Tatsuya Kaname

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Tatsuya Kaname
Tatsuya Kaname.png
Japanese Name 鹿目 タツヤ
(Kaname Tatsuya)
Voiced by Japanese: Kaori Mizuhashi
English: Stephanie Sheh
Italian: Francesca Bielli
Spanish: Ariadna Jiménez
Age 3

Tatsuya Kaname (鹿目 タツヤ Kaname Tatsuya) is a minor supporting character in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

General Info

Physical Features
Age 3
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Light Brown
Japanese pronoun Unknown
Known relatives Tomohisa Kaname (Father), Junko Kaname (Mother), Madoka Kaname (Older sister)
Origins Mitakihara Town
School Name of school is unknown, however it's confirmed he goes to kindergarten


  • In episode 12, it is revealed that he still has some attachment to Madoka even though she was wiped from physical existence; it's possible he can see her or has residual memories of her.
    • In the audio commentary for episode 12, Urobuchi explained that the reason Tatsuya knows about Madoka is because he can see her. He says it's how little children can see things they're not suppose to, because they don't know they're not suppose to see it. Sadly, Urobuchi also said when he grows up, he won't be able to anymore and will likely forget all about it.



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