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Card 35054 l.png
Japanese Name れいら・せいか (Leila・Seika)
Voiced by Japanese: Marika Kouno

Azumi Waki
Maria Naganawa

ID No: 3505
Release Date (JP): February 5, 2024
For their full bio, see Leila Ibuki, Seika Kumi, and Mito Aino.

Leila・Seika is a unit in the 2017 mobile game Magia Record. It is a combined unit for the Daito Apartment Trio group.

General Info

Physical Features
Age 14 14 14
Eye colour TealLight purpleLight brown
Hair colour PinkLight blueLight brown
Height 158cm162cm155cm
Soul Gem Turquoise Heart on the the left side of her head (hair ornament)Indigo Diamond (right ear earring)Light Brown Quatrefoil (cloak fastening)
Weapon Integrated Sword and ShieldWhip attached to a wandBow
Witch Form Nikolai
Powers and Abilities Purification Flames (these flames can also heal injuries)Teleportation from one water body to the next water body (a form of underwater travel)Connect Hearts (She can understand what the other person thinks, but the more people she connects, the more she feels)
Wish “I want things to go back to how they used to be between the two of us. I want Seika and I to be how we were before!”“Then I want to make it like Leila never jumped! Like this never happened! Bring her back… Bring Leila back to life!”“I want the power to connect hearts.”
Japanese pronoun watashi ()atashi (アタシ)watashi ()
Known relatives Unnamed mother, unnamed father (deceased)Unnamed motherUnnamed parents
Origins Daito Ward
School Kamihama City University Affiliated School

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute

4★→ 5★



Attribute flame.png


Initial 7898 1968 2030

Max at ★4 29254 6931 7202
Max at ★5 36115 8555 8888

Max SE 44123 10930 11638
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Icon skill 1085.png Connect: Let's Connect Our Hearts!

★4 Attack UP [VII] & Flame Attribute Attack UP [VII] & HP Restore [VII]
★5 Attack UP [IX] & Flame Attribute Attack UP [IX] & HP Restore [IX]
{{{2}}} Magia: Three-leaf Cross Over

★4 Damage to Single Enemy [V] & Attack DOWN (Single / 3T) & Defense DOWN (Single / 3T) & Regenerate HP (All / 3T) & Charge Conservation (All / 2T)
★5 Damage to Single Enemy [VII] & Attack DOWN (Single / 3T) & Defense DOWN (Single / 3T) & Regenerate HP (All / 3T) & Charge Conservation (All / 2T)
{{{2}}} Doppel: Nikolai

★5 Attribute Strengthened Damage to Single Enemy [IX] & Attack DOWN (Single / 5T) & Defense DOWN (Single / 5T) & Blast Damage DOWN (Single / 5T) & Regenerate HP (All / 3T) & Charge Conservation (All / 3T) & Remove Debuffs (All)
Spirit Enhancement Data
Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge

4★ +8% +5% +5% +4% +4% +8%
5★ +9% +6% +6% +5% +5% +9%

SE +9% +6% +6% +8% +11% +17%
Spirit Enhancement

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1155.png Anti Seal Magia Guaranteed Anti-Magia Seal

Icon skill 1089.png Resist Adept Status Ailment Resistance UP [V]

Icon skill 1131.png Skill Quick Chance to Skill Quick [III]

Icon skill 1130.png Nursing Care Regenerate MP [VII] & Regenerate HP [III]

Icon skill 1183.png Anti-Jammer Guaranteed Anti-Skill Lock

Icon skill 1090.png Nobile Spirit Accele MP Gain UP [IV] & MP Gain UP [III] & Defense UP [III]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1217.png Charge Combo Plus Charge Combo Charge Count UP (+4)

Icon skill 1180.png Fast Mana Up MP Gauge 40% Full on Battle Start

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1232.png Unbreakable Charge Circle Charge Conservation (All / 1T) CD: 10 turns


A duo of childhood friends and magical girls who live in the Kamihama Daito housing complex. They fight against witches while living a student life with their childhood friend Mito Aino, who is also a magical girl. They tend to be swayed by the active Leila, but the calm and collected Seika supports them, while the gentle Mito maintains the balance between the three of them.

Doppel Description

Nikolai, The Apartment Trio's doppel

The Doppel of Satire. Its form is a Relic. By accepting their own human tendency towards continual change, and aspects of each others’ personalities that had gone mutually unacknowledged, the masters of this emotion have strengthened their bonds even further than before. Their Doppel refuses to acknowledge its masters, and continues to act on ceaseless impulse. It concentrates the darkness, deception, self-serving hypocrisy and vainglory in people’s hearts, and attempts to plant these behaviours in the people around it. It does so out of spite towards humans who hide their true natures, but upon being moved by the strength of its masters’ bond, the Doppel exhausts all of its power and withers away, as if to make amends.

Side Story

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Summary by Nitrokart

A few months before the events of Twilight at the Daito Apartment, Mito, Leila, and Seika (collectively referred to in this summary as "the Clover Trio" for simplicity's sake) are handing out protest flyers when Leila decides that she's at her wit's end -- she can't bear to just stand around anymore! She wants to take action against the redevelopment plans, but as a middle schooler, there isn't a lot she or the Clover Trio can do.

After discussing the situation for a bit, Leila has an epiphany: Daito's Town Hall wants to replace the apartments with a business center, which must mean that they're interested in making money -- so if she and the Clover Trio could find a way to increase the apartment complex's perceived value, the Town Hall would have no choice but to stop the redevelopment plans!

While Seika and Mito like the idea on paper, they're lost on how to increase property values on their own. Leila says she has them covered, though, and takes the two of them with her to the local library. Once there, Leila announces that the Clover Trio need to start combing through old books and newspapers to learn about the history of the Daito Apartment Complex -- but after two hours of searching, the three of them are only able to track down one lead: an old newspaper article that recaps some sort of festival held at the Complex.

The Clover Trio take this information back to an old man named Otake, a longtime resident of the Complex and the unofficial leader of their protest efforts. Otake mentions that festivals of all shapes and sizes were once commonplace at the Complex, and that the tenants from different buildings would coordinate to put on a new festival every month. Over time, though, interest in these festivals faded away, until only one was still regularly celebrated: the Daito Apartment Complex's Summer Festival.

Otake mentions that the Summer Festival was once one of the biggest events in all of Daito Ward, and gushes over his memories of attending. Spurred on by Otake's reaction, Leila puts her plan into motion: if the Daito Apartment Complex's Summer Festival used to be one of the biggest events in the district, then they'll just have to bring it back!

Initially, though, Leila has few ideas beyond just having a festival -- she hadn't thought about themes, attractions, advertising, etc. Likewise, she consults the help of not only the fellow Clover Trio, but Mitama, Mikage, and Kanagi. When Mitama asks Leila what she needs from them, Leila reflexively responds by saying that she wants to make sure the Summer Festival is a lot of fun, and that the events they host should reflect that.

Mikage suggests that they turn the Summer Festival into a town-wide game of tag, but the idea is quickly shot down when Kanagi mentions that the Complex's Rules and Development committee would never approve something like that. Mito suggests that they could show out-of-towners all of the flowers around the Complex, to which Mitama sarcastically adds that they should offer to host complementary picnics.

After quite a while of bouncing ideas around, the girls finally come to a conclusion: the theme of the upcoming Summer Festival will be... The Daito Cafe!

The day of the Summer Festival finally rolls around, and the turnout is huge! Tons of people of all ages show up from all over Kamihama -- even a few Magical Girls drop by! Emiri, Rika, Hinano, and Akira are the first girls to make an appearance, and they thank Mitama for letting them know about the event. Leila is initially confused, but Mitama says that over the past few days, she'd been letting their fellow Magical Girls know about the Summer Festival whenever they stopped by her shop for Coordinations. Leila thanks Mitama for the free advertising as Mikage taste-tests all the desserts -- quality assurance and all :mitamapeace:

The peak of the day comes when the Clover Trio help get some live karaoke going, kicking things off by performing a song that Leila wrote specifically for this occasion: "See You Daito-morrow!" We don't get to hear more than a few lines of the song, but judging by the reaction of the Magical Girls in attendance, the Clover Trio knocked it out of the park!

We skip forward to the end of the Festival, and everyone agrees that it was a resounding success -- especially since every person that came was told about the redevelopment protests! But Leila's not satisfied -- the Complex's Summer Festival was such a success that she can't let it be a one-off event: they're bringing the Monthly Festivals back!

We immediately skip forward to the next month's festival, which doesn't appear to have an overarching theme, but features several booths and attractions nonetheless. Many Magical Girls from around the city have booths of their own -- Manaka is selling limited-run burgers exclusives to the event, Meiyui is offering ramen with free toppings, Hinano is set to host a science demonstration for the kids in attendance, and Nanaka hosts a free flower arrangement course. Ayaka also shows up and insists that she has a story to tell, but it doesn't appear that anyone listens to it.

Off to the side, Leila and Mitama gush about how big of a turnout the festival was able to net, but also voice their concerns about longevity -- does Leila really have the resources and creativity to host a new festival every month? Leila responds by saying that at the very least, she has next month's plan covered -- by way of an unusual discovery made by one of the Complex's older residents.

A few days prior, Leila says that an old woman approached her as she was handing out flyers and asked if she was taking ideas for the next month's festival. The woman goes on to show Leila an ancient handscroll she'd found while going through some of her late husband's belongings. The box the handscroll had been stored in contained an additional note -- one claiming that the handscroll shows the path to a buried treasure! The gears start turning in Leila's head, and the theming for next month's festival starts writing itself -- they'll have a Complex-wide treasure hunt!

We skip forward to the next month, and the Complex's 3rd Monthly Festival appears to have netter another impressive turnout -- with an unusually high number of Magical Girls. The entire Nanaka Mafia has stopped by, along with the History Club, the Yakumo sisters, Kanagi, and Himika. Their motives for finding the treasure all appear to be different; Nanaka's banking on the treasure being an ancient vase so she can use it for a fancy flower arrangement, Mikura wants to study the artifact and ensure its preservation, Seria thinks it'd make for an interesting documentary, and Himika only seems to be interested in the treasure's monetary value.

Now, even though everyone in attendance seems to have seen the illustration on the handscroll, the treasure hunt isn't quite ready to get started. Leila reveals that the scroll itself had some additional notes, though they'd initially been illegible due to their being written in an ancient dialect. After consulting the help of the internet, the Daito Library, and the one and only Shizuka Tokime, the text was finally deciphered -- and it seems to be a clue about the treasure's whereabouts!

“Unearth the heart of the Miki Family’s Crest, which can be seen from the peak.”

The crowd of megucas is initially perplexed, but Mikura and Nanaka clear the air by reminding everyone that the Daito Apartment Complex was built on the site of a mountain that was bulldozed and flattened during construction. Taking the phrase "seen from the peak" very literally, several of the girls make a beeline for the rooftops -- if the treasure was originally meant to be visible from the peak of a mountain, then looking down from the top of the apartment buildings is their best bet!

Nanaka is the first girl to leave, and most everyone seems to follow after her -- though after they reach the roof of Building 7, the girls begin to question how Nanaka knew to climb to the roof of that building in particular. Once all the Magical Girls are gathered around, Nanaka explains that her father used to know a man whose last name was Miki. This man had mentioned that his family had once been a prominent group of farmers in ancient Daito, and that they once had a mansion near the area where the Daito Apartment Complex was eventually built. Specifically, the mansion once stood on the ground that currently houses the Complex's community park -- and since Building 7 has the best view of the park, Nanaka knew it was the right place to go.

However, nobody can seem to see anything from the roof -- just the park in general. Because of this, Nanaka concludes that "the heart of the Miki Family's Crest" would've referred to the center of the mansion, and that there likely would've been some landmark that pointed to if from above. With the luxury of hindsight, though, needing such landmarks was unnecessary -- and so, the girls begin racing back down the stairs and towards the park! On the way down, though, Seika voices some concerns to Leila and Seika -- in her mind, something about the treasure hunt isn't adding up. She feels that the clue about the Miki Family's Crest was too simple, and that its instructions were redundant -- if the "heart of the Miki Family's Crest" was indeed meant to indicate that the treasure was buried in the center Miki Family's mansion, why would anyone need to look at the mansion from above to figure that out?

For the time being, though, things are moving too quickly for Seika's reservations to register. Before they know it, the girls are back outside and racing towards the park -- and Himika beats everyone there! She begins digging at a breakneck pace, moving so quickly and kicking up so much dirt that nobody can squeeze in to dig beside her -- if there's anything down there, it's hers now...

And then Himika stops digging, and informs the other girls that she heard a strange noise.

She reaches into the dirt and pulls out some kind of container (the event doesn't make it clear what the container looks like or what it was made of), but it's clear that it's in very, very bad condition. Meiyui accuses Himika of breaking the treasure with her reckless digging, and just as the girls are beginning to form a mob, Mikura calms them all down by noticing that there's something inside the container -- it's another note!

Himika hands the note over to Mikura, who reads it aloud to the group -- it's not the treasure, but instead another clue:

“The true treasure rests in the hollow of the moon, lying in the great river.”

The girls make quick work of deciphering this one -- Nanaka figures out that the "great river" refers to an ancient river that ran once ran through the site of the Daito Apartment Complex, and Mikura concludes that "the hollow of the moon" refers to a specific part of the river: the very tip of one of its concluding points. Since the river is rumored to have been shaped like a crescent moon, the girls have two spots to choose from -- and they decide to make a beeline for the nearest "tip."

Once again, though, the Clover Trio stay behind -- Seika is becoming more and more skeptical of this treasure hunt, especially after hearing that last clue. She reveals that the girls are slightly mistaken about the location of the river -- the river actually ran directly through the Complex's playground, and terminated not too far from their current location. If anything, the "hollow of the moon" referenced in the clue should be the exact spot where they dug up said clue. Moreover, given that the entire area was excavated when the Complex was built, it makes no sense that the original construction workers wouldn't have found the clue they just dug up -- which would imply that it was placed there after the Complex was built...

As Seika's skepticism grows, she and the Clover Trio get a surprise visitor -- Otake! He happened to be passing through and was curious about what the girls were doing. Leila tells him that they've embarked on a treasure hunt, and when Otake asks where they got that idea, Leila shows him the original handscroll that'd started everything. When Otake sees the scroll, his eyes light up -- he... recognizes the handwriting on the scroll?!

Otake says there's no mistaking it -- that's the handwriting of his old friend Okamiya-san, who passed away about ten years ago. Otake mentions how nostalgic he's feeling, and that's when the pieces start coming together -- and Otake reveals all...

Several decades ago, Otake recalls that he and Okamiya-san had gotten a bit tipsy at a Complex get-together and drew a few handscrolls, designed to look like the ones used in ancient Daito. Even after all these years, Otake can't help but marvel at how realistic his and Okamiya-san's handiwork was -- it was good enough to catch the Clover Trio off-guard, at least!

Otake says that he and Okamiya-san made several handscrolls and clues over the years, and buried them in a few different spots throughout the Complex. One of the clues they buried would lead directly to the treasure the girls had been looking for -- which was described in very broad strokes as a "ticket that could be exchanged for a prize."

Although they're understandably disappointed that they haven't been looking for a real treasure, the Clover Trio take note of the happiness on Otake's face at rediscovering his old game, and decide that it's best not to tell the other girls what happened. Instead, Otake heads over to aid the other girls in their search, while the Clover Trio stay behind to watch from the sidelines.

In a post-script from Seika, we find out that the treasure hunt may not have been so fruitless after all -- all of the digging around that the girls would go on to do that day ended up unearthing the ancient artifacts mentioned at the beginning of Twilight at the Daito Apartments! Those artifacts would go on to halt the redevelopment plans, which gave the Clover Trio the time they needed to conduct their investigation during the primary event story.

Event Appearances


  • Mito Aino is heavily featured in both the card art and Magia. The only thing Mito doesn't feature in is the battle sprite and in the name, essentially making this unit the second unofficial trio unit in the game after Konoha・Hazuki.
  • The Trio appear to have a bird/feather motif as a group. Seika has feathers in her hat, Mito's hair is shaped like chicks, and Leila's design is based off a phoenix.
  • Their illustrator is Hanokage.
  • The combined doppel, Nikolai, is named after Nikolai Gogol, a Russian novelist who published each story from where each of the namesakes of the Apartment Trio's individual doppels come from.


Game Gallery

Official Art

Memoria Cards

To edit a memoria's details, click on the specific memoria

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text
The Way Home After the Rain (Seika)
(NA: After the Rain - Seika)
Icon skill 1141.pngAnti-Curse
Normal Passive
Chance to Anti-Curse [XIII] & Attack UP [I]
Max Limit Break
Guaranteed Anti-Curse & Attack UP [II]
It was raining all day, but the sun finally came out after school. It feels so nice after it rains. If I see a rainbow, maybe I should say something to Leila and Mito? Something cheery and fun like, "Let's run and find the end of the rainbow!"今朝から降り続いていた雨も、放課後にはようやく晴れて…うん、気持ちがいいな、雨上がりって…これで虹でも架かってたら…れぃらとみとに言ってみようかな…『あの虹に向かって走ろうよ!』って…!青春っぽくないかな?
The Way Home After the Rain (Leila)
(NA: After the Rain - Leila)
Icon skill 1110.pngShade Stroke
Guaranteed Blind & Attack DOWN [VI] (Single / 1 T) 7 turns
Max Limit Break
Guaranteed Blind & Attack DOWN [VI] (Single / 1 T) 6 turns
There she goes, Mito's jumping in a puddle! This always happens when we walk home in the rain. I can guard against it no problem since I know it's coming. I'm totally used to it, hahaha! Maybe I'll try next time? Though I have to say, Seika avoids it so naturally she's a master!雨の日の帰り道、こういう時は決まって…ほら、みとが水たまりに飛び込んだ!そこを予想してガード!ふふ〜!もう慣れっこだもんね!次は私もやってみようかな…!?それにしても、こういう時自然に避けてるよね〜せいかは…!
The Way Home after the Rain (Mito)
(NA: After the Rain - Mito)
Icon skill 1094.pngQuell Bloom
Attack DOWN [IX] (All / 1T) & Defense DOWN [VIII] (All / 1T) 6 turns
Max Limit Break
Attack DOWN [X] (All / 1T) & Defense DOWN [IX] (All / 1T) 5 turns
There's lots of people who feel down on rainy days. But try this...SPLOOSH! Jump into a puddle, and rainy days turn fun! My shoes? Yeah, they're soaked, duh! But I feel like I just did somethin' awesome!雨の日って、ちょっと気分がしょんほりって人、多いよねでも、こうやって...バッシャーン!水たまりに飛び込んだりすると楽しいんだよ!足元?もちろんビシャビシャ!でも「やったぞー!」って気分!
Hello from Atop the Stairs
(NA: Hello from the Stairwell)
Icon skill 1121.pngCritical Strike
Chance to Critical [IV] (Self / 1T) 6 turns
Max Limit Break
Chance to Critical [V] (Self / 1T) 5 turns
Leila, Seika, and Mito have lived together in this apartment complex since they were little and always loved racing up and down the stairs! Those steps felt so huge before, and now they walk them so easily. The world may get smaller, but their friendship keeps growing!小さい頃から団地で一緒に暮らしているれいら、せいか、みと一緒にバタバタと階段を駆け上がったり駆け下りたり!あの頃は大きいと感じていた一段も、今では普通に足をかけている変わっていくこともあるけれど、三人は変わらず、今も友達...!
The Sunlight That Shines Into the Complex
(NA: Sunlight Shining Down)
Icon skill 1170.pngH Covering Adept
Normal Passive
Chance to Guardian [II] & Defense UP [III]
Max Limit Break
Chance to Guardian [III] & Defense UP [IV]
The apartment complex's park is a regular meeting spot for these three. It gives them a place to be carefree, where they chat after school, and even have picnics on occasion. Bathing in the warm sunlight while enjoying the snacks that Leila brings is one of their favorite things to do.団地にある公園は、三人がいつも集まる場所学校帰りにおしゃべりしたり、時にはピクニックみたいなこともそういう時は三人はゆっくりとした穏やかな時間を味わっている暖かい光を浴びながら、れいらが持ってきたお菓子を味わいつつ...
Tomorrow They Will Bloom Again
(NA: The Flowers Will Bloom Again)
Icon skill 1129.pngNeatness Adept
Normal Passive
Regenerate HP [II] & Status Ailment Resistance UP [III]
Max Limit Break
Regenerate HP [III] & Status Ailment Resistance UP [IV]
A beginner team and an experienced group of Magical Girls met by chance one day. They taught and they learned about the mysterious world that exists alongside reality. Sharing the same fate, in time they could become closer, and speak to each other from the heart.ある日、偶然に出会った魔法少女の先輩組と後輩組

現実と隣り合わせの不思議な世界のことを教え、そして学ぶ やがて彼女たちは自然と心を通わせるようになる

Sleeping Memories
Icon skill 1167.pngCharge Draw
Charge Draw 5 turns
Max Limit Break
Charge Draw 4 turns
**Unique to Leila・Seika**
Stuck in a box was a record of days far, far away

But I have relegated them to a corner of my room, not wanting to look back on them any longer. But in the end, what I can't throw away are the regrets from a happy past.

Even though I know they will never come back, I feel as if I will disappear if I let go of them.

しかし、もう何も振り返りたくはないと部屋の一隅に追いやった それでも結局捨てられないのは、幸せだった過去への未練

Connect Our Hearts and Start Running
Icon skill 1092.pngF Weapon Blast Adept
Normal Passive
Blast Damage UP [III] & Damage Increase [III] & Flame Attribute Attack UP [IV]
Max Limit Break
Blast Damage UP [IV] & Damage Increase [IV] & Flame Attribute Attack UP [V]
"Seika, Mito! I'll go first, so follow me!"

"Don't get too excited, or you'll lose your footing Leila!" "That's right! Don't rush, don't panic, and stay calm! It's the 3 of us, together!"

"Whoops...once I've calmed down...come on, follow me!"

「あんまり意気込み過ぎると足元をすくわれるわよ、れいら」 「そうだよ!焦らず、慌てず、落ち着いて!3人で一緒に、だよ!」

Piling Up On The Pile
Icon skill 1233.pngFlame Rise
Flame Attribute Attack UP [III] & Attack UP [II] (Self / 3T) 10 turns
Max Limit Break
Flame Attribute Attack UP [IV] & Attack UP [III] (Self / 3T) 9 turns
The lees that have built up in the depths of our hearts without our realizing it will eventually reach the limit of our tolerance and overflow at a moment's notice.

What we couldn't say to each other because we cared about each other.

New feelings begin to emerge at the end of the collision of inundated thoughts and feelings

それはやがて許容の限界を迎えると、ふとした拍子で溢れ出してしまう 互いを気遣っていたからこそ言えなかったこと

Icon skill 1214.pngFull Swing Rise
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Charged Attack Damage UP [VII] & Blast Damage UP [IV] (Self / 1T) 7 turns
As the sun sets, the strong western sun illuminates the Kamihama Daito housing complex.

From morning to noon, noon to evening, evening to night... This world is always changing. And yet, there are some people who continue to wish things would never change.

Even if that wish doesn't come true in the end, we hope that things will remain as they are for as long as possible...

朝から昼へ、昼から夕方へ、夕方から夜へ…この世は常に変わり続ける それでも、変わらないでいてほしいと願い続ける人々もいる

This Road Goes On
Icon skill 1214.pngFull Swing Adept
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Charged Attack Damage UP [III] & Blast Damage UP [II]
The "present" is based on human activities that have continued since long ago.

And if we continue our activities unchanged, we will be able to see the "future". This world is formed by swallowing up everything, good and bad.

Everyone is born with a "baton" and passes it on to someone else without knowing it.

そしてまた、変わらずに営みが続けば見えてくるのが「未来」 良いことも悪いこともすべてを飲み込んで、この世界は形作られていく 

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text

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