Oriko Magica The Last Agate

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The chapter begins with Oriko determined and focus on baking a sponge cake. Her cry of joy knocks Kirika off her feet from where she sat waiting at the table. Oriko does a happy dance for which Kirika teases her about it. Kirika then insists on eating such a great cake in the right way and beautifully decorates the cake with strawberries and frosting to serve up for their lunch. Oriko snatches the last bite of the cake with her fork but offers it to Kirika instead who eats it off her fork, causing Kirika to blush red.

Erika Mamiya hurries her parents up to finish packing up the car so they can hurry to her grandmother's house. She hasn't answered any of their calls and the family is worried about her. The radio announces a supercell warning for the Mitakihara area. Meanwhile, Yuma is happily carrying a basket of rice balls to her grandparents who are having a picnic in the park. They too hear the radio announcement which now proclaims an evacuation order. Yuma, confused, asks her grandparents what a supercell is and they respond with it being a really big typhoon. Yuma stands and looks off into the distance, hoping her big sister, Oriko, wins in her battle.

Oriko stands besides Kirika, asking her if she is afraid. Kirika scoffs and tells her her wish has already come true, so what does she have to be afraid of. Oriko agrees and they set off to face Walpurgisnacht.