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The witch of Haruka Kanade. She was named in Magia Record.

Witch Card

Odette Card.png


TypeGazing eye witch
EpisodesSuzune Magica Chapter 6, Magia Record

In Suzune Magica

In Suzune Magica, Haruka Kanade transforms into Odette after confronting the truth about her wish. Haruka's wish was to erase her older sister, Kanata Kanade, from existence in order to make her parents love her. Haruka tranforms into a witch in a way that greatly mirrors Sayaka's tranformation into Oktavia von Seckendorff. Odette is shown to have the powers of fascination (similar to Haruka) and can shoot beams of light from the disco ball that hangs above her.

In Magia Record

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Odette, Haruka's doppel

"The Doppel of exhibition. Its form is a gazing eye. The master of this emotion persistenly clings to the achievement of perfection, in order to wipe clean the irreparable sin that she committed out of a fleeting whim. This Doppel searches for its master in order to bestow punishment upon her, but since its large eye cannot catch sight of the master directly below it, it is eternally unable to find the sinner it seeks. In the absence of anything else to do, it fulfills its raison-d'être by searching its vicinity for those who unconsciously bear sin of their own, and exhibiting said sin to them."

Odette appears in Magia Record as Haruka's doppel.