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Note: This page is about fanmade works. For official videos and teasers, please refer to Teasers and Commercials. For other official products, please refer to Products (Blu-Rays, DVDs, manga, ...) and Merchandise (other goodies).
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Collection of various contents created by user community.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica leaves a lot of room for fanworks and fan interpretations, and we want all of those to be made. We don’t think there’s any need to close off the gaps fans have to create those kinds of works. Actually, we decided to continue the story specifically to make this world bigger and more fun to play with.Akiyuki Shinbo


Featured games

These games have their own page on this wiki, with extended information.

Featured games
Title Description
Game menu.png
Magical Crusaders Matagi Magica
魔法討伐隊 またぎ☆マギカ
Side-scrolling platform/shooting game featuring Homura, Kyoko, Sayaka and Mami, etc. Characters of Oriko Magica are also playable.
More information here

Grief Syndrome
A side-scrolling beat-em-up featuring the five magical girls doing battle with the witches and their minion-filled barriers. 1-3 players. Click here for more.

Meikyu-bey (Maze) in the world
A JRPG which a team up to 5 members is formed to patrol everywhere to defeat minions and witches. Besides the 5 characters in the anime, there may be chance to have other magical girls (without names) join the team. Go protecting the world from witches! Click here for more.

QB hunting online 01.jpg
QB Hunting Online
Become a magical girl and join the team to oppose Kyubey's invasion. This is an online multiplayer tower defense like game. There are 10 characters and a variety of weapons. Please write your chat messages in Japanese only. Click here for more.

Madoka Etoiles - Rondo of Grief.jpg
Madoka ★ Etoiles ~Rondo of Grief~
まどか★エトワール ~嘆きの輪舞曲~
An original magical girl puzzle game with gorgeous graphics, music, voice acting and designs. Experience the magical girl genre in full force with 5 magical characters each with a "what if" story! THE GAME IS OFFICALLY NO LONGER AVAILABLE More information here

Note: All available .swf files from the games shown below are available for download here packaged with a standalone flash player for offline play. Not all games may be in working condition. Use files at own discretion.

Dress up games
Title Description
Madoka magica dress up by hapuriainen-d3fhbqs.gif
Madoka Magica dress up
Made by Hapuriainen. Includes a secret character! Facial expressions and Homura's hairstyle are changable. Some non-canon clothes are also included.

Puella magi madoka magica dress up game by miinakaren-d5x5kaz.gif
Madoka Magica Dress Up Game
Made by miinakaren. Click on the soul gems to change clothes and hair. Models and clothes by minnakaren.

Madoka magica dress up game by staticwind-d5booxx.jpg
Madoka Magica Dress Up Game
Made by staticwind. Match the outfits of the girls to unlock special items to use in the game. Done in a cute but pixelated style.

Madoka Magica Dress Up Game
Dress up Madoka and the other magical girls from the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica! With various facial expressions, skin tones, hairstyles and clothes you can create the character you want and dress her up as you please, trying out different combinations of very cute clothes and extras! Made by DressUpGames.

Free games

Games by void element
Title Description
Homu Homu Jump.jpg
Homu Homu Jump
Based on episode 3, how far can Homura jump to escape Charlotte?
Click once to set the angle, and click once again to set the force of the jump.
You can also throw a bomb in Charlotte's mouth when clicking at the right moment.

Throw the gem.jpg
Based on episode 6, click to throw the gem, and hope it lands on the truck.

Typing the kyubey.jpg
Typing the QB
Based on episode 8, retype the lines said by QB to shoot him.

Sayaka drops.jpg
Sayaka Drops
Based on episode 8, move Sayaka's Soul Gem to avoid teardrops falling on it.
Exists in mouse and keyboard modes.

Trigger happy.jpg
Trigger Happy
Based on episode 3. Use Mami to fire on Charlotte and throw her as far as possible.
Played with the mouse only: click once to do a homerun, then click again to fire at the witch.

Bullet magica.JPG
Bullet Magica
Fight a witch while avoiding the upcoming attack. Use Z to select characters and attack, use X to perform a special attack. And shift to reveal the hitbox... It's like danmaku.

Games by Akari Koya (Marked for deletion or links need changing)
Title Description

Mami's Head
マミ ヘッド
Left click to guide Mami's Head back onto her body.

Homu Homu Panic.jpg
Homu Homu Panic
An adaptation of a popular mole game. Use Homura to smash all the Kyubeys. Also, Magia as an 8-bit BGM.

QBe 25 seconds Game.jpg
Release your anger on Kyubey in 25 seconds!
Kyubey is a punching bag. Click like Fist of the North Star.

Games by Mitsume Shobou
Title Description
Shoot the kyubey.jpg
Shoot the QB
Fire bullets into Kyubey with the optional use of time stop powers.

Madoka trains.jpg
Madoka Train
Guide Madoka on the railways and don't let the trains kill her. Use Z to start the game.

Pac Magi.jpg
Avoid magical girls and their attacks while eating all the food on maps as Charlotte.
Also, Credens Justitiam (Mami's theme) as a 8-bit BGM
Other games
Title Description
Crisis Madocchi.jpg
Crisis Madocchi
Use arrow keys to dodge the coming bullet.

MadoMagi Wars.jpg
MadoMagi Wars
A single-stage witch shooting game.

Incubator game.jpg
Help Kyubey to collect more energy by manipulating the girls (more information in English below the game)

Madoka Maze.jpg
Madoka Maze
Help Madoka, Mami, Kyouko or Homura to defeat the witch and avoid falling off.
Move your character by left-clicking, use X to fire an arrow, C to jump and Z to use a powerup. You can play through Izabel's , Patricia's , Roberta's or Gertrud's Barriers. Visit this link for a full screen version.

No Image Wide.svg
Madoka Magica Final Fantasy III
A RPG game featuring the five magical girls fighting Walpurgis Night. Gameplay video with Japanese commentary can be found here.

No Image Wide.svg
Puella Madoka Magica Side-scroller
An action side-scrolling game. Use WASD to move, J to attack and K to jump. Currently there is only one stage and only Madoka is playable.

Fangame Promiscuous Beast Kyubey.jpg
Promiscuous Beast Kyubey from Hell
Make contracts with as many girls as possible, while escaping shoot from Homura.

Fangame Madoka Magica Pure Pink Pretty Lovers.png
Madoka Magica, Pure Pink Pretty Lovers
A Fan Visual Novel based on a fanfic on animesuki, the VN covered 5 chapter of the fanfic.

Homumado Yuri VN Jap.jpg
projectMDHM 「petite amie magique」
A Fan Made Yuri Visual Novel (download link.)
An English translation of the game's text can be found here.

Fangame Shin Megami Tensei Puella Magi Screen Shot.png
Shin Megami Tensei: Puella Magi
A Fan-made Madoka RPG with Shin Megami Tensei gameplay elements

Fagame Madoka Magica - Try Another Story.png
Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica - Try Another Story
A Fan-made RPG made by Nanaichi (七市) from 2011 to 2021. Approximately 20 hours long.

Magia In Mirrors
A simulation RPG featuring the original Holy Quintet, the Mikazuki Villa quintet, and the Momoko, Rena, and Kaede trio as playable characters, revolving around fighting in the Mirror Witch's barrier.

Under development

The games in this section look promising, but are not available yet.

Featured games
Title Description
No Image Wide.svg
Puella Magi Madoka Dojin RPG
A chinese fan-made RPG based on the series.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica 3D Action Game
A 3D Action game still in development. It seems that no version was released so far. Madoka,Mami and Homura seem to be the only playable characters. Part 2 video :-

Puella Magi Madoka Magica 3D
A 3D Action game which doesn't seem to be in development anymore. Gertrud's Barrier is only playable with Mami being the only character the player can play. Has killable enemies with a test dummy boss and a hidden test room. Looks beautiful. Also some power-ups can be obtained but most of them are in hidden area's which the player can only access via teleports. Playthrough :- Part 2 :- Part 3 :- Part 4 :- Part 5 :- and Part 6 :- Download link in Part 1's video description.

Smartphone apps

Android Apps
Title Description
Icon match
Match Madoka Rune to English characters. You need to download icon pack in the game.
(Android application)

Madoka Countdown
Android phone countdown timer to nico nico boardcast, PSP game release, and USA BD/DVD release.
(Android application)
iOS Apps
Title Description
QBeat -キュウべぇビート-
Tap Kyubey to the beat of a cover of “Connect.”
(Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad; also available as an Android app.)

Mami Fukkatsu.jpg
Mami Fukkatsu
A port of the flash version. Guide Mami's head back to her body!
(Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad; also available as an Android app.)

FanGame KillQB.jpg
Kill QB
Kill QB
It's Sayaka's turn to revenge on Kyubey. Just slash everything on the screen. But beware of her soul gem and Mami's head, slashing on them will kill herself. It's the same rule as Fruit Slice. It supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and higher resolution on iPad.

Other Games

Other Paid Games and Electric Novels
Title Description
Fangame Nvl mgk.gif
In the world without witches, there are memories of girls wishing for hope, and their battles. Play this AVG to feel their fate. It is already sold in Comiket 80, but there is a trail game which can be downloaded.
This might be in Sayaka's perspective in the world without witches.

Homura Combat
A third person shooter featuring Homura fighting against Walpurgis Night. There are many kinds of weapons can be used, and time can also be stopped. Can you beat her and her familiars without depending on others? This game resembles the Earth Defense Force.

Fan Music Track

Cover Description
Visual Work Station: Agedum! Puella Magica!
Description: Fanmade OST from C80 with Techno, Rock and Vocal remixes/covers of OST 1-2, CONNECT and Magia.
Release date: Comiket 80 (2011)
Group: Visual Work Station
  1. Sis puella magica! (Chamber Version)
  2. Salve, terrae magicae (Orchestra Version)
  3. Dies irae
  4. Solitarines , Delight and Despair
  5. Going my way
  6. Oktavia von Seckendorff - risoluto e mosso
  8. Nocte of desperatio
  9. AXIA
  10. Rules of annular
  11. Sis puella magica!
Law of cycles madoka audio.jpg

Koneko Dakkaiya: Law of Cycles

Description: Fanmade OST with Rock, Metal and Acoustic arranges of OST 1-2.
Release date: 2011
Group: 子猫奪回屋
  1. Credens justiriam
  2. Venari strigas
  3. Decretum
  4. Agmen clientum
  5. Puella in somnio
  6. Pugna com maga
  7. Salve, terrae magicae
  8. Sis puella magica

Clonesoldier's Factory: Milagro & Magia

Description: Fanmade OST with Piano and Chillout arranges of OST 1, 2, 3 and Magia.
Release date: M3-2011
Group: Clonesoldier's Factory
  1. Historia puellarum
  2. Magia - relaxed mix -
  3. Madoka pianoforteⅠ-Puella Magi Madoka Magica-
  4. Angeli ridet
  5. Madoka pianoforteⅡ-Puella Magi Sayaka Magica-
  6. sayaka
  7. Madoka pianoforteⅢ-Puella Magi Homura Magica-
  8. contractus
  9. Memoriae deae
  10. Please be a magical girl!!!
TAMUSIC-Puella Musica.jpg

TAMUSIC: Puella Musica

Description: Fanmade OST with Violin, Piano and Vocal arranges of Madoka Magica.
Release date: May 20th, 2011
  1. 「マミさんの戦闘テーマ」 Remix ver. / vocal:小松菜
  2. 「Magia」 Copy ver. / Vocal:℃iel
  3. 「キュウベエの営業テーマ」 Copy ver.
  4. 「コネクト」 Violin×Piano×Bass ver.
  5. 「さやかのテーマ」の主題による即興曲 Violin×Piano ver.
  6. 「魔女さやかのテーマ」の主題による即興曲 Violin×Piano ver.
  7. 「マミさんの戦闘テーマ」の主題による即興曲 Violin×Piano ver.
  8. 「Magia」の主題による即興曲 Piano ver.
  9. 「キュウベエの営業テーマ」の主題による即興曲 Piano ver.
  10. 「コネクト」の主題による即興曲 Piano ver.
  11. 「マミさんの戦闘テーマ」 Vocal×Violin ver. / vocal:小松菜
TAMUSIC-MadoMagi Classic.jpg

TAMUSIC: まど☆マギ Classic

Description: Fanmade OST with Violin, Piano and Vocal arranges of Madoka Magica.
Release date: October 16th, 2011
  1. 「コネクト」 Classical ver. / Vocal:irony
  2. 「マミさんの戦闘テーマ」 ice ver. / Violin:TAM
  3. 「キュウべえの営業テーマ」 Classical ver. / Vocal:Paperblossom
  4. 「Magia」 けいえむ ver. / Violin:TAM
  5. 「アヴェ・マリア」 Violin×Piano Ver. / Violin+Piano:TAM
  6. 「マミさんの戦闘テーマ」 Piano×Vocal ver. / Vocal:小松菜
  7. 「キュウべえの営業テーマ」 ice ver. / Violin:TAM
  8. 「コネクト」 Violin×Piano Ver. / Violin+piano:TAM
  9. 「Magia」 TV short ver. / Vocal:Paperblossom
  10. 「マミさんの戦闘テーマ」 Violin×Piano ver. / violin:TAM
  11. 「コネクト」 Trance Remix ver. / Vocal:irony
TAMUSIC-MadoMagi Finale.jpg

TAMUSIC: まど☆マギ フィナーレ

Description: Fanmade OST with Violin, Piano and Vocal arranges of Madoka Magica.
Release date: December 30th, 2011
  1. Magia フィナーレ/ Vocal:℃iel
  2. キュウべえの営業テーマ フィナーレ / Vocal:irony
  3. マミさんの戦闘テーマ フィナーレ / Vocal:小松菜
  4. さやかのテーマ / Violin:TAM
  5. 魔女登場のテーマ / Violin:TAM
  6. Magia の主題による変奏曲 / Violin+Piano:TAM
  7. 魔女さやかのテーマ / Violin:TAM
  8. キュウべえの営業テーマ の主題による変奏曲 / Violin+Piano:TAM
  9. コネクト ヴァイオリントランス / Violin:TAM
  10. マミさんの戦闘テーマ ピアノ弦楽八重奏 / Violin+Piano:TAM
  11. Magia classic TVshort ver. / Vocal:Paperblossom
  12. コネクト フィナーレ / Vocal:irony
Singerly - Another Magic After All.jpg

Singerly: Another Magic After All

Description: Vocal and Instrumental arranges of Madoka Magica OST.
Release date: August 14th, 2011
Group: Singerly
  1. Tempus coffei magicus
  2. Iter itineris magicus
  3. Amor non reciprocatus magicus
  4. Pertineo magicus
  5. Libero magicus
  6. Tempus coffei magicus -instrumentum-
  7. Libero magicus -instrumentum-
Utanoha - Puella Magi Fortunae Magica.jpg

UTANOHA: Puella Magi Fortunae Magica

Description: Original OST and character songs based on Madoka Magica.
Release date: August 13th, 2011
Group: うたのは
  1. 宇宙のゆりかご~ SORA NO YURIKAGO(QBイメージソング)
  2. てのひらの星-ステラ-(マミさんイメージソング)
  3. 一つの祈り
  4. 怒りの魔女
  5. この道の先へ(杏子&さやかイメージソング)
Dolce Voce - Moshimo.jpg

Dolce Voce: もしも、もしもだよ、運命を変えられたら・・・?

Description: Original character songs based on Madoka Magica.[1]
Release date: August 13th, 2011
Group: Dolce Voce
  1. 「秘めた想い」~ ほむら
  2. 「この願い、永遠に」 ~ まどか
  3. 「Still Alive」 ~ 杏子
  4. 「終わらない夢」 ~ さやか
  5. 「夜が明けない日」 ~ マミ
  6. 「秘めた想い」~ ほむら (Instrumental Ver.)
  7. 「この願い、永遠に」 ~ まどか (Instrumental Ver.)
  8. 「Still Alive」 ~ 杏子 (Instrumental Ver.)
  9. 「終わらない夢」 ~ さやか (Instrumental Ver.)
  10. 「夜が明けない日」 ~ マミ (Instrumental Ver.)

Image Packs

An image pack of fanarts collected from /a/, also available as a torrent here - Puella Magi Madoka Magika - Image Pack v11 (mirror here). The current archive is about 3GB and contains about 6000 files.

Update: The links below were revived and are now working!

Music Pack

Themed packs

If you want to share/update this archive please add your files, then sort images in folders by filesize to check for duplicates, and upload with a new timestamp and version number. If you want to contribute to the general image pack, please post your own collections below and the user in charge will download and sort them into the above release.

So far 6 image packs and 4 music contributions have been added to the full image pack. Thank you for all contributions.


Videos and images portraying the Madokaverse in an unconventional way. This section is organized in several categories: crossovers (Madoka characters in different works, or different characters in the Madoka universe), fanmade trailers and videos, alternative stories (what would happen if the story changed at some point?), remixes and cover of the OST, and unclassified videos.

Madoka Image Pack v00011 - 15:29, 27 February 2011 (UTC)
Image Pack part B.jpg Madoka removing mamis ribbon.jpg Fanart of mami.png Homura baww.jpg
00 Pairings p1 00 Pairings p2 01 Fanart p1 01 Fanart p2
Madoka and Homura, Mami and Charlotte, Mailotte Kyoko and Sayaka, Homura and Kyoko, Madoka and Sayaka, Madoka and Mami, Kyoko and Madoka, Sayaka and Homura, Mami and Other Mami Homura, Madoka, Kyubey
Image Pack Part C.jpg Image Pack Part E.jpg Witches unite.jpg BIT madoka cover.png
01 Fanart p3 01 Fanart p4 01 Fanart p5 02 Official to 05 Screencaps
Charlotte, Kyoko, Sayaka Madoka Group, Nekomura, Meganekko Witches and Familiars, Crossovers, Other Characters, Papercraft, Wide Faces Official and Merchandise, Templates, Chibi-anons, Screencaps
Image Pack Part D.jpg Madoka Group 13.png Madoka thread statistics.jpg Kyouko wants friends.png
06 Wallpapers p1 06 Wallpapers p2 07 Speculah 08 Comics
Madoka, Homura, Mami, Sayaka, Kyoko Madoka Group, Misc, Charlotte, Kyubey, Pairings Speculah English, Japanese
Morning rescue.jpg Image Pack Part G.png Dancing anthony.gif Needs to be wiiiiiiiiiide.gif
09 Unrelated to 13 Rune Speak 14 Hi-res and Vectors 15 Animooted p1 15 Animooted p2
Unrelated, Threads, Runes and Decyphering, Memes, Runespeak Hi-resolution and Vectors Animooted Part 1 Animooted Part 2
Crossovers: w/ Other Shows and Films
Name Description Link
Madoka Magica - Incandescent Short AMV using "Incandescent" from Black Rock Shooter Youtube
Sayonara Zetsubou Madoka A mash up between "Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OVA" OP and Madoka characters. Youtube
High School of the Puella Magi A "High School of the Dead" OP with Madoka characters. Youtube
Chaos;head of Madoka Magica A "Chaos;head" OP with Madoka characters. Youtube
Law of Madoka A AMV with Madoka characters. Youtube
Darker than Black/Madoka Remix of Madoka Magica with Darker than Black's "Hard Bargain" Opening Youtube
Durarara/Madoka A mash up between Durarara's "Trust Me" ED and Madoka fan-art inspired by said ED. Youtube
The Holy Hand Grenade of Madokioch Parody of Monty Python & THG's "Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch" Scene, based off 1st episode Youtube
The End of Madoka Magica: Komm, süsser Tod AMV set to the well known End of Evangelion song; contains spoilers throughout all 12 episodes Youtube
Nea Magica Madoka OP ~ final ver. Remix of Madoka Magica with Neon Genesis Evangelion's "Cruel Thesis" opening. Youtube
魔法少女まどか☆マギカ×ひだまりスケッチ【血だまりスケッチOP風】 Madoka Magica in original Hidamari Sketch's OP style. Youtube
ちだまりすけっち Parody of episode 3 using Hidamari Sketch characters. Nicovideo
【MAD】 - Sayaka's Internal Conflict Parody of Sayaka's Internal Conflict and transformation into Oktavia during episode 8 using edited audio and quotes from the anime, Black Butler. Youtube
Mami Tomoe Buri Hamachi ブリ(゚∀゚)ハマチ The Popular "Buri Hamachi" meme, done with Mami Tomoe as the character. Also shows images related to her in the background. Youtube
魔法少女まどか☆マギカ エヴァ旧劇予告風PV] Trailer of Madoka, Evangelion-style Nicovideo
Inception/Madoka Magica A mashup between Madoka Magica clips and the audio of the trailer for Inception. Youtube
Sucker Punch/Madoka Magica A mashup between Madoka Magica clips and the audio of the trailer for Sucker Punch. Youtube
魔法少女黙示録 Madoka Magica opening, Highschool of the Dead style. Youtube
Mahou Shoujo Revolution: Fight to Survive Remix based on Kamen Rider Ryuki. Youtube
Madoka Magica- Power Rangers full theme song Remix of Madoka Magica with the full theme song of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Youtube
Madoka Magica Rangers Samurai Mashup between Madoka and the intro theme of Power Rangers Samurai, itself a rearrangement of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme. Youtube
Puella Magi Madoka Magica MAD- Magiranger OP How the Mahou Sentai Magiranger OP makes Madoka's world a little brighter... Youtube
【マッシュアップ】 Bad MagiApple 【まどか☆マギカ×東方アレンジ】 A remix of Madoka ED with Bad Apple!! from Touhou Youtube
【MAD】The Melancholy of Madoka Kaname (鹿目まどかの憂鬱) A crossover between Madoka and the second Haruhi's opening. Youtube
【MAD】 - Madoka Magica x Steins;Gate (中日字幕付き) Steins;Gate opening with Madoka characters Youtube
【Steins;Gate×まどか☆マギカ】スカイクラッドの観測者 Steins;Gate VN opening with Madoka characters Youtube
Puella Magi Kyoko Magica X /Madoka + GundamX OP/魔法少女まどか☆マギカ Gundam X opening with original animation and Madoka/Oriko characters Youtube
The Gem your Soul could be, aka Madoka Spice A parody of the Old Spice Man commercial, voiced by LilyPichu, original wording from this post on TV Tropes Youtube
【手描きMAD】 魔法少女 【日常OPパロ】 A crossover parody with the Nichijou OP drawn in it's original art style and featuring literally all the Magical Girls in the Magica Quartet Franchise at the time of creation. Youtube

Youtube (In colour)

Char Saves the Girls of Madoka Magica A crossover parody with Mobile Suit Gundam, Char Aznable leads an assault to defeat Kyubey and Walpurgis Night. Youtube
【手描きMAD】 魔法少女V2 【日常OPパロ】 A crossover parody with the Nichijou OP drawn in it's original art style and featuring literally all the Magical Girls in the Magica Quartet Franchise. NOW FULLY COLORED Youtube
I Want My Hat Back - Akemi Homura A parody work of "I Want My Hat Back", a children's book illustration by Jon Klassen. Youtube
I Want My Head Back - Tomoe Mami A parody work of "I Want My Hat Back", a children's book illustration by Jon Klassen. Youtube
Madoka - The Freshmaker A parody of the Mentos commercial. Youtube
Madoka Magica × Card Captor Sakura ED+α/Puella Magi 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ A crossover parody with the Card Captor Sakura Anime. Youtube


名探偵だぞえ 曉美ちゃん 其の二 A parody of gag manga Biyori: Detective Usami-chan. Youtube


Crossovers: w/ Video Games
Name Description Link
MAMI TOMOE IS GETTING *spoilers* BY A HEAVY WEAPONS GUY Parody of episode 3 with Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2. Youtube
Metal Gear Solid/Madoka Magica A mashup between Madoka Magica clips and the audio of the trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Youtube
Madoka Magica - Zero A mashup between Madoka Magica clips and the audio of the trailer for Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. Youtube
Yuri Giygas A mashup between a scene from episode 9 that somewhat visually ressembles Giygas from Earthbound and the theme of Giygas. Youtube
You Cannot Grasp the True Form of Kyubegas A crossover between Kyubey and Giygas from Earthbound that includes other relevant things in it such as "The Incubator's Machine" and "Heavily Armed Charlotte." Youtube
Puella Magi Flan ☆ Magika Touhou Parody of Madoka OP Youtube
Half-Life 2 Intro: PMMM Edition Mashup between Episode 10 & Half-Life 2 Intro: "Rise and shine , Miss Akemi. Rise... and... shine." Youtube
PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA 3D "Kill Kyubey" まどか☆マギカ Fallout 3 Mod, where a quality Homura-skin fights Super Mutant-sized Incubators Youtube
The Part Where Kyubey Kills Magical Girls Mash-up between various spoilery Madoka scenes and this spoiler scene from Portal 2. Youtube
Kyubey gets killed 148 times for 30 minutes Many conventional and unconventional ways to kill Kyubey in MUGEN --- staring with Batman flat-out stating "Fuck you, I'm Batman!" after a literal stomping and quickly degenerating from there. Youtube
Puella Magi Platinum Magica/BlazBlue × Madoka/魔法少女まどか☆マギカ ブレイブルー The Madoka Magica opening parodied by featuring Platinum the Trinity in the starring role along with other Blazblue characters. Youtube (link dead)


Duke Madoka Forever The Duke Nukem Forever trailer audio with Madoka footage, featuring Homura in Duke's role. Youtube
[SSBB Hacks] The Daleks exterminate Star Wars (and Sayaka Miki) A custom skin of Sayaka for Marth in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (and Daleks from Doctor Who for ROB and Star Wars characters, but that's beyond the scope of this wiki). Youtube
Morning Rescue DOES NOT rescue Sayaka Miki from her tragic fate A paradoxical Sayaka MUGEN match. YouTube

Fanmade trailers
Name Description Link
[AMV] Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica [魔法少女まどか☆マギカ] - Ice - [HD] 720p A fan-made trailer. Youtube
契約の首飾り A fan-made trailer parodying CHAOS;HEAD Noah's trailer. Youtube
Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie a fan-made trailer in style typical of movie previews. Youtube


Puella Magi Madoka Magica The 4th Movie Atonement A fan-made trailer in style typical of movie previews. Got people so hyped that they thought it was real but was later to be revealed a cruel joke by SHAFT and TESH. (TESH made the trailer. Runes at the end say joke trailer by TESH. Also the trailer was released on April Fools.) Youtube
[Rs] Repeat an apocalyptic montage, depressing. Youtube
【MAD】魔法少女まどか☆ほむらハリケーン大百科 Madoka Magica parodies Sakaagari Hurricane Portable's Opening trailer by making it seem to be a Yuri Visual Novel. Youtube

Alternative stories or Fan-Made Openings/Endings.
Name Description Link
Swordmaster Sayaka - Puella Magi Madoka Magica x Gag Manga Biyori (subbed) A very upset Kyoko discusses her Swordmaster Sayaka manga with Kyubey and Homura. Uses dialouge & edited script from an episode of the Gag Manga Biyori anime. Youtube
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Mad movie Madoka, depressing Korean drama style. Uses music from Angel Beats Youtube
I'm working for a mahou shoujo recruitment company, but I think I might be at my limit A doujin manga portraying Kyubey as a salaryman, together with other characters of his kind Danbooru
Death of Kyubey The title is quite self-explanatory... Youtube
Kyubey Dreams A fan interpretation of what Kyubey sees when he is dreaming. Youtube
Morning Rescue rescues Sayaka Miki from her tragic fate Parody of episode 8 with Morning Rescue Youtube
「まどか☆マギカOP」をお菓子の魔女で再現してみた Puella Magi Charlotte Magica, the Madoka Magica opening with Charlotte in the starring role. Youtube
魔法少女ほむら☆マギカ 手書きOP【完成版】 Puella Magi Homura Magica, the Madoka Magica opening with Homura in the starring role. English version has replaced dead link. Youtube
【手描き】魔法少女さやか☆マギカ OP Puella Magi Sayaka Magica, the Madoka Magica opening with Sayaka in the starring role. Youtube
Puella Magi Charlotte Magica /Madoka 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ Puella Magi Charlotte Magica, the Madoka Magica opening with Charlotte in the starring role, this time with her respective Human/Puella Magi form along with Gertrud, Elly, Elsa Maria and Patricia Youtube
まどか☆マギカのエンディングを再現してみた【Magia】 An alternate CG take on the Ending theme of the series, Magia. Youtube
クズなまどかが魔法少女になりたがっているようです。 Madoka Vs everyone else. Youtube subbed.
夢も希望も(For Dreams and Hopes) An AMV with the ED of the series itself, Magia. The edits fit well to the song, and mainly features Homura with some runes and fan interpretations. Vimeo

Remixes and covers
Name Description Link
Ante Up Foreverpandering's supreme Madoka rap cover of Ante Up. Well, if you've ever wanted to hear someone rap over MOP and replace the lyrics to fit more with Madoka's themes, great job. Youtube
CONNECT.flv A combined guitar/electric guitar OP. Beware of the last parts of it. Youtube
Madoka Magica OP (hand drawn) The title is pretty self-explanatory Youtube
【ピアノ組曲】魔法少女まどか☆マギカ 【Madoka pianoforte】A fan piano arrangement of Madoka☆Magika. Youtube


魔法少女まどか マギカOP「コネクト」 Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin singing Connect. Youtube
Kalafina - Magia (DJ AMAYA VS. GROOVEBOT HARD CLUB REMIX) Fan-made club remix of Magia by DJ Amaya Youtube


ClariS - Connect (DJ AMAYA VS. GROOVEBOT CIRCUIT BENT CLUB REMIX) Fan-made club remix of Connect by DJ Amaya Youtube


魔法少女まどか☆マギカOP「コネクト」 Violin cover of Madoka OP. Not made by Kamijou (but by TAMUSIC) Youtube
魔法少女まどか☆マギカ マミさん戦闘テーマ / MADOKA MAGICA / Mami's Battle Theme Violin cover of Mami's battle theme. Perfect music to send someone off to sleep with the Angels. (by TAMUSIC) Youtube
Theme of Puella Magi / まどかマギカのあのBGMをアレンジして長編CM風に仕上げてみた] The Puella Magi theme remixed by ice Youtube
Madoka Rap A rap made from voice snippets. Youtube
Madoka Jazz Funk, OP version A Jazz mix of ClariS's "Connect" OP Youtube
Madoka Classy Remixes Jazz and House remixes of various Madoka tracks Nicovideo


Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika - Magia ~German Fancover~ Fandub of Magia with German lyrics Youtube
「CONNECT Haters To Da Movies」魔法少女まどか★マギカ PV - 【Bangs X ClariS】 Connect by ClariS mashup with Take U To Da Movies by Bangs Youtube
まど☆マギ「営業のテーマ(仮)」をフォークメタル風にしてみた An interesting rock/metal (folk metal, according to the title) arrangement of Sis puella magica. Youtube


【ティロ】マミさんのテーマ(仮)ROCK version【フィナーレ】 Rock cover of Credens justitiam (Mami's theme). Youtube


ENGLISH "Magia" Madoka Magica (AmaLee) An English fancover version of "Magia". Youtube
【Miku-tan】[ENGLISH] Connect『Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica OP』 An English fancover version of "Connect". Youtube
【Rosa x Mero】 And I'm Home「English Dub - Madoka Magica」 Fandub of And I'm Home with English lyrics Youtube
魔法少女まどか☆マギカより Puella Magi Madoka Magica : 梶浦由記、渡辺翔 arr.福屋篤 Hamamatsu Mandolin Orchestra Youtube
Magia [Full German PB★Cover] Orchestra Ver. Full German cover of "Magia" Youtube
Fanmade anime music videos (AMV's)
Name Description Link
魔法少女まどか☆マギカ the ultimate modification A Madoka Magica AMV set to fripSide's Fortissimo-The Ultimate Crisis. Features an impressive amount of editing and an alternate take on the final fight against Walpurgisnacht. Youtube
Puella Magi Madoka Magica - A Bouquet of Flowers for a Magical Girl An original animation that combines Gankutsuou-like texture and pattern aesthetic with a paper cut-out character design. Set to the KOKIA song, "Daiji na Mono wa Mabuta no Ura", from the 2003 album Remember Me. (with English subtitles) Youtube (Eng Subbed)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Watashi no Taiyou An original animation that acts as a sequel to the above. Set to the titular KOKIA song. Youtube (Not Subbed)
Kokia - I believe Umi no Soko Kara Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica An original animation that acts as a sequel to the above, and focuses on Sayaka and Kyouko. Set to the titular KOKIA song. (with English subtitles) Youtube
PMMM - Carry on my Wayward Son PMMM AMV set to Kansas' Carry on my Wayward Son. Youtube
Akemi Homura in Time Hollow AMV set to Time Hollow, primarily featuring Akemi Homura. Youtube
【アニメMAD】 - Law of Madoka AMV set to Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Youtube
【アニメMAD】 - 第2期OP風【魔法少女まどか☆マギカ】 A very good AMV set to Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Nicovideo


[RS] Devil's Game/Devil's Game 2.0 the final installment of the ReverseStudio's trilogy; a heartfelt recap of the series. Now a 2.0 version has been released as well. Youtube 1.0 Youtube 2.0
Mahou Shoujo Requiem AMV Best in Show 2011 Beautiful AMV of Madoka to Florence and the Machine's Cosmic Love. Won a lot of awards. Awards:

Best in Show - Metrocon 2011 Best in Show - Anime Fesitval Wichita 2011 Judge's 1st Place - Animinneapolis 2011 Audience's 1st Place: Sangawa Project 2011 Best Editing - Connecticon 2011 Best Drama/Romance - Smash! 2011 Best Drama - Animefest 2011 Best Drama: Bakuretsu Con 2011 Editors Honorable Mention Drama: San Japan 4TW People's Choice 2nd Place: San Japan 4TW Runner-up Drama- Anime Mid-Atlantic 2011 Anime Expo 2011 Finalist Otakon 2011 Finalist

Nefarium Psychologica - Madoka AMV - Anime Boston Best Drama 2015 Psychological Criminal , a AMV to Honeythief by Halou , beautifully edited. [ Youtube


Shimeji example.jpg

Shimeji are characters that interact on your desktop, as seen to the right. All pixiv links have download information on their pages.

Collection Collection of the most popular shimeji
Madoka Madoka #1 Madoka #2 (password is Madoka for download)
Homura Homura #1 Homura #2
Sayaka Sayaka #1 Sayaka #2
Mami Mami
Kyoko Kyoko #1 (password is yanagi) Kyoko #2
Kyubey Kyubey #1 (password is miso) Kyubey #2
Charlotte Charlotte
Group Artist who did Homura #2, Madoka #1, Kyoko #2 and Sayaka #1

Tube Dubber

Music videos created using Tube Dubber, a site that lets users overlay music tracks over different videos. Several attempts have been made to add a different sound track to the Madoka OP.

The video that was used previously was removed. Another one is in it's place, but is this a proper substitute? -The older video links are dead. So... you'll have to make due with the creditless BD op (As of 11/10/11)

Also, some users had done other Madoka TubeDubs of other clips or videos relating to Madoka

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