Magia Record Story And So, The Azaleas Bloom Part 2

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Continued From Part 1

Ayame 7

Kako Natsume asks Ayame Mikuri and Hazuki Yusa to meet her at the park with Felicia Mitsuki. Felicia and Kako say there's a rumor where magical girls have been collapsing after fighting a witch or a familiar. The suspects are believed to be magical girls using their powers to make others faint. According to Kako, the magical girls attacked are still sleeping, though she can't verify if it's true. Kako says it's keeping magical girls from hunting witches - which may be the intent of the culprit.

Kako reveals that there's another rumor which states Hazuki and Ayame's team are responsible. However, both Kako and Felicia don't believe it. Hazuki thinks that a rumor like that has to come from somewhere, and the only magical girls her team knows are Nanaka Tokiwa's team. Kako says Nanaka thinks Ayame's team is innocent. In fact, Nanaka believes they're being set up. Hazuki thinks that if the rumor spreads they'll become targets, even though they aren't responsible. Hazuki and Ayame thank Kako and Felicia and depart.

Hazuki 10

Hazuki explains what happened to Konoha Shizumi, though she claims Nanaka told her. Konoha thinks that bad things happen to them no matter where they go, and suggests keeping an eye on the situation. She wonders if this is connected to her visions. Konoha doesn't have a hunch, but she feels a chill down her spine. Sometime later, the trio meets Yachiyo Nanami. Hazuki and Konoha recognize her as the oldest magical girl in Kamihama City - and Konoha thinks Yachiyo is older than herself. Yachiyo explains she wants to talk to the trio about the fainting rumors.

Yachiyo explains many strange things happen in Kamihama. For example, there was the "Dueling Girl", a magical girl named Tsuruno Yui who issued challenges to everyone. Yachiyo also tells them about familiars disguising themselves as magical girls to get them to fight each other. Yachiyo says this is a personal matter because one of her friends, Momoko Togame, has been attacked. Ever since she was hit by a familiar's surprise attack, Momoko has always been on guard, which makes this especially shocking. Yachiyo says that Momoko is awake and only lost conciousness for a few minutes. However, one of Momoko's friends is blaming the trio for it.

Konoha says they aren't responsible, and Yachiyo agrees. Yachiyo reveals that she was present when Momoko was attacked, and the trio's magical signatures aren't the same as the ones she felt. Having confirmed this, she apologizes for the trouble and leaves. Ayame is happy that they've been proved innocent, However, Konoha has darker thoughts.

Konoha 11

The next day, Konoha suggests leaving Kamihama City. Even though Yachiyo said they were innocent, Konoha can't really believe it's true. She also thinks things will get worse if they stay. In order to avoid further interference, Konoha thinks the best thing to do is to leave and start again elsewhere. The player is given two choices.

Route Split

Look toward Ayame: Konoha asks Ayame what she thinks. Go to Ayame 8.
Look toward Hazuki: Konoha asks Hazuki what she thinks. Go to Hazuki 11.

Ayame 8

Ayama thinks back to a time when she hung out with Kako and Felicia. Kako shows Ayame a pop-up picture book. Ayame is amazed, but Felicia says she prefers fight manga. However, she still reads the book with the others, prompting Ayame to say Felicia was only pretending to be uninterested. In the present, Konoha asks Ayame if she agrees with her thoughts. The player is given two choices.

Route Split

Convince Konoha: Ayame says it's better to stay in Kamihama. When Konoha asks why, she initially can't respond. Hazuki then claims Ayame is frustrated, as leaving would make it look like they were the ones responsible. Ayame hurriedly agrees and says it's not right for them to leave if they did nothing wrong. Konoha asks Hazuki if that's what she thinks as well. Go to Hazuki 11.
Obey Konoha: Go to End No4.

End No4 (Ayame 9)

Ayame reluctantly says she'll do what Konoha says. Hazuki asks if this is alright, but Ayame says that they've come this far as a trio, and it's better to start over in another city. Konoha asks Hazuki what she thinks. Hazuki answers that if the other two have decided she'll go with it. Ayame narrates they left Kamihama a few days later, and she never got the chance to say goodbye to Kako and Felicia.

Hazuki 11

For the sake of Ayame, Hazuki tells Konoha they shouldn't leave. She points out that the rumors might still follow them to another city, and they could get trapped in a cycle of leaving whenever a new rumor is spread. Hazuki says they should properly clear up all suspicions, or at the very least, stay a bit longer and keep an eye on things. Konoha says she's not satisfied and doesn't want thing to get worse. Hazuki says if it does, they'll leave Kamihama. She asks if Ayame is alright with this, and she answers yes. Konoha then wonders what they should do, and Hazuki says she can talk to people. Konoha tells her to avoid getting too deeply involved. Hazuki thinks that she got Konoha to stop thinking of leaving, and mentally apologizes for what she will do next.

Hazuki 12

Hazuki's next step is to contact the girl who was attacked, Momoko. When they meet, Momoko notes that Hazuki contacted her by leaving a letter in Momoko's shoebox. When Momoko asks how Hazuki knew what school she goes to, Hazuki says she has reliable information channels. In fact, she learned the information from Kako, who claimed Momoko was a friend of a friend. Momoko says Yachiyo told her about the trio, and is willing to hear Hazuki out. However, she doesn't think they're completely innocent, as she doesn't trust anything unless she sees it herself with her own eyes.

Hazuki admits Momoko has a point and says her group isn't responsible. Momoko admits she didn't expect her to say it straight out. Hazuki asks Momoko to help her look for the culprit. Momoko reiterates that she doesn't think they're innocent unless she sees it herself with her own eyes, and her eyes still think Hazuki's suspicious. Momoko then asks if Hazuki still wants to ask Momoko to help look for the culprit. The player is given two choices.

Route Split

Find someone else to team up with: Go to End No5
Convince Momoko: Hazuki insists her group is innocent, and asks Momoko to see it with her own eyes. Momoko says Hazuki's eyes are clear and is speaking from the heart. She immediately agrees to help. Hazuki claims she believes the real culprit is spreading rumors about the trio being responsible. She thinks if they can find the rumor's source they can find the culprit. When Momoko asks why Hazuki needs her help, Hazuki says that if the first victim finds the culprit with her, that would prove her team's innocence. Momoko asks if she's being used. Hazuki says if she's going to be that blunt, then yes. Momoko laughs and agrees to help. Hazuki thinks of Konoha and Ayame, and mentally tells them to wait for her.

End No5 (Hazuki 13)

Hazuki apologizes to Momoko and asks her to forget the conversation ever happened. Hazuki continues to investigate. One day she's contacted by Konoha, before she can respond Hazuki gets a funny feeling and is unable to respond. Hazuki narrates that she was attacked, and didn't know what happened next. "After all, I never opened my eyes ever again..."

Konoha 12

Konoha narrates that several days have passed since Hazuki said she would gather information. Hazuki has yet to bring results. Konoha says she doesn't regret the decision, but she's still anxious over how things aren't moving forward or backward. She wonders if those feelings dragged her into this situation. Ayame tells Konoha that Hazuki is late again and asks if it's that hard for her. Konoha says it is, but Hazuki is doing something the other two can't. Konoha asks Ayame what sort of bento she would like to eat. Ayame wonders how long they'll have to have bentos, and Konoha says it depends on Hazuki's results.

Konoha narrates that Hazuki is in charge of cooking. With her absence, she and Ayame buy dinner at place like the supermarket. The situation happens when they go there to buy bentos. Rena Minami and Kaede Akino are at the store, and see Konoha and Ayame shopping. Overhearing their names, Rena realizes they're the girls from the rumor. Rena decides to test them and calls them out. Rena says that her and Kaede are Momoko's teammates. Kaede points out that since Rena yelled an employee is looking at them. Rena asks Konoha and Ayame if she can borrow them.

Outside the store, Rena introduces her and Kaede and asks if they're the ones making magical girls faint. Ayame insists they aren't. Kaede tells Rena to hold on and brings up Yachiyo. Rena admits that she believes Yachiyo but she feels something isn't right. She says she wants to see the truth for herself by fighting them. Kaede says she's acting like Tsuruno Yui, and Rena says she couldn't think of anything else. Ayame tries to accept Rena's challenge, but Konoha tells Ayame to leave it to her. Konoha wonders if this is part of someone's scheme, and won't risk putting Ayame in harm's way. Konoha tells Rena she'll make her calm down.

Konoha 13

Konoha thinks Rena's logic was all over the place. She believes that she's unleashing her frustrations at being unable to find the culprit on herself and Ayame. However, Konoha doesn't plan on just offering her cheek. As the girls fight, Rena notices Konoha is strong. Suddenly Yachiyo arrives, having been called by Kaede. Yachiyo tells Rena to stop, but Konoha accidentally launches an attack. Rena appears to make an attack of her own as a bright light appears. Suddenly Kaede screams and says Ayame has suddenly collapsed.

Konoha rushes over to Ayame's side. Ayame is alright, saying something hit her head. She say that when she watched Konoha fight she suddenly got dizzy. Konoha notes that Ayame's Soul Gem is safe, but she can't forgive Rena for doing something like that. She calls out Rena for attacking Ayame, but she insists she didn't do that. Konoha turns on Kaede, who says she couldn't do something about that. She then turns on Yachiyo, who tells Konoha that this is the same as before. Konoha says this has nothing to do with this. She says someone here had to have attacked Ayame. Rena says there's no way. Konoha says that she and Hazuki would never attack Ayame and suddenly screams that everyone else is a suspect. Ayame says Konoha is acting scary.

Suddenly Konoha sees a series of visions: Ayame and Hazuki saying her name, Ayame saying she doesn't want to be alone, Hazuki saying it's too late, Konoha saying it's just the three of them, and the Director telling Konoha to look at the azalea about to bloom. Konoha says she must protect them and repeatedly says she's had enough. Back in reality, Yachiyo notices something about Konoha has changed. Konoha says she doesn't care about clearing their names anymore. She says they haven't done anything, but everything and everyone around them keep ruining their lives.

Konoha tells Ayame to call Hazuki. Ayame does so, and hopes Hazuki comes soon. She thinks she can't handle this by herself. Konoha says that before Hazuki arrives, they'll start with the people over here. Ayame asks what she means, Konoha shouts that they will crush and smash all the other magical girls. Yachiyo tells Konoha to calm down. Konoha says she is calm and that she found her answer. She says if they beat up all the other magical girls, it'll be like the culprit and suspicions never existed. Yachiyo says if she does something like that the suspicions will become real. Konoha says it's fine since it doesn't matter. She says they will defend themselves from those who threaten them, and what they will start doing will demonstrate their will to do so.

Konoha 14

Ayame transforms and steps in front of Konoha. Konoha tells her to move. Ayame says it isn't right to fight others like this. Konoha says Ayame's the one who leads charges, but Ayame says that fighting witches is completely different. Konoha blurs past Ayame to attack Rena, but is blocked by Yachiyo. Konoha is amazed, but says it's expected of the oldest. Yachiyo asks not to be called that. Konoha asks if Yachiyo will be the first to get in her way. Yachiyo guesses Konoha won't stop and prepares to fight.

Suddenly Hazuki and Momoko arrive. Momoko asks what happened. Konoha screams at Hazuki, asking her why she's with Momoko. Hazuki says she heard what happened and won't let Konoha do something reckless. Konoha demands Hazuki answer her question. Hazuki says Momoko is helping her find the culprit. Rena asks Momoko why she didn't say anything. Momoko says she wanted to wait for results. Yachiyo asks how the search turned out, but Konoha screams she doesn't care about that. Konoha says they can't trust anyone other than themselves, and she asks why Hazuki would do this without telling her.

Hazuki says it's time to tell Konoha what they think. Hazuki claims they should face the outside more. She agrees they were abused by circumstances, but recently she started wondering if they can trust others. Konoha says they've gotten this far only by trusting themselves. Hazuki brings up the Director and their friends at Tsuzuji's House. Konoha says they're different things. Hazuki says they're the same. She claims that they've forgotten, but there used to be people they could confide in. Hazuki says if they take a look around, there's people they can trust.

Konoha tells Hazuki to stop and asks why she's saying those things. Ayame sees Konoha is crying. Konoha says it's always been the three of them, and she was fine with that. However, when the Director passed away and they left Tsuzuji's House, Konoha only had Hazuki and Ayame. Hazuki says Konoha feels that strongly about them. Konoha says she doesn't want to connect with others because she's scared something important to her will be destroyed again. The player is given a final decision of three choices.

Route Split

Hazuki's decision: Go to End No6.
Ayame's decision: Go to Ayame 10.
Konoha's decision: Go to End No7.

End No6 (Hazuki 14)

Hazuki says they shouldn't make everyone else into enemies and says she only worked behind Konoha's back because she was thinking of them. Hazuki says this was their only realistic option and asks Konoha if she understands. Konoha does, but won't accept it. She thought their hearts were always together, triumphing over things like realistic calculations. Hazuki protests, but Konoha says she'll go with her decision. Konoha apologizes to everyone for losing control and takes back everything she said earlier.

Yachiyo asks Hazuki if that's ok, and Hazuki says she's sure they'll be fine. Hazuki narrates the situation was settled, but they never found the truth behind the fainting incident or Konoha's hallucinations. With Yachiyo's help, the girls were able to get by in Kamihama. However, ever since that day, Konoha has closed her heart off from Hazuki. Hazuki narrates it's causing Ayame, stuck in the middle, to suffer. "Once again, today, in this hollow room... our eyes that no longer met at all crossed..."

End No7 (Konoha 15)

Konoha says that the things precious to her were already destroyed. Hazuki says it isn't, and Ayame says they're right there. However, Konoha says it's already broken. Konoha narrates that she decided not to fight and the situation ended. Afterward, Hazuki and Ayame told Konoha they sympathized with her feelings and would cut off their ties with the outside. However, Konoha thinks that this wasn't how they truly felt. The trio held their awkward feelings and continued an awkward relationship. Konoha thinks that relationship will soon come to an end. "Just as I thought, the things that were important to me were already broken at some point..."

Ayame 10

Ayame says she has a secret of her own: She's made friends. Konoha says that Ayame is keeping secrets from her too. Hazuki apologizes and claims she was the one who suggested it to Ayame. Konoha asks why they would keep that a secret from her. Hazuki says it's because they thought that if Konoha knew she wouldn't forgive them. Konoha admits that's right. Hazuki says that for the first time, Ayame bonded with a kid she met of her own will when she spent all her life following the other two.

Konoha flashes back to Tsuzuji's Hose. She remembers the Director telling Konoha and Hazuki to look after Ayame for her. She also asks Ayame to listen and do as the others tell her, and to follow them so they won't get separated. The Director tells them to hold each other firmly by the hand, and continue to live supporting each other. Back in the present, Hazuki says that when she saw Ayame make a friend, she believed that people who can understand them are out there somewhere.

Yachiyo says that as time passes, they might see each other a bit more. She asks the other girls if they agree. Momoko and Kaede do, but Rena seems reluctant. Momoko tells her to speak honestly, and Rena says it's not like she doesn't think that way. Konoha asks Ayame what her friends are like. Hazuki says to wait a moment and says that on her way here she tried to contact Ayame's friends. She couldn't reach one of them, but the other should be arriving soon. Suddenly Kako comes running in. Kaede is surprised to see her, and Ayame is surprised Kaede knew Kako. Kako is surprised by this as well. Kaede introduces the others to Kako. Yachiyo says she's heard of her. Rena says nothing, causing Momoko to say Rena is just being jealous. Rena insists that wasn't it.

Kako asks if a witch appeared. Hazuki says a lot happened and brushes it off. Kako then apologizes to Konoha for keeping her friendship with Ayame a secret and says she should properly introduce herself. Konoha asks Kako what she thinks of Ayame. Kako says Ayame is a precious friend. Konoha is silent for a moment and then chuckles. She thanks Kako and asks her to look after Ayame from now on as well. Kako says she looks forward to doing so. Ayame tells Konoha and Kako to shake hands. They do so, and Hazuki notes how tightly their holding each other. Konoha says Hazuki's idea of having relations with the outside was right, but she can't accept it from the bottom of her heart. She claims she can't change that quickly, but seeing Ayame and Kako made her think she can believe it's possible.

Hazuki tells Konoha to take her time thinking about it. Konoha wonders if she has friends. Hazuki says she does - herself. She thinks of Konoha as her first friend, even since they met at Tsuzuji's. Konoha chuckles and says even she had friends right by her. Momoko says it's all settled now, but Yachiyo says there's one matter left. Konoha agrees and says they should discuss this. Yachiyo says they can do so after they adjourn here. Rena says that she feels things haven't gone well for her. Kaede says it turned out alright, and Rena feels like she's being consoled by Kaede. Hazuki thinks she's glad things turned out alright, but wonders what would have happened if Felicia showed up.

Felicia then wakes up, having fallen asleep in a park.

True End

Konoha narrates that after the incident, Hazuki and Momoko tried to find the origin of the fainting rumor. However, the trail soon went cold. Hazuki says that te real culprit started the rumor to fool them, and doubts a witch could do it. When Yachiyo talked with Konoha, Konoha apologizes for losing control, but Yachiyo tells her to forget about it. Yachiyo says that Rena, Kaede and herself did not move, nor was there a reaction caused by their magic. Konoha says the same was true for her. Yachiyo says this means the person who attacked Kaede wasn't present. Konoha and Yachiyo agree to expose the culprit's true identity. Konoha thinks she will make them pay for using her team.

Konoha narrates that the event is still covered in darkness. She also doesn't understand the illusions she saw. She believes that the illusions, which swayed her heart before she realized it, reached their peak when she decided to make everyone her enemy. Since then, she hasn't seen any illusions and is no closer to uncovering the mystery. However, Konoha claims they did learn one thing.

The story cuts to Kako, Nanaka, Akira Shinobu and Meiyui Chun about to enter a witch's barrier. Suddenly Ayame arrives and says they're going in first. Kako asks her to wait, but Ayame says that's how it's going to be now. Hazuki arrives with Konoha and says they're going to pass through here too. Konoha says there's no hard feelings as they enter. Nanaka says they're going in after them. Kako says it's not fair, and Ayame playfully chuckles. It appears the teams have formed a friendly rivalry. Konoha narrates that there are a lot of witches in the city, and there are magical girls who hunt them. She says that magical girls are shouldering the same fate, as humans who share the same circumstances. She tells the Director that they may have found their new "Tsuzuji's House".


Kyubey speaks to an unseen individual. He asks if things have gone as the individual planned. It's revealed this individual is the culprit of the fainting incidents, which never actually happened. In fact, the only people the culprit attacked were Momoko and Ayame. After she attacked Momoko the culprit spread the rumor of magical girls suddenly fainting. It's also revealed the culprit did not show Konoha visions. Rather, she hypnotized Konoha in order to make her go on a rampage. Kyubey asks the culprit if she were okay with the result. The culprit apparently replies she only did this on a whim. Kyubey notes this whim changed the fates of Kamihama's inhabitants, and claims that this was what the culprit was really after. Kyubey says that if witches are "disasters", then the culprit is, for now, "chaos".

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