Homura Akemi (Eyeglass ver.)

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Homura Akemi (Eyeglass ver.)
Japanese Name 暁美 ほむら (眼鏡ver.)
(Akemi Homura Eyeglass Ver.)
Voiced by Japanese: Chiwa Saitou
ID No: 2003
Release Date (JP): August 22, 2017
Release Date (NA): June 25, 2019
For her full bio, see Homura Akemi.

General Info

Physical Features
Age 14
Eye colour Purple
Hair colour Black
Height 155-159cm
Soul Gem Diamond located on the back of her left hand
Weapon Shield (storage and timejump device). Homura has been shown using golf club, pipe bombs, IMI Desert Eagle, FN Minimi, Beretta 92FS, Remington 870, Howa Type 89, M26 frag grenades, flashbang grenades, RPG-7, AT-4, C-4 explosives
Witch Form Homulilly
Powers and Abilities Time Manipulation
Wish “I wish... I can meet Ms. Kaname all over again. But this time, instead of her protecting me, I want to be strong enough to protect her!”
Japanese pronoun watashi ()
Known relatives None known
Origins Mitakihara City
School Attended a Christian/Catholic school in Tokyo before transferring to Mitakihara Middle School.

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute

4★→ 5★



Attribute dark.png


Initial 6335 1735 1716

Max at ★4 23464 6110 6088
Max at ★5 29025 7554 7529

Max SE 34857 8480 9670
Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Icon skill 1124.png Connect: Everybody Do Your Best!

★4 Guaranteed Evade
★5 Guaranteed Evade & Magia Damage UP [III] & Magia Damage UP to Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe, and Kyoko Sakura[1]
{{{2}}} Magia: Time Stop Special

★4 Damage to All Enemies [V] & Skill Quicken (All / 3T)
★5 Damage to All Enemies [VII] & Skill Quicken (All / 3T)
{{{2}}} Doppel: Homulilly

★5 Damage to All Enemies [IX] & Skill Quicken (All / 3T) & MP Restore (All)
  1. The seasonal variants of these characters do not count.
Spirit Enhancement Data
Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge

4★ +8% +5% +5% +4% +6% +6%
5★ +9% +6% +6% +5% +7% +7%

SE +9% +6% +6% +9% +13% +12%
Spirit Enhancement

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1214.png Technical Adept Charge Disc Damage UP [II]

Icon skill 1131.png Skill Quicken Chance to Skill Quicken [III]

Icon skill 1214.png Technical Adept Charge Disc Damage UP [II]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1183.png Jammer Edge Chance to Skill Seal on Attack [II] (1T)

Icon skill 1120.png Shield Adept Damage Cut [II]

Icon skill 1093.png Morale Adept MP Gain UP [III]

Icon skill 1131.png Skill Quicken Chance to Skill Quicken [III]

Icon skill 1091.png Charge Adept Charged Attack Damage UP [II]

Icon skill 1124.png Parry Guaranteed Evade (Self / 1T) CD: 10 turns


A timid Magical Girl who wished to protect Madoka. A second year in Mitakihara Middle School. She turns back time repeatedly in an attempt to prevent Madoka from becoming a Witch. Now she searches for a new hope in Kamihama City.

Doppel Description

Homulily, Homura's doppel

The Doppel of closed circuits. Its form is the mortal world. The master of this emotion loops through time in an endless cycle of trial-and-error. Master and Doppel fuse together, her skin becomes glass, and her expression freezes into that of a doll. She launches volley after volley of attacks that only end when her target falls silent. In this way she is more like a Witch than other Magical Girls. Not only can she can manipulate the sands of time, but she can pluck information of low importance from the alien lifeforms on her hat and create anything around the level of an earthly weapon by solidifying the sand.

Side Story

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Homura and Madoka Kaname walk together in Kamihama City. Homura thinks she's taking a holiday with Madoka. Madoka notes Homura's spacing out, and wonders if she's alright. Homura says she's fine. Madoka says she likes doing something together with a friend, and is happy Homura feels the same way. Homura wishes this could continue forever, but notes Walpurgis Night is coming. After some time together, Homura and Madoka sense a witch. They find the barrier's entrance, but it suddenly disappears. It turns out it was destroyed by another magical girl who Madoka recognizes as a model. The magical girl introduces herself as Ria Ami, who is delighted to have a magical girl fan. She then gets embarrassed when Madoka keeps staring at her. She invites the girls to tea.

Homura says it was fine with just the two of them, but is happy to see Madoka is happy. The three enter a cafe, where Ria discusses modeling. Homura thinks that Ria is beautiful as if she was artificial. Ria gets flustered before Madoka says Homura meant she was like a doll. Later they go to the fashion district where Madoka looks at clothes. Ria says that one piece of clothing suits Madoka, but Madoka says it suits Homura better. Madoka then notices a piece Ria modeled in and said she looked cool. Ria then takes Homura back to talk. She asks if Homura is interested in her at all, and points out that Homura has spent the whole time looking at Madoka. Homura says she didn't meant to.

Ria laughs and says as a model she's sensitive to people's line of sight. Ria says that even though meeting a supermodel is an unusual sight, Homura only payed attention to Madoka. Ria admits she's jealous and wishes someone could look at her with the same eyes Homura has. Homura says she will protect Madoka. Ria tells Homura that she's a cool magical girl. When Madoka returns to the others, Ria says she has to leave. Homura and Madoka thank Ria, who tells them to keep getting along. Homura asks Madoka if she wants to look around more, which Madoka agrees. Homura thinks that even if she doesn't know she's cool, she will still save Madoka.

At a later date, Homura goes to Kamihama to steal weapons from the local criminal elements. She targets a group called the "Soukaihou", who allied with the police. However, she thinks they aren't different from the other groups and should have illegal weapons. Using her time stop power, she steals the weapons and runs off. However, after she resets time, she's caught by a magical girl. She introduces herself as Meiyui Chun, which she said is a name that makes delinquents runs away. Homura asks if she's part of a mob. Meiyu says she's part of the Soukaihou, which has only respectable members. She then thanks Homura for stealing the weapons, saying they belonged to people who brought nothing but trouble to her group.

Meiyui asks Homura why she steals weapons. Homura answers she lacks offensive magic. Meiyui says she wants to hear more about it so she invites Homura for mapo tofu. Homura finds the tofu spicy, but also tasty. Afterward, Meiyui tells Homura she has her support from one magical girl and hardworking child to another. Meiyui then asks Homura why she fights, causing Homura to flashback to her wish. She tells Meiyui there is someone she wants to protect. Meiyui says that she's the same and she contracted to save the people important to her. She thinks they must be alike, though she also thinks Homura has a heavier burden. She suggests Homura eat mapo tofu if it gets too painful, as it would blow the pain away. (There is apparently a Japanese pun between painful and spicy). Homura thanks Meiyui and the two depart. Homura thinks that perhaps she is not fighting alone.

Sometime later, Homura uses her timestop to practice shooting. However, she fails to hit all her targets. Homura wants to be as good as Mami Tomoe. Suddenly another girl appears. She introduces herself as Natsuki Utsuho and asks if Homura is practicing shooting training. She claims she's a magical girl who cheers everyone, and explains she was just passing through and saw Homura. Natsuki offers to cheer Homura on as she practices. A confused Homura initially thinks she's being distracting, but then is surprised to find herself getting motivated.

Despite this new motivation, Homura is still missing her targets. Natsuki notes she's improved, and deduces that Homura can stop time. She calls Homura cool and gives her some advice on how to shoot. She explains Homura's issues are similar to the baseball team she usually cheers. Thanks to Natsuki's advice, Homura improves significantly. Homura and Natsuki practice for awhile. Afterward, Homura admits her practicing can't be done alone. Natsuki tells Homura to rest and offers to give her drinks. She then asks if Homura ever trains with her partners.

Homura explains that this is her own problem. Natsuki says that Homura's troubles are also the troubles of her supporters. Homura explains about Mami and how she uses guns as weapons. However, as Mami is a veteran, Homura feels there is a large gap between their abilities. She thinks if she asks for special training Mami might react poorly. Natsuki says if Mami is Homura's partner, then she wouldn't feel bad about Homura working hard. Homura admits she isn't. Natsuki then suggests she call Mami now and ask her to be her coach.

Homura calls Mami and is surprised to find that she'll come there right away. An hour later, Mami arrives and tells Homura she's always willing to help. Natsuki says Homura wasn't alone today and introduces herself. Mami introduces herself as well. When she learns of Homura's progress, Mami challenges Homura to a fight. By attaching ribbons to Homura, Mami is able to move around in Homura's time stop. As Homura fights, Mami gives her advice. After the battle Natsuki, who wasn't in time stops, wonders if it finished. Mami tells Homura she improved in a short time, and will gladly lend her own strength in the future.

Natsuki says Homura was praised by the coach. While Homura says she's still far from her goal, Mami says she's strong enough already. She asks Homura to return to Mitakihara with her. Homura agrees, and says goodbye to Natsuki. Homura then narrates that she has changed. She will become a magical girl that can protect Madoka. For that reason, she will keep moving forward.

Costume Stories

New Year's Haregi
Homura haregi.png

Homura and Madoka have gone to the Mizuna Shrine to buy fortunes. While Madoka is shopping, Homura sees a booth selling hair pins. Homura finds a pair of hair pins she likes, and imagines giving them to Madoka. Homura then finds that while she was daydreaming, the hairpins were sold off! After reuniting with Madoka, Homura narrates that they bought matching hair pins later and wishes to have a good year.

Winter Outfit
Homura valentine costume.png

Homura narrates she's going shopping with Madoka and Sayaka, and thinks she took a chance by wearing new clothes. Homura worries that she should have worn her old clothes, but when Madoka and Sayaka see it they say Homura looks great. Sayaka and Madoka then look at Homura for a second. When Homura thinks her clothes do look weird after all, Sayaka and Madoka exclaim they want to fluff her clothes. A shocked Homura accepts.

Homura Pajamas.png

During an exam for Homura's class, time runs out and Professor Saotome collects all the students' exams. Homura is happy because she can rest since the next day is the weekend. Homura wants to ask Madoka out together, but upon hearing how one of her classmates complains to another classmate for inviting her out but not having plans of where to go. Homura thinks it's true, but can't think of where to take Madoka. At that moment Homura senses the presence of a witch, Madoka communicates with her and tells her to go defeat her, while Homura laments that she does not have time because of the witches. At night in her house, Homura prepares to sleep. She is happy to have defeated the witch but she regrets not having invited Madoka to spend the day together. Homura thinks that she would have liked to talk to her like at a sleepover, and then remembers how at Mami's sleepover, Madoka and Sayaka talked about an animal movie that Madoka wanted to go to. Homura looks for the movie, but she realizes that unfortunately the last showings were the day before the exam. Homura thinks about other places Madoka wanted to go: she remembers how she gave Mami a souvenir from the aquarium where she saw a dolphin show. Homura investigates the aquarium's page but sees that they are closed for renovations and she regrets this fact again.

Just then it starts to rain and Homura thinks it's a bad timing weather. She investigates and sees that it will rain all the next day, so she won't be able to go out with Madoka the next day. Homura thinks it's a sign that she should give up, but just then she gets a call from Madoka. Homura responds and Madoka invites her out the next day because her exams are over, but she complains about her because she has no plans and it will rain all day tomorrow. Homura says that no matter the weather, she will definitely go with Madoka somewhere, and Madoka laughs that she is being dramatic and asks to meet her at the train station. Homura hangs up and thinks she made it, thinking that she hopes she can be more honest like Madoka to invite her to spend time together.


Event Appearances

Magical Girl Story Appearances

Other Appearances


  • Her illustrator is Sasagi Koushi
  • Homura was originally released as a pre-registration bonus. She is also purchasable in the in-game shop for in-game currency. She cannot be rolled in the gacha, but may be given out in certain events.
  • She was also the only natural ★4 characters to not have a ★5 unlock until July 6, 2018.
  • Homura's doppel is based off of Homulilly's concept art for Madoka Portable.
  • Homura is the only of the six Madoka Magica girls who has only one swimsuit. All others have one swimsuit unit and one swimsuit costume.


Game Gallery

CG & Memoria Art

Official Art



Memoria Cards

To edit a memoria's details, click on the specific memoria

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text
I Want to Become Someone Who Can Protect Her
(NA: I Want to Be Able to Protect Her)
Icon skill 1131.pngSkill Quicken
Skill Quicken (Self / 3T) 15 turns
Max Limit Break
Skill Quicken (Self / 3T) 13 turns
**Unique to Homura Akemi (Eyeglass ver.)**
I want the power to protect her. This is the wish that made her a Magical Girl. She will do anything it takes to protect the person she swore to protect, no matter how dangerous.
Time Traveler
(NA: Time Traveler)
Icon skill 1086.pngGuard Adept
Normal Passive
Defense UP [II]
Max Limit Break
Defense UP [III]
Like a great river, time flows from the past to the future. Resisting the current countless times, she continues her endless journey. She leaps into the torrent again, motivated by both an oath to herself and her irreplaceable friends.時間は大きな川の流れのように、過去から未来へ進んでいく。

その流れに幾度も逆らって、彼女は果てしない旅を続ける。 かけがえのない友のために、自ら立てた誓いを果たすために

Fulfilling the Sworn Promise
(NA: Sworn Promise)
Icon skill 1121.pngInevitable Adept
Chance to Critical [V] (Self / 3T) & Guaranteed Anti-Evade (Self / 3T) 9 turns
Max Limit Break
Chance to Critical [VI] (Self / 3T) & Guaranteed Anti-Evade (Self / 3T) 8 turns
I promised back then. That I would protect and save you. Even if that means I have to leap through time over and over again, I won't regret that choice. If there's enemies in the way, I won't hesitate to pull the trigger. Wait for me, Madoka... I'll change fate for you!「あの時、私は約束をした。必ずあなたを守り、そして救う、と。たとえ時の大河を何度渡ることになろうとも、私は後悔なんてしない。立ち塞がる敵がいるのなら、引き金を引くことも躊躇わない。待っていてね、鹿目さん…私が運命を変えてみせるから…!」
My School Life
(NA: My School Life)
Icon skill 1149.pngBurn Edge
Normal Passive
Chance to Burn [III] (2T)
Max Limit Break
Chance to Burn [IV] (2T)
Perhaps another world could have existed where witches weren't a part of my day-to-day life. Maybe I would have gone to school like normal, chatted with friends like normal, and gone home after school like normal.魔女のいない日常で, いつものように学校に行って,いつものようにおしゃべリして,


Everyone, Together
Icon skill 1173.pngEpisode Adept
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Episode Points UP [II]
The girls who are connected by a mysterious cause and effect, and are born of a miracle that is repeated many times without meeting meet, the girls who have a strong will head towards the end of the story (Lawson Collaboration Memorial)不思議な因果で結ばれて少女たちは出会った巡り会うこともなく幾度も繰り返す中で生まれた奇跡強い意志を持った少女たちは物語の果てに向かう(ローソンコラボ記念)
About to Leave in Haregi
(NA: Going Out in a Kimono)
Icon skill 1153.pngMesmerise Blade
Normal Passive
Chance to Dazzle on Attack [II] & Damage UP [IV]
Max Limit Break
Chance to Dazzle on Attack [III] & Damage UP [V]
I'm going to take my first trip to a shrine with Madoka and buy dumplings... I could never have imagined this when I was stuck in the hospital. ...Right! It's New Year's Day after all, so I have to enjoy it as much as I can!「鹿目さんと一緒に初詣をして、お団子を買って…入院していた頃は考えられなかったなぁ……うんっ!せっかくのお正月だもん今日は、目一杯楽しまなきゃ...!」
How Will Our Luck Be This Year?
(NA: This Year’s Fortune)
Icon skill 1137.pngAnti-Stun
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Madoka: "These are the 'ultimate fortunes’... What's yours, Homura?”

Homura: "Um...It says ‘Immense Luck'. How about you?" Madoka: "I got 'Infinite Good Luck'! On 3, let's show each other, okay?"

Madoka & Homura: "1...2...3!"
まどか「これが… 『究極おみくじ』-ほむらちゃん、どう?」

まどか「私は 『無限大吉』!ねえ、せーので見せ合いっこしようよ」

Welcome Back!
Icon skill 1078.pngCure Heal
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
HP Restore [III] (Self) 7 turns
Coffee, cola, orange juice, what do you feel like drinking today? Pasta, pilaf, omelet, what do you feel like eating today? When your feeling somewhat sinks, I will welcome you with a smile of the best with a peek at my face for a while (Sega Collaboration Cafe Memorial)コーヒー、コーラ、オレンジジュース、今日は何が飲みたい気分?パスタ、ピラフ、オムライス、今日は何が食べたい気分?ちょっと気持ちが沈んだときは、ちょこっと顔を覗かせていつでも最高の笑顔でお出迎えするから(セガコラボカフェ記念)
I'll Repeat It No Matter How Many Times It Takes
(NA: As Many Times As It Takes)
Icon skill 1092.pngAll Disks Adept
Normal Passive
Blast UP [II] & Charge UP [II] & Accele MP Gain UP [I]
Max Limit Break
Blast UP [III] & Charge UP [II] & Accele MP Gain UP [II]
"No matter how many times I travel through time, I won't forget Kaname-san's lone figure facing 'Walpurgisnacht'... Or her turning into a Witch after exhausting her magic... I won't allow her hope to have been in vain."「何度時間を繰り返しても、絶対に忘れないよ

たったひとりで“ワルプルギスの夜”に挑んだ鹿目さんも 魔力を使い果たして、魔女になってしまった鹿目さんも…

A Short Rest (Madoka・Homura)
(NA: Madoka and Homura’s Brief Respite)
Icon skill 1141.pngHeavenly Adept
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Guaranteed Anti-Curse & Regenerate HP [I]
My friends invited me here, but I had no idea there was a little space like this, warm with sunlight and so pretty! All the Mitakihara girls will be here soon. Let’s both go greet them! (T Card Collab Commemoration)友達に誘われて訪れた場所は、陽だまりのぽかぽかとした空間

こんなに素敵な場所があるなんて知らなかった! 見滝原のみんなはもうすぐ到着するみたい

One More Story
Icon skill 1085.pngBloom Up
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [VI] & Defense UP [V] (Self / 1T) 5 turns
This is the story of a miracle and a wish

Kamihama and Mitakihara, Past and Future, Hope and Despair…and Salvation. There were many encounters, a number of causalities were spun. Everytime they overlap they are connected, into one more story

(Comic Rise Collaboration Memorial)

神浜と見滝原、過去と未来、希望と絶望…そして救い いくつもの出会い、いくつもの因果が紡がれ、重なり合うたびに

In A Broken World
(NA: In A Broken World)
Icon skill 1124.pngTime Skip
Guaranteed Evade (Self / 1T) & Chance to Chase [VII] (Self / 1T) 12 turns
Max Limit Break
Guaranteed Evade (Self / 1T) & Chance to Chase [X] (Self / 1T) 10 turns
**Unique to Homura Akemi**
"Homura-chan, you can go back to the past, right?

You said you could change history so it doesn't end like this, right?..." With a heart that was entrusted with Madoka's "life", she drew the curtain on this time.

Heading to the past again....some day, in search of a future that will save Madoka.

こんな終わり方にならないように、歴史を変えられるって、言ってたよね…」 まどかの“命”とともに託された想いを胸に、彼女はこの時間に幕を引き

That Day's Regret
Icon skill 1085.pngSilent Protection
Normal Passive
Attack UP Upon Death [III] (All / 2T) & Defense UP Upon Death [III] (All / 2T)
Max Limit Break
Attack UP Upon Death [IV] (All / 2T) & Defense UP Upon Death [IV] (All / 2T)
**Unique to Kuro (黒)**
The chocolate I had wanted to give you is here.

Thinking you would be pleased, I had prepared the chocolate. But, I'm sorry, I can no longer give it to you.

I'll no longer be myself, and this chocolate will surely taste bitter.

あなたに喜んでもらおうと思って用意したチョコレートが でも、ごめんね、もうわたし、あなたに渡せないんだ

Ringing Next Door
Icon skill 1094.pngBloom Down
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Attack DOWN [V] & Defense DOWN [V] (Single / 1T) 8 turns
A lively, friendly world that will snuggle up beside you! Get the events on the other side of the screen, big and small, and introduce them to everyone freely and carefree! Then together with everyone, Magi Magi Magireco~♪ (Comic Release Collaboration)かたわらで寄り添ってくれる、賑やかで優しい世界! 画面の向こうの出来事を、大小構わず汲み取って 自由気ままに奔放に、いつもみんなにご紹介! それでは皆さんご一緒に、マギマギマギレコ~♪(コミック発売記念)
Two Makes One
Icon skill 1140.pngAnti-Heat
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Anti-Burn & Regenerate HP [III]
"Homura-chan, this shirt is cute, right?" "Yeah! It's a good match!" "But, I guess I shouldn't eat curry with these clothes." "Wh-Why's that?" "Because if curry were to go flying, it would stand out on a white background..." "O-oh, then I'll put one on too! That way it'll be alright!" (CoCo Ichi Collaboration Commemoration)「ほむらちゃん、このシャツかわいいね」「うん!おそろいだしね!」

「でも、この服でカレーは食べない方がいいかな」「な、なんで?」 「だってもしカレーが飛んだら、白地で目立っちゃうし…」「そ、そしたら、

After the Rain
(NA: The Rain Lifts)
Icon skill 1165.pngMonopolize Draw
Monopolize Draw 10 turns
Max Limit Break
Monopolize Draw 8 turns
**Unique to Homura Akemi (Swimsuit ver.)**
From the umbrella that stood at the entrance, the trickle of water drops indicate the recent rain From outside the petrichor together with the night's fragrant smell wafts under one's nose, the twinkle of the evening sun comes together into view, everything is dyed white so that the boundary between reality and the unreal becomes blurred.

外からはペトリコールと共に夜香花の匂いが鼻先をかすめる 夕日の煌めきが視界に入り込み、すべてを白く染める

From Top to Bottom
(NA: Head to Toe)
Icon skill 1082.pngCounteract
Remove Debuffs (Self) 8 turns
Max Limit Break
Remove Debuffs (Self) 6 turns
"Um...This...What do you think? Kaname-san..."

The swimsuit, parasol, and sandals coordinate in total!

I tried to challenge it with a bit of flash but it might be a good idea to try a little adventure...afterall it's summer!?

水着も日傘もサンダルもトータルでコーディネイト! 思い切ってちょっと派手めでチャレンジしてみたほむら

A Sea and Sky for Just the Two of Us
(NA: Our Own Sea and Sky)
Icon skill 1143.pngAnti-Darkness
Normal Passive
Guaranteed Anti-Blind & Status Ailment Resistance UP [I]
Max Limit Break
Guaranteed Anti-Blind & Status Ailment Resistance UP [III]
We both sat on the shore beneath the shade of the trees and stared up at the summer sky. Everything was silent except for the waves crashing on the sand... She pointed to a large, solitary cloud and giggled. “That one looks like a white horse...or maybe an ice cream!”浜辺の木陰で座りながら、ふたりで夏の空を見上げていた

あたりは静かで、ただ、波の音だけが聞こえていた 彼女はひときわ大きな雲を指さして笑っていた

Summer Impact!?
(NA: The Smash Hit of the Summer?!)
Icon skill 1085.pngBerzerk Adept
Normal Passive
Attack UP [III] & Defense DOWN [V]
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [IV] & Defense DOWN [V]
Everyone can have fun with some beach volleyball! Well, that was the plan... As the game heated up, Mami got super serious and spiked the ball! Bam! And it...hit Homura square in the face?! Mami panicked! The others froze in shock! And Homura’s glasses flew into the air, twinkling as they caught the summer sunlight...みんなで楽しくビーチバレー!…だと最初は思ってた…

試合は徐々に白熱し、マミさんの超本気な強烈なスパイクが炸裂! その行き先は…ほむらの顔面!?焦るマミ!驚きで身動きできない一同!

One Summer's Courage
(NA: Summer of Courage)
Icon skill 1121.pngElation Adept
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Chance to Critical [III] & Status Ailment Resistance UP [III]
"Homura, you look really good in that swimsuit!"

"R-Really? I wanted to try a new look this summer so I went with no glasses."
"I really like it."

"But... I can't really see without them... Hey, M-Madoka, can I hold your hand?"

「ほ、本当?夏だから思いきってみようと思って、眼鏡も外したの」 「わたしは、そっちのほむらちゃんも好きだな」

Absolutely Unrivaled Summer Time
Icon skill 1085.pngIgnition Edge
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [III] & Chance to Burn on Attack [V] (2T)
"Go! Increase speed!"

"Okay, try to get the shortest distance" "I'll let you control. Nagisa kicks off obstacles!"

"I don't think there are any obstacles in the waterslide..."

「わかった, 最短距離になるようにコースを取ってみる」 「操縦は任せるのです。障害物はなぎさが蹴散らすのです!」

Admiration of Many Colors
Icon skill 1091.pngFull Swing Rise
Charged Damage UP [IV] & Blast Damage UP [III] (Self / 3T) 8 turns
Max Limit Break
Charged Damage UP [V] & Blast Damage UP [IV] (Self / 3T) 7 turns
"How about...this?"

My friends start answering their thoughts to my questions. All the different worries I had voiced, immediately vanished.

What I heard were words of praise that left me embarrassed.

あたしの質問に、友人たちが思い思いの感想を答え始める どんなことを言われるなって心配は、すぐに消えた

Beach Nagisa's Afternoon Naptime
Icon skill 1121.pngWhirlwind
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Chance to Critical [VII] & Chance to Evade [VI] (Self / 1T) 6 turns
"Stop it... that's not a cat teaser, that's Nagisa's hair."

"Look at Nagisa-chan, even in her dreams she's humoring a kitten." "It must have really taken it out of her playing with that kitty."

"I don't want to wake you up, so I'll just leave you alone for a while...

「見て、なぎさちゃん、夢の中でも子猫をあやしてるよ」 「子猫の相手をするのが、よっぽど大変だったのね」

Blessing to the Fighting Girls
Icon skill 1101.pngMystic Touch
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Blast Damage DOWN [X] & Magia Damage DOWN [X] (All / 1T) & Defense UP [VII] (Self / 1T) 10 turns
The past, your wish, your reason for fighting are never the same thing.

Still, today we all look up and laughed together. Believe that there is only one way to go.

I hope you have a bright future.

それでも今日はみんなで上を向いてみんなで笑った 進むべき道はひとつだと信じて

Even the Devil Shines on the Everlasting Summer Beach
Icon skill 1145.pngDevil on the Beach
Normal Passive
Chance to Charm [II] (1T) & Chance to Dazzle [II] (1T)
Max Limit Break
Chance to Charm [III] (1T) & Chance to Dazzle [III] (1T)
"My devil-self doesn't suit this Everlasting Summer Beach?... That's a strange excuse.

Here take a look at the blue skies, white sandy beaches...and me all in black! Don't I just shine? And what's more, having Madoka in a swimsuit next to me would be best....uh, hmmm?

Why is Madoka wearing a hawaiian shirt...no, that's just adorable."

ほら見て、青い空に白い砂浜…そして黒ずくめの私!映えるじゃない 更に、水着のまどかが隣にいれば最高に…って、あら?

Intruding on Our Daily Life
Icon skill 1095.pngSniping Magia
Defense DOWN [III] (All / 1T) & Magia Damage UP [III] (All / 1T) 12 turns
Max Limit Break
Defense DOWN [III] (All / 1T) & Magia Damage UP [VI] (All / 1T) 10 turns
We gathered at the usual fast food restaurant.

A lot of topics were discussed, and we even had a little fight. A scene from an ordinary day, typical of middle school students.

It was exactly what I had heard, and I couldn't help but smile.

いろんな話題が飛び交って、ちょっとケンカもしたりして なんてことのない日常のワンシーンは中学生らしいもの

The Loving Heart that Wields the Brush
Icon skill 1119.pngEnhance Armament
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Damage Increase [V] & Damage Cut [IV] (Self / 3T) 8 turns
I'm not confident in my handwriting ability. I don't even know how to write clearly.

There's only one thing I can do. I have to put those feelings into it. The love that was the trigger, the thoughts of my friends.

With just those two feelings in it, I simply run the brush.

やれることはただひとつ。気持ちを込めること きっかけとなった恋ごころと、友人たちの想い

Summer Girls Cannot Decide
Icon skill 1091.pngFull Throttle Up
Charged Damage UP [III] & Accele MP Gain UP [II] (Self / 1T) 7 turns
Max Limit Break
Charged Damage UP [IV] & Accele MP Gain UP [IV] (Self / 1T) 7 turns
"Homura-chan! Which juice do you want, melon or orange?"

"Um... you choose the one you like, Kaname-san. I'll take the remaining one." "Homura-chan, in times like this you have to decide for yourself!"

"What? It's cold! I'll decide... just don't push it in my face."

「えっと…鹿目さんが好きなのを選んで。私は残った方でいいから」 「ほむらちゃん…こういうときは…自分で決めなきゃダメだよ!」

Victory Pierces Through Time
Icon skill 1213.pngRegeneration Argent
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Damage UP Versus Witches [IV] & Attack UP [III] & HP Regeneration [II]
A disruptive visitor has come to the end of her life

It's an existence that should not be allowed to be seen or touched, It's a being that can only be wrong about everything

Now, things must be fixed before they crack.

それは、相対することも触れることも許されないはずの 全てが間違いとしか言えない存在だからこそ

Even Games Are Serious!
Icon skill 1094.pngCombat Drain
Attack DOWN [XII] (Single / 1T) & Defense UP [VI] (Self / 1T) 6 turns
Max Limit Break
Attack DOWN [XIII] (Single / 1T) & Defense UP [VII] (Self / 1T) 5 turns
"I'm a little defeated right now, but I don't want to give up...

Let's enjoy the present moment as much as we can, Homura-chan!" "Yeah...! I'll do my best until the end too.

I'll watch my opponent's movements carefully... then shoot!"

いまを全力で楽しもうね、ほむらちゃん!」 「うん…!私も最後まで頑張る

Best Time in Summer
Icon skill 1120.pngH Shield Adept
Normal Passive
Damage Cut [VI] & Defense UP [III]
Max Limit Break
Damage Cut [VII] & Defense UP [IV]
Strong sunshine, cheerful flowers, smiling girls.

Cut out of time is a familiar figure overflowing with familiarity. But goodbyes are sudden, a moment that may never happen again.

Whether you are a child or an adult, keep marking unique moments in time.

切り取られた時間は、溢れかえったお馴染みの姿 だけど別れは突然だから、それは二度とないかもしれない瞬間

Summer Final Memory
Icon skill 1128.pngDiligence Appeal
Guaranteed Provoke & Defense UP [VII] & MP Gain UP [VII] (Self / 1T) 6 turns
Max Limit Break
Guaranteed Provoke & Defense UP [VIII] & MP Gain UP [VIII] (Self / 1T) 5 turns
Nagisa knows

That you can't be with everyone all the time. Someday, this fun time will become a memory

That's why, until "that day" comes, I'll spend my time smiling and playing more!

みんなとずっと一緒にはいられないこと いつかは、この楽しい時間が思い出になってしまうこと

Don't Give Up Hope
Icon skill 1213.pngArgent Attack
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Damage UP Versus Witches [IV] & Attack UP [III]
With more feelings than they can carry,

the girls fight to protect their loved ones and the town until they defeat the Witch of Calamity!

"I believe we can make miracles happen...!"

大切な人を、町を、守るため 少女たちは災厄の魔女を倒すまで戦い抜く

What is Reflected in the Light
Icon skill 1205.pngMagia Shield Circle
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Magia Damage Cut [VI] (All / 1T) 9 turns
Many layers of regrets and wistful feelings that are engraved by redoing the encounter.

The film that increases with every new take has an editorial point that no one knows.

When I passed the light through the cut off film, I certainly saw her.

(Scene0 Character Visual)

新たなテイクの度に増えるフィルムには、誰も知らない編集点がある 切り落とされたフィルムに光を通すと、確かに彼女の姿はあった

(scene0 キャラクタービジュアル)
Following The Prayers of the New Year's Visit
Icon skill 1085.pngAttack Up
Attack UP [XII] (Self / 1T) 5 turns
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [XIII] (Self / 1T) 4 turns
A peaceful New Year's Day without ties is an unattainable ideal

When the thoughts that we hold in our hearts become light, they spill out and give birth to our dreams. Where will these women with the same feelings go?

The end they want to reach and the goal they will reach are surely the same.

馳せた想いは光になると、こぼれて夢を生みだした 同じ想いを秘めた彼女たちの行き先はどこなのか

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text


|data-sort-value="Illuminated by the Midsummer Sunset"|

Illuminated by the Midsummer Sunset


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Icon skill 1169.pngDisk Shuffle
Redraw Discs ? turns
Max Limit Break
??? 10 turns

|The sunset on the cape dyed the sea red, and the scent of night flowers wafting through the air made it feel like I was in a dream...or was I really in a dream? But this stirring in my chest will never change,

whether I'm awake or not.海を紅く染め上げた岬の夕焼けと、彩るように漂う夜香花の匂い

ここはまるで夢の中……それとも、本当に夢の中? ただ、この胸のざわめきだけは変わらないだろう

醒めていても、醒めていなくても To edit a memoria's details, click on the specific memoria

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextChinese Text
Ximen Red House Tour
Icon skill 1173.pngEpisode Adept
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Episode Points UP [II]
**Unique to TW Server**
The group of magical girls from Mitakihara City is visiting Ximending, Taipei for fun!

Built in 1908, Ximen Red House is a red-brick Western-style building. It is now a famous cultural and creative place as well as an exhibition and performance space.

(Traditional Chinese Version Memoria Design Contest Golden-prize-winning work)
見瀧原市的魔法少女一行人,來到臺北西門町遊玩! 西門紅樓為1908年所建的古蹟紅磚洋樓,今為著名的文創藝文場所、展演空間。 (繁中版記憶結晶設計大賞 金賞作品)
The Clock That Spins Alone
Icon skill 1085.pngUndying Wish
Attack UP [IV] & Chance to Critical [IV] & Defense UP [III] (Self / 3T) 9 turns
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [V] & Chance to Critical [V] & Defense UP [IV] (Self / 3T) 8 turns
**Unique to CN Server**
From the distant past to the far reaches of the future.

From the initial singularity to a vast sea of stars. Even if no one remembers when time began, even if nobody knows when time will end- Tick tock, tick tock

The wheel of time never ceases to turn.

从宇宙的奇点到广袤的星海 即使已没人记得时间的起点 即使无人知晓时间的尽头 「滴嗒嘀嗒」 时钟从未停止旋转

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextChinese Text

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