Oriko Magica Symmetry Diamond: Chapter 2

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The chapter opens with Kirika facing off against Sasa outside of some apartments, both in their magical girl outfits. Kirika dodges an attack, but not before Sasa summons something off-panel and Kirika looks up at it in awe.

Meanwhile Oriko is studying during lunchtime as three female classmates walk up to her. The leader, Komaki, taunts Oriko for wanting to be a politician like her father. In response, Oriko gets up and leaves but not before she suggests that Komaki cut down on her nighttime activities before she gets into trouble. Sasa meets her outside and suggest they eat lunch together. As they sit on the lawn eating their lunch, Sasa badmouths the bullies and tells Oriko that she sees her as the big sister she never had. Oriko however, is worried that Kirika has not sent her customary lunchtime text messages and suspects something may have happened to her. Sasa jumps at Oriko and demands to know if anything is wrong, and when reassured everything is fine she repeats to Oriko that she is her ally. As they head back, Sasa grins evilly behind Oriko and a scene of a seemingly dead Kirika crushed by debris is shown.

Yuma is at home and her mother is talking to her father (Yuma's grandfather) on the phone. When Yuma asks to speak with him, her mother kicks her and she lands against a dresser, a vase falling and smashing on her head. During this time, Oriko has tried to call Kirika on her phone but has gotten no response. She curses the uselessness of her powers and her inability to use them they way she wants to, claiming "why would anyone want me" and remembering Yuma using the same words. She sees a flash of the previous scene where Yuma lands against the dresser and goes outside, running into Sasa. Oriko finds Yuma laying grievously hurt in the park. While Sasa wants to call for an ambulance, Yuma does not want to go, claiming her mother would get mad if a doctor saw her and then a government person took her away. Oriko leaves Yuma in Sasa's care and turns to search for Kirika on foot when suddenly Sasa summons her staff and attempts to assassinate Oriko from behind, but not before being hit and knocked away. While running to her aid, Oriko suddenly forgets who Sasa is and Kirika appears, warning her to stay away from Sasa. The magic that Sasa cast on Oriko is broken and Kirika explains that Sasa is after their lives. Sasa then transforms into her magical girl outfit as does Oriko. The chapter ends as Sasa summons several witches to the battle.