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The plot to this event is in fact an in-game Magia Report comic. This is the second event to feature Magia Report in-game and the first to have EX-Challenge Quests, a much more difficult version of the Challenge Quests that normally accompany events. Magical girl stickers were also given as part of the event, almost all of which were Papa costumes for every magical girl available in the game (as well as a few that weren't yet). Each sticker came with an accompanying dictionary page.


Chapter 1

It begins with a bit of narration as Iroha-chan is excited to finally be included in the game. She hopes she'll be a 4-star. [Madoka-senpai]] jumps up excitedly as they announce the beginning of the event.

Chapter 2

Felicia-chan informs the two of a magical girl who can give them extra stars, but she doesn't know where she could be. After flexing their muscles, the girls decide to wander around in hopes of finding her. Madoka-senpai mentions the weight training they once did.

Chapter 3

Mitama tells them she doesn't offer raising rarity. The two girls fall in despair as Mitama huffs and puffs offendly. She then tells them it's not that she can't, just that she's never tried. Iroha-chan is then tied up to a stone table as Felicia-chan and Madoka-senpai stand around her wielding torches and wearing paper masks.

Chapter 4

In the end, all she could do was put a giant decorative star on Iroha-chan's butt. Mitama then remembers hearing of a girl in the Sankyo district who could release doppels with a potion. Madoka-senpai gives a thumbs up as Iroha-chan wearily makes a thank you pun. Mitama claims her sense of humour is already 4-starred.

Chapter 5

Emiri stands next to Hinano, who pretends to not know what they're talking about. Madoka-senpai snaps her fingers and has Felicia-chan discreetly hand Hinano soemthing as Hinano claims she won't be bribed. It's a Decagon Jelly, orange flavor.

Chapter 6

Hinano shows them the potion, explaining it wasn't finished being developed yet. Felicia-chan punches at Emiri, who tells them of the trouble they've had with it. Hinano eats the jelly as she tells them they've never tested it on anyone below a 5-star. Felicia downs the potion and makes a muscly face.

Chapter 7

Asuka claims to have met the magical girl that raises rarity, and then claims it's her. Felicia-chan doesn't know what she's going on about as Asuka goes on a rant, repeatedly mentioning ritual suicide. Madoka-senpai wonders if they can fix her by hitting her.

Chapter 8

Nanaka explains that rarity comes with personal growth, and the magical girl that can raise their rarity must be themselves. Iroha gets it, but Asuka doesn't.

Chapter 9

Yachiyo doesn't have a rumor like that listed in her rumor file. Sana suggests they find info at a place where magical girls gather. Yachiyo fusses over Felicia-chan's hair as Small Kyubey gives the player an option: Banbanzai or Walnuts. (No matter how often Banbanzai is chosen, the game will continue to prompt you until you choose Walnuts.)

Chapter 10

Manaka thinks they have good insight for coming to her restaurants and tells the girls of a regular customer who is going to open such a place, though she's never been there herself. Iroha-chan apologizes to Tsuruno mentally. Felicia-chan gobbles down food and declares Walnuts the superior food.

Chapter 11

The three girls stand outside a church with the Magius symbol in lie of a cross. Inside, Holy Alina introduces herself as the girl they'be been looking for, almost calling herself by her real name.

Chapter 12

Iroha explains they heard she could get extra stars from here. Holy Alina tells her to offer her prayers at the altar of "The rumor of the rarity stars", cackling as two nuns step aside. Iroha-chan prays for more stars and Madoka-senpai prays for more costumes for Homura-chan. Felicia-chan is just hungry.

Chapter 13

Alina takes off her holy rumor as she declares the church to be the body of the rumor. In exchange for more stars, they'll be captures and put into a prize box. Alina cackles before noticing Madoka-senpai and Felicia-chan weren't sucked in due to wishing for other things.

Chapter 14

Alina is upset she couldn't capture them all since the rumor wasn't fully matured, but decides to use Iroha-chan as a hostage instead. She snaps her fingers and the two nuns take off their cloaks to reveal the Amane twins wearing white feather cloaks. Madoka-senpai and Felicia-chan can't believe their costume choices.

Chapter 15

Iroha-chan floats in the liquid of the prize vat. She calls out for her friends as Alina warns her to quiet down. But Madoka-senpai and Felicia-chan already have the upperhand as they bite and jump onto the twins.

Chapter 16

Iroha-chan hears a voice that tells her she can try to escape by using 25 magia stones. Iroha knows it's a long shot (1%) but tries anyway, since she's a protagonist and should have plot armor. She fails miserably. Madoka-senpai and Felicia-chan try using Connect to defeat the twins.

Chapter 17

Iroha-chan sees the doppel potion floating in the vat alongside her. She takes the potion since she's now a 4-star as she remembers Hinano's warning. She turns black as a magic symbol appears beneath her.

Chapter 18


Chapter 19

Alina, all battle-worn, realizes she made a mistake by not expecting them to find the rumor before it was fully developed. She turns and escapes, promising revenge and taking the Amanes with her. Homura appears as she reveals she was the one who spread the rumor.

Chapter 20

As they stand next to a giant Iroha-chan, Homura explains she did it to help Madoka-senpai protect herself. Homura can't protect her from things like disease, traffic accidents, or sleeping on her stomach even with her time-stop ability. She then learned about the rumor of the rarity stars kept by Magius thanks to the group text shown to her by her ex-black feather friend.

Chapter 21

Homura realizes she was wrong, since if Madoka-senpai becomes stronger she'll run into more risk with Mirrors and other high difficulty quests. Homura apologizes as Madoka-senpai consoles her. She tells her the story of how her own mother would think of Madoka and Tak-kun, giving her the strength to suppress her rage at work. Madoka-senpai thanks Homura for being there and making her stronger, promising to become stronger herself as she braids Homura's braids together. Homura sheds a tear as she thanks Madoka-senpai.

Chapter 22

Madoka-senpai smiles and tells everyone to join her in playing MagiReco. She's glad they're all safe and sound as they look up at an irrate (and still giant) Iroha-chan.


The image of the Giant Iroha is a reference to Kakugo no Susume.


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