Oriko Magica Symmetry Diamond: Chapter 3

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This section may contain major spoilers for the Oriko Magica manga!

Please refrain from reading if you haven't read the latest chapter yet.

The chapter opens with Oriko at her Mother's funeral, the town people gossiping about what a creepy child she is for not crying. In the present day, Sasa laughs as she declares her magic to be brain-washing, a result of her wish to control people who are better than her. Kirika asks if her pet witches don't hurt humans as well, but Sasa doesn't care about anything else except defeating witches. Kirika punches Sasa full in the face and knocks both of them into a barrier. Oriko follows close behind and as Sasa lands on her back, Kirika flips herself to land on her feet and quickly slices Sasa's staff into pieces before she can react. Kirika demands she call off her witches, but Sasa begs for forgiveness instead. While Sasa begs for her life, witch hands grab Kirika and hoist her into the air. Sasa laughs at Kirika, calling Oriko trash with no combat abilities. She tells Kirika she'll have to prostrate herself and be very polite if she wants to ask of her anything. To her surprise, Kirika is visibly angered and breaks free of the witch's grasp thanks to Oriko. While Sasa attempts to counter-attack, Oriko unleashes her Oracle Ray which decimates the witches Sasa had summoned. Kirika then explains it's not that Oriko has no combat ability, rather that her premonition abilities drain her magic and leave her with nothing left to fight with. Oriko then reveals she was able to regather her magic thanks to the grief seeds Sasa's witches had dropped. Sasa, in a moment of panic, is about to attempt to use Yuma as a shield for her escape when Oriko denounces her for using her colleagues as toys. Confused, Sasa watches as Oriko taps the grief seed against her soul gem and offers it to her, the truth dawning on Sasa.

Yuma stands sadly to one side as Kirika asks her to forget everything she saw. Kyubey appears and tells them they didn't have to kill Sasa. Oriko explains that they didn't kill her, rather Sasa took her own life by destroying her soul gem with her own hands yelling "I don't ever want to become a witch! I won't!" Kyubey introduces himself to Yuma and offers her a contract in exchange for a wish, but Oriko blasts him before he can speak further. As Yuma leaves, Oriko calls her a good girl and stops her, telling her she needs to speak up if things are ever to change. Yuma bursts into tears, denouncing her mother and father before declaring she hates herself. Oriko comforts her and encourages her.

The final scene is Oriko and Kirika walking through town together, Kirika being worried that Oriko might be embarrassed to be seen in public with someone who isn't rich. Oriko smiles and tells her she is fine if the world sees her partner. As they head out for parfaits, Oriko overhears Yuma speaking happily with her grandparents, who have taken her in to their home and away from her abusive mother. The chapter ends with the same news report that Oriko overheard in her premonition, but this time it's only about the weather and not about Yuma's death.