Magia Record Story From Beyond, To You ~ The Twilight in Kamihama Daito Apartment

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Part 1

Summary by bigscarythings
The Daito apartment complex has fallen into disrepair, the consequence of its shoddy construction. What's more, the residents are growing old, and hardly any new people are moving in, and so it's getting bulldozed for a redevelopment project that would evict all the residents. The residents, understandably, oppose the project. When the project is put on hold when it ends up excavating ancient pottery, the opposition movement rallies its forces.

Mito and Leila are gung ho about the opposition movement, and actively volunteer for the cause. Seika, however, privately thinks it's all a fool's errand. The problems with the complex and its future are real and unavoidable. Still, she assists with the movement to help her friends.

The head of the opposition movement asks the girls to help with a separate project. An old resident, who lived alone and kept to himself, has recently passed away while sitting on a bench outside. The police said there was no foul play; he died of natural causes. In his will, he bequeathed everything to the opposition head, who's the kind of guy who knows everyone in the complex, and was basically the only person the old man ever talked to - but even then interaction was minimal.

The opposition head had no idea this was the old man's plan, and doesn't like being burdened with this, but there's nothing he can do about it now. Still, the task of sorting through his apartment and belongings is an ordeal and a half, and the opposition head can't manage that and the opposition movement at the same time. So the Clover Trio accept the job of cleaning out his apartment.

While doing cleanup, they learn the man was divorced; it's unknown if he had any children. Then the Clover Trio find an old diary - and it's exuding magic! (The magic prevents muggles from being able to read it by making the text look blurry; the Clover Trio can read it perfectly, however) The diary relates the life of a girl from decades ago named Atsuko, who contracted with her two best friends, Kazuyo and Tamie, and they swore to fight Witches and protect their home together. Mito and Leila dive into this mystery, wanting to know about the girls and their lives, and if Atsuko might've been the old man's long-lost (and perhaps long-forgotten) daughter. Seika, on the other hand, is reluctant to go on this quest, thinking it's a major breach of privacy and family secrets, but Leila really wants to learn more about the magical girls who came before them, who struggled just as they did. Seika ultimately decides to go along with it, trying to tampen down her negativity.

To investigate these girls, the Clover Trio follow the diary to different locations, where Atsuko used her magic to seal memories within objects. Following the proverbial scavenger hunt, the Clover Trio trace the lives of their predecessors as it falls to tragedy, when the girls find a very powerful Witch that they fear they cannot overcome. The trio of yore decide that if they can't win, they can at least seal away the Witch with their magic, and Atsuko can leave memories to help warn other Magical Girls, who may be able to defeat the Witch they could not.

When the diary leads dry up, the girls look into yearbooks and graduations from years past, eventually finding the trio, which gives them a strong indicator that Atsuko was the daughter of the deceased old man.

Meanwhile, as this investigation has been going on, tensions have been rising between Seika and Leila as Seika keeps slipping out her cynicism and doubt towards this whole cause, as circumstances make her wonder if these magical girls and the enemy Witch are even real or not. Eventually, it blows up as a spat over the mystery spills over into Leila doubting Seika's commitment to the opposition movement. Seika admits that yes, she thinks the opposition movement is pointless - they can't expect things to remain the same forever! Leila accuses Seika of not caring about losing their home at all, but Seika tries to say they need to find another road - but this is Leila's home, and she doesn't like how cynical and pragmatic Seika is behaving. Mito manages to get them to break it up, and the girls all go their separate ways.

In the end, while Mito reels over their fight - noting that Seika and Leila have always butted heads since they were kids, but never to this extent - Kanagi comes across her and lends an ear. After explaining everything, Mito says she should use her magic with them both like last time, but Kanagi warns against it. To her, she thinks this is a matter that Seika and Leila need to resolve themselves, using their own words. She has faith that once Seika and Leila both cool their heads, they'll calm down and see things more clearly.

That said, Kanagi is concerned about this locked-away Witch. She wants to investigate, asking Mito to join her, since Mito can't team up with both Seika and Leila as things currently stand. Not to mention that if they can find the Witch, perhaps that can help push Seika and Leila to kiss and make up. But there's one other thing on Kanagi's mind...

We don't get to see it yet, as we cut over to Seika. Sure enough, she's beating herself up for what she said, realizing she should have talked about things much sooner rather than letting tensions simmer and blow up. She knows she needs to apologize... But she pauses when one of the articles she's skimming through catches her eye - a report on the missing trio of girls, Kazuyo, Tamie, and Atsuko, confirming that they've indeed been real all along...and that means the mighty and deadly Witch is still out there too. And if Leila or Mito are still trying to find that Witch - they better not go fight her alone!