Magia Record Story And So, The Azaleas Bloom

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Ayame 1

Konoha Shizumi and Hazuki Yusa are waiting for their partner Ayame Mikuri in order to fight a witch together. Suddenly Ayame rushes in and attacks the witch. Ayamae says she was separated from the others when she was chasing a familiar. Hazuki and Konoha says she keeps getting lost and coming back all the time. The narration explains these girls are connected by a bond deeper than blood. Afterward, the trio appear to be moving into a new house that Hazuki found. Ayame brings in her treasure box, where she stores random things she finds on the ground. Her most recent addition is a bicycle bell she found after beating the witch. Hazuki and Konoha say that at least she's not picking up insect carcasses anymore. Ayame narrates that she's been with Konoha and Hazuki ever since they were little, when they met at "Tsuzuji's House" (Azalea's House)

Hazuki 1

Hazuki narrates that when she was little her family went to a hot spring resort. As they were coming home a car ran them over, killing her parents. Hazuki only survived because her parents protected her. Hazuki was bounced around between relatives until she came to Tsuzuji's House, an orphanage. Ever since her parents died, Hazuki hid her true feelings with a smile. Hazuki then met the Director of Tsuzuji, an aging woman. The Director quickly saw through Hazuki's mask and told her she didn't have to make a smile like that, which made Hazuki cry. Tsuzuji would become Hazuki's favorite place, where Hazuki and her friends all understood each other. She narrates that Konoha was like their big sister.

Konoha 1

Konoha's father was a successful businessman. After Konoha was born, his fortunes turned and he died from an anxiety-induced illness. Konoha's mother died as well, and she was brought to Tsuzuji's House. With the help of the Director, Konoha was able to recover from her parents' deaths. Hazuki would arrive later, also saved by the director. Konoha and Hazuki would become friends. Sometime later the Director introduced the girls to Ayame, who was found abandoned in a back alley. Ayame says all she can remember of her parents was a big hand pulling her own. Konoha and Hazuki were placed in charge of looking after Ayame. For awhile, Konoha's world was Tsuzuji's House and what was essentially her surrogate family, until one day...

Hazuki 2

Konoha overhears the Director arguing with the Tsuzuji's Vice-Director. They are arguing about the demolishing of Tsuzuji's House. Konoha tells Hazuki, who is horrified. Konoha explains the Director was against it and it was the first time she ever heard the Director raise her voice like that. However, the Vice-Director was the one who brought up the demolishing in the first place. Hazuki says the Vice-Director was there even before Konoha came, and wonders why the Vice-Director would want to demolish the place. Konoha thinks that someone is always trying to ruin their lives, pointing out that everyone who comes to Tsuzuji have had their lives gone wrong like this. The girls decide not to tell Ayame and to speak to the Director about this.

Konoha 2

The girls talk to the Director who explains that a brand new orphanage program has been instituted by the government. Orphans from across the country would be sent to newly built institutions with a new educational curriculum. Tsuzuji was chosen to be the first institution to be integrated into this program - which means the orphanage would be demolished and the children separated. The girls ask what they can do, and the Director says they can listen to her complaints when she's tired. She promises to do something about it, and tells the girls to do what they always do. Afterward Konoha and Hazuki look on the internet and find the new program is surrounded by rumors of political and corporate interference. They later learn the Vice-Director colluded with the government and was behind the demolition in the first place. They learned this after the Director collapsed.

Ayame 2

Though the Director said it was just fatigue, she dies shortly afterward. Ayame said it was so fast she didn't know what was happening. The girls mourn the Director's death, and Hazuki and Konoha tell Ayame about Tsuzuji being demolished. None of the girls know what will happen. Although they try to protect Tsuzuji, in the end it was decided the demolition would go through. But then it didn't...

Hazuki 3

The night before they were supposed to leave Tsuzuji, Hajime and Ayame walk around the building. Ayame apologizes for waking Hazuki up. Hazuki says she couldn't sleep eithier, but wonders why Ayame came to her and not Konoha. Ayame says she couldn't find her. She then spots Konoha talking to a strange white creature. When they get close, Kyubey introduces himself.

Konoha 3

Konoha wasn't able to sleep, so she walked around Tsuzuji until she met Kyubey. When Kyubey makes his offer to the trio, Ayame jumps at the chance to save Tsuzuji's House. The other two are more skeptical. Konoha says she alone will contract to save Tsuzuji's House, pointing out that only one of them needs to bear the risk. Hazuki says she can't let her do it alone. Hazuki asks Kyubey if there's a catch. He doesn't gave a straight answer, which is enough for Hazuki to say she can't just let Konoha contract alone. Ayame agrees with Hazuki's position. Realizing that they'll contract anyway, Konoha agrees to become magical girls together.

Hazuki 4

Ayame is about to wish, but Konoha says that since they have three wishes they should plan it out. Konoha suggests they first wish for "Tsuzuji's House to indefinitely continue to exist". She thinks their next wish should be "erase the main cause that tried to demolish Tsuzuji's House", which will prevent other orphanages from suffering the same fate. Konoha says this is her judgement against those who tried to destroy her world. Ayame suggests using their third wish to revive the Director, but Konoha isn't sure that's right. Hazuki thinks even if the Director comes back she might not be the same person they knew. She also thinks it fails to take the Director's feelings into account. Konoha says that wish is too selfish. To the surprise of Ayame and Hazuki, she says their third wish should be "to erase us from the memories of the people involved with Tsuzuji's House", saying that they're going to have to leave.

Konoha 4

Konoha explains that as magical girls they will have to live entirely new lives. She asks Kyubey if this is the case, who gives an unhelpful answer as expected. Konoha explains they don't know what will happen and that by erasing the memories of everyone at Tsuzuji they won't cause trouble for them. Ayame doesn't want to leave, and Konoha says these are simply her thoughts. Hazuki says she thinks Konoha's last wish is the right thing to do, as it will also protect Tsuzuji's. Hazuki says she'll be fine with that wish and tells Ayame to make whatever wish she wants. Ayame decides to accept Konoha's plan. Afterward, Ayame wished for Tsuzuji's House to continue existing, while Konoha wished to erase the main cause of Tsuzuji's demolishing. (This leaves Hazuki with the third wish of erasing everyone's memories of them). Konoha says that as a result of her wish, all the rumors on the internet of the new orphanage program were publicly confirmed. The politicians and other parties involved were all punished, the Vice-Director left Tsuzuji's House, and the three magical girls leave themselves.

Ayame 3

Ayame narrates that after becoming magical girls they went to different places. Konoha explains that as magical girls they have to keep fighting witches forever to replenish their magic. Hazuki and Konoha are aware that it's probably a bad idea to run out, though they don't know why. For some time, they lived in a city outside of Kamihama City, looking for witches. One day, they returned to Kamihama when they learned there were more witches there. After moving into their new place, Hazuki thinks it doesn't feel like it's been that long. Konoha says they picked a school that would help them avoid meeting the children from Tsuzuji's House. Ayame narrates that Konoha has money saved up, and made more by investing in stocks. Hazuki does cooking and cleaning, causing Ayame to wonder if they're basically her parents. Ayame (poorly) draws a picture of the trio. She thinks they'll always be together, and the Director won't have to worry.

End No1 (Konoha 5)

Konoha sees a pair of strange visions. She first sees Nanaka Tokiwa saying they could have worked together, while Hazuki says she'll think of something. In her next vision she sees Yachiyo Nanami telling Rena Minami to stop. Rena insists it's not her fault. Hazuki says it's too late, and Ayame's going to die. Hazuki then falls unconscious. Ayame says she doesn't want to be alone. Konoha screams.

Konoha 6

Konoha suddenly returns to reality. Hazuki said she was spacing out. Konoha tells Ayame she bought her some ice cream. When Ayame leaves, she tells Hazuki about her vision, claiming Ayame was suffering. Konoha asks Hazuki what she was doing. Hazuki said she was staring off into space. Konoha says this is the first time this has happened to her. She wonders if the vision somehow came from another magical girl. Konoha asks Hazuki to keep this a secret from Ayame.

Konoha 7

Sometime later, the trio meet Nanaka, Akira Shinobu, Kako Natsume and Meiyui Chun, all in magical girl form. Nanaka thinks she recognizes them from school. Hazuki asks if they're friends. Kako says they are, thought Meiyui says they have only joined forces. Nanaka says they are in an alliance to fight witches. Nanaka says she observed the trio fight a familiar, and that they fought extremely well. Meiyui says they were the first ones to find the familar, but the trio beat it when they lost sight of it. Konoha asks if they're suggesting her group stole it. Kako disagrees, while Ayamae insists she found it first. When Kako expresses confusion over Ayame's speech patterns, Ayame blurts she's thirteen - which is Kako's own age.

Nanaka says that it doesn't matter who found the familiar. She asks the trio to join forces with her group. Meiyui telepathically asks her group if it's alright to ask people she just met to join. Akira says it's not much different than their first meeting, though Meiyui said that took more time. She thinks Nanaka is asking the trio on a whim. Akira guesses Nanaka is acting on her instincts, but they're Nanaka's instincts. Kako says she doesn't think they're bad, guided by her instinctual powers.

Meanwhile the trio telepathically talk to each other. Konoha says they can't trust anyone other than themselves, which is how it was and always will be. Hazuki thinks they should gather more information. Ayame is suspicious of Nanaka and Meiyui, thinks Akira is strange for using male speech patterns, and can't think of anything about Kako. Konoha says they can't trust any of them. At this point, the player is given three options.

Route Split

Let Hazuki handle this: Go to Hazuki 5.
Think about it some more: Konoha silently thinks for so long that Ayame speaks out. Go to Ayame 4
Konoha will negotiate: Go to Konoha 8.

Konoha 8

Konoha says she'll talk to Nanaka, despite Hazuki's protests. Konoha doesn't intend to join forces and simply wants to get information on a potential enemy. However, Nanaka doesn't give her anything to work with. All Konoha can figure out is that Nanaka is suspicious. At this point, if the player has completed certain conditions, they are given two options. Otherwise they are forced to pick the first option.

Route Split

Distance ourselves from Nanaka: Konoha decides it's better to stay away from Nanaka and asks her to leave them alone. Hazuki asks if this is alright, but Konoha says it's the safest path and they can find information elsewhere. Nanaka understands and says she can't force them to join. Konoha announces neither group will interfere with each other from now on. Nanaka says it's disappointing and that they could have worked together. Konoha recognizes those words from her vision. Nanaka's group departs, followed by the trio. Go to End No2.

Keep searching: While thinking of what to do, Konoha silently stares at Nanaka. Hazuki says they're having a stare down. Ayame wonders if she should make them laugh, but Hazuki isn't sure that's a good idea. Despite being told to calm down, Ayame speaks out. Go to Ayame 4.

End No2 (Konoha 10)

Konoha narrates she thought she didn't need connections with other magical girls. Hazuki tells Konoha she thinks the trio should join other magical girls. She says that Kamihama is getting magical girls from other cities, and worries that the group might clash with someone. Konoha says they only need to defeat witches first, but Hazuki says even that could offend someone. She also thinks Nanaka's group won't look the other way next time. Konoha says they don't need any unnecessary relationships and tells Hazuki to drop the discussion.

Unfortunately, Hazuki's fears became true. The trio get into conflicts with other magical girls over Grief Seeds. One day, Ayame suddenly collapses in front of Konoha and Hazuki, her Soul Gem crumbling apart. Konoha realizes this was the work of a magical girl. Ayame calls the names of her friends before she dies. Hazuki says it's too late as Konoha screams.

Hazuki 5

Konoha allows Hazuki to make negotiations. Both groups introduce themselves. Hazuki says to call it a day, claiming that it's hard to give an answer on the spot when the trio have been working together for a long time. Nanaka agrees and says they can talk later over tea. Akira notes that while both girls are smiling, their eyes are not. Kako then blurts out she's also thirteen, and says she's happy to find another magical girl the same age as her. Boht groups depart. Kako thinks Ayame reminds her of Felicia Mitsuki.

Ayame 5

The next day Ayame thinks about Kako. She thinks she's suspicious, but can't get over how Kako said she was the same age. Suddenly she hears a noise. It came from Kako, who says she was startled by Ayame saying "Ahh---geez" to herself. Kako explains she passed by Ayame earlier and wanted to say hi. She asks if anything is wrong, but Ayame insists she was doing vocal exercises. Kako invites Ayame to talk some more, and maybe become friends. She invites Ayame over to a park, and wants her to meet another magical girl she knows: (Felicia). Ayame thinks about how Konoha told her not to trust anyone. When Ayame goes silent, Kako apologizes and prepares to leave. However, Ayame says it's alright to talk.

Hazuki 7

Hazuki thinks that Nanaka might be hard to deal with and could easily use them. However, she thinks it's possible for her group to use Nanaka instead. However, she knows Konoha won't give up her position. Still Hazuki wonders if the trio can keep living without connections to others. Hazuki then decides what to do about Nanaka. The player is given two choices.

Route Split

Think about it some more: Hazuki decides to wait and buy stuff for dinner. Go to Hazuki 9.

Firmly join forces with her: Hazuki thinks Nanaka would have her carried off and looks like she's trying to dig for information. Feeling that their isolation would hurt them in a crisis, she decides to act fast and secretly contact Nanaka. Go to End No3.

End No3 (Hazuki 8)

Hazuki narrates she made a terrible mistake. She teams up with Nanaka and asks her to keep it a secret from Konoha. Hazuki claims she was left with enough freedom to act on her own discretion. Later, she makes connections with other magical girls. Hazuki narrates that she thought she could handle it, but she was arrogant. One day, Konoha sees her talk to a magical girl. Hazuki says this was the first time they met, but Konoha realizes she's lying. Hazuki narrates that Konoha got angry and they stopped talking to each other. This got them into trouble when they fought a witch. Because they couldn't coordinate, Ayame was attacked and had her Soul Gem shattered. Konoha screams. Hazuki says it's too late.

Ayame 4

Konoha decides to leave the talks to Ayame's decisiveness, claiming it saved them in the past. Ayame tells Nanaka's group they've been a trio since she was one year old. When she says she met them thirteen years ago, Akira points out her math is wrong. Nanaka asks if they've been magical girls for a long time. Ayame says they aren't, but Hazuki stops her from saying anything else. Kako suddenly says she's 13 years old too, and introduces herself. Ayame then introduces herself, at which point Hazuki takes over as she claims things have gone in a strange direction. Hazuki says to call it a day for now, and says to contact her if they have questions. The groups depart. Kako says goodbye, and thinks about how Ayame is the same age as her and Felicia.

Hazuki 6

Hazuki thinks Konoha won't let the group join other magical girls, and thinks she should try to get information out of Nanaka. However, she realizes she doesn't have a good way to do so. The rest of the story is the same as Hazuki 9.

Hazuki 9

On her way to buy dinner, Hazuki runs into Ayame. Ayame says she was just going home, but Hazuki points out she's going in the opposite direction. Hazuki wants to know where Ayame was really going to go. Ayame reveals she was going to meet Kako, claiming she's gathering information. Hazuki says it's alright. She thinks that Ayame was the youngest girl in Tsuzuji's House, and so didn't have any friends her own age. Hazuki thinks that Ayame wants to be friends with Kako for that reason. Ayame asks if it's alright to tell Konoha, but Hazuki says to wait until they can surprise her. She thinks Konoha would be against it, but Ayame is connecting to others by herself. Hazuki thinks that Ayame is really happy to make friends, and it could be beneficial to the group as a whole. She thinks she'll soon tell Konoha about her thoughts.

Ayame 6

Ayame brings Hazuki to Kako. Kako introduces them to Felicia. Kako says Felicia is really strong. Ayame insists she's strong too. When Hazuki claims to be Ayame's guardian, Felicia says Ayame can't be strong if she has a guardian attached to her. Hazuki then backtracks and asks to be thought of as Ayame's friend. She insists Ayame's strong, and stops them from fighting. Kako pulls out snacks. Later, Ayame thinks she'll fight Felicia next time, but wonders if it's alright to not tell Konoha. When she asks Hazuki about it, she says it should be saved for a surprise. Hazuki says both Konoha and herself believe in Ayame's instincts, and she tells Ayame to go with what she thinks and feels. At home, Ayame thinks Kako and Felicia are fun to be around, and tries to balance those feelings with what Konoha said. She is broken out of her reverie by Konoha, who says Hazuki has been calling her to set the table. Ayame narrates that she wonders if wanting to play with Kako and Felicia is a bad thing.

Konoha 9

Konoha notes that neither her group nor Nanaka's have made a move, and she is fine with leaving things like this. She notes Hazuki wants to use them as an information source, but Konoha thinks it's unnecessary and they can't trust anyone else as much as each other. Konoha thinks their world is fine with just the three of them. When Hazuki calls Ayame to set the tableware, Konoha sees Ayame hanging upside-down over the sofa spacing out. She tells Ayame to go to Hazuki. When Ayame leaves, she thinks about how she wishes these days could continue forever. As she reminisces on the past, Konoha sees visions of Ayame and Hazuki. Konoha narrates that she further strengthened her resolve to protect the trio's world. However, a few days later, something tested that resolve. It turns out that something caused Kamihama's magical girls to begin fainting, and suspicion fell on the trio...


In this section of the story, magical girls speak to an unseen individual.

First, Kanoko Yayoi says she met the trio when they defeated a familiar. She said she was surprised to meet the unseen person afterward. She talks about a rumor where magical girls get dizzy and collapse from an illness. Kanoko says she thinks it's just anemia. Kanoko then says she always looked through magazines and never would have thought the unknown person was a magical girl. Kanoko asks her to look at her latest design, which is a mushroom.

Next, Natsuki Utsuho tells the unseen magical girl that she heard a magical girl is using her powers to cause the collapses. She says she can't believe it, because she believes magical girls are supposed to be like teammates. The unseen girl seems to agree. Natsuki wishes for the safety all magical girls and cheers for them. She then apologizes for being too loud.

Finally Mitama Yakumo tells the unseen girl she has a stern look on her face. Mitama says she doesn't know any girls that could be responsible for the collapses. She's asked if she met any magical girls recently, as the ones who recently showed up in Kamihama are the most suspicious ones. Mitama says she doesn't know, but is told something which causes her to realize the unseen girl had to investigate. She reveals a magical girl named Hazuki Yusa came to check things out. Mitama says she's revealing this because she knew the unseen girl for a long time. Mitama says Hazuki was gentle-mannered, and doubts she could have caused the collapses. Mitama thinks Hazuki would be worth "fiddling" with. The unseen girl leaves and when Mitama says goodbye, it's revealed this girl is Yachiyo.

Continued in Part 2