Oriko Magica Symmetry Diamond: Chapter 1

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The chapter opens in flashback with Yuma's mother yelling and slamming her door in the face of a concerned neighbor that Yuma is in bed with a cold. She then turns to her daughter Yuma, who is laying face down in bed covered in bruises and bandages. She demands to know who ratted on her and threatens Yuma if she were to say anything to anyone. The story then jumps to the present day where Kirika runs hurriedly while carrying a grief seed, leaping over a wall only to land momentarily stunned. Oriko sits in her living room, seeing the day's future and prophesying over a small fire and other events. Kirika bursts into the room, presenting the grief seed to Oriko before collapsing on the floor. In this timeline the future that Oriko predicts is that of Walpurgisnacht, and Oriko teams up with Kirika to defeat this witch in two weeks' time. Oriko feeds Kirika pancakes as thanks for the grief seed while Kirika worries that Oriko cannot control her premonitions and therefore uses up her magic constantly, recalling a near-miss with a witch in which Oriko ran out of magic to assist Kirika with. Before Oriko can retrieve more food for Kirika, a rock with a note reading "YOU'RE DEAD!" smashes through the window.

It's late at night and Oriko sits alone in the park drinking tea. She cannot stand being alone in her apartment at night as she's reminded of the sight of her father hanging himself. As she muses on the contract she made with Kyubey, a young Yuma walks out of the bushes, crying and disturbing Oriko's solitary repose. Oriko invites Yuma to sit with her and offers her a cup of tea. Yuma explains that her mother ran her out of their home, possibly due to her being "a bad, bad little girl". Oriko explains that trying to be a good girl is important but that there are no actual good girls, because people are imperfect creatures. Yuma is cheered up and thanks her for the tea before leaving back for home. Suddenly, Oriko sees a premonition in which she overhears a news station announce the death of Yuma, with the prime suspect being Yuma's mother.

A new magical girl overlooks the city, talking to Kyubey about the great number of witches available. Upon hearing about the equally great number of magical girls being born, the chapter ends with Sasa Yuuki announcing to Kyubey that she will take over the town by beating the rookie magical girls.