Magia Record Story Unknown Story ~ The Midsummer Magic and Tomorrow's Memories ~

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Ika.

In Mitakihara, part of the Holy Quintet are having weird dreams. Homura Akemi is dreaming of her and Nagisa Momoe going down a waterslide, Kyoko Sakura and Mami Tomoe both in their swimsuits doing a heroic pose, Nagisa being surrounded by mindless zombies and Mami watching a fireworks shows and being surprised by something.

Mami wakes up slightly later than she anticipated, but she's glad she prepared her swimsuit beforehand. She recalls another part of her dream, where she saw two parents and their child talking, a family enjoying a fireworks show, she wonders why she saw that dream.

We jump to Nagisa, who has renamed her Kamihama diary to Nagisa Diary (implying that she is no longer focusing on Kamihama). She writes how she, Mami and everyone are going to a recently built waterpark. As to why, she recalls in a flashback a conversation she had with Mami at a restaurant. Nagisa's friend, Manatsu, and her family are going to the waterpark, so Nagisa wants to go too and wants Mami to go as her guardian. Mami seems to remember that Manatsu is Nagisa's new friend and, although she's a minor and thus cannot be her actual guardian, she will go with Nagisa. Mami is also happy that Nagisa made a friend her age, and as Nagisa talks about how Manatsu is a good kid Madoka Kaname, Homura and Sayaka Miki find them in the restaurant. By coincidence, they were talking about going to the same waterpark on the weekend. At that moment Kyoko appears too. Back to the present, Nagisa, Mami, Kyouko and Sayaka are waiting at the train station. Madoka and Homura are the last ones to arrive. They're all going to the same waterpark.

Nagisa writes how on the way there they found out something weird. The girls are talking in the train, Homura and Madoka had the same dream (to which Sayaka jokes that it's a memory of a previous incarnation). When Mami asks about it Homura goes into detail. She dreamed about her and Nagisa sliding down a waterslide in a floating ring while yelling, to which Madoka adds that she dreamed seeing the same scenario from far away. When they met at the bus station they talked about how strange it was that they had the same dream from two different points of view, and they were so enthralled that they missed the bus, that's why they were late to the train station.

Sayaka also had a weird dream. While playing at the pool she received a message from Nagisa, and said message was something with extreme urgency, almost of life-or-death, and then she lost contact with her, which makes Nagisa weary of such a thing becoming a prophetic dream. Nagisa also had a weird dream, or rather a nightmare, she dreamed about being at the pool and getting attacked by zombie like things and trying to escape them. Kyoko speculates that the message Sayaka got is Nagisa's dying message of that event, which spooks Nagisa of course.

Mami also had a weird dream, she saw a fireworks show by the pool side and something happening afterwards, but she dismisses it at something unimportant. Coincidentally, there's a fireworks show that night, so Sayaka thinks she was looking forward to it so much she dreamed about it, to which she is, but that's not it. Homura wonders if what they saw are really dreams that come true or may be prophetic dreams, Kyoko is against calling them that. That's because the dream she had was about her and Mami striking poses like toku heroines.

Sayaka laughs saying that maybe she will form a team with Mami and do poses together. Mami doesn't mind, although Kyoko is not happy about it. Sayaka says if that's a prophetic dream they should be thinking about one-liners, which piques Mami's interest but it would be problematic if their identity as magical girls is discovered, Madoka suggests using "Keep it a secret from everyone at class!". Kyoko is not amused.

They arrive to the waterpark, and Madoka and Homura are surprised that the pool is exactly the same as in their dreams. Kyoko thinks they maybe saw it in a leaflet or something so they should calm down. They're not so sure, their dreams had parts of the pool not in the leaflet. The pool in Mami's dream is nowhere to be seen, but the park has many pools so they drop the subject.

Nagisa and Kyoko want to go as many as possible, but Kyoko doesn't know how to swim, and maybe Nagisa neither. They're not worried though, they both brought floaties... the same one actually, and they get teased about matching like good friends. They move to the place where Manatsu and her family are waiting and Nagisa introduces Mami to Manatsu's mom, dad, and little sister. Mami is startled but dismisses her worries and introduces herself as Nagisa's friend (her wording indicates that that's what they're going with). Nagisa runs to play with Manatsu's little sister, her mom doesn't want them to go by themselves but they're too fast and they quickly disappear in the crowds. They can't call Nagisa because she left her phone with them so they mount a strategy. Manatsu's parents are going to the place where they take care of lost children so they share their contact with Mami. The Holy Quintet divide in groups, Madoka, Homura and Sayaka in one while Kyoko will go with Mami.

They go to several places but find no clue of them, so they try asking around. Nagisa's swimsuit and hairstyle are too generic to work as a clue, so Mami takes Kyoko's floatie and shows it to a couple of girls for reference. That hits the spot and the girls point them to the children's pool. Mami is happy that them having the same floatie proved useful, but Kyoko is embarrassed.

At the children's pool Mami just finished a call with Madoka and co., Manatsu's parents are heading their way so Madoka's group are going to see the indoor pools. Manatsu's parents arrive and thank Mami for their help. Nagisa and Manatsu's little sister are playing together, which Mami and Kyoko find strange, they choose to observe the situation carefully. Manatsu's mom strikes a conversation with Mami about the firework's show. Mami likes fireworks, she once saw them with her parents. Manatsu's dad is happy that Manatsu's little sister not only likes them but also that she's also interested in planets and stars, as Manatsu's parents work at an observatory. Mami is reminded of the voices in her dream and she wonders if they're the voices of Manatsu's family.

Kyoko is restless, so she wants to get something to eat to calm down. She's going to get shaved ice and offers to bring Mami one, so she asks for one of black tea. Kyoko doesn't think they have that, but Mami checked on the way to the children's pool.

Back to Nagisa's diary entry. As she was playing with Manatsu she discovered they had a similar dream. Nagisa is talking with Manatsu, in her dream her family, little sister, Nagisa and the girls came to this pool to play and watch the fireworks. Except that in her dream Manatsu herself wasn't there, like she wasn't there from the very beginning. When Nagisa asks when she saw that dream Manatsu thinks that maybe it was that morning, but maybe it was a really long time ago.

Kyoko is back and actually found black tea flavored shaved ice, she went with Cherry. Kyoko is still restless though, she felt magical energy coming from the indoor pool, Mami thinks that maybe it was Madoka and co. They will check later, Kyoko has yet to go to the cheap candy store she came to visit, since that's why she came along after all. Homura comes running to them, she lost contact with Sayaka and Madoka the moment they went into the indoor pool's building. Kyoko and and Mami head there leaving Nagisa in Homura's care since no one else is looking after her and Manatsu, they also suspect that this is related to their dreams. They leave their shaved ices to her and run to the building.

Nagisa and Manatsu's little sister comes back, she asks for Mami and Kyouko and Homura tells her they had something to do. Nagisa asks about the shaved ice, so Homura tells her that if she wants it she can have it. Nagisa will do if it's cheese flavored but Homura is sure that's not the flavor, Nagisa wants to give it to Manatsu then. Homura looks around and she sees Manatsu's little sister, she asks Nagisa to talk to her for a bit away from her. Homura doesn't know how to say it, but she asks Nagisa who is Manatsu, after all the only people she sees are the dad, the mom and "Manatsu's little sister". Nagisa says she's lying, she's right there with them, and besides, the reason she asked Mami to come is because Manatsu's family was coming. Homura isn't so sure, she recalls how Mami was startled when Nagisa introduced her to Manatsu's family. As for the memory of asking Mami to come, Homura asks if that wasn't also part of the dreams they had that day.

Nagisa can see Manatsu right next to Manatsu's mom, the little sister is talking to her parents saying how she wants a big sis like Nagisa. It's like Manatsu isn't there. They get a message from Mami, she tells them to stay away from the indoor pool's building, if they enter they can't come out, the call cuts. At that moment a magical energy engulfs the park, it's a Witch barrier. Manatsu disappears and the visitors begin acting like zombies, as if they had a Witch's Kiss. Homura now believes that the strangeness they felt when they arrived was the barrier, she regrets a bit not saying anything before.

The people begin to move towards the indoor pool's building. As they try to go there they get attacked by people, so they run away. As they hide in a visitor's area Nagisa says all this running is like a triple cheese cake, to which Homura says maybe she wanted to say triathlon. Nagisa wants to rest, but she's a bit careless and the zombies find them. Nagisa is surrounded but Homura finds a way out and they run. That attack was just like the dream they had.

With this many people around they cannot head to the building, if only there was a shortcut. Homura sees that the resting area where they are has an open window, and under that window there's a waterslide that goes close to the building's entrance. They just need something to cushion the fall. Homura things that if everything is like their dreams "that" must be nearby. Then she hears it, an automatic announcement for floating rings for two close to them. Before they proceed Nagisa asks to use Homura's phone, she wants to send a message to Mami telling them they're heading their way, calls are not working but maybe messages will do. The hypnotized people are getting closer, Homura takes a floating ring and once Nagisa sends the message they run for it and jump from the window into the waterslide.

We jump to Madoka and Sayaka. Sayaka is the one that got Nagisa's message just like the dream. She tries to call them but there's no signal, just then they see both of them sliding down the waterslide. They can hear them yelling, Homura is glad everything went well to which Nagisa asks if she wasn't sure the plan could work, she only did because that's what she dreamed about.

Now we're with Kyoko and Mami. They're inside the building but they can't find Madoka and Sayaka. They can't find a single person actually, it's just the two of them inside. Mami thinks maybe it's not that there isn't anyone, maybe they can't see them, just like how Nagisa was the only one that could see Manatsu and that it might be related to what's happening in the barrier. Kyoko thinks it's something related to bewitching magic and that it even altered Nagisa's memories. Mami agrees, after all, the one that invited them to the pool was Kyoko. She's the one that found Nagisa and Mami at the restaurant, she wanted to come to get the limited edition cheese-flavored Miracle!! Umai bon, Nagisa wanted to come because Kyoko brought it up (we know see the difference, the flashback at the beginning of the event had the borders of dream sequences, the cloudy one). Kyoko asks what was Nagisa's version of the event, Mami tells her that a girl called Manatsu invited her over. Memories that don't match, things that shouldn't be seen can be seen, Kyoko wonders if they should close their eyes while looking for Sayaka and Madoka. Mami says they should, close their eyes and look for their magical energy. They do and they can finally sense a Witch. They close their eyes again and attack tracking the magical energy. The Witch runs away, but because of that they can finally see the people inside, including Madoka and Sayaka.

There's a lot of people inside, including Manatsu's family, they seem to be freed but the barrier is still there. It's weird, the barrier is still active and the Witch is alive, but it's not attacking anyone, there's also no killing intent in the area. Sayaka wonders if maybe something is stopping there, like maybe magic. And that moment Manatsu appears before them, saying that that's exactly what's happening.

Homura and Nagisa arrive at the scene. They can see her too and Nagisa runs to confront her, but they can't as Mami, Kyoko and Nagisa are dragged into a dark closed space with Manatsu. They can't feel magic from her, so she's not a Witch. When Kyoko asks her what she is, Manatsu apologizes for dragging them into her wish. The Manatsu they see is an illusion created as byproduct of the magic of her wish, the real Manatsu doesn't exist anymore as she has become a Witch, and Manatsu explains what happened.

It all started years ago. Manatsu's parents pick her up at a hospital after she recovered from a surgery, but unfortunately this wouldn't be the last one she would have to go through. Back at their home, Manatsu's mom received an offer to become a full time teacher at the school where she works part-time, but doing so will not allow her to continue working at the astronomical research lab they both work at, but she cannot keep on following her dreams while also taking care of Manatsu's sickness. Giving up on their dream to work at the lab and changing jobs will allow them to take care of her. It might work out for them, as their team will be disbanded once their current project ends, but this means the end of their dream job. They are ok with it, they will make their dream to look after Manatsu, little did they know that Manatsu heard it all.

One day she had a dream. She saw her parents and little sister at a waterpark. Nagisa, Homura, Mami and Kyoko in toku heroine-like swimsuits were there, and there was also a fireworks show at night. She dreamed about all of them having fun and her family being happy, but Manatsu herself wasn't there, like she didn't even exist. As she had a little sister that wasn't even born yet she thought of it as a dream of the future. But she was happy because her family was happy, her parents were also still researchers. She thought that, since it was because of her that her parents were going to give up on their dreams, if only she didn't exist their dreams would come true. It was at that moment that Kyubey appeared in her room.

Her wish was for the dream of the future she saw to become true. According to Kyubey, her wish will alter the karma of the future so that day becomes exactly as she saw it. Manatsu wonders if her wish will make her disappear, to which Kyubey explains that she will continue to live on from the point she became a magical girl, but anything before that will be erased. From the memory of her parents to any records of any kind. She might find herself living all by herself. Kyubey also tells her that that day will be so many years in the future that if she dies before it happens she won't be able to see it herself. But Manatsu is ok with that.

At the research lab, the project of Manatsu's parents (called Message from Earth) is disbanded. This is the end of their dream, but they're happy to at least have worked on their dream job. Manatsu's mom receives a call, it's from the chief researcher, asking them if they want to continue working at the lab. They need people and their budget has increased too. They're offering them better and more secure positions with increased benefits too, it's like a miracle.

We're back at the present. In exchange for all of that to happen, Manatsu became a complete stranger to her family, she despaired and finally became a Witch. The invisible Witch inside the park's barrier was born from Manatsu. Nagisa asks her if she's fine with disappearing, becoming a Witch and hiding from everyone. But Manatsu can't answer that, she's just an phantom now. Mami asks about the prophetic dreams they had, to which Manatsu said it's all because they resemble the girls that appeared in Manatsu's dream all those years ago. This means that they were forced to help make the dream she saw all those years back become true, they were dragged into this the moment they had those dreams, except that Kyoko's has yet to pass.

Mami is still confused about the water park, what role does the Witch's barrier play here. Kyoko thinks that dragging people with the barrier is the fastest way to get the public needed for the show. Mami theorizes that the Witch's barrier was already there and is currently being used to grant Manatsu's wish, which means that as long as the magic from Manatsu's wish is working everyone is safe... at least until Manatsu's wish is granted. Mami asks for Nagisa and Kyoko's help to grant Manatsu's wish, to which they both agree. They can't get out of the barrier until it does anyway.

Manatsu thanks them, apologizes for involving Nagisa in this and, after giving her final farewells, she disappears. The trio are back in the building and Nagisa is still taking it that she won't see Manatsu anymore. Mami thinks that maybe the reason why only Nagisa could see her was because Manatsu wanted to have a friend her age, Kyoko butts in saying that it's all an illusion from from Manatsu's wish and nothing was real, but Mami thinks in the end, after being forgotten by everyone and disappearing, she still wanted someone, a friend, to remember her. Nagisa isn't sure, but she still thinks Manatsu was a good girl.

The three reunite with Madoka and co. and explain what happened. They agree that, at the moment they grant Manatsu's wish, they will have to kill her Witch. Kyoko asks Mami over telepathy if she can do it, Mami assures that she's made up her mind. So, the group agrees to help Mami in granting Manatsu's wish. As to how to do it, Nagisa says they should do as their dreams just like Homura did. That said, the only dreams left are Mami and Kyoko's. Homura says that, as the wish will be absolutely granted no matter what, rather than thinking about what to do, they should instead make sure that nobody gets hurt until it happens, which means they should keep an eye on Manatsu's family. Mami asks Nagisa to play with Manatsu's little sister and protect the family if anything happens. Madoka, Homura and Sayaka will help her too.

Sayaka tells Kyoko that maybe she should go to the candy store while there's still time, Mami offers to accompany her. Kyoko asks Mami if she's ok with taking her eyes off of the family, but she thinks that, as there's still far too much to do, it's not good to stay in high alert and ignore how tired they're getting, her dream is also of the fireworks show at night anyway. Just thinking that this will continue until night makes Kyoko look tired. Mami isn't worried, she has four reliable kouhai's with her.

Nagisa writes in her diary that, as they finally know the truth and what to do, they can take a short break, so Kyoko used this time to get the snacks she wanted. Mami is amazed by the selection of flavors and the little ice creams they have, Kyoko also buys the sweets Nagisa asked her to get. Nagisa is having fun playing with Manatsu's little sister, she's just like another daughter of the family, and Mami is happy she gets to experience going to a pool with a family and watching fireworks too, Mami wants to let her experience such things as much as possible.

Kyoko is feeling sad for Manatsu, her parents are well, but since she had to disappear it's the same to her as if they weren't as she cannot see them herself anymore. They head back to the group. On the way there, the atmosphere has changed. They run into Madoka and get attacked by invisible familiars. Mami and Kyoko track them by their magical energy, it's just two of them, but it's dangerous to fight them there as Manatsu's family is there too, if they transform and fight they will mess up Manatsu's wish. Mami has an idea, there's a stage nearby so they will follow the dream they had and make it a toku heroine's show, Madoka will help convincing the family that it's all an act. Kyoko isn't happy at all.

They go into the stage and transform... into their magical girl swimsuit forms. Mami says their line, "The magical big sisters will destroy the Witch's minions!", and Kyoko says her line "Keep it a secret from everyone at class!". Kyoko can't believe she transformed into that swimsuit again, Mami thinks it's all to match Manatsu's dream. The proceed to attack the invisible familiars but they're hard to pinpoint as they're smaller than the Witch. Nagisa and Homura use the floatsies to trap them, and with this huge target on them Kyouko and Mami easily defeat them (Kyouko can't believe the floatsies were useful again).

It's finally night and the fireworks are about to begin. Mami and Kyoko are still in their magical swimsuits because Manatsu's little sister asked them to. Kyoko was a bit worried, this swimsuit doesn't bring her any good memories since there was this time when she couldn't transform back to her normal magical girl clothes, but this time she can so feels relieved.

Mami remembers that in her dream there was something in the middle of the show. The fireworks start and the little sister asks her parents if the fireworks can be seen from space, to which her father says that the stars are too far away, her mom also tells her that years ago they used equipment in the observatory to send messages to other planets, but even at the speed of light it will take years to reach them. Their previous project was about searching for intelligent life outside earth. When the little sister asks if they ever got a reply her dad says that as long as there's intelligent life with advanced technology they might to so in the future.

It is then when, in the middle of the fireworks, a UFO appears in the sky. The girls cannot believe their eyes, this is exactly how Mami's dream went, she didn't say anything because the whole thing was too ludicrous to be true. The ship sends a message in some kind of signals, it's the same signals the observatory where Manatsu's parent's work. The message seems to be in binary, followed by the key to decode it, Manatsu's mom is filming the whole thing.

The dream of Manatsu's parents was to someday contact intelligent life from outside earth, which means Manatsu's wish was completed the moment they were contacted by the UFO. Having left their message, they UFO left, as to what it said it was "I'm home". The parents can't understand it's significance, but they feel as if they were trying to tell them about something really important they forgot about.

Nagisa asks Mami, and she says that it would be great if someday they could remember that a girl called Manatsu once existed, to which Nagisa agrees. Other people seem to be dismissing the UFO as an attraction or part of the show, not surprising as it happened during the fireworks.

With this Mami's dream also became true and Manatsu's wish was granted, which means that the power that was holding back the Witch is gone. Mami realizes what happened and runs to the barrier, there's still a huge number of people there. Madoka and Sayaka are getting ready to go too when Sayaka notices that neither Kyoko or Homura are there.

Mami detects the barrier and she finds Kyoko nearby but as they get ready to enter the barrier she disappears. Homura emerges (to note, she was in her normal magical girl clothes and then changed back to her magical girl swimsuit, which means once unlocked they can change at will between either of them). Homura killed the invisible Witch herself, she ran to it before anyone else realized it because she believed the rest of the girls might hesitate to kill it after hearing Manatsu's story, to which Kyoko thinks it could've happened. Mami thinks it was supposed to be her job as their senpai, but thanks Homura nonetheless with a serious face.

Kyubey also appears, saying that moving in quickly to kill it was the correct course of action, because it wouldn't be a surprise if at the exact moment the magic stopped working the Witch would've started attacking the people inside. Mami has a question for Kyubey: was the UFO that they just saw of Kyubey's people? This is because if the UFO was also an hallucination and not the result of Manatsu's parent work it would be incredible sad, but it was Kyubey's people then it would be a real contact from an intelligent lifeform. Homura wants to believe that, if Manatsu wished for the real thing to appear then it has to be true, but the possibility of it not being true also exists.

As Kyubey is about to answer she changes her mind, because if it isn't theirs then the possibility that it was from another species exists, and it's Manatsu's parents work to figure that out. Madoka and the others contact them via telepathy asking where they are, Nagisa is also getting sleepy, so they decide to head back once they say their goodbyes to Manatsu's family.

Sometime after, Nagisa's hanging out with Mami at her room. They're watching on TV how the news of the UFO's sighting is still being talked about. There are people that believe it was an attraction, but there are others that believe it came as a result of Manatsu's parents' project. As a result, they have become quite famous. Mami thinks they must be troubled because they event became so widespread before they could confirm if it happened because of their message, but there's nothing they can do as there's just too much video evidence.

There's another interview with them on TV, Manatsu's dad says they're still investigating if it was a real UFO so there isn't much they can disclose, but Manatsu's mom says that until then they will see it as a gift from Midsummer (Manatsu's name means Midsummer) magic.

This surprises Nagisa, who thinks that means they remember her, Mami says it would be great if they did. Back to the interview, Manatsu's dad wants to leave the matter as it is for now, but what he can say is that he's really happy this event made the world know about the existence of their research area.

Mami is feeling sad, Manatsu couldn't be happy herself, but she made her parents very happy. So she thinks the relationship between parents and child is a wonderful thing. To this Nagisa says that, although she isn't Mami's family she's really happy that Mami's with her, Mami thanks her. Mami brings ice tea to the table, it's summer after all, but she also brings cheesecake, which makes Nagisa jump in excitement. Mami ponders a bit about midsummer magic, thinking that next time she would like to try fighting in that magical swimsuit.

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