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Cover of Extra Story.

"Which would be, an incident that would change her destiny..."

"Which would be, the beginning of a whole another magical girl tale..."

― Volume cover

Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story (魔法少女おりこ☆マギカ[別編] Mahō Shōjo Oriko Magika [Beppen]) is the third spin-off manga in the Puella Magi franchise. It is a collection of side-stories that solely focus on, expand on, and flesh out the original Oriko Magica characters. These side-stories were originally serialized in Manga Time Kirara Magica, in contrast to the first installment, which was not serialized, and were later collected into a single volume.


Oriko's ability to see into the future led her to commit bloody acts in her efforts to forestall an even greater tragedy later on. But what if Oriko had met Yuma Chitose before she predicted the end of the world? Would she still have chosen to manipulate the young girl if Yuma had been no stranger, but a dear friend? Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story explores the might-have-been, and further explores Kirika's devotion to her beloved Oriko.


Extra Story collects three separate Oriko stories: one prequel and two involving an alternate timeline.

Noisy Citrine is a prequel further explaining Kirika's backstory prior to joining Oriko, involving a new character called Erika Mamiya.

Symmetry Diamond deals with an alternate timeline of Oriko Magica. Here, instead of seeing Kriemhild Gretchen after becoming a magical girl, Oriko sees Walpurgisnacht, and teams up with Kirika to fight it. Oriko does not predict Yuma at all, and later meets the girl in a park instead. The story expands a little on Yuma's home life, introduces her mother Mako Chitose as a proper character, and later introduces a new magical girl named Sasa Yuuki. Symmetry Diamond also explains what happens to Yuma in timelines where she doesn't contract: she either dies from Mako's abuse or lives a happy life with her grandparents.

The Last Agate is a short exclusive to Extra Story, as it was not serialized in Kirara Magica. The Last Agate is a continuation of Symmetry Diamond, where Oriko and Kirika prepare to fight Walpurgisnacht.



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Collected volume changes

  • There is a colour page of Sasa at the beginning of the volume.
  • All other colour pages are turned black and white and have their extra text removed, except for the chapter titles.
  • There are several cute little chibi silhouettes of the characters after every chapter, except for Symmetry Diamond chapter 3 and The Last Agate. In order, they are:
    • Kirika calling Kyubey "White Ring".
    • Magical girl Kirika using Vampire Fang.
    • Magical girl Oriko dropping one of her metal spheres.
    • Sasa with a demonic grin and tail.
  • There is an afterword by Kuroe Mura after The Last Agate. This afterword prominently features a chibi Yuma imagining herself as an older magical girl.


Language Publisher Country Release date Front cover
Japanese Houbunsha Japan September 12, 2013 Oriko Another Story cover.jpg
English Yen Press United States March 24, 2015 Englishextrastory.jpg
Brazilian, Portuguese Editora NewPOP Brazil 2014 NewPOP OrikoAS.jpg
Thai Siam Inter Comics Thailand 2015 Oriko Thai Vol.3 Cover.jpg


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