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Cover illustrated by Ume Aoki


A follow-up to the first anthology, released on March 12, 2012. The Homura cover for this 164 page book is illustrated by Ume Aoki.

A sample of the anthology comic by Ushiki Yoshitaka is available online by clicking on the orange box on the lower right hand of this page

There are 23 contributors:


  • Front Cover - Ume Aoki. Homura armed with a grenade.
  • Back Cover - Kotamaru. Girls in chibi form, having a tea party.
  • Inside illustration - Minamura Haruki. Madoka and Sayaka holding hands and jumping.
  • Page 3 - Pan - Mami drinking tea and surrounded by rifles.
  • Page 4 - Kaedena Akino - Kyoko and Sayaka eating pocky.


  • Imu Sanjo. Inner cover pages. "Soul Jam (Amply Sweet)" - The girls taste their soul gems.
  • Ushiki Yoshitaka, Page 5. "To become what you want me to be" - Homura learns to be cool from Mami, but it backfires.
  • Sekiya Asami, Page 11. "Traces" - Kyousuke's thoughts on Sayaka.
  • Mura Kuroe, Page 21. "Kyuu-san." The magical girls decide to alter Kyubey's appearance, so girls will be less likely make a contract.
  • Rui Tamachi, Page 29. "Cake" - The girls have a contest to make the most delicious cake.
  • Tozakura Nagomi, Page 37. "Madoka☆Magica Through the Frame" A humorous 4koma set, mainly centered around the use and abuse of magical powers.
  • Takashi Tensugi, Page 45. "Feeding Kyoko" - Mami teaches Kyoko about how to properly value food.
  • reimei-Nördlingen (circle), page 51. "Pass it On" Set in the universe after the anime, Kyoko's inner thoughts on why she fights.
  • Cherry Arai, p. 67. "Miracles, Magic and Regrets" A humorous 4koma set, mainly lampooning the girls well-known characteristics and behaviors.
  • Adobenchara, p. 73. "Madoka☆Magica Symposium" - After the anime finished airing, Homura has a discussion with everyone on their intentions and relationships with one another.
  • Tsukasa Unohana, p. 81. "Mami-san Weight!" - Mami has concerns about her weight.
  • akka, p. 89. "Reasons Why She Didn't Drink Coffee" - A dark story that explains Homura's dislike for coffee.
  • Purapa, p. 101. "Welcome to Patisserie Madoka" - What happens when Madoka decides to use her wish to open a cake store.
  • Houmitsu, p. 107. "I'm Such a Fool (For Buying Cucumbers)" - The girls make and share a creative hot pot.
  • Heiki Abara, p. 115. "Meetings and Farewells" - A humorous series of moments involving Madoka, from joining Mami in Charlotte's barrier to watching Homura as Ultimate Madoka.
  • Torii Hisshi, p. 125. "An Important Story" - Homura invites the girls on a trip to tell them the truth about being magical girls. It doesn't go quite as she planned.
  • Satoru Kouzo (鴻巣覚), p. 137. "A High Place in Mitakihara City" - Set in the world at the end of the anime, Homura chats with Kyoko and Kyubey, with Ultimate Madoka looking on.
  • name, p. 147. "The Little Mermaid and the Kind Witch" - Kyoko's sympathetic thoughts about Sayaka's downfall.


Information from the "Puella Magi Madoka Magica Anthology 2" is not meant to be taken as canon.

Warning, this section contains spoilers.
Pretty much what yuri-fans saw on the anime.
  • Some of the stories, like the previous Anthology, has yuri subtext.
  • "To Become What You Want to Be": Homura asks Mami for help so she can become cool to impress Madoka. Homura's first mistake was asking Mami on how to become cool.
  • "Traces": The story is told from Kyosuke's point of view. He suspects that Sayaka likes him and he feels bad for making her look after him, when none of his friends did. He cant even look at Sayaka without being reminded how pathetic he was, and he feels remorse about it. At one point he thought of dating Sayaka out of guilt, but instead he decides to date Hitomi as he feels a relationship with her will be on more equal terms, with no regrets nor being indebted to her.
  • "Kyuu-san":
    • The girls want to change Kyubey's deceptive appearance.
      • At first they add a horn, but it just looks weird.
      • Mami suggests adding more stylish things.
        • Due to "adult circumstances" they had to alter the image as Kyubey looks like a knockoff of Moba--
      • Homura tries her hand at it and ends up creating Kyubro: Less magical girl mascot and more like a brawny monster seeking masculine heroes, "I want you to exchange sake cups with me and become sword brothers!"
  • "Cake": The story focuses on the cooking skills of the girls and it becomes a cooking contest.
    • Sayaka's cake looks normal but it is actually horrible tasting, "This nastiness must have been achieved through miracles and magic, Sayaka!".
    • Surprisingly, Kyoko knows how to bake an apple pie. And surprisingly it is ordinary looking, ordinarily delicious, and just plain ordinary.
    • Homura serves C4 (plastic explosive) as a cake. C4 tastes sweet but it is poisonous.[1]
    • Madoka's cake looks like a Lovecraftian monster reject. However, its tastes delicious.
  • "Madoka☆Magica Through the Frame":
    • Madoka has a glasses fetish.
    • Sayaka's favorite historical figure is Minamoto no Yoshitsune.
    • Hitomi's favorite historical figure is Souji Okita.
    • Madoka's favorite historical figure is... General MacArthur?!
    • Madoka comes up with the idea that if Kamijou became a zombie, he could date Sayaka.
      • According with Kyubey, boys cannot make a contract to become magical girl... however, there is a loophole. If someone, let's say Madoka, made a wish to turn Kamijou into a girl, technically Kamijou-girl could make a wish and become a magical girl.
      • Since Sayaka and Kyoko are both zombies, Kyoko asks Sayaka for a date as a joke. Sayaka turns her down quickly.
        • For a joke, Kyoko looks depressed.
    • Kyoko tries to compare Homura's shield to a 4th dimensional pocket, but Homura stops her.
      • The 4th dimensional pocket could be a reference to Doraemon (yōjigen-pocket, lit. fourth-dimensional pocket).
    • At the rate the girls keep eating Mami's cakes, the series could turn into "Puella Magi Fatty☆Magica".
      • Kyoko hasn't gained any weight because she used magic to lose her fat...
      • Sayaka suggests that if you can use magic to become slimmer, the opposite then must be true. Right, Mami?
        • "They're Natural", yeah right.
    • Due to the controversial nature of contracts, Japan's Parliament passes the "Magical Girl Contract Act" to address the problems to fix the system.
      • A contracting girl must read volumes of manuals before she can contract so she can understand what she is getting into.
      • Girls under 20 years old must get parental consent before they can contract.
      • Thanks to the lobbyist effort of Kyubeys, boys can now contract.
        • Kamijou contracts to Sayaka's horror...
  • "Feeding Kyoko": The story begins after Madoka leaves the spirit world from Episode 12, when she was having a conversation with Mami and Kyoko (who are spirits) about her wish.
    • Mami is concerned that Kyoko is not really appreciating the food that is been given to her. To Kyoko, the idea of food appreciation is eating everything, while Mami reproaches her and tells her that by eating too quickly she doesnt get to enjoy the taste of the ingredients.
      • When Mami asks Kyoko why she isnt getting fat for being a glutton, Kyoko replies that she uses magic to suck out the extra fat.
        • Kyoko suspects that Mami used magic to give herself some extra fat in the right places.
        • Kyoko realizes that by using magic to suck out the fat, it is not different than wasting food. Kyoko promises to Mami that she will be more considered from now on once they return to reality.
          • In the New World, Kyoko took Mami's advice to heart. Apparently Kyoko has trouble eating sometimes, as she is commanded by "the spirit of valuing food" to not be greedy. This concerns Mami as it may backfire and end up making Kyoko to overeat herself.
            • Mami gives permission to Kyoko to indulge herself, after all she enjoys Kyoko's company and she is willing to make more food for her whenever she wants. An embarrassed Kyoko at first tries to reproach Mami, but she is soon swoon by the delicious taste of Mami's cake, so much so that she doesn't ask for seconds, instead she enjoys its flavor.
  • "Pass it On":
    • In the New World, Kyoko still lives alone and her father's church is still abandoned.
    • Homura assigns territories for demon hunting.
    • In the park, while eating an apple, Kyoko sees two girls playing. One of them gets hurts and calls for her older sister for help while crying. Kyoko smiles as if recalling a memory.
    • Kyoko realizes that all she does is survive. She doubts if she is even happy.
      • Kyoko resolves to fight for what she believes, even if it means she will be alone.
    • Kyoko's mention of fortune being bald behind could be a reference to Caerus: Caerus can easily be seized by the hair hanging over his face. But once he has passed by, no one can grasp him, because the back of his head is bald.
      • Kyoko decides she wont rely on luck or superstition.
  • "Miracles, Magic and Regrets":
    • Kyubey calls for Madoka for help, just like in the series. Madoka, instead of rescuing an injured Kyubey, runs away from it.
    • Mami's shoutings of Tiro Finale during the late night hours has caused complains from the apartment residents.
    • Madoka seems to know how to make improvised weapons for street fight use.
    • Homura is depicted as a bit perverted (no surprise there).
    • Kyoko gives Sayaka a riceball, instead of an apple.
      • Apparently, Kyoko is curious to find if Kyubey is edible.
    • During Sayaka's scene with Madoka about how Hitomi will steal Kyosuke and how Sayaka is a zombie. Madoka cheers her up by telling Sayaka that at least she is not a rotting zombie.
    • What makes Mami's breasts so big? Is it hopes and dreams? Solitude and loneliness? Nope, just fat.
    • Homura becomes cool by getting an eyepatch and an arm sling.
  • "Madoka☆Magica Symposium": Homura wants to start a symposium to comment and criticize the Anime series, however the discussion devolves into Homura's rants about how Madoka is a cheating spouse.
    • Mami wanted to voice her opinion that her character left the show too early.
      • Homura has a dislike of Mami, because her character caused unnecessary suffering on Madoka. Homura also reveals that there was a high probability that Mami would steal Madoka from her.
        • Homura also had some harsh words for Madoka for being flirty and friendly toward Mami.
    • Homura is not threatened by the presence of Kyoko, since she is only has eyes for Sayaka.
      • Homura reveals that in one of her timelines, Kyoko "comforts" Sayaka during her moment of weakness after being rejected by Kyousuke. It was a rare event.
    • In the end, the symposium was just Homura's opportunity for her to complain about her horrible experience.
  • "Mami-san's Weight!": Ever since Mami made new friends, she has been inviting them for tea and cakes every day. Mami has enjoyed their company so much that she gained weight for eating too much cake.
    • Sayaka triumphantly declares that she is not gaining any weight thanks to an "special" training.
      • Kyoko claims that they are going out together for "special" training.
        • It was suppose to be a secret, so an embarrassed Sayaka reproaches Kyoko for being an idiot. Kyoko counter-reproaches Sayaka by reminding her that "they are going out together", so she shouldn't call her an idiot.
    • Homura is keeping a track of Madoka's weight in every timeline...
      • She gained 0.3 kilograms, but something tells me that shouldn't be Madoka's main concern.
    • Kyubey is puzzled as to why girls would worry about their body weight.
      • What Kyubey doesnt tell Mami is that her magical body wont lose or gain weight. Isn't that great, Mami?
  • "Reasons Why She Didn't Drink Coffee":
    • Mami serves Homura black coffee, instead of tea.
    • Homura's home has a kitchen cabinet filled with folded bags of coffee beans, coffee grinders, several coffee makers, and plenty of coffee cups.
    • Apparently, everyone assumes that Homura must like black coffee.
    • Homura thinks black coffee is like despair if it was given a form: dark and bitter.
    • Homura orders what appears to be coffee in Episode 5.
  • "Welcome to Patisserie Madoka":
    • Madoka wishes for a cake store with the certain conditions: a store that will never go bankrupt, located in a nice location, and enough money to cover for the material cost.
      • Madoka wants the girls to wear cute, maid-like outfits and become her salesgirls.
        • Madoka is clearly entrepreneurial.
    • Madoka wants to use Kyubey as the store's mascot, and sell Kyubey-shape cakes...
    • Kyubey thinks it is really strange that junior high schoolers are magical girls, ideally he would prefer elementary schoolers.
    • And of course, Homura wants to work at Madoka's store.
    • Kyoko was left out of the story, perhaps because she would eat everything and bring down Madoka's business.
  • "I'm Such a Fool (For Buying Cucumbers)":
    • Homura invites Madoka for a hot pot. The other girls tag along because Madoka invited Sayaka, and Kyoko was just hungry for a free meal.
      • Madoka forgot to invite Mami...
        • Kyubey points out that Mami is always eating alone with Kyubey.
    • The hot pot includes ingredients that dont belong in, like strawberry mochi, tomatoes, chrysanthemums, cucumbers, and Kyubey...
      • The hot pot is too unappetizing so the girls want to throw it away, but Kyoko refuses for it would incite God's wrath.
        • The girls encourage Kyoko to eat it all if she wants.
    • Homura serves a new hot pot that is more appetizing, this time she just uses her magic and steals the finished product.
    • Madoka has a sweet tooth for sugary sweet things.
  • "Meetings and Farewells":
    • Madoka is angry that Mami killed the cute Anthonys.
    • Madoka asks Mami to bring back with them the candies and ingredients within Charlotte's maze, so Mami can make better sweets.
      • And Mami died while trying to bring back said such ingredients with them. Madoka explains that Mami's sacrifice wont be in vain.
    • Homura boasts that her time stop power is quite handy, specially when it helps her to check on Madoka. Like checking Madoka's underwear, reading Madoka's notebooks, and spying on Madoka's night activities on her room.
      • Ultimate Madoka replies to Homura that she saw everything, that she knows everything, she said so to Homura with a smile... Homura knows she is in trouble.
        • Homura's dubious intentions continue to exist in the New World at the chagrin of Ultimate Madoka.
    • Homura tried to help Sayaka with her lovelife but she realized Sayaka was hopeless.
  • "An Important Story": Homura takes the magical girls to a travel trip with the purpose of telling them the truth about Kyubey, they spend the night at an INN.
    • Homura's plan gets derailed as she is swayed by multiple distractions that makes her lose focus. The night turns into a wonderful evening for the girls to bond with each other and create good memories together.
  • "A High Place in Mitakihara City": A story about how idiots and smoke like high places.
    • Disturbingly, Homura has developed a fetish for pink haired girls, to the point she imagines Tatsuya wearing a pretty dress and a pink wig. Godoka was not amused.
    • Mami is trying to seduce Sayaka, Kyoko is not amused.
    • Kyubey is willing to jump from the top of a roof for some Grief Seeds. Either he is also an idiot or doesn't care, "Entropyyyy!".
      • Kyubey's favorite word is, "Surpassed".
  • "The Little Mermaid and the Kind Witch": Kyoko reflects about her past and Sayaka, before her last moment.
    • After Kyoko's fight with Sayaka regarding the stolen apples, sometime later Kyoko returns to the church to find a paper bag and two apples with a note, "I properly bought these with money.", it is presumed that these were bought by Sayaka for Kyoko. After Kyoko takes one bite, she claims it is sour.
    • The story has a few elements from The Little Mermaid, like how the mermaid wanted to have a voice to be with her prince.
      • Kyoko acknowledges that she can't be Sayaka's prince, but thanks to Sayaka she gave Kyoko the voice to be with her.


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  1. No joke. US Army Field Manual 5-250, Explosives and Demolitions includes this bold print, block warning: "WARNING Composition C4 explosive is poisonous and dangerous if chewed or ingested; its detonation or burning produces poisonous fumes."