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Magia Report is a comedic manga-strip series (mostly one-shots) illustrated by PAPA. It is a 4-koma (4 panel) style comedic manga based around Magia Record, which it is named after. Its name is commonly shortened to MAGIREPO (マジレポ) by the official twitter account and by PAPA.

Some characters in Magia Record have been taken from the comic (or at least inspired) and then implemented into the game. Those characters are Madoka-senpai, Ultimate Madoka-senpai, Iroha-chan, Infinite Iroha-chan, Felicia-chan, Rena-chan (Idol) and Akuma Homura-chan. Those of them that have doppels have a more comedic take on them, and their transformations are full of gags and jabs at the game and the characters personalities.


There have also been events in the Magia Record game inspired by the comic series. Most of them are April Fools events.