Magia Record Story Leaving the Nest Looking Skyward

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This event (巣立ちは空を見上げて) is about Ui Tamaki's story. There are 3 kinds of event quests: story quests, Challenge quests and EX-Challenge quests, just like Magia Record Story Kamihama Twinkle Rarity Star.



Ui read a book about a prince of happiness. He gives everything valuable to the poors. Ui wonders if she can do like him in the story.

Chapter 1

After being saved, Ui sees Kyubey trying to make new contract with a girl outsides of Kamihama. Ui prevents that happen. Kyubey tells Ui that all his purpose is to keep the universe. By stopping contraction of new magical girls, it also does harm to human beings. Ui wonders how should she do, since she feels lacking of many advantages that other magical girls have. In Yachiyo's house, everyone is preparing to welcome her, except Felicia, who feels uncomfortable about this.

Chapter 2

In order to stay in Kamihama, Ui has to pass an test judged by Yachiyo. She has to find and defeat an witch causes young girls lost recently. She has to get out if she failed. Iroha remembers when she was also required to do that before.

Chapter 3

Iroha is worried about if Ui can stand a strong witch alone. Felicia claims that a magical girl should be powerful enough to live in Kamihama. Kaede says that sometimes she also has to run away. Iroha recalls that she was with Momoko when hunting a witch first time. Yachiyo then suggests Ui to choose an examiner to go with. Ui choose Momoko since her sister can't help her this day. Then Ui goes to find witches with Momoko.

Chapter 4

Ui and Momoko are trying to locate the target witch. On the way, Ui feels magical reaction which is Momoko's. Momoko ask her how to identify magical reaction. Ui recalls what other magical girls told her and decides to go Sakae ward via Mizuna ward. She thinks that she may get some clue by observe young people there and Momoko agrees.

In another place, Yachiyo and other magical girls departure to witch's location. They found that Felicia is absent. Yachiyo says Felicia feel bad with Ui so she might go alone while Rena criticizes her childish.

Chapter 5

Ui feels new magical reaction and Momoko suggests that is a minion's. They trace it but goes the wrong way. As an examiner, Momoko doesn't tell her the answer but rather tell her to focus on the reaction. They goes back to find a woman who got a witch's kiss. The woman sees Ui and begins attack, saying children must be killed before they are swallowed. Ui and Momoko guide the woman into a lane and reveal a minion.

Chapter 6

After defeating the minion, Momoko ask Ui what should they do since Momoko has taught her before. Ui answers that the woman should be woken up and Momoko asks her why. Ui says the woman must be taken care of or it might be dangerous. They don't have time to call others to take care of that woman, either. Momoko then makes up some situation if the woman ask them, since she won't believe to be controlled by a minion. Before going on finding the witch, they meet Felicia.

Chapter 7

Ui and Momoko asks Felicia what happens. Felicia attacks them of a sudden and runs away. Tsuruno following and questions if they saw Felicia. She then goes to track Felicia. Ui and Momoko discover that they forget magical pattern of the minion by Felicia's oblivious magic and unable to determine where the witch is.

Momoko calls Yachiyo if they can pause the exam. Yachiyo answers that exam must be continued. Yachiyo explains to Momoko that in actual case, every situation is possible, and Ui must not be given special treatment. Ui feels depressed and Momoko suggests her to have some dessert to comfort.

Chapter 8

Tsuruno takes Felicia to Yachiyo and jokes that she catch the criminal. She tries to relax Yachiyo but in vain. Yachiyo blames Felicia disturbing Ui's exam and asks her why. Felicia says she feel unfair since Ui got good treatment without doing anything. Everyone is caring about Ui and ignores her. Yachiyo then have Rena and Kaede to find Ui, and tells Felicia that her unhappiness is not reason to contribute other's unfortunate.

On the way, Rena and Kaede are discussing the situation. Kaede says Rena must know Felicia's feeling well. Then they see Ui and Momoko talking and eating crepe happily.

Chapter 9

Ui and Momoko continues to search the witch when sunset. Momoko asks where they should go. Ui answers Sakae ward, since there is a rumor about a monster tearing someone's clothes out if he is not satisfied. Yachiyo calls Momoko and tells her their time is not much since the witch begins action. She also transmits a location where some minions should be so they can track accordingly.

Near them, Rena and Kaede see Ui moving and follow them. Rena gets Tsuruno's call saying Felicia is missing again. Rena decides to search for Felicia and has Kaede to follow Ui.

Momoko and Ui reach the location where Yachiyo transmitted, but fail to get magical reaction either witch's nor minion's. Yachiyo says that alough having bad luck, she can't let Ui pass easily. She suggests that Ui need more training. Ui gives Momoko a request to go to Hokuyo ward and thinks the witch might be there. Momoko follows Ui's proposal.

Chapter 10

The sky is getting dark, and Yachiyo, monitoring the witch, decide not to wait any longer since it starts action.

Ui feels magical reaction from a witch, and Momoko agrees. They find many people with witch's kiss are climbing a mountain nearby. Momoko thinks to defeat another witch is also a proof of Ui's strength so she allows Ui to follow them.

Chapter 11

Rena and Kaede bring Felicia into Yachiyo's house. Sana asks about Ui's exam, and Yachiyo answers that she fails. However, she won't drive Ui away for now because of bad luck, and an exam will be retaken later. Rena feels strange Momoko not returning. Yachiyo doubts that Felicia did something. It reveals that Felicia removed minion's magical pattern so both Ui and Momoko unable to find it.

Meanwhile, following people climbing mountain, Momoko gets it clear that they are at where Fenthope, headquarter of Magius, was. There was many witches set by Magius, and some might still be there.

Chapter 12

It brings back to the time when Rena reached Felicia, Felicia complained treated worse than before. Everyone took attention on younger Ui, not her, and she feel uncomfortable. Her words moved Rena so she helped Felicia to remove minion's magic. Rena apologized for doing so, while Yachiyo gets a phone call from Momoko.

Chapter 13

After beating a minion, Momoko feels that the witch is so powerful that both of them might not able to deal with. She suggests waiting for Yachiyo and other magical girls. Ui, on the other hand, believes she will regret if she does nothing. Momoko agrees, saying her as stubborn as Iroha, and both enters witch's barrier. The powerful and greedy witch absorbs them into deepest inner after some minions got defeated.

Chapter 14

Momoko and Ui fight against the witch. With help by TSUBAME, Ui does good job but also be focused by the witch. Momoko goes to defend her.

Yachiyo, leading other magical girls, go to Momoko's place. They notice where they are, and go to deepest place of witch's barrier immediately. They see exhausted Momoko and Ui, and begin to wipe out the witch.

Chapter 15

The witch has so many minions that even those magical girls feel hard to deal with. They suggest ignore minions and focus on the witch. Tsuruno clears a way for Felicia and Yachiyo to beat the witch. Yachiyo tries to give the witch a final blow with her spear, but the witch isn't finished and going to attack Ui. At this time, Iroha appears to protect her sister.

Yachiyo, failing to finish the witch, feels her magical power is declining. Ui suggests a solution only available in Kamihama.

Chapter 16

Ui suggests to use her power to absorb impurity of other magical girls. In other place, doing this will let her transform into a witch. But with auto purification system in Kamihama, she can prevent such fate and allow other magical girls fighting with their full power.

Chapter 17

By absorbing impurity of other magical girls, Ui meet her doppel, like what her sister did in main story. Her doppel chatters her crime and lures her to accept herself as existence of evil. She should either accept herself to do bad or be swallowed by her doppel as punishment. Ui accepts neither, saying she should be responsible and trying hard to make up. She can become the one able to give others, like the prince in novel. Her doppel accepts so she gets ability to release her doppel.

Chapter 18

Ui wakes up in Mitama's place after being unconscious for a long time. She then talks to her sister, Mitama, and Momoko. Momoko apologized for taking her in danger and thanks her for defeating the witch. Iroha praised her for defeating the witch, but also reminds her not using that power for non-emergence. She may become a witch outside Kamihama, or get her soul being affected if such power used often. Mitama surprised that Ui recovers so fast after releasing doppel first time. Tsuruno, Sana and Yachiyo guess that she might be used to impurity for some time. Rena and Felicia also say sorry to her for their hindering. But Ui doesn't mind and tells them that it won't be too easy in actual case. She also praises them so they feel Ui really like an angel.

Chapter 19

In Yachiyo's home, it is declared that Ui passed exam. Although she failed to defeat specified witch, her ability to find a witch, help and protect normal people, and get a way to win is well recognized. Kaede feels ashamed since she always run away without confidence. Then Tsuruno shares her cake. Iroha shares her goal as a magical girl with Ui.

Chapter 20

One day, Ui and Iroha meet Kyubey outside Kamihama again. They stop Kyubey from contracting another magical girl. Kyubey asks them why stop him again. Ui answers she feel bad to have more magical girls now. Kyubey then ask is it mean someday they will not stop him from contracting more girls, and what is their goal as magical girls. Iroha answer him that she is finding a way to coexist with Kyubey. They are searching a way, just like the miracle in Kamihama, to prevent magical girls from becoming witches while also allow Kyubey to collect energy. Kyubey tells them that it is good not to have nunecessary confrontation, but he doesn't know what mechanism that system is. Anyway, he now understand what magical girls in Kamihama thinking. He also notice two girls that not all magical girls think the same.