Magia Record Story Leaving the Nest Looking Skyward

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This event (巣立ちは空を見上げて) is about Ui Tamaki's story. There are 3 kinds of event quests: story quests, Challenge quests and EX-Challenge quests, just like Magia Record Story Kamihama Twinkle Rarity Star.

Part One


Ui reads a book about a statue made of gold and jewels known as The Happy Prince. He gives his jewels and everything he has of value to the poor. Ui wonders if she can be like him in the story.

Episode One

Ui wonders what she can do. Despite learning all sorts of things from the older Magical Girls, she's still unsure of herself. To her just fighting Witches isn't enough. She wants to help others like in The Happy Prince story, but she has no jewels or gold to give away. She thinks that she was able to help others before as a Half-Witch but she banishes the thought and reminds herself she's still inexperienced. She compares herself to Touka, who is using her research to benefit others, and Nemu, who is trying to create a Rumor that will prevent Doppels from coming out. She believes she has nothing to contribute. Ui hears a voice and follows it. There, Ui sees Kyubey trying to make new contract with a girl outside of Kamihama. Ui prevents that happen by transforming and warning the girl to run away.

Kyubey is surprised that Ui would try to stop him, but Ui explains she did it to prevent the girl from suffering through the same things as the others. If any girl contracts outside of Kamihama, they'll be doomed to become a Witch. Kyubey says that makes things difficult for him since he can't enter Kamihama and contract there. Kyubey tells Ui that his purpose is to keep the universe going. By stopping contraction of new magical girls, it also does harm to human beings since he needs the emotional energy of Magical Girls to maintain the universe. Ui thinks that granting wishes in exchange for using girls' hearts is going too far so Kyubey asks her what he should do instead, but Ui doesn't have an answer. Ui doesn't know what to do.

Eventually she arrives at Yachiyo Nanami's house. Sana Futaba asks if she found the book she was looking for at home. Felicia Mitsuki thinks she's overthinking things and should just stick to smashing Witches, but Sana tells her she's being mean to Ui. Felicia could care less and leaves the room. Sana apologizes for Felicia but Ui thinks she's right, she is overthinking things. Right now she has to focus on the big test she has tomorrow. Iroha Tamaki and Yachiyo greet Ui and get ready to serve dinner. Since tomorrow is her live combat test, Yachiyo made fried pork cutlets for dinner.

Episode Two

It's the next day and Tsuruno Yui is giving Ui a big peptalk. Now that Ui has passed her training regimen, she's ready to face her test which Tsuruno calls "Go Forth! Your First Step to Being the Mightiest in Kamihama!", or "Mightyhama" for short. Kaede Akino thinks Tsuruno is being overenthusiastic while Rena Minami thinks the name of the test sounds dumb. Tsuruno says no one will unseat her as champion but at this point even Momoko Tagame doesn't know what she's going on about anymore. Since they can't help Ui, Momoko figures they'll just watch from the sidelines and cheer her on. Sana apologizes for calling them over since she's right, but Momoko was glad for the opportunity since she helped train Ui. Touka, Nemu and Mifuyu won't be able to come since they're busy studying for other things. Now that everyone's settled, Yachiyo begins the test.

In order to stay in Kamihama, Ui has to pass a test judged by Yachiyo. If she fails she must leave Kamihama. This test is reminiscent of the one that Yachiyo gave to Iroha when she first arrived in Kamihama to ensure she was strong enough to handle herself. For the test, Ui has to detect then eliminate a Witch all by herself. The Witch in question is one that has been causing a number of young women to go missing in the last few days. Ui is prepared to give it her all.

Episode Three

Iroha is worried that Ui will be able to take down a Witch alone, especially since many of the Witches in Kamihama are still very powerful. Felicia claims that a magical girl should be powerful enough to take a Witch down on her own, otherwise she's not ready. Kaede wonders if Ui is as klutzy as her and won't be able to beat it on her own for her first try. Sana asks Iroha if she did the test on her own as well but Iroha had Momoko with her for backup. Considering that, Yachiyo thinks she may have been a bit unfair to Ui and offers to have someone go with her to supervise. Since picking a good teammate is a skill of its own, Yachiyo lets Ui pick who she wants to go with her. Since Iroha will be busy helping Kanagi today, Ui decides to pick Momoko as her partner as well. Momoko agrees to go with her.

Iroha leaves to help Kanagi but not before wishing her little sister good luck. Tsuruno also gives her a big cheer as Momoko and Ui head out.

Episode Four

Ui tries to sense the Witch's magic but all she's picking up on is Momoko's magic. Momoko sense the surroundings as well but she can't find anything either. Momoko asks her what they should do next. Ui recalls that Iroha and Yachiyo explained the differences in magical patterns. While it's easy to track a Witch once you've recognized their pattern, it's difficult to track a specific one if you've never met it. Yachiyo recommends looking in crowded or unsafe places. She should also look for patterns in the attacks, since some Witches tend to attack specific types of people. If she can figure out what kind of people it targets, it can be easier to track it down that way.

Ui recalls that the Witch has been targeting young women, so she suggests they go to a place where lots of girls gather. She considers investigating Sakae Ward (known for its shopping district), but instead Ui decides to go to Mizuna Ward since there are a lot of young tourists in the area. Momoko thinks that's a good idea so they head to Mizuna Ward first.

In another place, Yachiyo and the other magical girls get ready to head to the Witch's location. As they talk about Ui's test, they notice that Felicia is already gone. Rena wondered why it got so quiet since Tsuruno and Felicia always make so much noise when they're together. Tsuruno takes offense and loudly tells her she's not loud. Yachiyo thinks Felicia is just jealous because they've been making a big fuss over Ui lately. Rena thinks she's acting like a little kid who wants all the attention to herself.

Episode Five

Over in Mizuna Ward, Ui tries to sense for the Witch. She feels a magical pattern so Momoko senses it to confirm. But the magic pattern isn't strong enough so Momoko believes it may be a Familiar. Ui thinks it might lead them to the Witch so they decided to track it. They try to trace it but the signature is getting weaker. Momoko tells Ui to focus, not just on the magic, but where it's really coming from. Ui closes her eyes and tries to sense it again. She thought it would be in the middle of town but now she realizes it's the opposite. The Familiar has gone further out of town than the tourist area. The two decide to retrace their steps. As they do so, Ui pinpoints the signature to a convenience store. One of the townspeople comes out and stares in Ui's direction. Momoko thinks something may be wrong and Ui recalls what Sana and Tsuruno taught her about Witch Kisses. She learned that Witches and their Familiars can control people through a mark on their neck. Usually if you see a person with a Witch's Kiss, then the Witch or a Familiar are usually close by. Both Witches and Familiars eat people in order to gain their energy, and if a Familiar eats enough of them it will grow into a copy of the Witch it came from. Momoko tries to talk to the person first but the woman attempts to attack Ui, saying children should be killed before she can get swallowed up. The woman then pulls out a knife and starts swinging it at the girls. Ui suggests they lure her into an alley. There, Ui senses the magic stronger than ever and discovers that there's a labyrinth. They enter the barrier and encounter a Familiar.

Episode Six

After defeating the Familiar, Momoko asks Ui what should they do next since Momoko taught her this bit. Ui answers that the woman should be woken up and Momoko asks her why. Ui replies the woman must be taken care since it would be too dangerous to just leave her alone. So they should call someone for help or try and wake her up. Momoko asks why Ui opted to wake her this time. Ui says they're hot on the trail of a Witch so it would take too long if they waited for an ambulance to arrive. Momoko says she's right and gets ready to wake the woman. Ui tells her to wait a minute so they can get their story straight in case she has a lot of questions, surprising Momoko with how well she learned her lessons. Momoko suggests they tell her she tripped and the fall knocked her out. Ui adds that they found her on their way to Mizuna shrine. They then wake the woman up.

Ui hopes the woman was ok, but Momoko tells her she should be fine since people who are controlled by Witches never remember what happened. They proceed to hunt after the Witch again, only this time Ui managed to memorize her magical pattern from the fight with her Familiar. That's when Felicia runs into them.

Episode Seven

Felicia says she's glad to see that Ui is doing so well on her test. Momoko tells her not to worry since Ui is sure to pass, but Felicia gets upset and attacks them instead. She says she won't make it easy for them and runs away. Tsuruno catches up to them and asks if they've seen Felicia anywhere. They tell her Felicia attacked them and ran away. Tsuruno runs down the street and manages to catch up to Felicia, tackling her in the process.

Momoko suggests they go back to their Witch hunt but neither of them can remember the Witch's magical pattern. Ui and Momoko discover that they've forgotten the magical pattern of the Familiar due to Felicia's oblivion magic and are unable to determine where the Witch is.

Momoko calls Yachiyo to see if they can pause the exam due to Felicia's interference. Yachiyo tells Momoko that the test must continue as is since unexpected things happen in real life all the time. She relays this to Ui, who tries to put on a brave face but is beginning to lose her morale. Momoko suggests they take a little break for now.

Episode Eight

Tsuruno hands Felicia over to Yachiyo, joking that she's caught the criminal. Yachiyo tells her to take this serious but Tsuruno just couldn't handle the awkward silence. Yachiyo then turns to Felicia and stares at her. Felicia just looks away with an angry look on her face. Yachiyo asks her why she did that. Just because Yachiyo is keeping an eye on the Witch already doesn't mean it isn't a real fight. She explains that Felicia's interference could have gotten people hurt if this were any other Witch hunt. Felicia doesn't see the problem since people fight over the same things all the time. Yachiyo doesn't see what that has to do with this and asks Felicia if she has a problem with Ui, promising she won't be mad with her response. Felicia finally opens up and tells Yachiyo that it isn't fair that she had to work so hard living on her own as a mercenary while Ui gets to live with them and eat good food without having done anything. Felicia doesn't think it's fair that Ui gets to bathe with Iroha, studies with Tsuruno, plays with Sana and even has Yachiyo looking after her. Sana can kind of see what she means, but she knows that's not something that anyone can change. Sana offers to get in touch with Rena and Kaede since they were keeping an eye on Ui for them.

Sana goes to contact them while Yachiyo turns her attention back to Felicia. She explains to her that it's not right for her to make others unhappy just because she went through something painful. Instead she should be helping others so they don't have to go through the same. Felicia gets what she's saying, but she still gets angry just looking at Ui. Tsuruno tells her that's called "jealousy" but Felicia denies it. Tsuruno asks her to admit she just wants all the attention to herself. Felicia calls her an idiot while Tsuruno replies that she's not being honest with herself and tells her only idiots call people idiots. Yachiyo tells them to calm down.

On the way, Rena and Kaede are discussing the situation. Kaede can sympathize with Felicia since she too gets a little upset when one of her friends gets along well with someone else. Kaede says Rena must also know what that feels like but Rena just tells her to shut up and pokes her cheeks. Kaede tells her to apologize but Rena tells her it's her fault. Then she amends her statement to say that means "I'm Sorry" in Rena-speak. Kaede tells her to forget it. Nearby, Momoko and Kaede are taking a break by eating crepes. Ui has cheered up immensely and tells herself that she should let a small stumble ruin her day. Instead, she just needs to get stronger for next time. Momoko agrees, telling her not to worry about the Witch since Yachiyo is keeping an eye on it and calls that real positive thinking as they enjoy their snack. Rena and Kaede watch them in disbelief from a distance, having fun instead of Witch hunting.

Episode Nine

Ui and Momoko continue their search for the Witch as the sun begins to set. They can't remember where they were supposed to head for next, but Ui recalls the Witch was targeting young girls so they decide to head to Sakae Ward next. Ui had heard of a "Fashion Monster" that haunts Sakae Ward. If you encounter the monster and don't admit it looks better than you, then it takes all your clothes off. Momoko thinks that's freaky but agrees that it would be a good place to search. Momoko then gets a call from Yachiyo, who asks where they're heading to next. When Momoko tells her they're going to Sakae Ward, Yachiyo replies that's good since she fears the Witch may be making her move sooner than anticipated. Momoko hopes they can make it in time since they don't remember her magical pattern. Yachiyo is willing to bend the rules a little since they have less time than they though, so she agrees to meet them at a rendezvous point where she'll leave them part of a Familiar so they can relearn the magic pattern. As thanks for the trouble, Yachiyo offers to treat Momoko to lunch at Banbanzai's, but Momoko prefers if they went to Walnut's.

Just as they begin to head out, Rena gets a phone call from Tsuruno asking where Ui is since Felicia went missing again. Rena tells her they're headed for Sakae Ward so she agrees to look for Felicia while Kaede keeps an eye on Ui. Rena relays everything to Kaede and the two split up.

Ui and Momoko are at the rendezvous point but neither of them can sense anything. Momoko calls Yachiyo telepathically and asks where the Familiar is. Yachiyo says she left it right there but the Familiar is long gone. Yachiyo is unwilling to give Ui any more breaks even if she is Iroha's sister. Sadly, it may be a little longer before Ui can become a full-fledged member of the team. Ui gets Momoko's attention and suggests they check out Hokuyo Ward. Even though it's not a hangout for young people and in the opposite direction, Ui has a hunch the Witch may show up there. Momoko agrees to follow her lead since this is her test after all and the two head out.

Episode Ten

The sky is getting dark, and Yachiyo, monitoring the Witch in its barrier, decides not to wait any longer since the Witch is now on the move.

Elsewhere, Momoko doesn't have much hope for them finding the Witch in Hokuyo since there aren't that many people. However, Ui feels a magical reaction from a Witch, and Momoko is surprised to find that she's right. Unfortunately, thanks to Felicia's interference, they can't confirm it is the same Witch. But considering Yachiyo knows the Witch is in Sakae Ward, Momoko tells herself this must be a different Witch. Ui points out a person nearby who has a Witch's Kiss on his neck. The man invites them to climb the mountain with them, but the girls politely decline since it's getting dark. The man shrugs and leaves. Ui notices there are several people with Witch's Kiss marks on them nearby, all heading up the mountain. There's no doubt about it: a Witch is residing up the mountain.

Part Two

Episode Eleven

They catch up to the man from earlier who is glad to see them going up the mountain as well. Another of the Witch Kissed people tells them there is a clearing deep in the mountain where there's someone who will purify everyone.

Rena and Kaede bring Felicia back to Yachiyo's house. Tsuruno and Sana thank them for their help, although Rena suggests they put a chain on Felicia next time. Sana asks how Ui is doing, but since Yachiyo had to take out the Witch herself it means she failed the test. However Yachiyo isn't going to drive her out of the town, and instead opts to let her retake the test. Rena asks where Momoko is but Tsuruno wasn't able to get ahold of her on her cell. Sana thinks something strange is going on since they couldn't find the hint that Yachiyo had left them either. Yachiyo wonders if maybe another Witch is involved until she notices Felicia sitting and smiling broadly to herself. Yachiyo asks Felicia if she didn't have anything to do with it. Rena says Felicia was with her, and Felicia agrees that she has an alibi so that means they won't ever find out what she did. Rena tells Felicia to shut up while Yachiyo begins to glower at both of them.

Meanwhile, after following the people climbing up the mountain, Momoko points out they are at the place where Fendt Hope used to be. Remembering the last time they were here, Momoko is sure she knows exactly which Witch it is.

Episode Twelve

Rena explains to the others what happened when she caught up with Felicia. Felicia tells her to leave her alone but Rena knows she's jealous because she was like that too. She understands that, before Ui came, Felicia was the youngest in Mikazuki Villa so everybody would take care of her and keep her in line. Now that Ui is there, Felicia must feel like she was left behind. Felicia admits that she feels like everyone is constantly giving Ui attention. Rena reminds her that Ui knows less about the world than most people her age so Felicia should take this chance to be a big sister to her instead. Felicia says she doesn't want to since everyone else always gets mad at her but only show kindness to Ui. Rena reminds her that Ui is younger than her, but Felicia argues she's younger than everyone else too and accuses them all of playing favorites. Inwardly, Rena agrees with Felicia that they're not being fair and she sympathizes with Felicia which is why she helped Felicia.

She tells everyone at Mikazuki that she regrets her actions. Kaede asks Rena if Ui isn't way younger than her for her to be doing those kinds of things but Rena gets irritated and says that's why she's apologizing. Tsuruno says the only person they should be apologizing to is Ui. In the end, Yachiyo thinks the test results should stay as they stand, regardless of who is to blame. Just then, Momoko calls Yachiyo on her phone.

Episode Thirteen

Ui catches her breath as they finish defeating all the Familiars. The people who have been Witch Kissed have been knocked unconscious for now to keep them out of trouble. Ui thinks they should make their move now while they can in order to defeat the Witch but Momoko feels it would be too reckless if just the two of them went in after it. She tells Ui that's she's already called Yachiyo and the others for backup so they should just wait for them. But Ui doesn't want to wait since the Witch may move on and draw more people in. Momoko tells her not to worry about the test so much but it isn't the test that Ui is worried about. She's worried about all the innocent people that may get hurt, and as a Magical Girl she isn't going to sit back and let that happen. Momoko gives up, claiming Ui must have gotten her stubbornness from her sister. She agrees they can try to take on the Witch, but makes Ui promise they'll back out if things get too dangerous. The two enter the barrier and take on the Familiars they encounter.

It's difficult, but Ui manages to hold her own as the two defeat all the Familiars. However, the battles have taken their toll and the two are almost out of magic. Momoko suggests they leave for now but the Witch pulls them into the deepest part of the labyrinth before they can escape. They figure they have no other options now but to fight and defeat the Witch.

Episode Fourteen

Momoko and Ui fight against the Witch. With help from the Oscars, Ui is able to block some of the attacks form the Witch. However, their attacks aren't making a dent on the Witch, who begins to focus her attacks on Ui. Momoko goes to help defend Ui.

Yachiyo and the other Magical Girls are tracking Momoko up the mountain. They notice several other people that have been Witch Kissed are also heading up the mountain so they figure there must be a Witch up there. They make there way up to where Fendt Hope used to stand and find there are several unconscious people laying on the ground. They find the Witch's barrier and transform as they approach it. They can sense the fight going on inside and how much Momoko and Ui are struggling against it. They enter the barrier to find themselves already at the deepest part of the barrier. They find the Witch as well as Momoko and Ui, who are pretty exhausted from the fight. Momoko struggles to stand but is glad to see that their friends made it on time. Ui tries to apologize for not being strong enough but Tsuruno says they're very proud of her for standing up to a Witch this strong for so long. Felicia feels bad, knowing this is all her fault and resolves to kill the Witch here and now.

Episode Fifteen

All of the Magical Girls continue their fight against the Witch, but the number of Familiars begins to overwhelm them. The Witch aims another blow at Ui but Sana steps in to block it with her shield. Kaede suggests the ignore the Familiars and focus on the Witch, but the Witch has surrounded herself with a wall of Familiars. Tsuruno focuses her magic and cuts a path through the wall of Familiars, allowing Felicia to close in on the Witch and strike it with her hammer. Sana, Felicia, and Tsuruno block a path for Yachiyo to go in and deal the final blow to the Witch, but Yachiyo doesn't have enough magic to finish it off. She warns Ui to get out while she can but the Witch targets Ui once more only for Iroha to arrive at the last minute to defend her little sister. Everyone is glad to see Iroha but they fear it might be too little to late. Yachiyo admits her magic is very slowly but surely weakening.

Ui has a plan, but it's one that could only work in Kamihama. She relays her plan to the others.

Episode Sixteen

Ui suggest they use her ability to harvest impurities to get everyone back to full strength. Since Touka isn't around to convert the magic, Ui will end up becoming a Witch but with the Doppel system in place, it'll only be temporary. Then everyone can use their abilities to their limit and blast the Witch away.

Ui gets the plan going and absorbs the impurities, purifying everyone's Soul Gems. Together everyone coordinates and takes down the Witch while Ui struggles to hold in the impurities she's absorbed. As they fight, Ui is reminded of the time she was encased in the Half-Witch's body and unleashes her doppel.

Episode Seventeen

Ui can feel herself sinking down in to the cold depths of her soul. There she meets her doppel self. The Doppel tells Ui that they are bound together and all of the frozen water that surrounds them is Ui's true feelings that she keeps locked up inside of herself. The Doppel doesn't regret anything even if she's frozen with guilt. She asks Ui who was the one standing on the mountain with this Witch and who is the one calmly living in the city they destroyed. Ui reluctantly responds it was her. The Doppel tells Ui to admit she wanted to be punished for her deeds just like Touka and Nemu.

Ui looks down sadly as the Doppel tells Ui that her punishment never comes and she feels like a burden on others, especially since she was in the hospital so long she doesn't know anything about the world. Even as a Magical Girl she's a burden to everyone and beyond saving. Ui tells her Doppel she just has to work harder, but the Doppel questions why she should bother since she's evil and it's in her nature to destroy everything.

Ui denies it, but the Doppel continues to bait her. It asks her if she wasn't a bit jealous of everyone when she was stuck in that hospital room all the time. Ui admits she was a bit, so the Doppel suggests Ui let her be devoured by her Doppel instead. That way she can live on in Ui's place and continue to destroy everything, just like Ui really wants to. Ui is starting to think the Doppel may be right but she refuses to accept that kind of punishment because it's the easy way out.

Ui recalls a conversation she had with her sister Iroha. Iroha says Ui tried to run from the fate of a Magical Girl and got normal people involved. They need to find a new way to escape their fates, and if they can't, then they should find a goal that will serve in place of that. Honestly confronting the situation is also a way of taking responsibility.

Ui feels that kind of punishment is more severe than just letting the Doppel swallow her up. It's something she can never stop working towards, but if she does make it up for it then at least she'll be happier for the difficulty she had to go through to get there. She compares it to overcoming her illness and how walking the more difficult path leads to real happiness. Since the Doppel is the her, shouldn't it feel the same way? Ui is willing to accept the wrongs she committed as well as her true feelings. Because now she has the means to give to others, just like the prince. The Doppel admits she's right.

Episode Eighteen

Iroha wakes Ui up in Mitama Yakumo's place after being unconscious for a long time. Momoko is glad to see she's ok, and takes responsibility for what happened since she was the one who gave the go-ahead to enter the labyrinth. Thanks to Ui's ability, they were able to defeat the Witch once and for all. Iroha warns Ui not to use that power again unless it's a really dangerous situation like the one they were in. She reminds Ui she'll turn into a Witch if she ventures outside of Kamihama, and if she unleashes her Doppel too often then it could start to affect her soul.

Mitama wonders if Ui will be ok since she unleashed her Doppel for the first time, but Ui is just fine and is able to move about easily. Tsuruno says it must be because Ui was used to it all the impurities after being trapped inside of Eve. They figure Ui must have built up a resistance. Ui wonders if that's anything special, but Felicia informs her you normally feel very bad when you're not used to it. Yachiyo reminds Felicia, and Felicia turns to apologize to Ui for what she did and says she thinks Ui is really cool after their fight with that Witch. Rena also apologizes for how she helped Felicia to get rid of their hint. Momoko glares at Rena, but Ui accepts their apologies. She understands that things can go awry in the real world and tells them she really respects them, throwing Rena and Felicia off. Ui goes on to compliment Rena on her style, strength, and looks (and the size of her chest). She then compliments Felicia on how powerful she is and how good at games she is. She asks Felicia to teach her all kinds of things, which causes the two to feel bad since they treated Ui so poorly but all Ui did was compliment them instead. They wonder if Ui isn't an angel.

The two feel like trash after the way they behaved to her.

Episode Nineteen

In Yachiyo's home, everyone is celebrating Ui passing her test. Despite Ui not defeating the Witch that was assigned to her test, she did show she was more than capable. She was able to find track a Witch, kept calm and used her brains to come up with a plan. Even if she couldn't defeat the Witch on her own, she still did better than expected. Ui isn't sure that's enough for her to pass, but Kaede says she did even better than her. Rena agrees and says Kaede is always crying and running away but Kaede doesn't want to hear such talk from such an immature girl which shuts Rena up. Iroha recalls how she almost didn't pass the test herself except Yachiyo really was going to drive her out of the city. Yachiyo says she couldn't help it since it's dangerous for weak girls in this city, although she admits Ui did far better than Iroha did. Tsuruno gets ready to cut and pass out the cake while Felicia vies for a big piece for herself.

Ui tells Iroha she thinks she knows what she wants to do as a Magical Girl now. Iroha says she does too and decides to partially abandon her plans to continue her work with the other Magical Girls from Kamihama to find a way to free them all. She knew that if they continued the way they were, they would be abandoning their role as Magical Girls and would have ended up on a path of self-destruction like Alina said they would.

Episode Twenty

One day, Ui and Iroha meet Kyubey outside Kamihama again. They stop Kyubey from contracting another magical girl. Kyubey asks if they are going to keep stopping him from contracting others. For now, Ui won't let Kyubey continue to make contracts. Kyubey then asks if it means that someday they will not stop him from contracting more girls, and what is their goal as magical girls. Iroha and Ui plan on continuing to fight and find a way to coexist with Kyubey. If they stop Kyubey from contracting altogether, then the Universe will be doomed. If they can find a way to expand the miracle in Kamihama across the globe, then they can live out their lives happily as Magical Girls while allowing Kyubey to harvest the energy he needs to keep the universe going.

Kyubey welcomes the idea if it means they can avoid all the needless fighting. However, his species hasn't come to a conclusion on the phenomenon happening in Kamihhama so he won't be able to stop searching for Magical Girls just yet. But he can understand where the Kamihama Magical Girls are coming from, and for Iroha that'll have to do. As they turn to leave, Kyubey asks if he can tell them one more thing. He warns them that not all Magical Girls throughout the world are not as unified as they are in their beliefs. They thank him and leave, while UI wonders just how much happiness she'll be able to give to the world.

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