, Momoko claims she figure out Yachiyo's intentions when Iroha arrived. Rena asks why Yachiyo returned to normal when Iroha came. Momoko thinks there wasn't a particular reason and guesses they just got along well. Momoko says it's reason enough. She also says she started to wonder if Iroha could ask Yachiyo why she dissolved their team.

Back in the Rumor's barrier, Iroha asks Yachiyo not to go on her own. Yachiyo says it has nothing to do with Iroha. Suddenly Touka, Alina, and Mifuyu appear. Mifuyu asks how they found her memories. Yachiyo said she feels awful. Iroha agrees and says even Touka showed up. Touka seems surprised, and says the Rumor might have done that to help brainwash her. Iroha claims that Touka said they didn't want to fight. Touka says she meant it, and this way of turning them to her side is far more peaceful. Alina notes that Iroha resisting her brainwashing was unexpected. Mifuyu says that Yachiyo won't join them eithier. Yachiyo says that while she returned to how she was a year ago, she won't join Magius. Iroha agrees, and says they need to find the others and undo their brainwashing. Touka says they're already here.

Tsuruno, Felicia, and Sana appear. Touka says they've all decided to join the Wings of Magius. Tsuruno says she can accomplish great things, like she's always wanted. Felicia says she can erase her sins. Sana says she can use her wish to help those who were suffering. The girls feel like they've had a revelation, and the world is a little brighter now. Iroha can't believe what she's hearing, but Touka says it's no longer brainwashing as they've all made up their minds. Alina asks Touka to take the others outside and let her deal with Iroha and Yachiyo. Mifuyu agrees, saying that Felicia, Tsuruno, and Sana need to be explained the rules of Wings of Magius. Iroha begs Touka not to take them away, but Touka laughs and says no. As Touka prepares to leave, she says it seems like she's different from how Iroha remembers her. Touka says that maybe it's Iroha, not Touka, who's wrong. Touka then leaves with Mifuyu, Felicia, Sana, and Tsuruno.

Flashing back to her first meetings with her friends, Iroha says she won't let them go. Alina calls her fool. Iroha asks Yachiyo for help, but Yachiyo says nothing. Suddenly, Alina summons the witch Teresa from her barrier. Alina says she can only give them one of the "works" she raised up. Iroha says she thought witches were important to Alina. Alina says she wants to beat both of them up so they can't escape the Rumor. Iroha says Alina shouldn't be able to get out easily, but Alina points out she didn't look at the books. She says she'll come back with the others eventually to check on them, and promises to take their death masks back with her. Alina departs.

Iroha says that everyone's leaving and they have to escape quickly. Yachiyo says the others have nothing to do with her, and her only goal is to leave. Iroha pauses, and says Yachiyo's right. Iroha says that once they're outside they can save everyone, so they should focus on one thing at a time. However, Yachiyo tells Iroha she'll be fine herself and not to interfere. When Iroha asks why, Yachiyo says she has no reason to answer. Iroha says Yachiyo has been acting strange since they met in the museum. The witch attacks and Yachiyo says there's no time to chat. Iroha tries to help Yachiyo fight, but Yachiyo refuses her aid. She destroys the witch single-handedly.

Afterward, Iroha says Yachiyo can't fight in her condition and asks why she fought by herself. Yachiyo tells her to get away, and that Iroha has no reason to worry. Iroha says they're friends on the same team, but Yachiyo says she's wrong. Iroha says there's no need to keep up the act, but Yachiyo says it's not an act; their team is dissolved. Yachiyo says they're not cooperating anymore, so she doesn't need assistance nor will she give any. Iroha asks her why.

Section 6: Iroha's Declaration

Momoko tells Kaede and Rena that they should probably go home. Momoko tells Kaede that she can worry all she wants. Rena says she has to get over her worries too. Momoko says she still needs to know why Yachiyo's personality changed. Rena wonders if it's already been settled, and Momoko says that would be some bad timing when she already worked up her resolved. Rena chuckles, and Momoko tells her not to force herself. Rena said she cried already and she'll worry about it later. Momoko tells Kaede they're leaving, but Kaede is silent. Momoko says that if she has a hard time, she can just call her. Momoko promises she'll sneak into Kaede's window if she has to, casuing Kaede to remark that would be a crime. Momoko wonders what happened to Iroha and the others.

Back in the Memory Musuem, Iroha runs after Yachiyo and demands answers. Yachiyo refuses to. Iroha thought they were really friends, and begs Yachiyo to help her defeat the Rumor and save everyone. Yachiyo admits she can't do anything anymore, but the exit is near. Suddenly the Rumor appears. Iroha tells Yachiyo to step out of the way as she's already weakened, but Yachiyo insists she doesn't need help. The Rumor attacks and hits Yachiyo. Iroha asks what happens if Yachiyo's Soul Gem breaks, but Yachiyo again says she doesn't need help. Iroha then blocks the Rumor's attack, saying that as Yachiyo's friend she can't just stand and do nothing. Iroha notes that the Rumor can't move from the entrance, and the girls quickly retreat.

In a safe place, Iroha asks Yachiyo to work together. When Yachiyo refuses, Iroha says she wants to understand why Yachiyo is acting this way. Iroha admits she's lonely and sad, but more than that, this is the first time she's mad at Yachiyo. Iroha says that Yachiyo won't tell her why, then she won't accept the team is dissolved. She says that she will not leave Yachiyo's side even if she's pushed away, and that she'll take Yachiyo's hand by force if she has to and escape the Rumor. Yachiyo says that if Iroha tells her that, her resolve will waver again. She says that Iroha can't involve herself with her, or else Yachiyo might kill her.

Iroha thinks there's no way that's possible. Yachiyo then decides to tell her everything. She claims that both Kanae and Meru died because of her wish, which was to "be a survivor". In other words, she was the last one remaining while everyone else died. Iroha says there's no way Yachiyo could know that her wish could do that. Yachiyo admits there are things about herself that she doesn't understand. The first is the reason why she survives, and second is her own unique magic. Yachiyo claims she made her wish when she was in a unit of model. She says that at the time she just needed to survive as the leader, but the power in her is now connected to the deaths of her friends.

When Iroha asks why she would think that way, Yachiyo reveals Kanae and Meru's last words to her. Kanae told Yachiyo to take her to the future, because the team needs Yachiyo, while Meru said the day was lucky because she protected the leader she looks up to. Since then, Yachiyo began to think that just as Iroha has healing powers, Tsuruno has good luck, and Mifuyu has illusions, her personal magic was "to sacrifice another in order to survive". Yachiyo claims that her wish will kill Iroha if she's with her.

Iroha says Yachiyo is just guessing, but Yachiyo says it's already dangerous and asks Iroha to put herself in her position. Yachiyo then apologizes, and says that she's just doing the same things that made Momoko angry and Tsuruno uneasy, causing tragedy for everyone. She admits that she intended to help Iroha when they first met. Yachiyo wonders if her nature is because of her wish or if she's a lonely person. She says that once she lets her feelings show, she slowly returns to the way she used to be. Even so, she kept thinking that she was merely cooperating with the others, but it didn't help. When Mifuyu spoke to her earlier, Yachiyo realized she had changed and broke up the team so that no-one else could die.

Iroha then says that she'll make Yachiyo's guess impossible to come true. She says that she's Yachiyo's friend, that she'll defeat the Rumor alone, and she'll smash the image of Iroha sacrificing herself for Yachiyo. Iroha says she's angry that she's pushed around by something Yachiyo just dreamed up, and tells her not to believe it until after she died. Iroha claims that if Yachiyo leaves she'll be lonely, so she'll beat the Rumor by herself and then save everyone with Yachiyo. She tells Yachiyo not to interfere and charges the Rumor.

As "happy ending" from Rebellion starts playing, the Rumor attacks Iroha. Yachiyo says that her wish will kill Iroha, so it's fine if she's alone and fights by herself. Iroha says she won't leave Yachiyo alone and no matter what happens she will pierce through. Iroha destroys the Rumor single-handedly and tells Yachiyo she's still alive. She then comes up with a solution to Yachiyo's problem: Iroha announces that she will be the leader of the team. Yachiyo starts crying and says Iroha is stubborn. Iroha apologizes, and Yachiyo apologizes as well. Iroha asks Yachiyo to save everyone together, and Yachiyo agrees.

Back in the lobby of the normal museum, Yachiyo says she feels strange, but thanks to Iroha her feelings have changed. The girls are still injured from their battles. Iroha detects Alina's lingering magic. Suddenly, she detects another familiar magical signature. It's Mami Tomoe, who's glad Iroha remembers her. Iroha says that Madoka and Homura Akemi were looking for her. Yachiyo tells Iroha to get back. Mami suddenly transforms into her normal magical girl outfit, and then into Holy Mami. Mami reveals that she hasn't returned because she joined the Wings of Magius.

Mami says that she received a "divine revelation" and learned her mission is to release magical girls. She says that she will erase all obstacles in Magius' way, even if Iroha is Madoka's friend. Mami summons Black and White Feathers to attack the girls. Iroha and Yachiyo fight them off, but admit that they're too injured to fight Mami. Mami says it's time to end this, but Iroha says she won't let it happen now that she's working with Yachiyo to save everyone.

Mami says the Wings of Magius will save everyone. She admits that some of them are bad people, but invites them to join. Yachiyo refuses, and Mami says she has no choice but to follow the instructions of the Magius. She then summons "Florence", which is what she calls her Doppel. Iroha thinks that the whole situation is ridiculous. She asked Yachiyo to give herself one more chance, but now she won't be able to save the first friends she could truly trust, and the first people she wanted to introduce Ui to. Mami asks Iroha to forgive her and says she would have liked to speak with her a bit more. Suddenly, a voice tells her to stop.

It's Sayaka Miki.

Sayaka asks Mami what's going on. Mami tells her to get out of the way. Sayaka refuses and asks what happened to Mami. Mami says that this is who she is now, and they can talk later after she's "erased" the others. Sayaka says she won't let that happen and fights Mami. However, Mami is clearly more powerful than Sayaka is. Mami says Sayaka's justice isn't mistaken, but she can't let her get in the way of Magius' goals. Sayaka then throws something, which explodes and covers everything with smoke. She then reveals that she secretly borrowed one of Homura's bombs. Yachiyo points out she used a bomb in a dilapidated building, but Sayaka says they can get out quickly by using the smoke as cover. The building begins to collapse, but Sayaka claims that the police will come and Mami can't use her guns. Yachiyo says Sayaka is bold, but Sayaka says it's an emergency.

The three girls run to a park and sit down. Sayaka apologizes for pushing them, but Iroha points out she saved them. Sayaka says she brought a Grief Seed and replenishes Iroha's and Yachiyo's Soul Gems. Sayaka explains that she's a friend of Madoka and Homura and says her actions are thanks for helping them before. Sayaka then introduces herself. Sayaka says she didn't really do much saving because Mami beat her, but Iroha says they would have been in trouble if Sayaka didn't come. She also says she feels pitiful because she just made a grand declaration, but Yachiyo says Iroha did well. Sayaka asks the girls to explain what's going on.

Sayaka simply can't believe that magical girls become witches and that Mami joined the Wings of Magius. Yachiyo says that no-one who hasn't seen it themselves ever believes it - or maybe they don't want to. Sayaka thinks she has to cool her head. Yachiyo says Sayaka shouldn't get too worked up, and that Sayaka's always welcome to talk. Iroha apologizes for bringing this up after Sayaka saved her. Sayaka said she was the one who asked about it in the first place, and she would eventually learn about it anyway. She admits it's just hard to accept. Sayaka apologizes and says she has to go talk to Madoka and Homura. After she leaves, Iroha hopes Sayaka will be alright. Yachiyo thinks they should have found somewhere better to talk. Iroha thinks she needs to talk to Madoka. Yachiyo says they should go home. Iroha agrees, claiming they need to speak about the future.

Section 7: Not Just the Two of Us

Iroha and Yachiyo walk to their home in silence. Iroha blames herself for falling for Magius's trap, and decides that she'll save her friends, find Ui, and bring Mifuyu back to Yachiyo. When the girls reach the front of Yachiyo's house, Iroha thanks Yachiyo for giving her time to think. Yachiyo said she had some repenting to do herself and asks to hear what Iroha has resolved to do. Iroha says that she will save everyone from the Wings of Magius.

The girls notice the house's lights are on, and run inside to see Momoko. Iroha then collapses, prompting Momoko to think it's bad timing. Yachiyo asks why she's in the house. Momoko says she had something to do, and Yachiyo should change where she hides the spare key. Yachiyo gueses that Momoko wants to know why she dissolved their team, and says she will explain. When Momoko asks why Yachiyo is telling her now, Yachiyo claims that Iroha strained herself trying to convince her. Momoko says that it turned out exactly how she expected.

After Yachiyo explains what happened, she says she'll stop doubting and give herself one more chance. She then apologizes to Momoko, who then asks Yachiyo to forgive her and gives her a tight hug. Momoko says that she was worried she had done something wrong, but is happy to see that Yachiyo hasn't changed. Momoko then asks if the others really were brainwashed, and Iroha and Yachiyo say they were.

Momoko asks what they're going to do. Iroha says they're going to think and plan first, and then stock up on Grief Seeds. Momoko tells them to leave the Grief Seeds to her and insists on helping. Momoko says she's sure Rena and Kaede will also offer to help, though she thinks Kaede might not be able to move at the moment. Suddenly Iroha gets a message from Madoka. Madoka says she talked to Sayaka and plans on returning to Kamihama. Iroha realizes that she has others helping her, and she still has hope. Evening changes to day.